Nov. 26th, 2012 09:49 pm
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Taking on his surname makes my name sound incredibly posh. But I like it, even if I think it is going to take a few days/weeks/forever for it to sink in. I feel incredibly grown-up, despite not having a driver's license or owning a home... I'm married. He's no longer my partner, my fiancé, he's my husband. I'm rather wrapped that its legally done now.

(It's even consummated bwahaha)

And the last of our guests leave tomorrow morning, and we shall have the house back to ourselves, and our poor precious cat will stop fraeaking out about having her home invaded. Our wedding has been very non-traditional, but at the same time so very US, we have been very pleased by how it all went.

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I'm getting married today. I'm getting married today. I'm getting married today!

Had an amazing meal with the family last night, and the restaurant even shouted us dessert & a round of shots. All in all, for all my procrastination and stuff, this has led to a small, stress-free, low-budget event. I'm really happy with the way things have fallen into place.

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I've always considered marriage to be like getting to have your best friend over for a sleepover... Every night.

Well, I've procrastinated liek whoa, but the fact of the matter is, I'm getting married in 9 days. (I become a step-mum to four adults when I do this, and 'grandmother' to nine grandchildren. We gotta come up with a hip grandma-name for me, lol. And not Nana Hana, because ew, I hate the word Nana.) I've been with Alan for five years now. Officially got engaged two years ago. Went through idea after idea of what I wanted, and found I hated the idea of stressing trying to sort out a venue, celebrant, clothes, rings, cake, etc. So anyway. Time flew by, but the date is now set.

We're getting married at a Registry on Monday the 26th of November. Having a family get together to eat & celebrate on Sunday the 25th of November. I have my dress, he has his outfit. No rings, but that's because I think I need a custom job and we both put that off for too long.

I'm not worried about that. The legal stuff is going to be done, the family is going to gather to wish us well. Those, I think, are the important bits.



Mar. 14th, 2011 11:31 am
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I have made many friends in the online world, who I will probably never meet. And they are just as special to me as the friends I have made in my daily life. <3<3<3<3

My step-sister is getting married at the end of April. I've been invited, hopefully I will be able to go. If I do I'll be able to see my best friend [ profile] pandoras_evil_t and my Goddaughter at some point as well, haven't seen them in ages. :(

Summer is fading...



Dec. 15th, 2010 10:05 pm
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The tree is up! We had a note in the mail saying they would be cutting power today to do some linework so I thought I would use the time to put the tree up. The power never got cut off but I put the tree up anyway. It looks nice. I put a couple pictures up on my facebook of our cat snuggling on the tree skirt underneath.

My mum tells me she sent me her wedding dress in one of the parcels she sent me this year. I... don't remember ever getting any dresses from her. I honestly can't remember what her wedding dress looks like anyway, but I would have thought I'd remember that. But she insists she doesn't have it anymore and must have sent it to me. The possibility is that one parcel never arrived...

It came up as I showed her pictures of the dresses I like, and how I want a medieval/fantasy wedding. I told her how I'm pretty much in charge of planning it since it will mostly be "my" day. That's not to say it's not Alan's day and I won't listen to what he wants, but he's pretty easy-going about a lot of it. Not only that but this will be my first ever wedding, he's already been there and done that.

I have a job interview on Friday. Fingers crossed.

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Every day, I cannot quite get over the fact I can look out my living room window and see the ocean. Than in 2 minutes I can go from my front doorstep to sandy beach. It's unreal. I always grew up with The Beach being an exotic destination, a real treat. Now, I get to live by one every day. If we ever have to move, it won't ever be the same as When We Lived at the Beach.

Speaking of which, got to go kayaking yesterday for the first time of this season. 'Twas glorious. My muscles ache. I aim to get fitter at this whole kayaking thing. I honestly don't know how I managed to shed all that weight I'd put on in the last few years, and I'm soooo proud to be slipping into size 12 jeans again, but my tummy is still a little soft and flabby for my taste. I need my own gloves and seat for my kayak though. My other aim for this summer is to get ridiculously brown and avoid burning as much as possible.

...I left the laundry on the line. Oops.

