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Jul. 14th, 2015 06:26 pm
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I know, I never really use this thing anymore since taking up facebook, twitter, and tumblr. And my f-list consists mostly of communities posting fic recs. But, if you're still around, or just dropping in to see what's up...

I turn 30 tomorrow.

Adult things I have done: shacked up with a guy, got a cat together, married said guy, had a beautiful baby together. Money's a little tight atm but otherwise life is good.

Adult things I haven't done: finished uni/got a degree, learned how to drive/got my license, had a paying job in several years. I really ought to work on the license thing and the job thing, and hopefully via the job thing, get some qualifications. It's a work in progress.

Anything else you wanna know about my life, if you're not up to date on things, drop me a comment and/or swap social media details and we can catch up.
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Realising I haven't posted an entry since March. I should do something about that.

So, my birthday was last Monday, I turned 28. There was cake, and a couple parcels of goodies from my mum, couple of cards & plenty of happy birthdays on FB and such. A good day. Unfortunately, it's fallen during a whole week of mood swings, acne breakouts, tender boobies... basically, some of the worst and longest lasting PMS I've encountered since my teen years. Normally if I get moodiness it's a day or two and then my period hits. So far, no period, just lots of ups and downs and unexpected tears. Even had a few cross words with hubs because apparently as he was pushing some of my buttons in my crankiness I was pushing some of his right back.

And it wasn't helped but us being guilt-tripped into hosting his mother at a t time we didn't really want to. She'd been to stay recently but there were Reasons. It would have been tolerable if it was one or two nights but we were looking at an extended stay of possibly two weeks. He was able to pull a half day on Wednesday though and take her home a bit earlier. I like my Mother in Law but she wants to chatter and then looks through the brochures and comes up with a new list every day of things she'd like us to go pick up from the shops from her. Plus cooking meals at an earlier time and making sure it's something she can eat... all of it was just an extra bit of hassle at a time where my hormones are already fucking with me something fierce.

Plus it's winter and cold and fuck that shit.

I haven't been writing the fanfic like I intended to earlier this year, which is very slack of me. Still stuck on making the words and stories in my head form something coherent outside for the world to see. But I have made a few new fandom friends on twitter so I am feeling a bit accomplished for peeking out of my shell just a bit.

Have been to see several of the new movies at the theatres over the last few months, like Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness, ones that I thought would look excellent in 3D. The exception to that though was going to the Chick Flick night a week or so ago, where for $25 I got a movie ticket, glass of wine, ice cream, chocolate, and a bag of goodies (pamphlets and vouchers mostly) from local businesses. I went with my step-son Joe's girlfriend Kayla, and the movie we saw was The Heat. Incredibly hilarious I was very glad that all the good reviews I heard were not over hyping it.
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Okay, okay, RL post...

Got a temporary job doing stocktake at Alan's store. It's only for a month (two weeks already gone) but hey, it's a bit of extra dosh and quite handy for shelling out on necessities like firewood, and not so necessary, like Amanda Palmer's kickstarter project because it is so utterly cool and exciting how fast she raised money. And she's funny and I love following both her and Neil Gaiman on twitter because they are an adorable couple.

Also on twitter, amusing to follow Zachary Quinto & Simon Pegg and see them getting up to shenanigans in Hooters with Cumberbatch (I don't even watch the new Sherlock)... weirdest thing is reading Leonard Nimoy's posts with his voice in my head.

Anyway, back to the job thing... it means getting up at 5 a.m. two mornings in a row, which is a bitch but survivable. Although, fuck this cold. I know it's heading into winter but fuck the cold. Winter also means July also means my birthday means holy shit I'm almost twenty-fucking-SEVEN ayfkm surely I only turned 17 last year. My brother is going to be 30, which is supposed to be grown-up, right? Except it's impossible to imagine my brother being grown-up. And me being grown-up. I will never give up my legos.

I still need to organise my wedding holy hell I am terrible at this.

Summing up my thoughts in both this post and the comments: How the fuckity fuck can people not realise how awesome Natasha/Black Widow is? IF YOU DISAGREE, WE HAVE VERY DIFFERENT MEMORIES OF BUDAPEST, OKAY? Also, see title of post. I can has icons?

A couple fic recs:
By Arwen Lune -- Rock Happy A Generation Kill/SGA fusion, or; Brad Colbert in Atlantis. "You know what's really weird about the whole thing?" Brad finally said. Nate raised en eyebrow. "Apart from the whole highly classified, inter-branch, civilian and international, can't-tell-you-what-our-program-is-called-without-non-disclosure-paperwork, independent-thinker selecting, amiable Air Force and Corps officer cooperation thing?" Also, Brad Colbert mentioned in Rock Happy that he found a Shit My CO Says list on the Atlantis wiki. Rock Happy is still a WIP but what I've gathered from the notes she is close to wrapping it up, and then intends to write shorter fics featuring the Generation Kill boys in Atlantis. Normally I steer clear of WIPs because I hate the long waits, but she's been fairly regular.

