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Apr. 15th, 2007 12:36 am
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Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
Weep, and you weep alone;
For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,
But has trouble enough of its own.
Sing, and the hills will answer;
Sigh, it is lost on the air;
The echoes bound to a joyful sound,
But shrink from voicing care.

Rejoice, and men will seek you;
Grieve, and they turn and go;
They want full measure of all your pleasure,
But they do not need your woe.
Be glad, and your friends are many;
Be sad, and you lose them all--
There are none to decline your nectared wine,
But alone you must drink life's gall.

Feast, and your halls are crowded;
Fast, and the world goes by.
Succeed and give, and it helps you live,
But no man can help you die.
There is room in the halls of pleasure
For a large and lordly train,
But one by one we must all file on
Through the narrow aisles of pain.

~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Well, I was feeling fairly down. I kinda got dumped earlier this week. Even though it was not anything I did (or didn't do), I still felt like a failure and while, in my head I know I'm still all sorts of pretty, I feel like I'm undesireable. Just because I was rejected by one guy... *shakes head* And I mentally kick myself every time I find I'm hyperaware of his presense, and what he's wearing, and what he smells like. *sighs* It's pathetic. We were maybe a month of some hanging out and sexxin', and it wasn't anything serious. Still, getting ditched sucks.

Anyway, was feeling down. I have Matt to thank for my lighter mood. He kinda distracted me by having us play Vampire: The Masquerade again, working and an old, old story arc involving my character Titia and his character Aaron. They were both spawned by the same vampire (now deceased) and there was a lovely situation he threw them into. Anyway, it was quite a delight to reread the old transcripts of our game, better to recall details to continue onwards. And thus, we had another fine session furthering their story. *grins* (V^^^V) <----I still remember [ profile] thisimpleman teaching me that as he seduced me into the world of vampires. Yes, Judah, I blame you for getting me onto my vampire fixation. I got yelled at--well, capslocked at--for not remembering Anne Rice's name, the first time I read Interview With the Vampire. *snerk*

And that's all for now.



Jan. 19th, 2007 05:48 pm
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Okay, so, totally not going to get to sleep in anytime soon. Amarah wakes too early and she's not quiet. And once Savannah's up, well, damn, she sure as hell doesn't know how to be quiet and can't stop stomping around like gravity don't work. Amarah's been a little fussybritches, running hot and cold as to whether she'll let me pick her up or not. Maybe she resents somewhat that I'm often the one to put her down for sleep. *snerk*

Savannah, though, damn she needs to stop eating. Every five minutes it seems, she's got something else to eat and offering it to Amarah. And usually it's sugar stuff. Which, y'know, we really don't need to hype up the two-year old, and, while Savannah's a skinny little thing, she needs to quit with all the food. We have mealtimes for a reason. Little brat keeps talking back to us, too. And that is just not on.

Speaking of food...totally craving fish'n'chips liek whoa. Dunno if I'm gonna get some, though...

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Feb. 9th, 2006 05:59 pm
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Now, [ profile] shiseiji's boyfriend Matt and I have role-played together quite a bit, and nowadays he and I have been discussing this plan for a campaign. He's just acquired a book for deities and demigods, added to his huge collection of other books. Well, once, he had me enter my first Wheel of Time campaign as the Daughter of the Dark One. How could I resist? I mean, he did give me the alignment test about the third time we talked over the phone, and what did I get? Oh, yeah. Chaotic evil. So, anyhow, we've been talking about a campaign involving the Dark One, and possibly his Daughter. And the other characters, and the creatures.

Anyhow, we were talking again and then, I remembered: last night I had a D&D dream. I dreamed I was the Daughter of the Dark One, it was nearing End of the World type days. And me? I had an undead army at my command. At least ten vampires, several liches, many a zombie. And what did I do? I forced a lord--the lord who'd raised me as a child--to let us stay on his land, lest Papa turn his wrathful eye on his disobedience. Evil? Moi?

Hell yes.

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Randomly checking my info page I noticed I'd been added by someone who failed to take note of my simply little request for people friending me (introduce yourself! Give us some common ground!) but I went and had a look...

It is so amazing how people react to being added by a serial adder. Some people get all up in arms. And they have to leave a comment saying as much. Someone has to point out just how the serial adder got all these usernames (in this case, [ profile] tinygnoll simply added the first 751--yeah, I know, whiskey tango foxtrot liek whoa--people who have friended [ profile] potterpuffs). Someone else has to say, they don't mind being added, oh, isn't this intro post interesting and can't wait to see more... And not to mention all the people agreeing or disagreeing with comments.

Oh, speaking of WTF moments... [ profile] juliarchy you'll probably understand this best of all the paris folk... Judah. Fucking Judah found me on myspace. And added me on MSN. So... I talked to him. That was interesting. Surprising. Not unpleasant. Still, a bit WTF considering it's been years since we used to chat.

