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Caitlin: "Oh, by they way, I parked my bike next to yours, I hope that's okay."
Me: "No, it's not okay. Get it away from my bike--" before they reproduce
DJ [interrupts]: They might try to have sex!
Me: ...well, at least they'd be well lubricated.

I made a chicken casserole for tea tonight. I've never done that. It turned out quite nice, though. Everyone liked it. Hopefully no one will keel over in the next few hours... :P

Interview for a job at Woolworths tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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"There's leftover fish and chips from last night," Suzy said, as a possibility for my dinner tonight--she and Dad are having dinner over at Eileen's, and I'm on my own for a meal, again.

I barely stifled a smirk as I replied, "Uh, no, I had the fish and some of the chips for lunch."

A series of "Good," "That's very good," and whatnot came from both sets of parents. I felt like a dog being rewarded with praise for good behaviour, and said as much. "Do I get a pat on the head too?" I asked jokingly.

Of course, Dad took me at my word and started patting my head, not too gently, before patting the side of my face as well. When he did that, I turned and stuck my tongue out--I didn't really want to taste salty palm, but it grossed him out sufficiently that perhaps he'll remember not to do that again.

Also, let's see... Bones. Dude, Booth? Rebecca and Cam in a handful of days. Kind of want to cheer him on, at the same time, kind of want to roll my eyes at him. Loving the Angela/Hodgins flirtations. Still would love to see a fic where Zach pwns everyone. And I don't usually go for pwnage.

Um, and, Heroes? Seriously thinking of Petrellicest, because, ha, like being brothers ever stopped anyone. Or in conclusion, cousins, either.

Also, cannot believe I'm actually kinda losing my passion for House. It's not like it's not a good show. But, seriously, it's just not drawing me in like it used to. I don't know. I'll probably still keep watching it anyhow.

Still need to look into SPN, which I know we get, and Dresden Files, which I don't know if we get, but have been told by my mother that it's my kinda show. 'Cause, like, I totally need more fandoms. And brothercest shipping.

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It is a beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous day out there. Sososososos v. nice. So why'm I here? Why am I not out basking in the sunlight, dressed as I am? (knee high socks, schoolgirl pleated skirt, purply-pink tube top, y'know, skank that I am) Well, I'm here to inform [livejournal.com profile] shiseiji that the parcel arrived Monday, I didn't find out 'til Tuesday, and didn't get to pick it up until today, Thursday. But zomg zomg. Sugar rush already. Aaaaand yeah. Love, much love. :D

Anyway, you know when you're talking about something, and your mouth just takes over and says something you didn't mean to say? And I don't mean, you suddenly offer a blunt opinion that upsets someone, but like, you mess up your words or have a case of spoonerisms. Happened the other day, Friday, I was at Grant's and somehow it came up that, slim as we both were, my wide hips were good at taking up a lot of the space. (I may not have [livejournal.com profile] shiseiji's gigantic birthing hips, but they're wide enough, that's for sure) Well, Grant went to say, "Wide hips" but it came out "Wild hips." Funny enough on its own...

It just gave me this hilarious visual of a bunch of bare hips grazing on a plain. They'd just be plodding along in their herds, 'til someone came along to rustle some up or something... then there'd be panic, and these stampeding wild hips... it was a funny visual, anywho.

Yesterday I was all geared up not to see Grant, 'cause he'd sent a text saying he was tired and planned to sleep. But then, my cellphone was on its charger so I didn't get the next text saying he couldn't sleep, he was going into town, and did I want to come over for pizza later? Instead he found me in the library, and we wandered around for a wee bit, enjoying the lovely, lovely sunshine. Then we went up and passed the time for a while, until it was time to make the pizza.

It was kind of a gourmet style pizza. Aside from the necessary tomato paste and cheese, there was onions, salami, capsicum, olives, feta cheese, anchovies (I discovered they're not all that bad, but I wouldn't wanna overdo 'em), and these things, these other things that I can't remember what they're called, but they're supposed to be good and I think I plain did not notice them. But it was a v. nice pizza that we ate while watching the news.

We actually watched a lot of tv, spent the most amount of time in the living room we ever have, watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the Simpsons, Scrubs, SVU, and Green Wing. All in all, good stuff.

Oh, oh, it was so funny; Grant and I stopped by where I'm staying so I could grab a couple things (some CDs for him to listen to, I meant to grab my phone off the charger and forgot, and my jacket so I wouldn't freeze when I walked home), and as I was heading back downstairs Glenn came out from the back room.

I smiled--no, I think I rather smirked--at him, so he asked, rather paranoid, "What?" and I laughed.

"What have you been up to?" he demanded.

"It's not what I've been up to," I replied, "but more what I'm about to get up to!"

He swore and I walked out under a tirade of, "Oi, no one said you could leave. Where are you going? Get back in here!"

(Don't worry, he wasn't serious, just jealous at the mere suggestion someone's getting laid when he is not)

Besides, that was more than enough revenge for the stunt he pulled yesterday morning. Back on Tuesday, I very generously cooked him dinner (what the hey, I'll play domestic goddess when I've got so much bourbon from him) and we also watched the DVD of Wes Craven's "Cursed" with Christina Ricci and Josh Jackson. While utterly predictable, it was fucking hilarious. Anyway, afer the movie I pleaded sleepiness and went to bed. I didn't have a hangover yesterday or anything--I've only had one or two ever thanks to Absolut Vodka--I just had a hard time waking up, and I was in a sort of not-ready-to-face-the-world-grunt-my-answers mood. I'd be better once I'd had my coffee and breakfast.

