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A Body Thing )

So, didn't meet that guy. Thought about it, planned on it, and then decided not to when he mentioned being tired. Decided it can wait for some other time. I don't want to be with someone who's gonna fall asleep on me.

Seems my week for encounters on Myspace. Normally I don't have anything happening over there. Occasionally I get Myspace whores wanting to add me, and for a while I had a stream of sci-fi authors making a bid for my attention. In face, I just got invited to read the blog of some guy that looks like he's trying his hand at sci-fi fiction. The other message I got is someone giving me props for posting a bunch of links to YouTube vids I've enjoyed. I feel so popular. :P

Life is nothing interesting. I'm on a broke streak at the moment. Hopefully this will change soon. Otherwise, I am well, and I hope y'all are doing just fine, too. Or, y'know, if you're not fine, you know you'll be okay, in time. *hugs f-list* I care about you guys, even if I don't always say it.

Be well, or tell me who I gotta nudge/whack to make things better.

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Still got two Vox invites going, if anyone wants 'em or knows someone who wants one. If, y'know, you're bored or something. *shrugs*

I just have to say right now I'd enver watch CSI: Miami were it not for the comedy value. Not that they're trying to be funny, but I laugh at them anyway. Particularly Horatio. He never does anything worthwhile.

Am tempted to make another poll. Mebbe. But don't get your hopes up.

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Eeee! Junpei! It's been a while. Much, much love for the l33t n1nj4... man I hate using l33t.

In other news, I'm slowly but surely working on the other prompts. I'm kind of hung up on one from [livejournal.com profile] simple__man that's begging to be writ but not being nice and short. But still, will hopefully get them finished in the next few days.

"I'm in a cafe sitting next to a gorgeous woman right now, so if you could just email me, I'll get back to you..."

Excuse me while I preen.


Edit: Just discovered I've got 5 more Vox invites to get rid of. So lemme know.


Aug. 23rd, 2006 01:30 pm
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so. cool.

Hee. Maker unknown. Probably gankable unless someone pipes up saying "NO!"

Aaaaaand it's a beautiful day outside and stuff. Whee!


P.S. Still have a free Vox invite up for grabs.





Aug. 3rd, 2006 10:06 am
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Aaaand today is my dad's birthday. Yay!

Ummm...I've got 2 Vox invites, if anyone cares. Soooo... first two people to drop a comment with their email address gets an invite? Y'know. If you feel like it.

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Hmm. Today is my mother's birthday.

Also, I now have my own Vox thanks once again to an invite from my goddess [livejournal.com profile] virginhuntress. So if you've got one yourself, add me? I'mma have to tweak it later.

And lastly, see Sword of Truth icon. Yay!

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So many Americans can be so stupid. (But not you. I like you.) "What language do they speak in New Zealand?" Proper English, motherfucker. "Does it snow in New Zealand?" We've got some of the best ski resorts in the Southern Hemisphere down on the South Island. C'mon. Just watch LoTR. That's all Kiwi-land, minus the Hobbit holes. Big snowy mountains, yes? But the king of stupid questions I've ever got was: "Do they have computers in New Zealand?" ...no. The industrial revolution never quite reached us and we got completely left behind. How did I get to the States? 6 months in a leaky boat.

Oh dear lord help us all. [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t's little brother has got himself an el jay. And thus now we have [livejournal.com profile] leordric_kain. And yes, before you ask Ange, I will probably help him prettify up his lj just like I'll help with [livejournal.com profile] the_chief_80. At least Jas'n has an appropriate title: bitchings and whingings of a little girl. But why the hell has he added Alan Rickman's nose as an interest? There's 8 of us now. Bwahahaha, [livejournal.com profile] mikazuki has started something there.

Oh damn. Totally meant to get a bottle of water earlier. Ah well. Maybe when I go to see if there's any food left over. They're having a bit of a BBQ up here today. Plus the slip'n'slide. That is definitely not slip'n'bleed-from-the-anus.* But there was also Mr. Snow with free ice cream for us all. Good stuff. I'm not quite sure WHY they decided to have this little village party, but it's all good. I got to run around in my wings. Remember them?