By auburn -- Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves John Sheppard/Rodney McKay Summary: Vala Mal Doran and her partners, renegades Jehan abd-Ba'al and Meredith McKay, hijack the Tau'ri ship Prometheus and leave the Milky Way behind in search of the Lost City of the Ancients, Atlantis. This is a long read with plenty of action and suspense, that parallels many canon events but also takes some new twists, and also explores some things the show never touched on, like just WHY everyone manages to mostly understand each other, except some languages and the written word. For the most part, I enjoyed it immensely, although I don't know if it's personal preference/head canon, I just felt Carter got a bit of a raw deal, but then the author's main focus was on Vala, Jehan, and Meredith as the core cast of this tale. There's a couple shorter pieces set in the same 'verse that I haven't read yet.

By copperbadge/sam_storyteller -- Avengers: A Partial Dictionary Of The 21st Century Steve/Tony but really a gorgeous exploration of the 21st Century by Steve, with some interesting extrapolations about the other Avengers... It's amazing what you can keep in the refrigerator. By the time the team is living in Stark Mansion, the big industrial fridge in the kitchen is packed. Bruce and Natasha tried to institute the "everyone gets a shelf" rule, but Tony just eats whatever's there and Thor doesn't really understand the concept of personal property very well and Clint positively delights in eating other peoples' food, because he says it tastes better if it's stolen. And, and, there's just this reference to Xavier/Magneto that tugged my heartstrings...

By dduane -- "Mycroft's Delight" okay, it's supposed to be BBC Sherlock but I haven't seen that, so I was picturing Stephen Fry's Mycoft from the movie, bust still. Part of me just loves the fact a published author doesn't hesitate to write fanfic (esp. after that ONTD post about author's opinions on fanfic--mainly, the authors they chose to quote mostly were quite dickish about it), and the story itself is delightful to sink into, and, bonus, she included a recipe at the end.

That's all for now...
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So, Gratch's patience with my iPad has finally worn off. It's only taken six months of glaring jealousy... now when she wants my lap and the iPad is in the way she simply hops up and shoves it off my lap. I am owned.

I suck at actually organising my wedding omg.

Alan just had a birthday, I bought him an e-reader and made a mocha truffle cheesecake of sinful rich deliciousness. We also cracked open the Heineken keg he'd got for Christmas.

Finally sat down to rewatch certain episodes of SG-1 pertaining to Ba'al. Abyss, as he walks into the chamber to begin interrogating Jack? Honest to god shivers down my spine. Also, I love that coat so much. Random Sam/Teal'c moment where she touches his bicep for no particular reason. And Reckoning, his amusement at being an insufferable holographic prig. Oh... I <3 me some Ba'al. About to look into the Season 9/10 eps, where he is quite funny at times, and we get to hear his voice minus the flange (although I do like it with, just a little bit...).

And, am I imagining things, or is there actually a scene somewhere in the series where Jack is the prisoner of someone, and he's being tortured/interrogated when they get interrupted, and he utters the line, "Listen, if you're busy--" *eyebrow/shrug/cough* "--I can come back." (And of course he doesn't because they all escape shortly after that) Have I just read too many fanfics? Probably.

Also been reading a lot of Generation Kill fic lately, especially three rather cool GK/SGA crossover fics, because there's something awesome about Brad Colbert and Ray Person in Atlantis.

So, yeah.
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I swear in my mind I hit 17 and just stopped aging, but apparently that isn't the case... am 26 today. Have already spent birthday money on legos, I now have lego ewoks and some Egyptian themed stuff that's quite nifty.

My parcel from my mum is due to arrive soon. I've also got a few orders I made through a gothic clothing store that I'm excited to get and try on.

There's been some nasty stormy weather but at the moment it is fine and clear but bloody cold with a frost. Very wintery. I hope the daffodils coming up in the back are okay. I love that they start to flower around the beginning of August although it has been mild enough until recently they might show a little earlier.

Gratch is freezing I think she has taken over my lap and I don't have a say in the matter.

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Seriously, excluding last month, the last four months I have been woken up at like two or three in the morning with cramps and mess that really can't wait until morning. I know I've been dealing with these on a monthly basis for the last twelve years (may/june '07 pregnancy scare excluded), but come on, body! Two in the morning? Can't it wait 'til 8:30-9 when I have some coffee in me? *sigh*

Also, hi creepy weird dreams about a sexual sadist with an identical twin fetish. I really didn't like not being in control of that dream and getting to change it to a happy ending. I wasn't even watching any of my crime shows last night, so what was up with that?

I had to ask Joe about five times about dishes from our kitchen that wound up downstairs last week during his birthday party. He was going to clean them, but, all week, their dishes didn't get done. I think Heaven finally got sick of him not doing them and did them herself, after I came down to reclaim our lost dishes once and for all.

Two parcels from my mum arrived the other day. One is sitting un-opened in the spare bedroom, waiting for July 15. (If you happen to remember that's my birthday, feel free to wish me happy birthday, but even with birthday reminders I know I'm a shitty terrible person who forgets to wish other folks a happy birthday, so I totally understand if you don't.) The other parcel was full of old family linen-table cloths, some placemats, and a bunch of (mostly) homemade lace doilies. I don't even like doilies, but they were made by my grandma and aunty Nan and it should stay in the family.