Well he and the Other Grant apparently got up when the birds did or some shit 'cause they were already up when I stumbled down. I was making my coffee when they walked into the kitchen. "You look like shit!" Glenn told me not unkindly. "I'm not awake yet," I responded. He walked past me, and the next thing I know, I'm flinching back 'cause I looked over in time to see him banging to pots right next to my head.

"Fuck!" was all I could say while they laughed at me. Bastards.

Oh, rather amusing email from my cousin John. He's a cop in Colorado, and I get the occasional narrative from him about some interesting event or another. he's a cool cousin.

Subject: Stroker Ace )

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Eeee! Junpei! It's been a while. Much, much love for the l33t n1nj4... man I hate using l33t.

In other news, I'm slowly but surely working on the other prompts. I'm kind of hung up on one from [livejournal.com profile] simple__man that's begging to be writ but not being nice and short. But still, will hopefully get them finished in the next few days.

"I'm in a cafe sitting next to a gorgeous woman right now, so if you could just email me, I'll get back to you..."

Excuse me while I preen.


Edit: Just discovered I've got 5 more Vox invites to get rid of. So lemme know.


Aug. 28th, 2006 11:01 am
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I feel wiped out. Maybe it's because it took me three hours to straigten my hair yesterday--and parts of it are still wavy like they shouldn't be. Or maybe it's because I just spent the last couple hours switching in new icons, as well as cleaning out my f-list--that is, I removed a few journals of people who don't appear to update, dropped about half the communities I no longer participate with, and redid the colour shcemes I have for representing different people. Nothing major, and no, you needn't drop a comment asking if I dropped you... I'd much rather you comment here and fill out the quirky letter in a fun and creative way.

So, remember that I went and baked that chocolate cake? With a bit of chilli powder and chocolate chips added to make it a little more nummy? Well, I was taking the last of it up to my room yesterday, and this girl sees me and says, "Ah, so that's your cake. I was wondering who's it was, with that vaguely threatening note..." See, I had it covered in glad wrap on a plate in the fridge, but I put a note on it to discourage any food thieves who might be tempted, it being cake and all. My note said, "DON'T FUCK WITH MY CAKE OR I WILL CUT YOU! Sincerely, Hana x♥x♥"

And y'know what? No one stole any of my cake.

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Okay, so that movie is out today. Down here. But I will probably wait 'til Tuesday to see it. But it shall be awesome if I can. 'Specially after what [livejournal.com profile] diea told me. Hehehehehe.

Anyway, yesterday I was at the library in the morning, but it was just so sunny and nice that I had to talk a walk along the waterfront and stuff...but later in the afternoon, I did go back to the library and I happened to settle down on the same couch I'd been sitting on in the morning, although with a different book. Well, this guy approaches me and felt the need to come up and say 'hi, couldn't help but notice you're in the same spot now that I saw you in four hours ago have you been here this whole time?' and it was just kinda weird, but funny, and he wasn't creepy.

I got kind of distracted at one point, 'cause I happened to look over and see, of all people, this girl from Palmy that used to make me think of [livejournal.com profile] mikazuki. I mean, they don't even look alike, and the girl I'm pretty sure is English, but for some reason last year she used to give me Cori-vibes. Ehhh. I was surprised to see her, but couldn't say anything 'cause this other guy Grant was talking to me.

Also, when I was out on my walk along the waterfront, I got a bit of a fright when I felt the shockwave and then heard the bang of a cannon. Well, up on this bluff they were doing 21 guns for the signing of the Governer-General or somesuch. Didn't know it was going to happen but was kinda cool to see and really fun to feel the shock of each shot.

Glenn, the guy who looks after the place I'm staying at, said to me that if I washed this huge pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen, he and Grant (not the same Grant from the library) would make me a chocolate cake. He was saying it kind of in jest, but I said, "All right, you're on," and washed all those dishes. But it turns out, the cake is not made, but still in it's box. He gives me the box of cake mix and three eggs.

...okay, slight problem where there's no cake tin and I also need a measuring cup... so off to the supermarket I go with intent to buy a disposable cake tin, but they didn't have on and a non-stick thing was only $5. I also got some chocolate chips and some chilli powder, for added fun. If you've never tried it, do, because chocolate and chilli actually make a delicious combination.

So I mix up the cake and everything. It's Betty Crocker Devil's Food and on the box it says there's ready made frosting, right? But... there was no frosting. Fuckers. I'm going to call them about it, too, 'cause it's all over the box that there should be. I ended up melting some more chocolate chips and spreading that on top of the cake instead, but damnit, there should have been frosting.

Well, since Glenn and Grant did not, in fact, make me the chocolate cake, I have every intention of teasing Glenn about it... like, sit there eating some and say, "MMmm, this cake's delicious, Glenn. Oh, you want some? But you didn't make it! Oh no, that'll be a bourbon and coke for each slice, thanks." :P I'll make him pay, anyway, 'cause I know he wants some.


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Blah blah blah scum people blah blah blah...

Me: "...just so long as he doesn't make a pass at you!"

Ange: "If he does, I'll take away his ability to ever pleasure a woman!"

"What, you'll cut out his tongue?"

"...and his ability to procreate."

"Good woman."