*Yeah, Dane Cook is on my mind of late. It comes from finding a pic of him in my friend's magazine where he kissed Charlize Theron's ass on David Letterman or some such late night show. Charlize Theron is so hot. Dane Cook's not too shabby either.

*runs back to hall to grab water bottle* Oh, sweet, someone was smart enough to grab a platful of leftover sausages. Yum.

Okay, so way back when I got ahold of these super-cute kitty pics, I had an bit of an idea. They'd make lovely non-fandom FO banners. So, yeah, three kitten friends-only banners under the cut. Even though I'd hate to ever, EVER have to make my el jay FO. But some people, it's their journal, they're allowed.

Die from the cute, y'all. )

I've never read Pride and Prejudice. After torturing myself with Wuthering Heights, and having no love for Dracula or Frankenstein, I rather summararily decided the "Classics" are not for me. So I've not read any of the classics. But last night, after sitting with the girls and watching the Day After Tomorrow (intense movie, even though I've seen it before--remember that [livejournal.com profile] shiseiji?), Lisita, who just finished reading Pride and Prejudice, decided to watch the movie as she'd rented. And I thought, "What the hell? It's got Colin Firth. He's hot. I'll watch it with her."

Well I had Lisita explaining some of the characters to me so I got the basic idea. And I made some predictions about what was to happen. But I found it rather enjoyable even if I rather wanted to kill Mrs. Bennet and the Lady Catherine. And Mr. Collins. No, it was good. We laughed a lot. Perved Lizzie and Mr. Darcy all the way through liek whoa. Ended up not getting to bed until twenty to four in the morning. Haha.

I finished reading HHGTTG today. It was okay. But it didn't really appeal to me. I kind of had to force myself to finish it. It's no good if you have to force yourself to read it. The other two I read were kind of like that too. Everyone tells me if I like Pterry's humour then I should enjoy Adams, but, really, it doesn't appeal to me half as much. *shrugs* Not for everyone, eh?

Since I'm running around browsing my photobucket account, I'm just wondering if I ever shared this with my f-list? I remember posting it over at [livejournal.com profile] coejournals since it's LoTR related. And I left it in a comment over at [livejournal.com profile] ashinae since it was her comic genius that I put to the pics. But I can't remember if I posted it for everyone to enjoy. Y'all can now, I s'pose.

Another pretty picture. Some space anomaly known as the Eye of God. V. pretty at any rate. Lately I've become really, really fond of saying, "Wtf, mate?" like from that icon. Even if it's the Australians. Hidey-ho, neighbor. I want to get up to no good with some friends. Or play Sims 2. Because... yeah. Creative energy with no way out. I'm rambling, I know. *flees*

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First, write down the names of twenty people on your flist. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the twenty names you're going to use.

Don't you click before you've got names! )

Phew, that was long. Ish. I need to take a break and stretch. I think I've been on the computer too long... oops. :D Plus I didn't sleep very much last night. *yawn*
Gee, I wonder why. Might it have had something to do with Peter being there? Nahh...
Anyway, I found Kindom of Heaven to be an all right movie. I'm v. glad that the romance was sort of a subplot and nothing too major and greatly focused on. Could have done with more Neeson, Thewlis, and Irons, but Bloom did all right. I couldn't remember who Jeremy Irons was when [livejournal.com profile] eudaimon mentioned it in my other post, but now I remember him. V. cool guy. *nods*

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then you should cease asking scary questions.
Not that any of the questions I was asked over at CoE were scary. Nor should my answers be that squicky. And here goes nothing... )

I was sitting down and writing a fic for [livejournal.com profile] rose_whispers today. At least starting on it. She is doing one of those meme things where she'll write a fic of a given pairing/genre/cliche. Since others seemed to be offereing fics/art in return, I made a tentative offer to try writing something as well. Thus, I thought I'd take a twist on something I once wrote out of boredom between classes a year or two ago. And there I was, writing, when a completely unrelated plot bunny leaped up and bit me on the ass, demanding to be written nownownow. So I wrote it. I worked on it, and I'm mostly happy with it. But I don't want to post it yet. Would kinda like to get someone to do a quick beta of it... *plots*

[Edit:] Oh hell, I went and posted it anyway over at [livejournal.com profile] weasleys_wood. It's all right, I suppose.