Winter sucks, by the by, as much as my uterus does. Anyway, I got a war or two happening in Kingdoms of Camelot over on FB, so I better see what my alliance is up to.



Feb. 23rd, 2010 02:11 pm
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So I just got home from a nice few days away with Alan. He's got like three weeks of leave. The first thing we did was on the Saturday before we left, we went up to Palmerston North for the birthday of Chris and Cathy's granddad. It was nice, although the weather was shite. We also caught up with a good friend of his, Kat, and checked out our old stomping grounds, the Woolworths-turned-Countdown (looking awesome!) and the slightly smaller Mitre 10 Mega. Said hi to a few folks.

Anyway, on the Tuesday, we drove up to Cathy's place in the Taranaki, just outside of a place called Manaia. The mountain decided to be shy, so no photos. We caught up with Cathy, I got to meet her partner Scott, and Cathy's mum Marty came over for dinner. Next day we checked out Opunake, the wee town where Chris and Cathy were teenagers and got into mischief. Looked at a couple stores, had a really nice coffee at the cafe there, before heading off. We decided to drive up to Hamilton by the New Plymouth route.

New Plymouth is one city neither Alan nor I have been to, and I would like to go back there for a longer stay at some stage. There were some interesting shops to check out and a coffee place we were reccommended but did not actually feel like stopping at this time. It was overcast but muggy and just a bit too hot for coffee. Our drive up the coast revealed some rather fine land sheltered between ocean and high hills and cliffs, ideal for cutting off and developing into a zombie-free zone. There were even tunnels ideal for building gates.

Arrived in Hamilton, where we planned to spend three nights and two days. Wandered around town Thursday morning before going over to [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t to visit and see my goddaughter. Sorcha is such a little cutie. Had a nice little visit, managed to score some rum for Alan for his birthday, as well as the gin and instant kiwi as part of my chrissy present. The instant kiwi won me $2. I may have imitated that macca's ad with the ginger when I found that.

Friday the 19th was Alan's birthday. He may have whined a bit that he didn't have cake, so I was going to make one... but first we went shopping at the Base. That took longer than I expected, and by the time we got back, dad was making the cake. So I agreed to do the icing. The evening's plan was to attend this concert and picnic dinner on the Rhodedendrum lawn of the Hamilton Gardens, and that was very entertaining. There was even cake for Alan, complete with icing.

My dad and Suzy found this ginger kitten outside their house just after Christmas, that they brought in. Suzy named him Sherlock, and she's his human. She doesn't understand this, but I've told her she gets no say in the matter. She's his favourite, and that's how it's going to be. I'm glad they have the kitten, as all their pets are getting on in years, and the puppy my step-sister Carla gave them last year died of a congenital thing after only a couple of weeks. Anyway, their new kitten is a bundle of mischief. But so cute.

Oh, and Alan was driving over to the Warehouse near where my dad lives, listening to the Rock, and he happened to be following the Rock van at the time. It gets announced tha the first person to the rock van outside would win a free Hell's pizza, so hey! He hopped on over and won us a free pizza. Unfortunately it was only from one of two hell's pizzas in Hams, so we grabbed it that evening even though we already had dinner sorted. It meant we had leftovers, hee.

Saturday we headed up to the Coromandal. Dad gave us directions to take this country route, but he got me confused after the third or fourth left-turn/right-turn, so we went the sign-posted way, and caught ourselves a hitch-hiker. He was this young South African guy heading to Paeroa to interview an old woman there (I forget her name) who had been charged for growing cannibis (she took it for her arthritis) with all these miscellaneous charges of gang-related stuff and all that. He was doing a doco about it but his ride had to cancel and so he was hitching. We were nice. :D

Anyway, should we ever win lotto, I think we'll be settling down in the Coromandel; it's really gorgeous up there, and the prices are not that bad. It's more expensive here where we live! But we got to the motor camp, had a look at the options available to stay in, and settled on these cabin/caraven hybrids, that were kitted with everything but toilets and hot water, and were only $65 a night. We were going to stay one night, and then decided to stay for two. And then Alan promptly went fishing, while I got a bit of sunbathing in.

I'd gone to grab the camera, and by the time I got back to Alan on the rocks, he'd caught his first snapper. It was only a little one, just barely legal (possibly) that was a fine addition to our dinner of fish and chips. Then Alan went for an evening fish, where I got some lovely sunset photos, and he caught another snapper, again small, but still legal. I don't know how we managed it, but we did wake before dawn and so he was able to get in a morning fish. One was too small and he had to throw back, but the other was fine.

We took a drive into Whitianga, where shops were amazingly open on a Sunday, and bought a couple things, checked out the local Mitre 10, and got some supplies from New World. Like beer. :D So in the afternoon I got some more sunbathing, he had rotton luck at fishing, before we went for another drive and explore... He tried for another evening fish, but nothing wanted to get caught, and they didn't in the morning, either.