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I got up and had a shower. After I'd got dressed and towel dried my hair, and run a comb through it, I went out into the entrance hall to have a proper look at my hair in the full-length mirror there. And, I grabbed a strand of it at the back and pulled it straight, just to see how long my hair really is. It came down to the back of my bra. I mentioned to Liz (as her door was open, and I'm sure she needed distracting from her studying) that my hair would be noticeably longer if I straightened it.
"You should do it then! You can use my straightening irons."
By one o'clock this afternoon, my hair was all straightened. It took a while. There's a lot of it. I now know the ends of my hair are uneven, and the tips are rather dried out and possibly damaged. So, really, I should get them trimmed. But I won't cut heaps off my hair or anything when I get the chance to do it. Just enough to revive/rejuvenate and encourage further growth.
I look strange with straight hair. Not better, not worse. Different, a little. I think it looks artificial. Still, not horrid. No pictures. No way to post 'em. Alas. Ah well, I'm sure I'll do it again sometime over summer (if [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t will help) and I'll get pictures then, or something. :)

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Who says you need to go out on the town to have a good time? Oh. My gods. Last night was such a crack up. I was on the computers chatting to Matt and playing Hexic until about ten. I was tired, so I thought I'd go back to the hall. I didn't really expect I'd go to bed and get to sleep--who could sleep when people were bound be loud and everywhere for the next several hours in their inebriated state? So no. I came back to the hall, and joined the people sitting out on the porch. I think at that time it was only Annalise, Victoria, and Liz.
Texting conversations with Liz's ex ensued. For one thing, Liz was texting Anthony. But Annalise was also, anonymously, texting him and giving him hell. We decided to fuck with him a little bit. Liz pretended to have no idea who was harassing Anthony. Annalise was pretending she must have got a wrong number but was going to be rude 'cause he was being rude. But then he decided to be all nice to Annalise so she hit on him just to see how he'd react. It didn't get too out of hand or anything, but it was amusing.
Then we were joined by Sarah G, Donald, Lisita, and Lisita's friend Sarah Gray. Sarah and Lisita were both v. v. drunk. At one point Lisita sat on my feet because she didn't see them resting on the chair. And she sat on Annalise's foot once. She'd keep knocking her chair off the deck and onto the grass when she went to sit down. It's so funny because Lisita gets quite defensive when she's drunk. Always ready to get into a fight if someone says something she takes offense to.
Annalise taught Donald a version of "up a tree" he'd never heard before... "Donald and Sarah up a tree, doing what they shouldn't be." 'Cause.... well, I'm not quite sure what's going on, if anything, with Sarah G and Donald. Maybe it's nothing. And maybe there's something to what Annalise and Victoria seem to be hinting at.
Gods, we talked about so many things. I just ended up laughing so much. Or I chased after Liz. At one point, she went out front of the hall, and she ended up showing off to these guys from Wally D, well, not just her nipple piercing. Oh no, she unded her belt, pulled down her pants, and let them see her clit and labia piercings. *shakes head* And I thought I was shameless. Her only complaint was the fact she hadn't shaved in a while 'cause she hadn't been getting laid, so there was quite the pube growth going on. Lisita's friend also helped me when Liz wanted to throw up, and then she got distracted by eating. *shakes head*
Liz was almost falling asleep on the floor... she was lying down in the door to the common room. I had her in giggles when I came over and started tickling her exposed belly. Then, Sarah Gray tried to help me lift Liz to her feet and possibly get her to bed--and then we nearly tripped over Sarah G who lay down on the floor of the entrance hall right behind us. Liz tried to tickle her. Victoria got pictures on her phone.
And then, for whatever reason, Sarah G handed out two cans of whipped cream. One was vanilla, the other chocolate. *dies* And thus ensued a huge cream fight. She has no idea how, when, or where, but somewhere in there Sarah G got hit on the head quite hard. Remember this. Anyway, I got cream all over my face and on my sweater. I ended up having a bit of a battle with Sarah G which involved putting cream in our hand and then smushing it all over the other person's face. She chased me around with the can of chocolate cream trying to get me back. It was about that time I decided it was time to just retreat totally, and clean up. The sweater went into the laundry box, and I decided to do a bit of late night washing.
Annalise was all tired, so she ended up getting a bit stroppy. She was the first to go to bed so she wouldn't snap and be a total party pooper. It was kind of funny 'cause she got so irritable but knew she couldn't reason with the drunks. Thus, she went to bed.
I was cleaning up, but Sarah G, Liz, and Lisita all were so covered they needed showers to get clean. *laughs* Three drunk girls using the three showers. Two of them musically inclined. Ensue singing, joined by Sarah G, that was really, really fucked up. And then they were just talking. But Sarah G couldn't remember my name. It made me laugh so hard. She suddenly got it into her head that I hit her in the head with cream, which is why she had the bruise. But, my name eluded her. I became "the American girl" (as I've always dreaded. Gah!). Lisita was confused and asked what American girl. "She lives by the kitchen!" was the reply.
I couldn't let that down, so I wrote on the whiteboard, "Sarah G- I am not American! no love, Hana. P.S. I only lived there for 5 years!" Of course there were other things written on the board. Like, "What do you think of cock?" --one of Annalise's txts to Anthony. And Lisita wrote, "I don't drunk." whatever the hell THAT was supposed to mean.
Five of us ended up going over the Bindaloe--OMG could we smell the weed in the corridor between their hall and the dinint hall--and going around on the balcony to their common room. Thankfully James was in there (probably stoned out of his mind as he watched Hellboy)(sidenote: [livejournal.com profile] abe_kroenen is love) and he let us in through a window so we could nick back the PS2. Then we trekked all the way back the way we came (instead of going into the hallway and out the door, oh no). Set up the PS2, put in Love Actually... and then just about everyone went to bed. Sarah Gray and I stayed up to watch Love Actually though. *dies* Love, love, love that movie, and those men!
Kate and Kirsti went to the school uniform party. I love how we can depend on at least one guy from Wally D to end up at a dance wearing a dress. At the ball it was Chunky. This time it was Brad. Kate had brought her whip and had it taken off her because it was a 'weapon.' Apparently some girls scolded the pair of them for what they were wearing--or rather, not wearing. Neither had skirts or pants on. Kate made Kirsti moon us because she has such a fine ass. (she does, really.)
Finally the movie ended, and I went to bed at four in the morning. *grins* Only got seven hours of sleep 'cause Victoria was in the kitchen regalling Sarah G about all the shenanigans in a loud voice at about eleven. So I got up, and gave her hell, and Lisita hell. 'Specially 'bout the fact Lisita had told us that if we told anyone what she did, she'd kill us. They amuse me so, so much.
We're supposed to, pretty much all of us, go out on Saturday night. Ought to be a blast.