I also wanted to rec [livejournal.com profile] weaslebicons... just have a gaz at these:
Thewlis icon I want to fuck Sid that's doable too J/R/S action = yum! For the Snupiners
The coffee ship icons are cool. And of course I had to ask that she make a Percy/Oliver one, just as I'm hoping [livejournal.com profile] grrliz_icons will make a Percy/Oliver icon to the Baskin Robin's flavour icons she's been making. (I recommend checking those out, too, yes!)

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It is 7:21 a.m. I don’t know why I’m up. Oh, yeah… no ride. *stops* My spacebar key is faulty. I used to use this computer in computer animation last year! Allow me to switch computers before I continue.
*blinks* There is no sign of Rhianna or Matt. Rhi said I should come to 125 in the mornings when I don’t get a ride. She and Matt aren’t here. This makes me sad. How am I to hang out with them in the computer lab when they don’t show up? I hope they’re not invisible.
There is an assembly for freshman, juniors and seniors. Poor sophomores still have to test. If I can get away with it, I will not go to this assembly. I don’t want to listen to some motivational speaker. I’ve had enough. No more!
Here’s Rhianna! Woo.
I have worn high heeled sandals three days in a row now. Surprisingly, my feet aren’t killing me. If my legs hurt, it’s because I ran a mile yesterday and I didn’t stretch before or after. That was stupid of me, but I preferred to hang out with Jerrod. Obsessed? Me? Never.
I have two hours in this room. Two hours to much around. Two hours to wish I had MSN to see if I could get one last glimpse of Celien.
Here’s Matt! Woo.
Matt has just handed me the Psionics handbook. Be afraid. Be very afraid. *laughs evilly* Can you imagine a kinder? Can you imagine a kinder assassin? Can you imagine a psionic kinder assassin? *grins* I love it; I’m either a dragon, wench, succubus, or kinder… at least, I’d want to play any one of those. “A soulknife recognizes his own mind as the most beautiful—and the most deadly—thing in all creation.” Scared yet? “Thus, for many soulknives, adventuring presents an opportunity to do what they love most: Wield the idealized blade of their innermost desires.”
Oh yeah, so, Rhianna’s computer also has a faulty spacebar. It’s not the one I was at before. Maybe that was the one I had last year. Still, she has to fuss with it. And she didn’t move, because Matt arrived.
Haskins heard me laughing and said we’re not allowed to be having fun. It gives school a bad name. So I told him we were laughing in the face of adversity. Then Rhianna ran over her bag. Like I said; laughing in the face of adversity—just not my own!
Oh my, last night I dreamed I was walking down the halls at school, and started singing some random tune that was running through my head. You know, not the kind with actual lyrics, just a kind of… melody. And I remember thinking, “Wait, I didn’t mean to do that out loud.” But it was so real, for a while I was scared I’d actually done it. Thankfully not.
Eee! Rhianna just hit me again. For no reason. Trouble is, she hits my arm, and nearly went too far. If you catch my drift. I hope that’s all you catch.
Wow I don’t like Hotmail sometimes. I wish they’d change their layout again. This one is ugly. Always thought it was. I’m just waiting, hoping the next one will be better. I know it’s bad if I begin wishing for the layout they have now as opposed to whatever new one they finally give us.
I think I’m hungry. This isn’t good. I had breakfast. It was a bowl of cornflakes. And a glass of apple juice. Although I nearly didn’t finish the apple juice. But I did. And then I kept having to remind mum to start the dishwasher going before we left.
*smacks at Rhianna for trying to push keys on ~my~ keyboard* Back off, onna! Write your lj entry, there’s a good girl.
I have plans to watch Equilibrium today. I have no idea what it’s about, only that Sean Bean is in it. Celien thinks I should watch Ocean’s 11 instead, and I might watch it after Equilibrium. See, as much as I love Clooney, Pitt, and Damon, I’ve never seen Equilibrium. So it’s sort of like I’m being faced with two evils (only it’s two goods), and I’m choosing the one I’ve never tried before.
Wow my arm hurts. Damn Rhianna for hitting it.
“Rest assured that each and every word you utter will make the point you intend for it. When you're asked for your opinion, don't hesitate to give it. You'll be discreet, polite and objective.” That’s my horoscope. Make of it what you will.
Oh dear, Rhi’s doing her story—OW! OW! Wench. “Bite me.”--*hits Rhianna* again, the one with me and Matt. It involves a refrigerator, apparently. See, she’s going to post it on her lj, this time, and it’s a sort of sequel of the one she posted on her dj. I’m scared.
Well, no, I’m not. Because I get to be a vampire.
Have you had enough? I’m not sure I want to go on. I do have two hours. I could create quite a stream of consciousness in that time. You might get bored. You might not read it all. You might not read it at all. That would make me sad. I like people reading my entries. I like them having something to say. I think I will end this, for your sake.
Haha, I just tried to bite Rhianna. STOP HITTING ME!