I am also considering cutting my hair again. It's really long, and thick, and summer is the time I don't want to fuss about with it. I have a style I'd like to try but am not sure how well it will work with my curly hair. It looks gorgeous with straight hair. I'm just... lazy about straightening my hair all the time.

Watched a few movies recently, and I must say...

The Hurt Locker -- SUCKS. Seriously bad. I wanted to shoot all the characters in that, and, just... horribly, horribly sucky.

From Paris With Love -- YES. Funny, action bull-shit. The oddest pairing, not what I would ever have thought of, but very well played. Also... John Travolta gets a Royale With Cheese.

Prince of Persia -- I am unfamiliar with the source material, but I enjoyed it. It was a good fun adventure with cool combinations of action, snark, and mystic stuff. I Not a role I'm used to Gyllenhaal in but he wasn't bad.


Kind of in love with Bruno Mars at the moment. His music is quite catchy and his voice is not unpleasant.

Also, Glee. Cannot believe I got sucked into it but DAMN can they sing.

Brooke Fraser, I like her still. There's Something In the Water indeed.

Mumford sons - little lying man also a favourite at the moment.

Oh, I updated my status on Facebook but I guess I never got around to mentioning it here... on the 19th of November was my 3 year anniversary of getting together with Alan. He told me once that if we made 3 years, he would consider making it legal. So... I am now ENGAGED. I don't have a ring yet because of certain financial hiccups, but it will come. Oh yes, it will come. I'm looking at sapphires.

Looking at a medieval/fantasy style wedding. Possibly in a Jan/Feb time of year. Not 2011, obviously.


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I proposed to [ profile] pandoras_evil_t today.

She said, "Yes."

No surprise there, really. Afterall, it was only eleven--twelve? years in the making. Shit, I hope she doesn't expect me to remember anniversaries. Birthdays I can do. Sometimes. Anniversaries...not so much.

I accept that she currently resides and shares domestic duties and pleasures with [ profile] the_chief_80, for the time being. After all, I have no intentions of any official hand-fasting ceremony until I am financially capable of supporting [ profile] pandoras_evil_t and her aspirations as a writer. At least, I'll still get to wear black to the wedding.


*lips twitch*

*breaks off laughing*

*regains breath* Seriously, though. After all the jokes that I'm the "Other Woman" in her and Damo's relationship... plus the fact she makes constant references about it to her coworkers and even joked she'll show up one day with an engagement ring on her hand from me... well. It was the perfect set of rings. (Actually, now that I think about it, there were three rings although Ange has decided to wear only two, perhaps, since they're too small for my fingers, I could put the third on a chain to wear around my neck. It's me or Damo, and at least being a girly ring it might make sense for me to be wearing it. *snerk*)

Speaking of engagements, and/or weddings... reading fanfics, having gone hunting through the recs at [ profile] stargateficrec, I discovered a cute AU Austen-style Stargate fic, "A Maneuvering Business" (Sam/Jack, Cam/Vala, Teal'c/Janet) in seven parts, the first of which can be found here. The other fic was Stargate Atlantis, McShep by pairing, Once Upon a Furry Octopus and quite adorable.

One of my favourite snippets of "A Maneuvering Business" was this:

Now recognizing the entire ruse for what it was, instead of being angry, she was strangely…intrigued. One step at a time, she sidled towards him again, the beginnings of a smile on her face. “You plotted for me?”

He leaned down and nuzzled his nose against her ear, a hot breath washing down her neck. “Vala, my dear, I didn’t merely
plot. I schemed.”

Closing her eyes and leaning towards him, she smiled. “I think that is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard of.”

I've just discovered she wrote a further fic set in Austen-verse, Visitors and Fish with some new familiar faces that didn't make it into the first fic.

Oh, and one of the cool parts of "Once Upon a Furry Octopus" was...

Rodney scowled off into the middle distance. “When you said you explained everything to Elizabeth, did you, by any chance, tell her I broke your heart?”

John choked and there was a loud thunk, and then he panted, “What?”

“Everyone hates me!” Rodney yelled, then glared at a pair of grunts who were openly goggling at him before ducking into an empty corridor.