I am, as you can guess, still alive. I've been, once again, now I'm back to the unemployed state, playing a lot of Dungeon Siege. I swear every time I play a campaign through that I find some hidden or secret cache that I totally missed in previous runs. I still like it though. Plus Matt has got it, [ profile] shiseiji has got it, and Matt was heavy on the hinting. Sooo... could be fun.

At the moment, though, am having another RP session with Matt for our WoT campaign. So, forgive me for keeping this short (I know you love superlong entries from me, [ profile] diea!).

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I'm rereading a book I haven't read in four of five years, and struggling. It gets awfully intense and somewhat depressing. There are some books I can read, and promptly reread them, no worries. And then there are some books I read and I can't pick them up for years after, until most of the memories and feelings evoked from the book have faded away. I've become very accustomed to the books I read having at least SOME comic moments.
I didn't keep Matt up 'til nearly five in the morning role-playing like we did the first time. But we did role-play some more last night. Funny that when it was really time I ought to be in bed, we ended the first session with the characters going to sleep. When I had to leave for dinner yesterday, we paused just as Andra was sitting down to breakfast. But then last night when Matt had to go, we just cut off while Andra and Daryn were talking before their dinner. I'm expecting she's going to have to smooth things over once the innkeeper's sons notice she's in the company of some other guy, who just might be competition. *smirks* That's what I get for playing a Domani.
After Matt left I went back to my hall and had a moment of indecision. Did I want to stay in, and watch Hidalgo--forgetting I'd miss the first hour as Kate took over the TV to watch bloody McLeod's Daughters. Meh. Anyway, it was that, or maybe go out on the town despite the fact I wouldn't be buying any drinks. But in the end I decided to go out, and it was pretty cool. The Scarfies guy wasn't at the bus stop when the first bus got there though, so no freebie drink for me, alas.
I headed straight to Scarfies anyway, because at the very least I needed to ask Brad if he'd made copies of the CD with the body painting pictures yet. Turned out he hadn't, but next week maybe I'll be able to acquire a CD of body painting pics, as well as wet t-shirt pics. (Oh god.) Talked with some girl, no idea who she was. Chatted with Liesa. Caught up with Adrian's friend Joel, who didn't know I'd been ditched. I ended up hanging out with him a lot last night.
Had some random Asian guy buy me drinks and ask me to dance and to play pool. I lost. And then I lost him. (hee!) Scored a drink off of Joel as well, which, when I thought about paying him back, realised I didn't need to. Way back at the foam party, when I spent my last $50 bar tab, I bought him a beer, so it cancelled out. And then eventually I ended up on the dancefloor with Sarah G, Annalise, and Victoria. I think we made some guys vair happy when we engaged in some rather sapphic moves. Even if we were mostly doing it so they would stop trying to dance with us.
It was funny when we all left, Kirsty and Kate having joined us somewhere along the way, because Annalise is hilarious when she's drunk. Kirsty was pretty pissed too, more fun for us less drunk types. Sarah got v. confused at one point, because I'd given Annalise my jacket to keep warm, and Sarah hadn't noticed & wondered where the hell she'd nicked it from. We were going to go to Highflyer's for the half hour we had until the last bus came, but realised we'd never get Annalise in, and Kirsty was a doubtful one too.
And Annalise puked while we waited for the bus. She puked again when we got back to the school and got off the bus. She got some of it on my jacket that time, although I didn't realise until, as Victoria and I supported her, Victoria's hand ended up on that part of the sleeve much to her disgust. Had this HUGE sense of deja vu as Victoria and I walked Annalise up the stairs--and then realised it was because of the time, way back when I first got with Peter, that Kirsty and I carried her up those stairs after she'd puked on the bus coming back. (Worse than that, that time we'd had to walk Annalise all the way back from the main terminal because the bus hadn't stopped for the Moginie Villagers)
I had to laugh when, just as we'd reached the top of the stairs and were walking to our hall, I suddenly felt Annalise's mouth on my shoulder--she'd wiped her mouth on my shirt! Of course, I went "ewwww" first, which caused Victoria to panic and bolt since she thought Annalise was going to puke again. But I laughed, because Annalise was just so completely out of it.
And she's totally jealous of me today because while she woke up wanting to die for the headache like I wouldn't believe--I've never ever had a hangover. She swore at me for that.

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Edit: I totally forgot to mention: naturally, just about ran into Adrian last night. When I say just about, I mean that I saw him, & he could not have missed me, yet not a single comment was exchanged nor eye contact made. Joel and I were laughing, because Adrian was clearly refusing to acknowledge my presence liek whoa. Funniest was when Adrian put his empty glass on the bar and had to reach between Joel and me to do so. I have never been so ignored in my life! I bet he knew Joel and I were laughing so hard because of him, too. He didn't end up staying very long, unlike his mates.
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Haha, I didn't realise until Matt mentioned that Andra is the name Lan assumed when the original group stayed at the inn in Baerlyn. I was wondering where I pulled the name from. I guess it can be gender-nuetral. 'Cause I'm not changing Andra's name for anything. *grins* She's fleshing out more as we speak. Yay!