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On my deadjournal, I have nearly 800 entries and I haven't even had it two years. I've had this journal maybe five months and hit 100 entries less than 10 entries ago. What can I say, I love posting shit and reading what other people write. Well, nearly everything other people write.
I am seriously reconsidering having children. Especially three of them. We just had three children over today, and so while I was up in my room trying to read Tale of the Body Thief they were running about and I kept having to make sure Davey didn't move all my stuff about and maybe lose something.
Happy Easter people.

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*sings* Couldn't get away.

Today was awesome. It was the day for me. I felt loved. I felt appreciated. I also got a trifle upset. But it's survivable.
This morning I was so on top of things that I managed to have a bunch of time to kill before we left. So what did I do? I got online. Didn't do too much but it was time consuming nonetheless.
Mum, I think, wanted to have a conversation on the way to school but I cut it short with my music listening. What can I say? It's a new CD. Unfortunately, at shcool, half-way through Meredith Brook's "Bitch" the CD crapped out. Well, no, the CD didn't. And the batteries didn't. But the laser did. It decided to be a pissy mofo and not read the CD anymore. Oh, it'll read other CDs (found that out after school), but not THIS one. That upset me.
I don't really like first period, being P.E. and all, plus today being lecture day. But once again, I survived. Things were going okay, except that of course, people noticed me carrying a container with a piece of chocolate cake (with mint choc frosting) in it. And then my diet came into question.
That pissed me off. For one thing, there was my sandwich: peanutbutter and cheese. You heard me. Peanutbutter and cheese. Not ver common, I know. In fact, to many, a trifle gross. But then, I don't like pumpkin pie, but you don't see me condemning people for eathing that, do you? Then there's the fact that most of my lunch was rather unhealty. Well, it's not like I eat junk food 24/7. Even then, yes, I can eat a lot with no ill effects. Why? High metabolism. Have you seen me?! I'm SKINNY. So yeah, I can pull it off. I'm not worried about my weight (yes I am. I wish I weighed MORE). So who cares if I don't eat 'best'? Let me do it while I can, and leave me alone, damn you.
Yeah, I have to rant a few times to get that out of my system. Still, my day picked up after that so it's all good.
For one thing, there was fifth period. Every Friday (or Thursday if we have no school Friday) we choose a person to be Student of the Week. He or she gets to sit in the comfy chairs all week. Well... I got nominated, and it went a little like this:
Thomas (current Student of the Week): I'd like to nominate this gal next to me--
Quinn (the teacher): Hang on, what did you say?
Thomas: I'd like to nominate this gal next to me...
Quinn: Oh. Her name's Hana, by the way.
Thomas: I know. Anyway, she always puts her two cents in when we have the class discussions, and all this week when I've been sitting next to her she's been doing her work when she should...
Quinn: Okay, good enough. Anyone else to be nominated?
After that, Jusin, Brent, and Jerrod were also nominated. We all covered our eyes and the voting began. The old way used to be that those nominated would go outside while people voted, and then came back in to hear who one (none knowing by how many votes though, so as to make those who didn't get many or any not feel bad). The New method's different. We cover our eyes, Quinn says, "Who wants to vote for--" and then he indicates a person with a gesture. Anyway, when it was over, he announced that it was me. My response, a not very enthastic, but jubilant, "Yay."
It was funny when I was walking out of the class with Matt. He said to me, "That was the one and only time I'll ever vote," and my reply was, "Gee, need I ask who you voted for?" It was pretty clear. I'm about the only person in that class he gets along with, and would be motivated enough to vote for. I also said, "Unless I get nominated again, right?" I'm sure if I'm ever nominated a second time (quite possible, happened for Justin and Jerrod today), he'll vote for me.
I got to deal with my first paper jam during sixth. I had to do some photocopying, and it was actually working whenI got there. I really hate it when machines don't work. I prevailed, had help, and finished the job though. Then I got to hit up CoE while I was in the class as I had no other errands to run. I felt glad I wasn't part of the actual class. I know from listening to Carvahlo that my class was never as bad on such a daily basis.