Chuckling, John said, “I don’t think that’s new.”

*is amused* Hee.


Part dieux

Nov. 10th, 2006 08:14 pm
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Some more pictures, for your viewing pleasure. Because we're on crappy dial-up, I've tried not to upload a shitload 'cause it takes forever. But if you want to see more... lemme know. :P

Again with the cutting! )

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In two parts, one containing the BIG pics, and one with the ones resized to a possibly more palatable size. It's just some of them look great at desktop size (1024x768).

Cause I am not suicidal enough to avoid cutting )

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Not sure how big these are... )

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You know you wanna admire this:

Zomg zomg picture!!!!! )

Lookit! Aren't my socks so damn awesome?! And, y'know, the super long hair liek whoa, and the pretty dress 'n all that...


Edited to add meme:

Go to The Quotations Page. Pick out five random quotes that you believe to be the reflection of your thoughts or feelings Post them in your journal.

On to ze quotes )
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Well! Yesterday was one very long, very cool day.

Got woken up quite early by dad, only, well, it was earlier than necessary but what the hey. I took the time to eat breakfast, anyway. Who knew in the next few hours when I'd next get a decent meal. (Really late, is when...) Anyway, off to some place to grab the flowers, and then dad and Iain dropped me and the flowers off at Suzy's eldest daughter Carla's. The boys then went and did things like fuss over the arrangement of chairs in the church and all that.

As for me... I got to have my hair straigtened, and the ends trimmed even courtesy of Carla the hairstylist. Then Laura, the next oldest daughter, did my nails. It didn't take her very long because my nails are in fairly good condition. Hee. Oh, and through this all we sat around drinking sparkling WHITE wine. Spillage would not be a fiasco. And it wasn't. Anyway, there was a girl over, Hannah, to do make-up but it was easy enough to do my own. The end results were "stunning" according to witnesses.

About 11 or so, I slipped into my (black) dress, did up my (black) fur wrap with a green broach, and put on my (black) shoes...wearing my black and white knee high socks. 'Cause it looked awesome. And I wore the ruby necklace dad gave me for my 21st and a pair of dangly earings with garnets. And when dad finally saw me I asked, "Is this enough colour for you?" because, despite having agreed on the black dress and everything a whole YEAR ago, he wasn't able to visualise how the little bits of colour would be more than adequate in fitting with the theme of things.

So, in the whole whole party of attendants, everyone wore as such: Suzy, the bride, wore a red dress, had a white fur wrap (that she didn't wear down the aisle but was needed in the chilly breezes at the gardens taking pictures) and sparkly whatsit shoes. Dad wore a black tux (long tails at the back, very cool), a red tie.... cowboy hat and possibly cowboy boots. Iain wore a matching tux with a green tie. I stood slightly taller than him in my shoes, hee, and I've already described what I wore.

Carla, Laura, and Rachel--Suzy's girls--wore green dresses...Laura's style was identical to mine, while Rachel and Carla had identical dresses in a strapless style...white fur wraps with broaches like mine, and shoes the same style as mine but goldy/silver instead of black. Savannah, that's Laura's daughter, was in a red dress with a white fur jacket held with a red broach, and shoes in the same style and colour as the girls. She also carried a little bag holding Suzy's glasses and such. Carla's little boy Izayah was in a smart little tux (that he got dirty at the gardens, lol) and he carried the rings. Amarah, only 19 months, was the cutest little thing in her wee red dress and white fur coat.

So we were running a little late trying to get all ready to go to the gardens to take pictures before the wedding. And I was hoping and crossing my fingers that any and all rain would hold the fuck off because my hair, damnit, just got straightened! Anyway, off to the gardens we went.

Well it's a good thing we hit up the Japanese garden first, because it meant we were under shelter when a light rain fell. It stopped, and off to the Chinese garden we went. Yadayadayada...then to the Italian renaissance garden. Iain hadn't actually seen the Indian garden, so he took a wee peek before we hit the Italian garden. That was all well and good, but by then it was 12 something or other and we were hungry. The parentals were taking forever with some set of pictures, and we asked if we were needed or could we bugger off to get some food before the ceremony.