Finally yesterday was the drive home, and it was a long drive home. Not only because of (extremely) slow drivers, and (frequent) roadworks, but because we did a bit of a tiki-tour without the aid of maps to show us the quickest route. I saw more of back country roads than I expected to, and learned I ought to be more assertive in my opinions, because the route I thought was more direct was the more direct, but he was leery of following a gravel road. No matter, it just meant we had a long day of him driving.

Coming home kinda sucked, because Joe and Heaven had been making use of the entire house, and that's fucked with my OCD. Things in the kitchen weren't where they were supposed to go, and they'd helped themselves to more than just the perishables we'd said they could use... I apologised to Alan because I kinda started bitching inside of five minutes, and it didn't help that I was tired (and thus, cranky) and that Joe wanted to fill us in on all the things that had been happening while we were gone and hear all about our trip right then and there. I think I told him a couple times we just wanted to relax and unwind a bit, if that wasn't too much trouble.

As it is, Gratch has formed a new bad habit. It started just before we left, but she has taken to curling up and sleeping on the dining table in the kitchen. I have taught her from an early age that kitchen benchtops and tables (be it dining, outdoor, or coffee) are off-limits to kitty. Now I'm going to have to fight her on it all over again.

Anyway, I posted some pictures from the holiday on my facebook, for those who are interested (and if you're interested but don't have me added on fb, feel free to make the request). So yeah. That's life.

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Our house hasbeen put on the market. Kinda stressful, since there's no guarantee it will be bought as an investment property and we can stay as tenants. Back to trademe to look at possible houses.

On the upside, Joe and Heaven will definitely have to find their own place. They need to do that ANYWAY but this gives them a deadline. Plus it means he has to keep the sleepout super ultra tidy ALL THE TIME NOW. I really, really hate the way they go through our food. They just don't understand that they cost us more than they're paying in board. And we totally wouldn't be able to support them without board. But they go through SO much food.

Heaven bought the Sims Life Stories which, admittedly, I have played a little. Okay, more than a little. But I try to restrain myself because Alan hates the game and doesn't want to become a Sims Widow. He's lucky I'm not even remotely interested in WoW for the same reason. It's been fun, though.

Also? Really kind of creepy, but when I was at the 4 Square the other day picking up some laundry detergent (and forgetting milk, but that's what joe's around to be ordered to do) and waiting in the cue, I felt this pressure on my butt, and there was this old lady pressed up right behind me totally in my personal space. I gave her this odd look, but thought all was good when I could get up to the counter, but then she followed and stood right up against me again! I'm just like, WHOA! Not only is it rather weird to have some old lady pressed up against my ass, but seriously, this is New Zealand, where people have the biggest personal bubble spaces ever and even if I'm not that uptight, I don't need some random stranger getting that up close and personal outside of a mosh pit.

Um, two weeks ago was Tarn's birthday, so she had a party on the Saturday before last that we went to. And Alan brought Jon over from the Hutt to join in the fun. We got her an $80 Farmer's card which she used to by a wallet to match her $179 purse (it's one of this big names like prada or something, but I never pay attention to that so I can't remember what it is). The party was fun. Lots of laughs, and then Alan and I got to leave Joe, Heaven, and Jon there to party til late while we went home like a pair of nanas. What can I say? I don't do all-nighters anymore. And then we had them over for dinner on Sunday after Chris and Tarns picked up Lochy and Jasmine from their dad, so Jon could meet them as well. It was pretty good.

Gratch is happy as a lark... back in August we ran out of cat biscuits for her and I asked Alan to get her some more, but he didn't feel like going to the supermarket and only went to 4 Square where her Friskies biscuits cost an arm and a leg. So he bought Pams biscuits instead. Gratch did not like this cheap shit. Would not eat it. Whined. LOTS. Eventually we bought a box of Friskies and mixed the two brands together. Gratch learned how to eat all the Friskies biscuits while leaving most of the Pams biscuits in the bowl. Gratch learned her bowl did not get refilled until it was empty. She whined. A LOT.

It took a couple of months, but eventually, we got the the bottom of the container and we bought her some new biscuits. I have forgotten what it's like to have to refill the bowl twice a day. It's kinda funny, because she really sings for her food now. You should hear her when I dare to lift the bowl off the floor, and then open the cupboard that has her packets of Whiskas Singles (aka kitty crack, not to be confused with the kitty crack treats, little vitamin treats that she damn near takes my hand off to acquire). My cat is loud. And demanding. She's also learning not to sit in the kitchen begging when I am preparing a meal or doing dishes, because I run the tap and get my fingers wet, and then sprinkle it on her. I get sworn at then.

It sucks to be [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t atm... severe post natal depression on top of Sorcha needing a body cast for the hip displacia. :( I told her she's got a damaged baby and she should demand a refund. That got me a laugh.

Anyhow, slightly stressed at the thought of having to move, maybe a bit PMSed and cranky as all hell... and I fucking need a job. My savings look like shit and I'm suppose to be going to Vancouver next year.