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It's overcast right now. The ground is wet, but it hasn't really been raining. Not anything torrential, at any rate. The weather lately has been pleasant. Sunny. Warm. I get up in the morning and open my windows to let in a breeze. Get distracted in the evenings and come home to a chilly room because I was online 'til late and handn't closed the windows and curtains. Oops. It's invariably warm in the computer labs, even with the fans going. So glad they installed those in the last month.
I hate my period for starting at such a time that my favourite pair of shorts were out of comission for a while. I hate that my sandals are all synthetic materials, so unlike leather sandals, they never break in, and leave me with sores on my feet from rubbing the skin wrong. I hate my closed shoes for giving me athlete's foot so I have to deal with that. It's a pleasure to walk around in shorts and bare feet. Except late at night when my feet are colder and more sensitive, so even slightly rough ground is uncomfortable. The old fear of slugs keeps me off the grass--even though there's nothing here like the ones back in WA. *shudders*
I'm just a little depressed right now. A little low. I feel like the other girls don't like me. I don't fit in. I wonder how much they realise I don't fit in. It's painful because they don't understand me, and they don't try to. They've got their cliques and close friendships. We can talk, but we're not friends. I miss having friends to do things with. Even if it's just watching movies. And playing the colours game. (They won't even try to learn the colours game--even though Annalise belches all the time) Playing Scum or Blewme (Bloomie? Solitaire Showdown. I saw someone playing that on MSN recently and missed our games).
I almost hate it when mum tells me what's been going on back home. Ha... home. But hearing about her and Gary and the cats, even the bloody insufferable racoons, it makes me miss it. I don't want to go back. I want to visit, but I don't want to go back. But I miss my friends and all that, too.
I need to remember to ask mum to get me some more knee high striped socks for Christmas. My red and white ones have got holes in the heels now. Sad.
Another reason I'd love to visit...

Last night I was chatting with Matt. Or rather, role-playing. It was rather spur of the moment. It was going by his idea of the chocaholic Myrdraal, and I was playing off of that. Already I've been trying to think of what my character looks like, where she must be from, and where she's been that she knows what she knows. I will have to further question Matt about any limitations as to what my character can do/be/know. Trying to refrain of Sue-dom. But it was very Wheel of Time. And so much fun. Especially when I began separating my thoughts from my character's thoughts.
Her name's Andra Liernan. I haven't figured her age. From clues from Matt, she must be rather attractive--after all, the two innkeeper's sons were both chasing after her mighty quick (and he was making pointed references to THEIR good looks and muscles, etc. oh, the drama!). Somehow she's made friends with a Myrdraal, her hidden protecter--who works for chocolate. Whee! In my mind I see her as someone with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Not pale, more olive skinned. On the shorter end of tall. Not dressed flamboyantly, but has wealth and probably appears to be maybe upper merchant class, or hell, she could possibly pass for low-ranking nobility.
We started out in Tel'aran'rhiod, the World of Dreams. So, with a bit of deft manipulation of said world, she carries a fair amound of wealth, as well as chocolate, and "necessities" which I left unspecified. At least one spare dress. :P And an overcoat. That's all I've got so far. Haven't thought of whether she has any other weapons beyond a knife. I haven't even decided if she has any weapon proficiency. I'll probably ask Matt if we're hammering out more stats and such.
It was fun to play and have backstory ideas come to me randomly. She started out as nothing. A nameless woman of unknowns. And they just began forming. It was great! And then, the honour of honours in my books: Matt asked if, whenever I visit in the States, we can play a WoT campaign with Andra and Derun'shael (a.k.a. the Stricken One a.k.a. Daryn) being NPCs. And that? That would be brilliant. I would love so much for the other players to meet these two... and then afterwards learn of their origins.

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Me: only a black ajah would dare, methinks. Or she would be accused of being black ajah if she did
Matt: True, but it would be absolutely hilarious. "Tell me more of this wonderful thing you call humor, *insert first name here* Sedai!"