Last thing we needed was a chorus of rumbling tummies from the front of the church in the middle of the wedding. We didn't have time to stop anywhere on the way, but we snuck some food off the afternoon tea tables before we had to go in. And thus...

Music played, everyone stands...the visiting pastor from Suzy's church walked in first, then Iain and me together, followed by Savannah and Izayah, then Carla holding Amarah, followed by Laura, and lastly Rachel. Full minute of music before Dad and Suzy made their entrance together. I think mostly I was interested in the reaction of Eileen when we finally got to the end, 'cause she hadn't seen me all prettied up and was definitely impressed. Big crowd--140-170 or something like that, and there was maybe a handful that I knew so getting reactions from them were the most important. Hee.

The ceremony was good. Enough light moments and not too heavy on the word of God and such... 'cause, nothing against God and all that, but my eyes would have glazed over if one went to far with it. There was this funny story of 'Elain and Roger' while the registry was being signed... Dad and Suzy with Laura and Iain as witnesses--funnily enough both those children are the left handed ones--using MY pen. Hee.

And finally it was all over, and Dad and Suzy...danced down the aisle. It was cool 'cause most the people weren't expecting it. They were surprised, amused, and it brought on applause so hey. Then we followed, stood in a greeting line that took forever... grace was said, the cake cut, and we all dug into the food. Wandered around a fair amount, thankfully no one stood on the back of my dress (a hazard, since it drags on the ground and it happened often enough at the resident's ball last year).

More pictures were taken, including one of me alone showing off my striped stockings. Someone was saying, it was funny when they took the picture of all of us at the alter or whatsit, 'cause we happen to be in very Christmasy colours (it's the middle of winter; it works!) and they even had elf socks thanks to me. Hehe.

I had a headache by the end of it all. Not enough to drink, too much sugar in my system, and I hadn't been wearing my glasses all day. Definitely tired and the headache just made it worse. And then... it was over.

Loaded wedding presents into Rachel's car, she dropped us and the presents off at Dad's while she and Laura and Savannah went home... for all of five minutes Iain and I made an attempt at catalogging what they got and from whom, but it got boring... I did go through all the cards and such, 'cause one thing Suzy and Dad asked for was Farmers vouchers so's they can buy a new fridge. I mean, seriously, they've already got two functional households and don't need a lot of the traditional wedding gifts. Anyway, I added it up... $1040 in Farmers vouchers, $90 in Briscoes, $10 Green Gardens, as well as $105 in cash. PLUS a shit load of other gifts. When I texted that to dad they were speechless... utterly overwhelmed at people's generousity.

And at the end of all this, I ended up going to visit my mate Gino, and we all got indian for tea (chicken tikka masala, mmmm) and went back to watch Extras and some other funny shit. I, apparently, do not exist because I found these GI Joe fake clips funny where most girls think they're just stupid. No, definitely funny. This other girl Evelyn thought so too, but we musn't be true girls or something. Possibly a compliment, or just too good to be true for these poor, sad lads. And Gino confirmed I'm a total geek for having a stick of RAM on a keyring. (I thank [ profile] shiseiji for getting me that...)

And by midnight I was asleep.

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Got to Hamilton yesterday. It's sooooo much warmer than Wellington. Oh, it's cold, sure, but nowhere near as cold as Wellington. Or, like, when we stopped in Waiouru where it was colder'n a witch's tit.

[ profile] pandoras_evil_t came over for a bit. Brought back a bunch of my books. Heee. And gave me chocolate and whiskey. :D Speaking of presents, also got $50 from Suzie, a check from the grandparents, and a ruby star pendant from dad.

He was quite pleased with his gift: Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 A Space Odyssey, 2010 Space Odyssey Two, & 2061 Space Odyssey Three. He hasn't read the third one I don't think, and he didn't know there's a fourth, 3001. Anyway. It went down well.

Of course I've spent ridiculous amounts of time on the computer not working on my assignments... heh...

Am going to take a bit of a walk now, and maybe come online again later.