Oh, some good news was that we won about $100 from lotto so we went out and bought a pair of jeans each. I had to get size 14s. :( That's actually a size 12 in the US, but still. And I had to get the wideleg style, which yes, it looks great on me and everything... but I had to get that style because my old fave the low-rise bootcut would not squeeze in my thighs that well. Damn things are like tree-trunks.

I do need to lose weight. Not a lot, but some. A comfortable size 12 is more than acceptable. Utterly achieveable. I just have to get motivated and kick my ass into gear.



Aug. 7th, 2009 09:34 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t gave birth to a baby girl at eleven thirty-five a.m., she is seven pounds ten ounces. Her name is Sorcha Morrigan Andrea C------- and I think she looks like a cabbage patch doll. *grins*

Anywho, I missed all this as I was on the train up to Hams, Ange got confused and thought I was coming up a day earlier, and couldn't bloody wait 'til I arrived. Le sigh.

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Okay, so, wow, my last update was way back at the beginning of the year. Since then, Alan's son Joe has moved into our sleepout, and more days than not, his girlfriend Heaven lives with us as well. Not best pleased about this, but he's Alan's boy, and while Joe's an aggravation, I understand not kicking him to the curb when we can offer him temporary shelter. The problem is that Joe is lazy and has little motivation to get a job, which he needs to afford a flat.

I feel slightly hypocritical to critisize his laziness in job-hunting, since I have been pretty slack myself in the months since we've moved here. The difference is that Alan's salary is able to support both of us and thus, while I would like a job for my own spending money and to help cover some of the bills, it is not exactly urgent that I be working. Joe, on the otherhand, has to pay board because of the extra food costs feeding him and his girlfriend. I could go on with my complaints about them, but perhaps I shall save my rant for later.

One nice thing about living where we are is that we now see Chris and Tarns (and the grandkids) more often. The twins are as cute as ever, although Isabella is definitely my favourite. Danielle has a tendency to cling to her nana (Tarn's mum Lisa) and cry if anyone else tries to hold her. Sadly, Lisa's husband Danny (Danielle's namesake) passed away from a heart attack at the end of May. He had lung cancer and was very ill, but while not unexpected, it's still sad for Tarn's and her family. Apparently his ghost likes to haunt their new home a bit and switch the tv channel to the crime channel all the time.

Speaking of cancer, my grandpa (dad's dad) has all sorts of cancer through his body, and is not doing so well. I've had a bit of pressure from Dad and Iain to find a way to see him and grandma before it's too late, since I haven't seen them since 1993. One thing that stops me is that my US passport is expired and NZ one is missing, and so I have the cost of replacing those, plus air fares... Naturally if I take a trip to the US mum will expect me to stop in WA for part of the trip, so that's an extra cost to work out. Currently I don't have the funds, and while Iain has offered to help, I'm still a very independent girl.

My other problem with this is that, while they may be my grandparents, they are rather Christian goody-goods and I do not feel I have a lot in common with them. Naturally I will hear the same encouragements about finishing my degree and being the last of nine grandchildren to do this, that, or the other thing. There's also the fact they refer to Alan as my 'friend' rather than boyfriend or partner, which, little thing though it is, makes me want to grind my teeth a little.

In November it will be two years for Alan and I, which is rather cool. He says if we make three years he will seriously consider making it legal. Which is sweet. I love him dearly.

As some of you commented in my last entry, yes, my 24th birthday was just a couple of weeks ago. I got most of my presents early, in a couple sweet parcels from my mum, and then what Alan bought me. He promised me two things: a particular lego set, and rack of lamb. Plus something else unspecified. In the end that unspecified gift turned out to be a set of earrings and necklace that are tear-drop rubies. :D Very pretty and nice and totally unexpected. Plus the lego, one of the new pirate sets, and then on my birthday we went to a restaurant where I had rack of lamb.

I haven't got it yet, but Joe and Heaven asked what they could get me for my birthday and I requested the book Pride & Prejudice and Zombies. Ever since I saw it advertised in the Warehouse mailer I've wanted it for the sheer crackiness of it. I think it could be all kinds of awesome.

Wiki- According to Grahame-Smith, the original text of the novel was well-suited for use as a zombie horror story:

“You have this fiercely independent heroine, you have this dashing heroic gentleman, you have a militia camped out for seemingly no reason whatsoever nearby, and people are always walking here and there and taking carriage rides here and there,” he said. “It was just ripe for gore and senseless violence. From my perspective anyway."

One of my motivations to get a job, actually, is that I've put on a bit of weight in the time I've been with Alan. I'm not fat, or any such thing, but I've gone from a size 10 to a size 12-14, and 34-D to 34/36-DD depending on style. It's not that I want to lose a lot of weight, but I'd like to be a comfortable size 12 instead of an uncomfortable 12/borderline 14. Also I just wanna be more fit so that if/when the zombies arrive I'm not so out of shape that they can catch me.