Matt: Can't you just imagine it? A Fade addicted to chocolate? "You will hand over this substance known as 'chocolate,' or I will tear off your skin in strips and make you dance in your bones. After you hand it over, I will pay for it with this Andoran gold mark. Thank you, good day."
Me: "Only one? For all of that?"
Matt: "The rest is the store owners gratitude for not being made to dance in his bones." All very serious-like with the Myrddraal's non-existant humor.
Matt: I think it would be awesome if I Myrddraal (the "Addicted One," we shall call him), were to be fighting a Warder, and then offer to withdraw from combat if the Warder would be kind enough to ask his Aes Sedai to use the One Power to summon up a Milky Way bar... Milky Way Dark, naturally. If I were playing a Myrddraal in someone else's campaign, I would so do that. And, I would do it with a straight face. I wonder what the Warder and Aes Sedai would do?
Me: wonder wtf a milky way bar is
Matt: Well, that's true. I'd say someting more believable for the Wheel of Time, like maybe a brick of Taraboner chocolate. And once they had done so, I would be as good as my word. I might even share some with my Trollocs (if I had any).
Me: they wouldn't appreciate it
Matt: Imagine the two making their report to the Amyrlin seat though. And that's true, the Trollocs wouldn't. Too bad.
Me: How would you make sure they kept their word though?
Matt: I'm a Myrddraal, and I'm badass. I would make it especially known to them that they could not possibly defeat me, and that all I want is some bloody chocolate, damn it!
Q: What is your date of birth?
A: July 15.
Q: What year?
A: Every year.
I was taking this quiz, earlier, one [ profile] peaseblossom03 had posted on her lj. I didn't bother with keeping the results because it wasn't all that interesting. Mostly I just raged against the questions, or at least, the options for answering the questions. Not like, super-pissed off raged, just sort of--none of these apply! Or all of them do! Like this one question:
Given only these choices, which of these U.S. television drama programs would you decide to watch?
-CSI (any of them)
-Law & Order (any of them)
-Lost about ALL OF THEM?! Okay, I can live without CSI Miami and NY, and I'm okay missing an ep. or two of any of the Law & Order's. But I do love Lost, and House, and the original CSI.
*argues politics with Matt*
I'm so opinionated sometimes )



Aug. 26th, 2005 04:06 pm
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I am a d4

Take the quiz at
You are a four-sided die, a d4. Otherwise known as a tetrahedron, a "Caltrop", or (to a lesser degree) "Ol' Pointy". This crap bores you, so I'll get to the point. Others tend to see you as petty, conniving, manipulative, argumentative, defensive, greedy, and needlessly antagonistic. You see yourself as focused, effective, efficient, influencing, shrewd, tactical, and direct. Both points of view are in fact correct. You always know the best way to get things done, a fact that never wins sympathy with others. Whenever you manage to gain control of a situation, your solutions are swift and brutal. Unfortunately everyone else is convinced that granting you such power is, "a bad thing" and often conspire to keep it out of your hands. Such short-sighted fools!

...lmao. I don't know why I was surprised. I mean, d4s are the dice I used the most, when we played.

Girl says: how's my Sim, btw?
Lady Dragon says: Uhh.. preg with the 4th kid
Lady Dragon says: :P
Lady Dragon says: j/k
Girl says: *dies*



Aug. 20th, 2005 06:54 pm
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Matt and I talked D&D. Gods I miss it. He's willing to give me the chance in a WoT campaign to play an Ebou Dari woman so I can have the wedding knife, or someone from Seanchan (with weapon proficiency for an ashanderei). Or if we ever play in H.P. Lovecraft 'verse, I get to collaborate in a bit of a conspiracy, but shh.

Tasha took this picture from a magazine of some guy with a really bad hair style, and put it on a typed out 'Wanted' poster. Apparently this guy was last seen sneaking out of Room 4 of our hall one morning and the resident of that room would like to find him again. Of course, Room 4 is our RA's room. She hasn't seen the poster up on our wall in the common room yet. We're telling Tasha she should photocopy and post it around a bit so's more people see it before Elyshia finds out and starts asking questions.

Apart from Elyshia, now that Came is gone I'm the oldest girl in our hall. But Elyshia's the Mum at 26. The other girls don't particularly like Little Sarah or one of the new girls, Ange. I dread to think if they talk about me behind my back. Sarah G's got a bit of a date, sort of, with this guy. She went so red at dinner when Annalise brought it up. Kate said that Sarah was the first of us to go on an actual date, but then we pointed out that I'd been to movies with Peter as well as drinking with him.

Possibly watching Dude, Where's My Car with Adrian could be construed as a date, although I never heard from him after that. Cunt that he is, he spilled Victoria's drink all over her the other night. So he's on the shit-list for that and flaking out on me. I'm not that upset, but it was a trifle annoying since he did it in just the same manner as Peter, in that small amount of time.

I was sitting here reading a fic and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something move. I have a look, and there's a little black spider on the bench near my hand. It moved again, towards me which gave me a bit of a fright, so I twitched. And it ran to hid on the underside of the bench very fast. Funny that it scared me and I in turn scared it. Haha, it's back, and it's a jumping spider... I'm rustling a bit of paper near it just to make it jump around. I'm mean.

I know I updated earlier today but wasn't this one far more fascinating?

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Join support_hp community I joined. Quite fun. [ profile] support_hp. Have a looksee if you're curious. It's all rather new right now. 27 members so far, I think.
I'm role-playing with Matt again. Whee, Titia has fun with this. But she's hungry...