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Ugh. Have been unceremoniously added as a friend by [livejournal.com profile] donkey_balls, but have requested said user removes me from his list. I'm not the only one. It's pretty sick. If this was deadjournal, I would throw his name into _fickle (our community for mockery), but this isn't. Still, it annoys me. Being added by strangers is normally okay, so long as said stranger introduces him/herself and gains my approval. This person does not.
He doesn't even deserve to be castrated with a rusty spoon. He still needs to be castrated, but I think I must use moldy wooden spoon instead. Or, perhaps, a plastic spork.
Moving on.

Fortune Cookie

Your lucky lottery numbers: .5897, pi, 7,547, 85, 45.357, and 3,019.14

Add a fortune to your website or blog, click here.

"If you're naked, then you're simply not wearing clothes; however, if you're nekkid, then you're undressed and up to something." -the wisdom of one of my dj friends.

Damnit I'm still ticked.
New Obsession )

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quiz happiness of blah )

So I really want to see this picture, at CoE... but it won't load. But, it's of this girl's "Battle Strategies of Middle Earth" series, making a fine mockery of the LoTR characters. This one is Elrond. As she says, "At last, my favorite elf. He doesn't nance, state the bloody obvious or fondle Aragorn. (Can't think why not...) He has killer fashion sense, a spiffy sword that is, apparently, insured for up to 10,000 years, a pretty hot daughter and, of course, the Eyebrows of Doom. Plus he gets to wield one of the Great Accesories Of Middle Earth, namely Vilya. Much more tastful than tacky gold ring. Go Elrond!" *blinks and clicks refresh page* AH! Now it works.
In case of actual battle (as opposed to argument), make nasty comments about their ancestors and diss career choices. If this inneffective, retrieve sword from daughter and do the cuisinart routine. Look stylish, aloof, and sligtly singed.
If all else fails, unleash the Eyebrows of Doom.
Worked for the last 8000 years. Should work.

All I'm waiting is for her do to the battle strategies of Pippin, so I can send it on to Lynds. The others, well... if you feel like getting a membership at the councilofelrond.com and go looing in the journals, you ought to find them. She has one every few days. If not that, it's Sean Bean so hey.
Am going to watch a movie on sci-fi tonight, that one called Dragon Storm. It's got John Rhys-Davies (plays Gimli in LoTR, haha...) and, well, is all Dark Age-y with aliens that look rather draconic. Hope it's good.

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Bold what you have in common with me, change what you don't. Simple enough.

01. I hate being sick.

02. I'm moderately obsessed with pretty LJ icons.

03. I get mad when webpages refuse to work for me.

04. I am not a vegetarian.

05. I love to listen to music in the dark.

06. My favorite color's are forest green, and orange.

07. Walking in the rain rocks.

08. I like doing nothing sometimes.

09. I am a cannibal and part-time vampire.

10. I am a bitch.

11. I am not going to get a greatestjournal, despite what Lynds thinks.

12. For the most part, I love the wheel of time, and want to kill the High Lady Tuon so I can marry Mat Cauthon instead.

13. I would die if it weren't for music, and the ability to read.

14. I don't like people. In general.

15. I think every girl needs a wall of posters of hot celebrities.

16. I will own a set of rusty spoons one day.

17. Washing dishes pisses me off.

18. My mother pisses me off.

19. I find men to be major disappointments.

20. I'm going to New Zealand to attend university, and get piss ass drunk with Lynds.

21. I think Aragorn is hot. No denyin'.

22. I have horrible road rage.

23. My favorite Lord of the Rings character is Pippin.

24. I would like to see "Y tu mama tambien."

25. Feet are my preffered mode of transportation.

26. I collect quotes.

27. I hate it when Orange Juice has pulp in it.

28. I want to get a dragon tattoo.

29. Rubies are my preffered jewel.

30. I'm very lazy.

31. I wish I played rugby.

32. I miss Andrea.

33. No one, not even the love of my life, could persuade me to put on a cheer outfit unless the universe would be destroyed if I didn't. Even then, it would be a close thing.