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To spellcheck:

'Chittering' is so a word. Leave me to take artistic liberties in peace. But otherwise, keep up the good work.

Sincerly yours,
Another fucking writer


To the boy who threw a chocolate bar at me as he drove past:

Thanks, mate! The chocolate was nice, if broken by the fall. The girls were envious. I've never had boys throw anything at me when they drive past, all admiring-like. Does this mean I should take more evening strolls wearing a dress?

Gratefully yours,
Chocolate Fiend in a Dress


To the spider who picked the wrong room to invade:

You're not as big as the spiders that tried invading my parents' house last autumn. Yet you still served to reconfirm my arachniphobia. You're black, largish, and too near my bed. That's why you had to die.

My condolences,
Your Executioner

P.S. To the cockroach who got away: your thorax is mine if I ever find you.

P.P.S. Don't you ants get comfortable. And stay away from my honey!


To the hot water tap:

Work properly damn you. I need to do my dishes before the ants find them.

Impatiently yours,
One of the less messy inhabitants


Dearest Father:

Your text said 9. I missed SVU to talk with you, but you didn't show. I refuse to skip the last ep. of Numb3rs for anything. I'll get back to you later.

Reproachfully yours,
Your daughter

P.S. Your texts in all caps leave me with the feeling I'm being shouted at, even when you're not.


Yo, Army Boy Adam

No, I am not Came the French girl. I am Hana the wet t-shirt contest girl. Her hair wais black, and she went back to Frog-a-go-go land three months ago.

No flashing for you,


Dear Hana's Brain:

You let me dream about sexing up Viggo Mortensen? THANK YOU! Was it as good for you as it was for me?

Love from,
Hana's Body

P.S. V. nice of you to let [livejournal.com profile] macjinx to sex Viggo up too.



I love you. Consider this a geneneral expression of my contnuing affection and loyalty. More specific reinforcements of this sentiment may ensue. Letting you know, in case I haven't said anything lately and you were wondering. Even if you weren't. If I have done anything to make you feel neglected or unappreciated, I hereby apologise.

Much, much love,


I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] diea last night, discussing phobias. Agoraphobia came up. And thus we began talking about space and how there's just so much of it. And she asked, "Which is worse? That the universe may go on for ever and ever without end, or that there is an end to it all out there somewhere?"
Immediately an image came to my mind of someone in an EVA suit, poking at the edge of the universe. I laughed. Another thought ocurred to me, so I said, "Hahahaha, wouldn't it be funny though, if we got to the end of the universe and it was patched up with duct tape?" After all, duct tape, like the force, has a light side, dark side, and binds the universe together. She laughed too, before replying that that, in turns, begs the question of just who put the duct tape there.
Come on. It's the end of the universe! There's going to be grafitti. There'll be these alien glyphs, and they won't translate to something ideal like, "You're not alone." Oh no. It will say something like, "Mike wuz here." It won't just end there, though. There'll be some more glyphs that have an arrow pointing to that and say, "Mike iz a faggot." But then it's like, Mike came back to check it out: "Wtf is this? I wuz here but not as a faggot. I'm trying to make a statement here!!!!1"*

Heh, when I told that to Matt last night, he was amused as well. And then he started telling me about just about every single joke and fun thing about Fallout 2. Which, well, I don't own and have never played. But I would apparently enjoy because the humour appeals to me. Not to mention all the Star Wars references. Hee.
One of the Bindaloe Boys shaved his head for Canteen. Donald. Heh, the others call him Donza. *shakes head* Remember when I had that big crush on Giles? Good thing it's dead or I'd probably be hating Kate. I think she's got... something... going on with him. Liz thinks Kate's hot. I wouldn't say Kate's hot. I wouldn't say she's hideous or anything, she's just not my definition of a hot woman. (Although, in general, the handful of women I actually find hot do have dark hair. But Kate doesn't do it for me.)
So there's all this maintainence going on our hall. They're repainting and everything. It makes me laugh 'cause we're an all girls' hall and we have the painters in. None of the other girls get that though, so I don't say anything about it to them. Georgia is an unknown in Kiwi-a-go-go land. In fact, until I mentioned it to Liz, using "having the painters in" as a euphemism for the menses isn't something she'd heard before. *laughs* I have the painters in right now. And we're getting painted. Oh I kill me.
Still. The other day I was reading Soul Music. I love Disc novels. But omg, I could have done a headdesk when I got one of the jokes. It wasn't so much that I'd not caught the joke before. It's that it took me hours later, as I lay down getting ready to sleep, that it suddenly hit me. Imp y Celyn. He changes is name to Buddy. 'y Celyn' is supposed to mean Holly. Buddy Holly. *hits head repeatedly on desk* I felt so dumb for not catching that on the spot.
[livejournal.com profile] galindaupland is doing a hate meme if you feel like ranting anonymously. Okay I think that's all for now. *goes off to read a Cate-fic*


*Joke shamelessly borrowed from Dane Cook. But it wuz perfect.