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Six days until I'm 20. Mostly looking forward to it. Probably because that's when I'll next get to see Peter mostly, but then there's the added bonus of parcels in the mail and chocolate from [ profile] pandoras_evil_t.
Had a rockin' session on MSN role-playing with Matt. It's great, because I haven't played Titia since the day I made her. Matt took some liberties to play her into part of his story, fair enough, but I didn't actually get to play her then. And when he left it open for me to make a choice, I left it since I didn't know where he was hoping to take the story. Now it doesn't matter. It was fun.

Cute picspam. Worthy of an awww or two )

It's three in the morning. I am so not tired. The hell?! I do need to use the loo though. I really should go to sleep. Hmm, might have a snack before that. Possibly. Maybe. But I'm just not tired! Bad, bad me.



Jul. 8th, 2005 07:20 pm
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Spaghetti, scrambled eggs and toast. Mmm. Would have been nice to have sausages with them, too... But it was really nice. Adding the spices to the spaghetti was a good idea, definitely.
Might, perhaps, hit dad up for money to buy fish'n'chips for dinner tomorrow night. They've got the rugby stuff again. I just can never concentrate on a game. I'd find myself bored if I went with.
Impromptu role-playing with Matt as the DM is fun. The great thing is that I don't know who I'm playing, or what happened to me... only that I'm a very, very hungry vampire in the middle of a fucking desert and some special ops folks are here to pick me up for study by teh bosses, whoever they are.
Coffee on Sunday with my godmother. Yay.

Edit: Oh, silly Matt in our OOC part of the playing:
Girl says: (if I didn't have the impression I'm probably a wreck, I'd have so much fun pulling a seductive act to take them out. Alas! :P)
Lord von Kummer says: OOC: Maybe later. *winks* And as you have no doubt guessed early on, you arre a vampire.
Girl says: (the sorching sun and lunar cylcles were the big clue)
Lord von Kummer says: OOC: Well, I wasn't trying to keep you in the dark ;).
Girl says: (lmao)


And such.

May. 21st, 2004 07:21 pm
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A couple MemGens )

You are DEATH

What Character from "Good Omens" are you?
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Rock on! I love this book.

The CD of my Life )

My mother is behaving like a child. I couldn't possibly wait until a better time, like when it's ~not~ my time on the computer, to go upstairs and get the Prom pictures. Oh no. She wants to see it now. She wants her copies now. She wants more copies than I'm about to hand out. I mean, they're my pictures. I relinquished my school pictures to her for years. Damnit, not this time. Yes, a 5x7 is going to Dad while I get 'tother. She only gets a 4x6. That leaves three more, and I just might want to send one--at least one--to someone of my choice. As for the wallets... We'll not go there.
SEAN BOWMAN--I envy your hair! What's your secret? ~Just part of my farewell message that's going in the school paper. I just need to find a funny quote to go with what else I have. (Thanks to my goddess for the whole "burn your village" thing)
Ah, it was funny this afternoon before the senior meeting had quite begun. Of course the Posse was grouped together of sorts. And so there we are, eating sherbert or rootbeer floats (or cream soda or orange)... and Hen cursed me because my straw is a bendy straw while hers wasn't. So, I asked if she wanted the bendy straw. She said it had my germs. I didn't even think too hard before replying that we'd shared more than germs before. Of course, I was thinking more something like shirts off our backs, or a bed at a sleepover--but not something that readily apparent.
Crispy came over to drag Biz away, and I told him to sit down. He said that this was where losers sat. Of course I thought, "That means you'll fit right in!" or somesuch because lord knows if I'm a loser, Crispy's a loser. I commanded him to sit. It became, "This is where losers who look pretty on livejournal sit?" *coughs* Oh, so I'm only pretty on livejournal?
Don't answer that.
It's funny to be reading a book that's taking place in spring, when I can totally understand the chill of spring that won't bloody hurry up and warm up. I was kind of rudely anti-social at Rhianna's to read in the solarium like that while the others talked or made fun of Rhianna's nonexistent skillZ at Mario or Aladdin on Nintendo. But Rhi and Matt said it was all right. Damn Nate for not being there for a proper D&D session. Well, I did get to read Temple of the Winds.
I have nearly $20, and most of it is in 1's. Bloody hell.