34. I love men's hands.

35. I am obsessed with hair looking good, despite the fact mine rarely does.

36. I want to get married one day.

37. My navel is pierced.

38. Often times, I wish I had the soundtracks of movies, even ones I didn't like because the music was great.

39. I think America is hypocritical.

40. I think more people need to know about eating disorders.

41. I think older men with long blond hair are sexy. (think Celeborn in LoTR or Lucius Malfoy in HP)

42. I'm am optimist.

43. I love funny words such as spatula, turtle, and discombobulated.

44. Speaking of turtles, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were awesome. Kowabunga!

45. I love movies.

46. My printer is really loud and annoying.

47. I love knee high boots, so long as they don't have high heels.

48. I love ice skating. Michelle Kwan is my heroine.

49. I'm need to learn how to drive.

50. I hold grudges and hate myself for it.

51. I don't understand how people find porn so "hot".

52. I want to visit Italy and Greece.

53. I think I am destined for a man at least 10 years older than me.

54. If not, he will be sligtly younger than me but ever so charming.

55. I used to want to grow up to be a vampire.

56. I enjoy reading.

57. My favorite author is Anne McCaffrey.

58. I love the smell of rain.

59. I hate idiot drivers.

60. I used to have a crush on Luke Skywalker.

61. Stargate SG-1 is the second best tv show ever.

62. MacGyver is the first.

63. I am good at tuning people out.

64. I hate to dance.

65. I think fog is strangly mysterious.

66. I find emus and llamas highly amusing.

67. I believe in questioning everything.

68. I love my friends.

69. I think men who wear eyeliner are beautiful.

70. It's possible to love and hate a person with equal intensity.

71. I love taking long walks while playing my discman.

72. I am a firm believer in doing what makes you happy, especially if running across campus at midnight singing the Captain Planet theme song is what makes you happy.

73. That Right Said Fred bloke was not, in fact, too sexy for his shirt.

74. I think guys should be able to wear skirts without being considered "gay."

75. I love Finding Nemo.

76. I find the Vin Diesel, Johnny Strong, Matt Schulze, Noel Guglielmi, and Rick Yune to be stunningly beautiful.

77. My imagination is a frightening thing.

78. I will never marry a Greek, or Italian.

79. I love to dream.

80. I don't have enough guy friends.

81. I need a DVD player. And DVDs

82. I love to just lay in bed and veg.

83. I am a night owl.

84. I am a romantic at heart.

85. I love fresh kina.

86. Bugs bug me.

87. I love amusement parks.

88. I am ready to go to bed.

89. Horses are fun, but I'd never own one.

90. Cats are the very best pets.

91. I hate reality tv shows.

92. I often wish vampires, werewolves, wizards and witches were real.

93. I love black and white photography.

94. I want to believe.

95. The paper in college writing stresses me out.

96. I think President George Bush is a fucking incompetent idiot.

97. I think Americans aren't worldly enough.

98. Tom Cruise is perfect as Lestat.

99. I didn't make any New Year resolutions.

100. I am very glad that this is over.

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Take it from me
There's a wall you can't breach
With pretty words they sound absurd like
Cheap philosophy

It doesn't feel like a Thursday. And... I'm really hungry. *snacks on Saltine crackers*

I stepped through it clean
And the scars show no more
What's then was the and now is when I
Choose to ignore

The sun was pale and held no warmth. It was like winter had already settled in, nevermind that the leaves of autumn still dominate the ground. Still, I keep hoping for the clouds to grow heavy, the temperature to drop, and the flakes to settle in flurries of pure white.