In another week and a half I'm going to to Hamilton to hopefully be present for the birth of [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t's parasite. Provided the baby's on time. Anyhow, here's hoping that doesn't imbue me with either the strong desire to copy, or the strong desire to never do the baby-making thing. Should be fun, eh? :D



Dec. 8th, 2008 11:52 am
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It's becoming more real as we went to Paraparaumu on Friday to look at places. We've settled on one that is about two blocks from the beach and is $330 p/w but also gotta remember to get power sorted and then phoneline+broadband is in around the $100 p/m range so maybe hang on that until Alan is getting paid. His first salary (monthly) doesn't come until the beginning of January so my savings are going to get us through the month of December before we work out a repayment plan that doesn't leave us flat ass broke to meet costs. Also, need to know if my job/transfer is secure or I gotta hype up my CV yet again.

Will post new address and other contact details for those interested at some stage, because everyone will want to visit and hang out in our sleepout. Which reminds me, [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t I don't mind paying the train fare for you to come visit for a week as a b-day pressy or some such, if you can scrape up some spending money and we hit up Welly and other touristy attractions. We can work out details when I'm up in Hamilton.

Gratch is not happy about the boxes, although she thinks they are a wonderfuly set of stepping blocks. She is addicted to achieving high perches. Thankfully she's only got stuck once. But she also tries to attack the bubble wrap because she likes the popping noises. Will not adore us for shutting her up on moving day and then caging her to travel down. But the new place has a cat door so she can be an inside/outside cat... until we go up to Hams and she's in a cattery.

Having to stop myself from buying dvds, particularly ones on special at the Warehouse or Whitcoulls. Having to keep myself from spending much, period, especially 'til after we move.

Anywho... have I mentioned enough that packing sucks?


Good times

Jul. 22nd, 2008 09:53 am
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Thank you, thank you... :D

I had a wonderful birthday. Shopping with my darlin', then dinner at Gengy's with Ange and my darlin'. Gengy's is a mongolian place where you can choose the ingredients of your dinner and they cook it for you. And pancakes for dessert. It was very nice, and a lovely evening, really.

Ange got me Love Actually on dvd, as well as some chocolate covered coffee beans and jandal (flip-flops to you american buggers :P) shaped erasers. Alan bought me the Stargate movie and first season of SG-1 on dvd. My collection begins. Dad and Suzy gave me dark chocolate M&Ms and a CD, "The Pit and the Pendulum."

I also bought myself Chocolat, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and a warm fuzzy zip-up hoodie from Jay Jays that was all of $20. Had a great time hanging out with Ange. Laughed as Alan just about tried to sneak dad and suzy's long-haired chiuaua Truffles home in his jacket. He was leery that Truffles would be like most little dogs, snappy and yappy, but Truffles is just a little cuddle slut. Mind you, I was all set to steal the cats, I swear. I miss Yoda and Pearl lots.

When I got home from visiting la familia in Hams, there was a parcel of goodies from my mum to go through, as well... clothes, of course, several bits of lingerie and a couple nice tops. Some really nice leather Mary Janes that are working out well as work shoes. They haven't cut up my ankles yet. :D Wild Cherry Pepsi and Vanilla Pepsi lip gloss. A really weird cow ornament, crab earrings, and a pretty celtic keychain... Penguin bookmark, wallet... lots of goodies, really.

It was a lovely time off with my darling. Adore him to bits, do I mention that enough? 'Cause I do.

Did a bit of shopping for presents for my mum and step-dad and brother. Dad and Suzy will take them in their suitcases to the States, hand them over to my brother who's visiting from Japan, and he'll keep his book while passing on the presents for my mum and step-dad. There's also a little wee gift for [livejournal.com profile] shiseiji: A NZ shot glass for her collection. :D



Jul. 14th, 2008 09:49 am
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So, for what it's worth, I'm still alive. Barely breathing through my nose though. Sniffles. Hope it doesn't get worse.

I turn 23 tomorrow. Whee!

Alan and I are up in Hamilton, seeing my family and [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t. It's nice. But I'll be happy to get home, too.

Going shopping later. Trying to see if there's anything I can think of to get my brother for his b-day. He's very hard to shop for.
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Comp at home died. No computer games for us. Will really suck if we can't find a way to back up some of the files on there that weren't backed up. And oh, yeah, that may put a delay on copying Equilibrium...but we'll see.

I very much love my man, have I mentioned that?

Looking to get people at work to cover some of my shifts in Feb when he has time off. Managed to get the Monday and Wednesday shifts covered, but I really want/need someone to do the Tuesday one, which is his birthday. And, oh, yeah... gotta get something Andrea for her birthday in Feb too, eh?

Anyway, life not majorly exciting atm, but more a matter of domestic bliss.

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I know, I know. A month ago I was so-not-excited about my birthday. But that quickly changed.

Partially, I was all hyper and happy because I just landed two part-time jobs within two weeks of each other. And that is yay! I'm taking time off school and just working for now, 'cause I need the money and the exp and a better looking CV. And, jobs, yay, I like them.

So, yeah, despite my body doing strange and mean things and making me worry, things were on the up. And, hello, birthday, that's a thing to CELEBRATE!