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We just ran into each other at the intersexual, er, the homosection-the intersection!
-Howard Brackett, In & Out

Content? I have content. )
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It is 7:21 a.m. I don’t know why I’m up. Oh, yeah… no ride. *stops* My spacebar key is faulty. I used to use this computer in computer animation last year! Allow me to switch computers before I continue.
*blinks* There is no sign of Rhianna or Matt. Rhi said I should come to 125 in the mornings when I don’t get a ride. She and Matt aren’t here. This makes me sad. How am I to hang out with them in the computer lab when they don’t show up? I hope they’re not invisible.
There is an assembly for freshman, juniors and seniors. Poor sophomores still have to test. If I can get away with it, I will not go to this assembly. I don’t want to listen to some motivational speaker. I’ve had enough. No more!
Here’s Rhianna! Woo.
I have worn high heeled sandals three days in a row now. Surprisingly, my feet aren’t killing me. If my legs hurt, it’s because I ran a mile yesterday and I didn’t stretch before or after. That was stupid of me, but I preferred to hang out with Jerrod. Obsessed? Me? Never.
I have two hours in this room. Two hours to much around. Two hours to wish I had MSN to see if I could get one last glimpse of Celien.
Here’s Matt! Woo.
Matt has just handed me the Psionics handbook. Be afraid. Be very afraid. *laughs evilly* Can you imagine a kinder? Can you imagine a kinder assassin? Can you imagine a psionic kinder assassin? *grins* I love it; I’m either a dragon, wench, succubus, or kinder… at least, I’d want to play any one of those. “A soulknife recognizes his own mind as the most beautiful—and the most deadly—thing in all creation.” Scared yet? “Thus, for many soulknives, adventuring presents an opportunity to do what they love most: Wield the idealized blade of their innermost desires.”
Oh yeah, so, Rhianna’s computer also has a faulty spacebar. It’s not the one I was at before. Maybe that was the one I had last year. Still, she has to fuss with it. And she didn’t move, because Matt arrived.
Haskins heard me laughing and said we’re not allowed to be having fun. It gives school a bad name. So I told him we were laughing in the face of adversity. Then Rhianna ran over her bag. Like I said; laughing in the face of adversity—just not my own!
Oh my, last night I dreamed I was walking down the halls at school, and started singing some random tune that was running through my head. You know, not the kind with actual lyrics, just a kind of… melody. And I remember thinking, “Wait, I didn’t mean to do that out loud.” But it was so real, for a while I was scared I’d actually done it. Thankfully not.
Eee! Rhianna just hit me again. For no reason. Trouble is, she hits my arm, and nearly went too far. If you catch my drift. I hope that’s all you catch.
Wow I don’t like Hotmail sometimes. I wish they’d change their layout again. This one is ugly. Always thought it was. I’m just waiting, hoping the next one will be better. I know it’s bad if I begin wishing for the layout they have now as opposed to whatever new one they finally give us.
I think I’m hungry. This isn’t good. I had breakfast. It was a bowl of cornflakes. And a glass of apple juice. Although I nearly didn’t finish the apple juice. But I did. And then I kept having to remind mum to start the dishwasher going before we left.
*smacks at Rhianna for trying to push keys on ~my~ keyboard* Back off, onna! Write your lj entry, there’s a good girl.
I have plans to watch Equilibrium today. I have no idea what it’s about, only that Sean Bean is in it. Celien thinks I should watch Ocean’s 11 instead, and I might watch it after Equilibrium. See, as much as I love Clooney, Pitt, and Damon, I’ve never seen Equilibrium. So it’s sort of like I’m being faced with two evils (only it’s two goods), and I’m choosing the one I’ve never tried before.
Wow my arm hurts. Damn Rhianna for hitting it.
“Rest assured that each and every word you utter will make the point you intend for it. When you're asked for your opinion, don't hesitate to give it. You'll be discreet, polite and objective.” That’s my horoscope. Make of it what you will.
Oh dear, Rhi’s doing her story—OW! OW! Wench. “Bite me.”--*hits Rhianna* again, the one with me and Matt. It involves a refrigerator, apparently. See, she’s going to post it on her lj, this time, and it’s a sort of sequel of the one she posted on her dj. I’m scared.
Well, no, I’m not. Because I get to be a vampire.
Have you had enough? I’m not sure I want to go on. I do have two hours. I could create quite a stream of consciousness in that time. You might get bored. You might not read it all. You might not read it at all. That would make me sad. I like people reading my entries. I like them having something to say. I think I will end this, for your sake.
Haha, I just tried to bite Rhianna. STOP HITTING ME!

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[ profile] yohoboho and [ profile] enders_lament need to add each other simply because they both love Bright Eyes. And Biz you needa make that CD for me. Jeez.