Edit: Some chick on the bus into town had a box with a baby bird in it. It was funny because it was hungry and had its mouth wide open for food as it twittered and stuff... and when the girl finally got off, I heard these two women up front discussing their surpise 'cause they hadn't been able to figure out where the cheeping came from before they saw the girl with the box.

Edit II: Fuck it. Quiz result )
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Kinda big quiz result, political affiliations )
Heh. Last week sometime, I finally caught Sky playing 28 Days Later. It was a rather strange movie. But the thing that amused me most was that I took one look at the main character, Jim, and thought, "Wow, those eyes look familiar. I've seen those cheekbones before. In icons? It's Cillian Murphy, isn't it?" But I forgot to check the credits as they rolled. And then I kept forgetting to check at imdb, until yesterday. It was CM. Made me laugh. But then I looked at what the chick played Selena, Naomi Harris, had been in because she also looked familiar. I haven't seen anything else with her in it, but I will. She's going to be in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And when I was looking at who else was going to be in that movie, I found out Bill Nighy is playing the big bad villain which is so cool.
Or at least I think it is.
Shit, I ate not that long ago. Why am I hungry again? Damnit. And it was nice toast, too. While talking to Liz. *grins* Telling her about my night. Of course I went out last night. I mean, Saturday night and all. Not too cold or wet. I looked like such a hooker in my fishnets and studded skirt and tube top. Hah. Victoria saw me getting ready, and asked if I was planning to score. *laughs*
"I don't know..."
"Liar! You know you will."
Laughter. "Well, it depends on what throws itself at me."
"You have a lot of faith in the male species, don't cha?" Walking away.
Yelling, "After Adrian, whaddya expect?!"
And more laughter. Too true, and all that.
While I was finishing dolling up, I could hear Victoria shrieking in the common room. Turns out Sarah G is "evil" because she'd been whipping at Victoria with a teatowel. And then I ended up getting in a bit of a whipping contest with Sarah G (Victoria failed at successfully whipping me, Annalise wasn't much better). All the while accompanying Elyshia as she did her rounds, checking up on the boys at Bindaloe and all that. I ended up throwing my teatowel at Sarah G when they went on to visit Tasha, since I was going down to catch the bus into town (the others were waiting for Kate, who was taking forever). And at the bus stop I ran into a girl from Wally D, Vanessa, and her boyfriend.
So we get on the bus, and I take a seat in front of Vanessa and boy, and this friend of theirs, Conrad, sat next to me. He'd pulled the "ladies first" card and let most the girls on ahead of him, so we gave him a bit of hell for that. The bus took us straight to Scarfies, and very shortly we began a game of pool. I paired up with Conrad; Vanessa was with her boyfriend and complaining mightily how much she sucked. Well, I wasn't playing my best, but we did get to the point of trying to sink the 8 ball (which I did, just seconds before the other girls arrived).
It was really dead in town. The dance floor was practically dead (oh, the looks I got from the girls for dancing with a boy!). We buggered off to Highflyers, danced some, had a shot of tequila--ooohh gods I love tequila! But Vanessa wanted to go back to Scarfies since Highflyers was full of "old people". Back to Scarfies it was, where I experienced in some of the worst kissing of my kissing life. *cringe* He opened his mouth WAY too wide, and just attack of the tongue, and teeth hard against my lips, and yeah... I mean, after Adrian, who was really bloody good... SUCH the disappointment.
I mentioned it later, when Vanessa and I were doing a bathroom run, and so I have to be a little forgiving with the new information she gave me. According to her, he's only had about one girlfriend before me, and it was for less than a month... so he's rather inexperienced. Well. That, and he was probably quite drunk. But still... *shakes head* It was bad. I thought I'd had bad before (One Night Stand #1), but this was just worse. Vanessa says he's a nice guy though, so I don't want to utterly crush his ego or anything--yet. I don't know if I'm ever going to see him again, but if we do end up spending more time together, I'm going to have to give him a little talking to, and some lessons.
Anyway, we caught the 1:30 bus back to school, same as Annalise who'd dropped the girls and picked up a guy. I'd decided early on I definitely wasn't brining Conrad back to my room or going back to his, which I definitely stuck to when he puked in the gutter while we waited for the bus. Of course Annalise was telling me to keep it clean and behave (of course they saw us making out at Scarfies) and I was heckling her right back. And telling her not to steal Donald's shirt like she did once before. Silly Annalise--she happened to catch me when I was in the common room grabbing some leftover pizza, because she and the boy were locked out... I didn't know this, I just heard her knocking and thanking me like crazy.
She had to wake up Elyshia because she'd left her keys with Sarah G and needed the master key to open her room. Poor Elyshia. She was confused because she thought it sounded like a whole bunch of us had come home, and I laughed, "Nope, just Annalise." (then I had another slice of pizza before going to bed.) Liz chose the wrong night to move in, I think. Her room is RIGHT next to the front door and she must have heard everyone come back as well as people hanging around in the common room in the wee hours. She told me this morning that someone had put ice cream on her door. Not cool.

xans: Xans (Reformation)
Me: only a black ajah would dare, methinks. Or she would be accused of being black ajah if she did
Matt: True, but it would be absolutely hilarious. "Tell me more of this wonderful thing you call humor, *insert first name here* Sedai!"

