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So I put in my prompts for this year's Porn Battle. (http://oxoniensis.livejournal.com/538500.html) I'm also hoping to try and write for more than one prompt.

I feel bad I haven't got around to finishing my Sam/Baal Las Vegas piece, but I'll get there eventually. Because I do want to see it written at some point. Sort of like I might try to get to my other bunnies lying around...

-Sam/Baal, on his spaceship set sometime during the 5th season
-exploring the possibility of Lantash jumping into Sam in The Summit/Last Stand (and living)
-Sam/Baal/Vala, because, um, they're pretty
-Sam/Baal, AU of The Road Not Taken where she needs his help to get back to her universe

I just need to work on actually writing down the words instead of sitting there with the pen & paper or at the computer desk and staring into space thinking up scenarios.

We had a big earthquake a couple days ago, a 6.2 out of Eketahuna. It was a bit scary, I think because small quakes are short and this shaking was going on for several seconds. I crouched down next to my desk just as the worst part hit, things fell of shelves and there was an almighty SMASH from the kitchen. We lost one beer glass and an ornament of Alan's got broken but it can be fixed. Everything else just needed to be set back in place. (And the adrenaline meant if I hadn't felt baby before, I definitely felt it after, haha.) Life goes on.
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Actually, if I'm in a car for more than 10mins or so and there's no conversation, or it's not involving me, I start getting drowsy. Before long I'm out... only thing that sucks is if someone has the radio up too loud or there's any sudden braking. Otherwise it's listening to music and/or chatting with the driver to keep them from getting bored, lol.

Been thinking, fave names for kids if/when I have them:

Boy: Liam, Grey, Raven
Girl: Violet, Emmeline, Sonia

Just thinking about it because one of my KofC/FB friends is having a baby and found out today it's going to be a girl.

Visited Ma Clamp (Al's mother-in-law, Joe & Jon's grandma) in hospital in Lower Hutt today. Not the best of health. When we got there she was fast asleep, her feet poking out of the sheets. Funny thing is Alan says that Dianna used to do that. Wonder where she got it from, lol.

We also went to the mall and did a bit of shopping. I got some papaya lotion from the Body Shop, with $10 thanks to the loyalty card. Alan found a $200 jacket going for $89, very tidy looking, good for parties or interviews. I also found a nice white leather jacket on sale for $100 along with a pretty corset-y top for $20. All-in-all, a good shop.

But a tiring day.

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In my poor and starving student days, I quite often relied on strange boys buying me drinks, because I could not always afford them myself. And I was often pretty slack about returning the favour, because of it. It was a little bit embarrassing, that, but eh, you do what you can to score booze, right? It worked out okay.

Never done the same, though. Walked up to a guy and offered to buy him a drink. But then... I'd want to make sure they were single before I did that, anyway. And now? It doesn't matter because I've got someone who'll buy me drinks, and I can't return the favour if we're out, because Alan would be driving! :D I love my darling man.
In other news, am home safe and sound, and I was awfully bossy when I got home, too... 'Cause once I reached Paraparaumu, Alan and I had to do grocery shopping, and by the time that was done we were famished, so we grabbed some Indian, even a dish for Joe and Heaven, if they were home, but more for us if they weren't. Anyhow, got home and told them to bring the grocery bags and my bags in from the car, and Alan said they could eat first if they were hungry, but I was like, "No they can't. Off you go!" Although I did have a grin on my face. And they musn't have been starving to death, 'cause they did it anyway.

But then after we finished our dinners, I promptly kicked Joe and Heaven out! For one thing, I wasn't remotely interested in the movie they were watching (The Ringer) on tv, and for another, I wanted me and Alan time to snuggle and kiss and... do other things. And I figured they wouldn't want to be around for that, anyway. Again Alan said they didn't have to leave straight away, and I countermanded that as well, telling the two of them to bugger off. Which meant Alan and I could do what we wanted when we wanted.

Gratch had apparently missed me very much, and taken to crying for me and following Heaven around in case she turned out to be me in disguise, but of course she played aloof the moment I got home. But then last night she did settle on Alan's lap (she hates skirts, and I was wearing a skirt) and purred madly as I petted her. And she did pin me down this morning for cuddles, so I know she is happy that I'm home.

Anyhow... home sweet home.

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Moderately prepared. Am I at home or at work? Or at my darling's work? The library or uni? Somehwere in between?!

Home is pretty safe. It's in the country. We've got food, water, a large supply of firewood. Could do with some full gas bottles for the bbq, but, at the very least, got the fireplace. Easy enough to board up the vulnerable windows and stuff.

My work is a supermarket. I... really wouldn't want to hang around. If I could get upstairs and there were no infected up there, it'd be okay, 'cause the door is like, super thick and zombies wouldn't have the manual dexterity to put in the code. But of course people would keep coming there in hopes of looting and getting turned, until the zombies moved on. If they moved on. There are upstairs windows and a fire escape if it becomes necessary.

My darling's workplace is better. Easy to block of this and that place, lock the gates, have the cameras operating to see who/what's out there. Racks for sleeping up high. A way to get to the roof, where they really couldn't get us, we could be evacced, and the like.

Uni would suck, because it's so very far from the best safehaven: his work. And I don't drive. I could hope he could drive out to get me... I know a dozen places to hideout at in the meantime. It's crossing town that's the bitch. The library wouldn't be much better. In the center of town. Be dodgy trying to get out. If I can cadge a ride with someone who's clearly not infected, and we can get down the road to his workplace, it's all good. A flyby raid at my work, but it would be dodgy.

Ultimate plan: coordinate with my darling, and get to his workplace. It's the best possible defensive place, with plenty of tools/improvised weapons, and some food, and generators. All we'd need is to siphon some fuel, but there's a shell station nearby. We could make it.


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