Choose a band and answer all questions only with their lyrics:

Band: Everclear

Are you male or female?:
She is perfect in that fucked up way
That all the magazines seem to want to glorify these days
She looks like a teenage anthem
She looks like she used to be happy with the girl inside

Describe yourself:
I am a loser geek, crazy with an evil streak

How do some people feel about you?:
Yeah, I used to be a devil but they never seemed to give a damn

How do you feel about yourself?:
She said, I'm OK, don't worry about me
I don't want to be friends
Just leave me alone
Don't worry about me

Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend/interest:
I have sinned the sin of wanting more
The belly fire pulls the spirit from the corporate whore

Where would you rather be?:
So spin that wheel, cut the crap, and roll those loaded dice
Bring on the dancin' girls and put the champagne on ice
I'm going in to sin city
I'm gonna win in sin city

Describe where you live:
She sleeps alone and wet with her phone in her face all tied up in her old bed,
She walks alone everyday up and down the rainy streets in her own weird way

Describe how you live:
I don't care
I just want to die pretty
I just want to get lost in the motion
I just want to get lost in my beautiful self
I just want to get lost in the city
I don't want to live forever

Describe how you love:
She gets tired of all the stupid boys
She can't wait until they're done
She wants a man who can take his time
She wants someone who can make her come

Describe a past love:
Can you believe he said that to me?
To me, of all people! I can't even remember the last time a guy took me out on a date and actually paid for it!?

Share some words of wisdom:
"Today, medical science recognizes
That some folks aren't helped by relaxing exercizes.
In cases of difficult tension,
And nervous apprehension,
Doctors are now prescribing medicine.
It makes those who fear they're about to quit
Feel like they're ready to begin.
Bidding their darkened spirits goodbye
For the calming peace of a cloudless sky."
Yesterday I reached the epitome of nerdiness in purchasing my own set of D&D dice, and making sure I had at least 5 d4's in case I'm ever so board as to play pyramid Yahtzee!. And then we ran into Hen (which made buying her a d6 like she asked seem pointless). She and I searched for the love of her life, although I had to suggest it had just been her imagination, since we couldn't find him.
After watching Rhi's car and truck, and Hen's car we watched Caddyshack followed by Meatballs. It was a lot of fun, and I got home so much later than I expected. Mum of course wanted to know if I had any homework. *rolls eyes* I hate homework. No, I just hate the Great Gatsby.
Mum seems to think I'll be able to find a new meaning to it this time around. I told her not bloody likely. The first time I read the Great Gatsby, I read it with an open mind, and nearly died of boredom. Oh, how I hate it.
Why is it, in Memnoch the Devil, when Lestat screams at the granite devil statue, I always get the impression he screams like a girl?

What will your last words be? by cum_on_bitch
Your LJ username
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Your last words will be..."FUCK YOU!"
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

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What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, stalking amidst the plains! It is Xanthia, hands clutching gilded boxing gloves! And with a spectacular roar, her voice cometh:

"I'm going to flog you with such zeal, it will be a new form of crime!"

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"I'm sorry I'm so jittery. I gave up beer for Lent and this whiskey is killing me! I'll never get my speech back in order so let me just tell you what I know."

Bring it on. I'm more than a little hyper. And for no apparent reason. Harmony thought it was because I talked to him, but not likely. Gods I'm such a pansy. I just don't know how to bring it into the conversation. He's not likely to follow the dialogue I set up in my mind. You know how it is.
Still, lots of energy today. Lots of laughter. D&D days are bright and shiny in a week of mainly bad weather. But Derek did bring his girlfriend this time. Gahhhh... Still, I had fun, making comments and such. I asked Rand what we could do to get him to give us Callandor. And Hen's character, still in a coma, was kidnapped. So now we're chasing after Mazrim Taim who has her and some things of Rand's. I got to intimidate a bunch of Aes Sedai sitters...
We ran into a few Myrdraal (Fades, Fetches, Halfmen, etc.) and their Trolloc minions. Myrdraal are scarier, smarter, and faster than Nazgul. They have no eyes, but say the gaze of the Eyeless is fear. The wind never touches them. And Matt and I made a funny joke about their not having eyes. "Come here, and I'll give you some eyes...Sedai!" (now you know how Aes Sedai is pronounced if you've only ever seen it written down! :P) We all despise Aes Sedai.
I actually talked to Desi today... she was in the library doing her American Lit II. hwk instead of working in Spanish. But she told me how last night, at about nine as she was watching T.V., someone called her cell phone. She didn't know who it could be, but seeing the caller I.D. thought it might be her friend who lives in Oregon. It wasn't. It was some guy by the name of Justin who found the number in his brother's car. He didn't believe she lived in Washington at first. Anyway, he started asking her twenty questions and such, wanting to know what she looks like and all that. Well, it turns out he knows her friend who lives in Oregon, and when he showed up where these people were, it turned out he'd planted the number for some fun. So now Desi's going to hurt him when she visits him on Spring Break. And this guy Justin wans to meet her. It should be funny.
In sixth Mrs. Carvahlo didn't have any work for me, so I went off to the library. I felt sympathy for Rhianna, having to be there in Clouser's class. But when there was very little of the lesson left, I got off the computer since Rhi said I should, and I had a lookt at what her project was... I told her she and her partner should to the research thing on Ambrose Bierce "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" because then she can talk to me and Matt about it at any time. It was great when Mrs. Clouser asked them why they suddenly chose that and they pointed at me. She was all, "Well what are you doing here?!" But then Rhi and I went over to talk to Mrs. O'Boyle. She was surprised at how long my hair was, and Rhi's too. But then I told her how I plan to cut mine short again after prom.
AHHHH! Energy, life, all in me! *screams* And there's strawberries with powdered sugar on the counter. I'm going to have some soon. I love strawberries. I can't believe I once made myself throw up rather than eat them once.
I love my new Sketchers. They're so blazingly comfortable, and platformed! It makes me feel good. And they're just shoes. Still, there's something about the right pair that can make one happy. Mr. Quinn should know. Mrs. Laughlin's nickname for him is Quinderella he's so obsessed with his shoes.
So it's amusing, we have some ideas for role-playing campaigns such as making characters based off of us that travel to Faerun or the Wheel of Time. Maybe even modern times. Also there's the possibility of making characters from movies or comics or books into role-playing characters. Nate said he'd like to make Neo, and that he'd be able to cast 'miracle' once a day. Matt then told him, well, Neo's enemy would be Agent Smith to which Nate responded, "Well, my miracle for the day would be 'ctrl A delete!'"