Matt: Can't you just imagine it? A Fade addicted to chocolate? "You will hand over this substance known as 'chocolate,' or I will tear off your skin in strips and make you dance in your bones. After you hand it over, I will pay for it with this Andoran gold mark. Thank you, good day."
Me: "Only one? For all of that?"
Matt: "The rest is the store owners gratitude for not being made to dance in his bones." All very serious-like with the Myrddraal's non-existant humor.
Matt: I think it would be awesome if I Myrddraal (the "Addicted One," we shall call him), were to be fighting a Warder, and then offer to withdraw from combat if the Warder would be kind enough to ask his Aes Sedai to use the One Power to summon up a Milky Way bar... Milky Way Dark, naturally. If I were playing a Myrddraal in someone else's campaign, I would so do that. And, I would do it with a straight face. I wonder what the Warder and Aes Sedai would do?
Me: wonder wtf a milky way bar is
Matt: Well, that's true. I'd say someting more believable for the Wheel of Time, like maybe a brick of Taraboner chocolate. And once they had done so, I would be as good as my word. I might even share some with my Trollocs (if I had any).
Me: they wouldn't appreciate it
Matt: Imagine the two making their report to the Amyrlin seat though. And that's true, the Trollocs wouldn't. Too bad.
Me: How would you make sure they kept their word though?
Matt: I'm a Myrddraal, and I'm badass. I would make it especially known to them that they could not possibly defeat me, and that all I want is some bloody chocolate, damn it!
Q: What is your date of birth?
A: July 15.
Q: What year?
A: Every year.
I was taking this quiz, earlier, one [livejournal.com profile] peaseblossom03 had posted on her lj. I didn't bother with keeping the results because it wasn't all that interesting. Mostly I just raged against the questions, or at least, the options for answering the questions. Not like, super-pissed off raged, just sort of--none of these apply! Or all of them do! Like this one question:
Given only these choices, which of these U.S. television drama programs would you decide to watch?
-CSI (any of them)
-Law & Order (any of them)

...how about ALL OF THEM?! Okay, I can live without CSI Miami and NY, and I'm okay missing an ep. or two of any of the Law & Order's. But I do love Lost, and House, and the original CSI.
*argues politics with Matt*
I'm so opinionated sometimes )

xans: Xans (Error)
I am addicted to kissing. Like, crazily so.
Because I know you're all dying to know, no, alas and alack, I did not place in the wet t-shirt finals. But I still got free drinks (how many vodka cruisers was it now?), and I had a good time. It was cool that Liz was there too, although she was having a case of the nerves and despising her body. (I was tempted to hate mine, but figured I have no room to talk) It's not fat, it's skinniness bunched up! -one of Liz's friends when another was calling herself fat (she had even less room to talk than me).
Haha, my neck is kinda tender. Again.
And I've got a scratch on my back. It looks horrible, but it doesn't hurt, didn't hurt. I just caught my back on the bottom corner of a metal shelf when I was trying to get my bag without pushing too many people. Everyone's reaction to seeing it is so funny. I'm with Lynds on the awesomeness of war wounds from being out on the piss. The more unexplained bruises and cuts, the better. Who cares if it hurt or not? All in good fun!
I was so happy last night. Just carefree and feeling all good. It was beautiful.
(Stupid, stupid alcohol having to make me pee so much.)
I will get free stuff for being in the contest. The $200, $300, or $1000 would have kicked ass, but, eh bien, as Julien is wont to say. I'm not sure yet what said free stuff will be; the guy is supposed to text us later to say come pick up this or that. It'll be Woodstock Bourban gear or more bar tabs, I know that much.
I should be forbidden from talking when I've been drinking. Honestly. I don't think before I say anything. I can be tactless and I don't like thinking back and going, 'Shit, did I actually say that? *facepalm*' Being half-conscious probably doesn't help matters much either.
Thank the gods I had no 8:00 lecture this morning. I probably would have skipped it.

xans: Xans (Pathetic Bastard)
The other night I was walking up the stairs to the dining hall, and I spotted Shan was also approaching the hall. Naturally, I slowed down so he could catch up and we'd queue together. "You going to dinner?" he asked. I almost said it. I don't know why I didn't, even if it's Shan. "Nope, my tapeworm's been acting up again, so I'm punishing it by letting it smell food it's not getting! Here's your sign."

...It was five p.m. It's the dining hall. Why else would I be going to the dining hall at the same time I do every night? Silly boy.

A joke someone on my f-list posted recently )