Smiles are made of accolades that don't
Belong to me
Slowburn slowburn

I was watching Half Past Dead yesterday. I couldn't stand the sound track. But what really threw me off was Steven Segall trying to pull of the white guy trying to be black. He just cannot do it. And then there was the chick with loads of blue eye shadow... they obviously had fun developing her costume, and made her something of a Trinity-gone-bad. Still, she appealed to me with her ice queenliness and the fact that even after all the guns and kung fu shit, she was all about the knife. Nevermind that it got her killed. But there was at least one phrase in Spanish I'm glad mum wasn't there to ask me, "What does that mean, Hana?"

All the while you learn
All the while
Believe me when I say

I wish I knew how to get past the firewalls at school to go on livejournal. Meh, I don't really care to find out. I don't understand why livejournal is blocked, while typing in fuck.com will not bring up surfalert. If they don't want us to check our emails, why don't they block hotmail, too?

It's a hard pill to take
My second skin is wearing thin my
Polished visage aches

Talking to Lait on yahoo last night was cool. Sure, I'd swapped comments with her on her livejournal, or at CoE and we'd sent PMs back and forth... but this was instant one-to-one and was both nerve wracking and exhilerating. I'm somewhat intimidated by Lait. I think it's because through all of her writing, she's such a strong woman... nevermind all the problems she faces, she still manages to do things, and her writing is just... brilliant. Here is a woman 10 years older than me that I find myself wanting to emulate.

It's not the fact I'm a part of that
It's the thought I'm part of this

My English essay is done. I had to work on it a lot last night, and then today in third period and at lunch. I didn't realize she was giving us time in class to work on them, too. Nevermind, it's done, over, and I hope I get a good grade on it.

Behave like someone-else and I'm doing
It naturally
One way is not enough but I keep it to

Now I'm thirsty. A Cherry Coke would be really nice right about now. We don't have any though. Just Black Cherry soda or apple juice. Both pretty good, really. I think this is enough rambling for one night.

They're for no one else
I keep it to myself
I keep it to myself

xans: Xans (Muffin)
Whatever women must do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.
-Charlotte Whitton-

How very amusing a moi.
So I saw Finding Nemo for the first time last night. It was tres, tres amusant. The crabs made me think of Crispy, not just because he owns crabs, but also because he's so likely to say "Woah" like they do.
Hmmm... thinking will try to see Love Actually with some chicas this Thursday. Hell, Friday would work well, too, since school finishes extra early on Friday and all of the week after. The one advantage of conferences.
CoE needs a new poll.
Mum's making me get up early tomorrow, more than likely. But, there's advantages to that. Even if I have to do vaccuuming somewhere in things, she has a home health visit to make in Poulsbo. She says she should be done by the time the book store opens. It's an implicit bribe.
So, I'll bring my discman, and Eye of the World, and chances are I'll get spoilt with a latte so I can sip on that, read the book and listen to music while she makes her visit. Then... *grins* Then to the bookstore, where I'll be allowed to pick one book (just one! Alas... but one is better than none).
...happy clouds...

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I know of several people who, like me, have not only a livejournal, but a deadjournal. I know of at least one who, to save time, will post the exact same entry in both journals. It is something I have sometimes done with my deadjournal and my journal at CoE. But I usually to to have each different entry have their little personal touch, so that you read some different things in other journals. If that makes sense.
Personally, deadjournal is my favorite. It is the one I had first. CoE comes a close second with the type of feedback I get there. Livejournal, I suppose, gives me the opportunity to no longer post anonymously on the journals of those I consider friends who frequent here more than any other place, or maintain a different style on some other journal. If that makes sense.
I guess one reason I don't frequent livejournal as often as other places, one reason I took my time in getting a code instead of desperately hunting for one, is that along with finding it too "bright" for my tastes... it's blocked at my school. This means I cannot check it as regularly as the other two. Not that I will forget this account--heaven's no. But it won't be my main one as I see it.
In other news, it's Veteran's Day, and my grandpa's birthday. I'd send him an e-card, if only I could remember which of the two in my contacts book is his active one. I'd ask one of my cousins or my dad if they were online, but the only one I saw when I was on earlier was my cousin's wife Kim, and she was too busy to chat.
*contemplates journal colors* I'mma fix these so it's not so identical to my deadjournal shortly. It was just a quick fix to get away from the default ones.


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