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So my friend posted it as the Top Ten
Movie/Book/T.V. characters I would sleep with, but I made it the Top 15 b/c I could not stick to just 10. Slut that I am. :P

1- Han Solo (who needs the Force when you've got a wookie?)
2- Faramir (from the books... okay, the movies too)
3- Colonel Jack O'Neill (he's so clever!)
4- Captain Jack Sparrow (welcome to the Caribbean, love)
5- Captain Jon Luc Picard (Tasar couldn't get him, but I can!)
6- Matrim Cauthon (my sexy hornblower!)
7- Celeborn (Blonde, pointy ears, and manly)
8- Lucius Malfoy (Evil, blonde, sexy)
9- Princess Leia (Golden bikini. C'mon.)
10- Severus Snape (From the movies *drool*)
11- Logain (Sexy a'shaman)
12- Marius (from the books. Sexy old vampire, and blonde)
13- F'lessan (bronze dragonrider... Mmm)
14- Glorfindel (another blondie, elf... books... mmm)
15- Ardeth Bay (A bit of a fanatic, but damn nice looking Egyptian boy)

Today was a short day, but all the classes were even shorter because of advocacy. I found it kind of funny that I guessed it to be the right time of year for the drugs/alcohol discussion. It was. The last thing I expected was for my advocacy teacher to be so open about abstaining from sex in favor of Righty and Lefty.
My heart went out to Jess. Poor darling is hurt mentally and physically. But there isn't much I can do besides tell her I lobe her.
Ever so slowly working on talking with the boy.
Lots of D&D; was much fun. Although, bloody Rand Al'Thor and his bloody temper. Stupid child. Stupid Aes Sedai. Stupid Mazrim Taim. I plan to kill him. If I can. If my character wasn't a dragon, I'm sure I'd have her trying to seduce Logain. Mat's too far away, in Ebou Dar; he's in the clutches of Queen Tylin.
I really want the boy. It's pathetic.



Nov. 22nd, 2003 06:43 pm
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Quiz fun, but it's more than one so I'm saving space )

Never underestimate the charity of parents.
In my case, I don't even have to be perfect. In fact, my room can be like a brothel, and my grades... okay. I can even forget to do certain chores once or twice. And get away with it.
Man it's good be a spoiled teenager. If only because there was once a time when I was NOT, so I have had time to learn to appreciate just how damn lucky I am.
I knew she was dodgy, Rhi. Just not that dodgy.
Back to why I'm so spoiled. Had conference really early yesterday morning. My mum an conference teacher got along really well. Probably because they're both... well, like to tell long stories. Anyway, explained my grades away, was told how I was lucky to have my mother and she was lucky to have me.
Half day, came home early. Was sort of watching We Were Soldiers (and commenting on the women all being pretty and non-bremelo like despite being service wives) when Rhi showed up. Oh, yeah, RP night.
Went with Rhi to pick up Jacob before going back to Rhi's. Drooled along with almost everyone else over Derek's catologue with Wheel of Time weapons and jewelry (a heron mark sword, Padan Fain's dagger, the A'shah'man broaches and Aes Sedai ring). Ate pizza, and discussed the idea of a second campaign. Hen had an obsession with dragons.
"It should be modern day, powerful evil, with dragons!"
"Or, a modern day feruin or Wheel of Time." "--with dragons!"
"I dragons am dragons cold dragons."
Finally, I had to go home. When I walked into my room, Anne Rice's Blackwood Farm and Terry Pratchett's Night Watch were on my bed, and some pens. Woot! Both books on my wishlists. Gary got me a king size dark chocolate bar when they were out today. So I am spoilted.
We're going to call my brother soon. He's off to Thailand in two days. It should be cool for him. Hope he stays out of trouble.


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