[livejournal.com profile] miyumiyu has some really cute Snupin art if anyone's interested. Incredibly cute. Quite likely the Cutest Thing Cori May Have Possibly Ever Drawn to date. I am entirely open to the possibility that she will manage to draw something (or even somethings!) cuter one day. You never can tell.
Nyarghhh. I don't want to study for my Chem test. But if I don't I will fail it, likely even worse than with the Physics test. That would not be cool. So, studying. Going through my study guide, taking notes on all that stuff I just wasn't getting. I don't know what it is with my Physics and Chem lectures, but I swear that stuff goes in one ear and straight out the other. Only the Bio classes have any affect on me, and even then, only Bio of Animals is in any way remotely fascinating.
The Physics lecturer is a cool guy though. He's kinda odd, but he's British. He makes us laugh all the time with some of the simply wierd things he says. His demonstrations are often entertaining, mostly because they screw up. We've had a different lecturer for each unit of Chem, and none of them really interest me, although this current guy is kinda amusing w/ some of the stuff he says. In Bio of Cells I can get chocolate for volunteering, hmmmm. Bio of Animals we've also had three different lecturers, and Dr. Death has been the coolest.
It's so funny when they start talking about sex. Whether it's bug sex (oh, the Sneaky Fuckers, how clever they are!), or conjugation which is sex for bacterial cells, it gets funny b/c some people *coughs* just aren't that grown up. Honestly, though? So glad I'm not a bacterial 'female' cell. Because what happens is that the 'male' cell comes along and forms this form sex pilus that brings the two cells together, and spins off it's DNA that it inserts into the 'female' cell, turning it into another 'male' cell. (This would not be a bad thing, the whole turning into a guy b/c omg tehgaysecks, except for the fact the bloody genes dictate I'd have to go impregnate some other chick. Not so cool then.)
Shan has my bloody pen. Yes, I'm aware that comment seems random. Consider it stream of consciousness. I lent it to him last night--ooh, boy next to me has nice cologne (ha! now that's random!)--so he could do his studying, and I forgot to get it back. Normally I wouldn't worry. The other day I lost this really nice mechanical pencil that had been part of a pen/pencil set mum gave me for my 18th b-day, except I was never overly attached to the pencil. But that pen? Yeah, sure, it's just a run of the mill, typical Massey pen. But I like that pen. It writes well. I'm a bit more fussy about losing the pens that write well.
I am in a weird mood tonight. And I'm aware my brain isn't making much sense. Hell, you should see what happens when I'm trying to write notes...
- 'insects' becomes 'incest'
- 'chain' becomes 'chan' (typing that almost became Shan)
- 'grouped' becomes 'groped'
- Seeing the part of a chemical formula, HOOC, I focus on OOC and grin...
Definitely weird. I'll spare you more of this, yeah?
Well, this gave me at least twenty minutes of entertainment. It made me think of [livejournal.com profile] shiseiji. I expect she'd have loads of fun with this. You know how when someone tells you not to do something? Or you tell yourself not to do something? But then someone gives you an opening to do just that... just one peek/smell/bite, and suddenly you're hooked. Yeah, that. Y'know. Temptation. The little devil on your shoulder that constantly beats up the little angel on the other shoulder. And you just can't resist. Especially when it says...


*watches as all her readers are lost in the abyss* Oh, damn.

xans: Xans (Slytherins Do It Better)
Somebody's been using the Thesaurus! *wiggles eyebrows* )

Just reading that while chatting with [livejournal.com profile] miyumiyu, who received a slightly different version as a flame on ff.net. I just handed her a plot bunny on a silver platter about it. I hope I will be posting the link to a fic soon. Hehe!

And last night...

[Most of the Craiglockhart girls and some of the Bindaloe boys are getting comfy on the couches to watch Chocolat. Front Row has Victoria, Sarah, Lisita, Elyshia, & Came. Second row is Annalise, Calvin, and Shane. On the couches in the back, Me & Giles, Donald & Mike, Kate & Kirsti.]

ELYSHIA: and no kissing in the back row!

KATE: Oh Kirsti, oh!

[I am thinking:] Sapphic jokes. YES! My hallmates are (somewhat) normal!

*coughs* Mike looks like a total trucker. He's got the denim jacket with fleece, the mullet and mustache, sideburns, and the baseball cap. But if he lost the cap and exchanged the jacket for a leather one, he could totally pull off the biker look. Donald and I were sitting there trying to convince him he could look like he's just got off his Chopper... All he's missing is the American accent. (take mine, take mine!)
Good movie, although more Johnny would have been nice. Hehe.
I probably would have posted something about it last night, but when I wandered over to the computer labs all the computers were taken, and when there was finally a spare one they all suddenly decided to freeze up. It was kinda funny though, as I was waiting (and hoping) to log on and I was talking quietly with Donald, the other people in the lab kept glancing over at us. And at that time of night, it's mostly the Asians in there, so we're wondering how much they understand of what we're saying (nothing bad, it was mostly tame), or if they're just being nosy about the people who dare to break the Silence of the Labs™ with anything but mouse clicks and tapping keys. You should see how people will swivel and stare when someone's cell phone goes off. It's ridiculous.
It's nearly ten in the morning. I've been up since 7:40. I woke up at 7 when my alarm went off, as silly me I forgot to turn it off last night. But I had a great night's sleep anyway, so I'm just slacking off in the labs in my pjs until a little later when I'll have a shower. For now, I've got the lab pretty much to myself.
Oooh, [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t has some questions for me, from whatever the hell movie she was watching when she made her entry.

If you could fight someone, who would it be?
This is kinda hard, as I am in SUCH a good mood I don't really want to fight anyone. But let's try... Little Hen. (to those on my f-list who are friends with Little Hen, I apologise.)

If you could fight any celebrity, who would it be?
Mmmm... Ashlee Simpson.

Historical figure?
Queen Isobella of Spain.

Yes, I am perusing my f-list as I write this.

A Stealth Geek (SG) is a person who has many of the internal qualities of geekiness yet who does not look or act like the stereotypical geek.

Damn, that's gonna confuse with the other SG, that is, Sex God. Bwahahaha.
Okay, a question. Is it the new Thing to post an Icon of the Day? Alright, only two people on my f-list do it, but that's more than there were last week. It only just recently come to my attention that people are doing this, and I'm wondering where the habit was picked up from.

[Edit:] Me ending up sitting next to Giles when we watched Chocolat happened totally by accident, I swear.

xans: Xans (Default)
All right, since either no one has seen or simply doesn't watch Stargate Atlantis and it remains the only unguessed one... my favorite character is Dr. Beckett. He's Scottish. The accent kills me dead. I love when he gets all passionate about his work, and how he tries dealing with having to play with the fine line of morals so often. He's also one of the few people who was born with the right genes to operate many of the Ancient's technology. So he gets to be special until they isolate the genes to inject everyone with them. Nyah.