And I have. Started with a parcel arriving from Mum on Friday with all sorts of lovely little goodies like stripey socks, lacy undies, and Amy Brown art, and little knick knacks. Carried on to Saturday, with lunch at the cafe at work with Dad and Suzy (I got to see Buddy and Truffles, the cute little things) and warning them of the pregnancy possibility...

Then, 8 pm, Blades of Glory. *dies* [livejournal.com profile] abrandnewboom? Everything you said. :D I loved it. Jon Heder was so pretty. Although he had only a short spot, I adore William Fichtner. And, and... yeah. I liked it a lot. I'm soooo tempted to go see it a second time. But I also kinda want to see Transformers, and maybe OotP. We'll see. I actually dreamed went and saw Transformers, and man did that fuck with my mind.

Um, oh, yeah. Sunday, my birthday. I worked. BUT THIS WAS OKAY. For one thing, I kept telling everyone and they said happy birthday all the time. Then there was the sausage sizzle guys, who remembered me telling them last weekend that Sunday was my birthday, and they put a candle in my sausage! *giggles* It melted a little.

A random customer, upon hearing it was my birthday, bought me a card and wrote inside, "To a very special young lady, Happy Birthday. Have a coffee on me." And gave my $5. How fucking sweet is that?!

Iain, Dad, and Suzy showed up late afternoon... Iain's leaving for Japan soon to teach English for a year, hence why Dad and Suzy came down. And they left some stuff of mine and Iain's at my place, but came to see me and give me more presents and cake.

CAKE. I haven't had a birthday cake in years. It's delicious, and all sorts of pretty with scrolly chocolate mousse and little candy roses. Black forest cake. MMM.

Presents... $50 Whitcoulls voucher (I bought the Long Way Round Special Edition set with it) from Dad and Suzy (also my bike earlier this year, it's my big present for like... the next few big celebrations), The Alchemist from Iain, which I've yet to start reading... and a fold-out mirror from a family friend, Catherine.

My parcel from Andrea arrived sometime over the weekend and I got it yesterday. Yay! Black moleskin pants, "Bitch Pills" and other cute knick knacks.

Mum called me last night, and we chatted. OH! I told her about the pregnancy scare, but I'm not pregnant, because, well, my body's birthday gift to me was the absolute knowledge in the form of, well, y'know. *looks down* Told Dad and Suzy when they stopped by on my birthday as well. Everyone's happy. It's all good.

It's been a very sweet, very awesome birthday.

Now, I'm going to see what the f-list has been up to. And read more fic by [livejournal.com profile] ashinae and [livejournal.com profile] linden_jay in my position as "pre-beta beta" *grins*

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There's a rumour that I'm pregnant. People are so nice.

Starting new job Saturday. Joy.

22 in under two weeks. Excitement pending.

I don't check my f-list for two days and end up with a decent cache of fic to catch up on. Hee.

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SGA fic living in my head is being a bitch still. Will have to do something about that.

Today I've been told (more than once, although by the same person... she felt it needed repeating) that I look so very cute. I've got my hair in twin buns, and I'm in my fuzzy pale blue off-the-shoulders sweater thing with a white turtleneck underneath, my tight dark blue jeans... yeah, I'm all shades of blue and the like. Apparently the whole outfit thing is just all sorts of innocent cuteness.

I still haven't met up with the boy from Myspace who contacted me, but things are looking like maybe this Thursday or Friday, I very well just might. Should be interesting to say the least. He thinks I'm cute, too. *smirks*

...I don't want to turn 22! I don't know why, but I so don't feel like I'm ready to be 22 yet. Can't I just be 17 still?

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I caught myself staring at the bouncing elephant on a trampoline icon again. It's just so damned...hypnotic. I keep expecting it to jump higher, or maybe for the trampoline to finally break under it... or I get caught up in seeing how its trunk lifts and falls as well, but I can't see its tail doing the same. Weirdness.

It's my birthday in a couple months and once again, I'm not excited. I know [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t would love for me to come up and we'd do something to celebrate, but, really... I don't like celebrating my birthday. I mean, presents are nice, and all, but really I'd much prefer being able to buy for myself whatever it is I desire, not hoping for someone to pick up on my birthday wishes. And, yeah, okay, someone baking me a cake would be nice but it's not necessary.

I just... I mean, what's the point? Only a handful of people really care I'm getting older, and, yeah, there's just... no motivation to be all jubilant about yet another birthday. Meh.

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Quizzes for MySpace

Seriously, is there something about Easter and Jesus' Undead Shindig, or what, that brings out End-of-the-World vibes? I mean, firstly, there's Black Sheep coming out, uhh, tomorrow, and don't make me repeat the Multi-Fandom challenge I mentioned in my last post, and, oh, someone on my f-list chose to point out World War Z right about now... And also, May bring us 28 Weeks Later 'cause Lord knows that movie needs a sequel with, like, none of the original characters... Yeah.

Completely unrelated, although the Red Eyes might deceive you, [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t posted a handful of pictures from her 21st, including a couple of me (and thus, the only important ones :P) so I figured I'd share. Hopefully she'll get a hold of more and we can sit back and admire them, too. We don't actually have any pictures of being out on the town, just ones from dinner... but hey. It was a grand time. *snerk* Photographic evidence of selling my panties would have been hilarious, now that I think about it.