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Dad's getting married August 12. Yarr. I'll be in Hamilton for about four days around then. And I have to wait 'til then to get my birthday presents from him, same as I gotta wait for mine from [ profile] pandoras_evil_t. I just hope I won't be given a late birthday party plus ceremonial 21st Speeches that make me wanna roll my eyes and possibly hit someone. No speeches for my birthday, bitches.

Just four more days 'til that!

Also, I took this quiz:
You Should Date A Swede!

You're a romantic, albeit an understated and practical one.
It's more about a steady partnership for you, not unrestrained falling
Your Swede will give you the unwavering love you crave
While making up some mean pancakes and meatballs on the side!

Am amused, and my first thought was of Sven from the Georgia Nicolson books. But somehow I doubt Rosie would be willing to hand him over, since he's a capital snogger and such. Hee.

Enjoying the nice weather while it lasts. Pretty sun. Yeah, that's all I got for now.

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My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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shiseiji tricks you! You get a dead frog.
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theatricks gives you 5 blue raspberry-flavoured gumdrops.
_xanthia ends up with 40 pieces of candy, a wet rag, a clothespin, a dead frog, and a rotten egg.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Well I got greedy... and took a couple memes )

Okay, so, I couldn't resist a little more picspam. :P

This time it's all Christian Bale )

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Henry: Do you really think there is only one perfect mate?
Leonardo da Vinci: As a matter of fact, I do.
Henry: Well then how can you be certain to find them? And if you do finally find them, are they really the one for you or do you only think they are? And what happens if the person you're supposed to be with never appears, or she does, but you're too distracted to notice?
Leonardo da Vinci: You learn to pay attention.
Henry: Then let's say God puts two people on Earth and they are lucky enough to find one another. But one of them gets hit by lightning. Well then what? Is that it? Or, perchance, you meet someone new and marry all over again. Is that the lady you're supposed to be with or was it the first? And if so, when the two of them were walking side by side were they both the one for you and you just happened to meet the first one first or was the second one supposed to be first? And is everything just chance or are some things meant to be?

I recently spoke to a friend of mine with whom I had no conversed with in a while. Apparently she's got a new boyfriend, and he's THE ONE, her soulmate, she's felt complete since she met him, etc., etc., ad nasuem. I'd be more happy for her, if I weren't so bloody doubtful. Having not spoken in some time, I thought, oh, this happened months ago. No. This happened a week and a half ago, and thus enters my doubt and disbelief. I just... I have a hard time believing in people my age (especially girls; they'll be the soonest to claim it) having found The One. No matter how romantic he's being.

That is not to suggest it's not possible. Indeed not. I stongly believe in, say, [ profile] shiseiji and Matt being an excellent match please, please, please be okay, and both are younger than I. They've also been together at least two to two & a half years and been reasonably stable throughout. If they said they were meant to be, they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, I'd say finally! However, I wouldn't say it if they'd announced that a week into their relationship.

It just seems to me that many girls my age seem to claim that they've found love and he loves her so much, he must be the one... I mean, shit, I fell in love once. Got my heart broken even. But, I don't think I ever believed Judah was The One omgsquee4eva!!!!11!! or that we'd end up getting married and spending the rest of our lives together. (Funnily enough, he was married by the time he was 20 to the girl he chose over me) I think it takes more time than a lot of people take, to be sure of one's feelings about a relationship, or that it's 'meant to be.' How can anyone truly claim to love, to be in love, with someone that they've been with and known for only a short time? It's awfully extreme. One of the things I hated when I was with Jason back when we were 14 was how quickly he started saying, "I love you" and how I felt pressured to reply the same even though I knew I most certainly did not.

I despise the word love sometimes, or how easily it gets misused and misunderstood. Not to mention the many different types of love--there really ought to be more words to descibe them, like how the Greeks had the three words for it. If it's not misunderstanding when using the word love in a non-romantic sense (like [ profile] pandoras_evil_t specifying she loves me as a sister), saying you don't love someone often gets such a wrong reaction too. As if it's impossible to merely like someone to varying degrees, lesser than those of love.

