Nov. 26th, 2012 09:49 pm
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Taking on his surname makes my name sound incredibly posh. But I like it, even if I think it is going to take a few days/weeks/forever for it to sink in. I feel incredibly grown-up, despite not having a driver's license or owning a home... I'm married. He's no longer my partner, my fiancé, he's my husband. I'm rather wrapped that its legally done now.

(It's even consummated bwahaha)

And the last of our guests leave tomorrow morning, and we shall have the house back to ourselves, and our poor precious cat will stop fraeaking out about having her home invaded. Our wedding has been very non-traditional, but at the same time so very US, we have been very pleased by how it all went.

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So... If I want to have a conversation with my darling, it helps if I'm not pantsless. On the other hand, if I want to get him to agree to anything I suppose I can distract him with lacy underthings. It wasn't an important conversation I was trying to have, anyway. (I was bitching about body hair)

My parcel has arrived! I'm so glad I decided to back Amanda Palmer's kickstarter for Theatre is Evil. Now I just kinda wish Alan was at work so I could listen through the CD (I like to listen first time all on my lonesome so no one/nothing distracts me). Unfortunately the weather isn't nice enough for me to suggest he have some man-time up at the nudie beach. (I like going with him to the nudie beach sometimes too, but he will lay out there for hours and hours and I can't with my precious delicate pale skin) I will just have to wait.

Also took my engagement ring in to get its rhodium plating redone, resized, and cleaned up. have temporarily relocated my silver heart ring onto that hand so I don't feel naked. I still panic somewhat at the sensation of no ring on my right hand, but it's less of a panic than if it were my left hand, where I'd be all, "oh fuck, did I lose it?" Not a ring I ever want to lose.

I love how Alan talks of the wedding being my first and only wedding. Because even though I'm going to outlive him (I still want 30 years from him), apparently I will be ruined for all other men, because none shall be as awesome and charming and handsome as he. :D Of course, if I do get my 30 years than I will be almost 60, maybe I could try my hand at becoming a cougar... I honestly have no idea.
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Um, I don't know if I want to put up a tree this year. Alan and I have no plans to have family over or anything, so why do it? But it's Christmas and we have a black tree and stuff. Well I can figure it out soon enough I guess.

And then, [ profile] diea made an fb status update about eggnog. Well, of course she did. Christmas is coming and all that. But it, of course, reminded me of a quote, "Eggnog, then. Noggy eggs. Eggs that are somewhat nogged." -Sirius Black, [ profile] shoebox_project Aaaaaand I thought, my god, I haven't checked Shoebox in years... how is my beloved unfinished fanfic, one of the very first pieces I ever read? How is it doing these days?

Well, OMG! Some ruddy bastard hacked it and deleted the whole damn thing! A very important lesson to us all to be very careful about what email addresses we have linked to our accounts and to make sure to keep those email address valid, or get rid of them entirely. But still, all is not lost. Shoebox is preserved in .pdf format and I found the links and all that, but I also wandered over to [ profile] cult_sbp (where we can talk about how Shoebox has affected our lives, and affects it still) and I discovered some lovely person was putting together an .epub and .mobi format for those of us with e-readers. How awesome is that? So awesome.

So at Thanksgiving my mum had my step-dad over... I know they're not married anymore but that's the easiest way to describe my relationship to him. He's still my step-dad even if not legally so. Anyway, he's incredibly anti-technology, so he and I haven't kept very close contact since I moved back to New Zealand. But mum had the wonderful idea to get him to sit down and talk with me on Skype at Thanksgiving, so I could ask him myself if he would come to my wedding. It took him a few minutes but he really warmed up to being able to have a face-to-face conversation over the computer. Apparently the request is in that mum show him how to set it up on his computer now lmao.

Also have come up with colours for wedding, would like royal blue, light blue and silver. Along with the medieval/fantasy theme. Rudimentary guest list, now I just need to figure out a venue and also look at possible group rates for accommodation (as big as our house is, we can't house everyone). Also figured instead of a traditional tier cake to go for a flat one with fancy artwork on the icing. There were jokes about using my king and queen lego figurines as the bride and groom to pay homage to my lego obsession...

Alan and I finally got to try out our newly revamped cinemas the other night, to see Immortals 3D. First time I've gone to a 3D movie. Apart from omg the price, altogether was rather cool. We were also going to have dinner at the Wendy's that has just opened up. I don't really remember the menu that well from my time living in the States but another fast food chain for variety, we had hoped to check it out. Of course, everyone else had the same idea and it was crowded and so we got dinner elsewhere and we shall try it out sometime when the novelty has worn off a bit maybe.

Also, our strawberry plants are doing very well with many berries ripening as I type... in fact I had best go water them before I forget.


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