"The person who posted the link to Candybar Dolls should be severly punished." ~[livejournal.com profile] wytch_sansmerci
*whistles innocently*

"I wonder if Captain Planet has green pubic hair..." ~[livejournal.com profile] ireth
*has nightmares from the images*

Well, actually, no I didn't. I had a dream with David Thewlis in it.
I was in my math class (it had to be, my math teacher was sitting on one of the desks) but Thewlis was teaching the class. I was not looking at him as I was afraid he'd disappear ...that, and every time I did look at him, he was looking at me and smirking (and I blushed SO red). The kids were being totally bad but Mr. O wasn't doing anything to discipline them, and Thewlis didn't seem to notice. And then--wierdest part--it's time go, and Thewlis starts singing. His singing voice wasn't all that great, but it wasn't the worst I've heard. And the song? Not even an actual song. I mean, I don't know the tune because it is one that came from Lord of Chaos, by Robert Jordan; part of the Wheel of Time series. (I have the words on hand. That is most likely why it was in the dream)

"We’ll drink the wine till the cup is dry,
and kiss the girls so they’ll not cry,
and toss the dice until we fly
to dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.

We’ll dance all night while the moon runs free,
and dandle the lasses upon our knee,
and then you’ll ride along with me,
to dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.

We’ll sing all night, and drink all day,
and on the girls we’ll spend our pay,
and when it’s gone, then we’ll away,
to dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.

There’re some delight in ale and wine,
and some in girls with ankles fine
but my delight, yes, always mine,
is to dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.

We’ll toss the dice however they fall,
and snuggle the girls be they short or tall,
then follow young Mat whenever he calls,
to dance with Jak o’ the Shadows.

The dream shifted after that and I was working in a lab for one of my science classes, and it was sooooo frustrating. I totally failed that class in the dream. No thanks to my annoying lab partner, who kept asking stupid questions of the instructer instead of doing the work and recording the results and being done on time! He also somewhere in his questions made some comment, I forget the exact words, but the implications were that he was doing all the work on his own, as if I was incompetent and not a good lab partner at all. I should have been mad. I should have ripped him a new one. But dream me was more focused and stressed about getting the work done and didn't react. Still failed the fucking assignment.
And then, later on in the dream it shifted the focus back on Thewlis. I was talking with some people (I don't know who) about David Thewlis and him having a puppy that was being all cute and how it made women fall for him. Because they'd be all, "OMG cute puppy licking his face and it's so adooooorable! *squee* *fangirl* *faint*" Had the most wonderful visual.

A secret should be told to you by: anyone with LJ usernames beginning with A, B, C, D

A compliment should be left by: anyone with LJ usernames beginning with E, F, G, H

However, a complaint about you should be left by: anyone with LJ usernames beginning with I, J, K, L

Some song lyrics should be posted for you to guess, by: anyone with LJ usernames beginning with M, N, O, P

Also, a memory of you should be posted by: anyone with LJ usernames beginning with Q, R, S, T

Ten words that bring you to mind should be posted by: anyone with LJ usernames beginning with U, V, W, X

An "anonymous" comment should be left by: anyone with LJ usernames beginning with Y, Z, numbers, or a _

xans: Xans (This soul ~raelala)
"The fires of Hell shant burn thee, they may only forge thee into a power greater than anyone but thyself can understand. If the steel of thy soul be forged anew, and tempered by the commitment of thy friend's, thou shalt be ready to face even the unknown terrors that stalk the dark night.

Thee are strong, and thou don't need us to be so. Yet we shall not be far, and thee either, from thine thoughts or ours. Go thy way in safety, may a blessing be upon thee." ~Matt

(after me confessing just how fucking scared I am)

See me blush.

xans: Xans (Love)

I own Cori-stuff! Squee!

I love bug-eyed Sirius and pouncing Remus. Plus the one with only colored ties is awesome.

Thank you also for short letter, because letters are fun, even when you use emoticons in them.

Edit: These quotes need to stick around somewhere because I like them.

"If he has a problem with that, I swear I'll jam a squirrel in him." ~Cori

"Ladies of the Irish persuasion are unique in their character. They are a combination of a little girl, mother, hooker, and nun. They go from Bambi to Banshee in 3.7 seconds. They can bat their eyes, or blacken yours. They can love you with a passion and make you feel like a king. They can be frail and strong at the same time. Depending on their mood, they'll chastise you for drinking...or match you pint for pint. The ladies keep Irish men from killin' themselves and each other. But, they're like the grace of God... uncomprehendable but indispensable."

xans: Xans (Matt Damon)
1. Tell me one thing you love about me.
2. Tell me two things you love about yourself.

3. Look through the comments. When you see someone you know, tell them three things you love about them.
4. Do this in your journal so I can tell you what I love about YOU.

...and more spammage )

isthatmymoon: You know you need to get properly laid when you've gotten so bored with your method of masturbation that your mind wanders off from pleasuring yourself to everything from your pets to something that you saw at your work and wanted to make a necklace with and wow those pearls were so pretty and I wonder if I should use sterling or base metel findings...and oops, half an hour has gone past and you STILL haven't orgasmed.
isthatmymoon: I miss my fiancee.
gregkash: ive thought about math problems or chord progressions for songs during masturbation.
ultrareality: Yeah, but Pythagoras is fucking smokin', dude. It's a rare indeed day when I don't scream out, mid-ejaculation: "a² + b² = c² where c is the hypotenuse while a and b are the sides of the trianglllllleaaaaaarryeeeeeeess!".

That was for you, Brit. We saw Shark Tale; it's very funny. Stayed through the credits while no one else did. On the ride home she made quite the oxymoron. We were complaining about headlights, and then I suggested she take off her top to blind them.
"If they could see it, it would blind them!"


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