If I were to say that I don't love Peter--and I don't...yet--I'd have to expand that statement to include the facts that I do like him--a lot--and that yes, there could be a possiblity that one day I might love him, or I'd sound like a heartless bitch undeserving of his attention. (I struggle with believing he'll give me any attention, deserved or undeserved shh... ignore my insecurities and fear of rejection.) Though, I'm sure I'd rather come off sounding heartless and undeserving, than be another headless chicken proclaiming to the heavens that, oh beauty divine, joy of joys, love hath found me, and forever may it last.

Such sappiness, especially this early on, is unbecoming. What am I saying? May I never, no matter how enthralled I may become, never sound so sooky and wet.

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The HP meme of d00m )

Fuck that thing is long.
[ profile] enders_lament: the CD you sent me I finally got to listen to. Dad brought down all my mail so now I have the CD. Thank you! Lots of good music; you and my brother share a lot of common tastes in music, and he's my other source for good CD mixes so yay!
Well, I have my dress for Dad and Suzie's wedding; it's black. *laughs* It's a gorgeous dress though. I wish I could show you pictures. And the important question, would I wear it again--yes, yes I would. It's going to look really nice with everything else, too.
All of us kids are going to be up there with Dad and Suzie as they take their vows. Although, I'm going to be breaking tradition somewhat by being on the man's side. Eh bien. Suzies three girls are all wearing emerald green dresses, two of them being these identical strapless ones. (I tried on one, but it was a bit loose on the bust) The other daughter has a different style, one with straps, and my dress is identical style but black. (they didn't have my size in green) Dad wants him and Iain to be in identical tuxes--all black with high collars and tails like Iain wore to his school ball. No idea what Suzie's dress is supposed to be like.
Somewhere between now and the wedding, I need to acquire a nice set of black heels. Ones that won't kill my feet, but look good and make me tall enough so my dress doesn't trail on the ground too much. But given that the wedding has no set date yet, I'm in no rush. Plus I'm waiting to hear from Suzie as apparently her daughters are looking into getting matching shoes of trademe and possibly I'll end up with a matching pair too.
'Sfunny, it's been years since I've been to Wellington, so it's only now that if someone mentions Cuba street I'll actually know where they're talking about. I'd been there the last time I went, but I was 11 or 12 and didn't know that it was Cuba street, any more than I realised I'd seen the Bucket Fountain Lynds used to keep telling me about. Still, it was fun to walk around, and I wouldn't mind living there. I finally got to see Te Papa, which wasn't around when we went all those years ago. Now my big plan in the way of seeing more of NZ is to hit up the South Island which I haven't been to since I was three and remember nothing of.
Got introduced to a new concept with all the cafes we hit up: eating cake served not with whipped cream, but yoghurt. It was such a bizarre concept, but I wasn't adverse to trying. Quite nice really. I'm not a huge fan of yoghurt so I didn't like too much. It does decrease the richness of the cake so it's not sickening though, and that's nice. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
I'm such a nerd though. Iain would be playing his games on his computer, so there wasn't much I could do, until he handed me his Gameboy advance with the classic NES version of Zelda in it, and the unofficial guidebook. So I spent hours playing Zelda, and was gutted when the batteries crapped out on me at some point early Sunday morning, and I lost pretty much everything I'd achieved because I hadn't been saving. *sigh* Took me several hours on Sunday to get back to the same place where I'd been, and a few more to advance two or three more levels. I went to bed at about 3:30 this morning because I played for a couple hours after we got back from this one farewell party he dragged me to.
I accidentally left a couple things behind, so I will have to plan a day trip at some point in the near future with the express purpose of getting them back. It's okay I accidentally left my toiletries bag, the only thing I'd really want from there desperately is my nail clippers, the rest of it's just travel size stuff I already have. But I also left my little anorak in a bag which is so much easier to carry around than my big bulky (yet warm and rain-warding) leather jacket.
This entry is turning out to be longer than I thought it would. Ah well. If you're reading it, I'm sorry it's so long and possibly boring, and if you're not, I'm sorry it's so long you're skipping it.
My room is so much warmer now I've got an extra heater in it.
I should go study again.