Lookit! All prettified )

...Andrea makes me look tanned. *laughs*

In a bid for more linkage... I decided to go looking for CSI: NY fanfic that was Danny-centric, but non-shippy. I found a few, before I got overwhelmed and beat a hasty retreat. But there's one I read, about Danny and Flack set between Seasons 2 & 3, called Brothers and Sisters (Everything I Can't Remember). There's a second, third, & fourth part, as well. And man... I try not to cry over fics. Sometimes I can't stop tears welling up and letting one or two loose. *shakes head* This fic had me damn near bawling by the end. I liked it a lot, though.

...and now I'll get back to betaing a fic for [livejournal.com profile] ashinae.

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Okay, so, um, Saturday was my best mate [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t's birthday. Her 21st, in fact. Big shindig like thing planned. Ish.

Well, dinner at Valentines where we all dressed v. v. nice and somehow managed not to get pished or spend a hell of a lot on the bar tab. And then Damo, Ange, Anita and I were off out on the town (after Ange and I did some creative changing in the car to clothes more fit for bar crawling).

But, let me start at the beginning.

Early afternoon found me frustrated and swearing, as my attempts at ironing the wrinkles out of my dress appeared to be... nonexistant. Given that it's a dryclean only dress and I had to use the low setting on the iron, I mean, I don't know. I don't know a fucking thing about ironing, but the wrinkles were not fucking off. And then Ange texted me asking if I wanted to come over early, watch some SG-1, and still hang out while she and Damo were off at Zuki's where she was getting all sorts of pampered.

I still hadn't straightened my hair. But okay. Shoved things into a bag, and headed on over. A couple streets away from her place, I looked down and, to my shock, disovered a Samsung mp3 player that, while clearly having been run over at least once (the headphones were crushed) was still intact and working. And whoever it was that lost it has a fairly decent taste in music. Now I just gotta find myself the software, somewhere, somehow...

Watched SG-1. Ange came home in time to just about cry over Daniel dying after pulling a Spock. And then we had a minor Danielgasm at the special features tribute to him. Hee.

Dinner was fine. She got lots of cool gifts, and I was almost (but not quite) tempted to try the baby octopus they had on offer... but they were just a little too disturbing. And Ange wasn't nearly drunk enough for us to trick/dare her into trying one. No matter.

First bar we were at, decided to play some pool, doubles--Me and Anita vs. Ange and Damo, which was mostly us against Damo. Ange had only played pool once before, and, well, she's never really been known for her gaming prowess. But it's not like Anita and I kicked ass. We did win the first game, and then rather spectacularly lost the second game. And owe our final victory to Ange, although the chances of us winning that one seemed a mite better than theirs, any how.

Highlights of the game include:
Ange sinking the white ball plent of times, but the only times she sunk any other ball was the black ball to bring them, and then us, to victory.
Damo being the only one to knock the white ball off the table.
Damo aiming for either two of balls and bouncing the white over both of them straight into the middle pocket.
Not to mention a couple of shots I made that, well, it was a fluke I actually sunk a ball. But still, we had a lot of fun.

Also, while we were playing, we were... approached by a group of guys on a Stag night. They each had a list of things they had to do, and, well, we helped them out a little. Um. I helped them out most. See, the groom needed to acquire a pair of women's panties.

So I sold mine to him for $20.

And then I ended up giving up my pantyhose to one of the other guys, while Ange gave another her stockings.

This may be whiy I oughtn't go out on the town anymore. I do crazy stuff that involves a fair amount of shamelessness, and, usually, a lacking of sobriety. I go and do it stone fucking sober. Go me!

We wandered around a couple other places, but the music was rather shite and I didn't have a real hankering for getting pished. Also, I forgot to think about the fact that straightening my hair and not wearing my glasses makes me not resemble my passport photo so much. Once place I had to give my name and birthdate and have both bouncers look at me vs. my picture. Anyway, we went home about one something in the morning.

Slept late; missed Anita leaving but found $20 she dropped by the door. Um, decided to watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 'til Ange and Damo got up. Not long afer they got up and the movie finished, we went to the Base to look into acquire Season 6 of SG-1. Well, first we had lunch at BK, where I had possibly the best burger I have had in ages. The Ultimate Double Whopper? It's... a proper size burger. With, like, all sorts of tasty ingredients. I was very satisfied.

Anyway, Wharehouse at the Base didn't have Season 6, but the Hilcrest store did, so we went over there and got it, plus a couple of movies, and some meat for dinner, then we went to Ange's mum's. She'd taken most of Ange's presents and the leftover cake home just so we didn't have to worry about them in the car while we were out on the town. Grabbed all that stuff and then went back to their place.

Yay, watched the first couple discs... had kinda forgotten how cute in a lost puppy kind of way Corin Nemec/Jonas Quinn can be. Also was amused at the return of McKay, after the poor guy got shipped off to Siberia (although he was being a right royal prick, that time). Still, I love me some SG-1.

And now I'm caught up on my f-list. Yay.


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