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Since when, really, do we actually need to depend on someone else for our happiness? I admit, having someone special is bloody nice. But we don't need them. This sort of dependence on outside sources for happiness is... silly. 'Cause if I can't make myself feel better, how can I expect anyone else to give a shit? (Bright Eyes)
So, in a way, this is the lonliest Valentine's Day I've had yet. Also, the most painful. I mean, who doesn't just love getting up in the morning to be greeted by Aunt Flo? I know this day has a red theme but that's just a little extreme, thank you. The cramps weren't very welcome, either.
Anyway, I didn't particularly feel like commiserating with other single friends (not that I have too many here at the moment.) I'm not really in a 'Boys suck and they should all be castrated!' mood. And I didn't really have a special someone to spend it with. No surprises there. Hamilton is hardly the social capital in the summer when everyone's off home, or at the beach, or anywhere but the City of the Future. I didn't get any gifts, but then, I didn't give any, either. And that's okay.
For all it's been a lonely Valentine's, I didn't really think about it. I mean, I knew Dad and Suzie would be doing something. And that's it. Eileen and I laughed a bit at the news and all the flower delivery stuff. *shrugs* No chocolates, no cards, no flowers, no S.O.'s. Love, romantic love, is hardly central to my life at this point.
I very nearly could have forgotten it was Valentines. But that would mean not reading lj and not watching the news and being oh so anti-social. Yeah, I'm not that anti-Valentines. I don't care too much either way, anymore. I find getting angsty and bitter about it is a bit excessive, really.
Anyway, I hope you have/had a fine Valentine's Day yourself.

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So I've decided it's more fun to be pleasantly buzzed for an entire evening than to get rip roaring drunk and pass out half way through the night. Andrea and I finished off a bottle Timarri wine between us. It was wonderful and I love how someone always seems to have a bottle of wine handy. Even Eileen, although hers is always white because she's allergic to red (migraines from hell). As it was it meant I spent the entire evening happy, and finding most things funny, and feeling flushed, but it was wonderful.
I got Andrea some chocolates to go along with having seen Finding Neverland (ulterior motives to both; I benefit as well). There were scorched almonds, and these irish cream chocolate sticks. I smelled them; I smelled the alcohol and they were rich but not too rich and oh so divine.
I ended up spending the night. I wasn't so drunk I couldn't think straight, but it meant I didn't have to worry about getting home on the off chance I did. It also meant showing Andrea, and us laughing at terrible Mary-Sues (my boysmut I read is so much better), and she even got a glimpse of [ profile] shoebox_project. Will see how long it takes to get her to be a true Remus/Sirius shipper.
I want to have a t-shirt that says, "I do believe in commas. I do, I do." (Easist way to find fellow SBP cultists: publicize my own obsession)
Today I got two ties from Dad as he never uses them and I told him I wanted one for a belt. (It looks as good as I imagined) I will have to hit up second hand stores and the like if I want to avoid paying $30 or more for a tie. I wore my red flares today, which is why I thought of the tie-belt again, and even looked into avg. tie prices. Alas, I am too poor for the time being.
Eileen and Andrea approve of my description of Hugh Grant... that no matter what movie it is, he always seems to play the same character, the 'charming shmuck.' (About a Boy is on tonight, which is why I remember)
Strange bugs are flying inside. I'd better close the door. It's so hot, so muggy. The rain was no relief today. Too soft to loosen the dirt, not enough to take away the heat, just opressive cloud and mist and heat inside and out... screwed if you don't have A/C. Even in the dark it isn't all that chilly. I'm craving ice cream all the time.
(Break out, break out. Drink more water but the skin's still oily and the hair frizzes and clings refusing to do what it's told...)
I need to wash my sheets. And clothes. Oh, the pile the grows. Trying to remember to do it. Hoping it's warm and dry and sunny. Having the patience to wait 'til it's done, to remember to hang it up. Fussing. (It's that or melt. Melt in clothes built for winter not summer, dryer climes not this swamp)
Don't ask.
Suzie still hasn't said yes, yet. Not that I've heard. And they ask, and I can't say, and I wish I could. I don't want it to be no. Hurry up and be yes already.


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