Dec. 3rd, 2008 01:39 pm
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Missed out on the house we really wanted.
Hopefully get another...

It's unreal I finish at work next week.

Which reminds me, get Georgia's details for a reference just in case. Transfer is a bit iffy atm.

Sleep is eluding me Wednesday mornings. Sucky. PMS is sucky and needs to hurry up and piss off.

I'm hoping to surprise mum by staying up in Hams for the entire visit. She's gonna cry no matter what.

Life is life.


ETA: Been reading Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels, and his sex scenes always crack me up. Oh, fandom, how you've ruined me for old fashioned smut.
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Hehehehehe. That's 'cause I'm classy slutty.



Jun. 20th, 2007 01:02 pm
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Okay, funny thing. Last night, I had a sex dream, which was a threesome of me with a guy and another girl. Slightly weirded me out, because, hello, girls aren't really my thing. Also, she was blonde, and I don't generally find blonde girls attractive at all. So why would I get in a threesome with one? *shrugs* I wasn't thinking much about it, but then, I was straightening my hair when I got a text...

And it looks like I might be finally meeting this guy from Myspace tonight. What's more, he asked me if I'd ever been with a chick, and would I be open to a threesome with a chick? I had to see a picture of this girl, because if she was blonde, I was gonna laugh so hard. Well, he sent me a picture, and she is. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing as soon as I saw her picture. How funny to dream of being in a threesome and then get asked to partcipate in one not more'n a few hours later!

And on that note, at least she's hot for a blonde...

Anyway, life goes on.



May. 13th, 2007 12:10 pm
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So I watched this movie last night, Frágiles (aka Fragile: A Ghost Story), that I knew absolutely nothing about. Has Calista Flockhart and Robert Roxburgh. Turns out, as scary movies go, it's not bad. It wasn't horribly terrifying, but there were certain moments I kinda wished I had someone to cling to. The ghost chick was rather freaky, really. I totally want to know where their version of Sleeping Beauty came from (the kids in the movie were watching it, and it wasn't Disney's version and the art looked much better).

Got a very good night of sleep last night, and the children were thankfully quiet this morning both flatmate and I got good sleep-ins. Makes up for the horribleness of yesterday morning.

Took this quiz thingy that makes a pretty picture...

Click here to create your own painting.

I like it.

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A Body Thing )

So, didn't meet that guy. Thought about it, planned on it, and then decided not to when he mentioned being tired. Decided it can wait for some other time. I don't want to be with someone who's gonna fall asleep on me.

Seems my week for encounters on Myspace. Normally I don't have anything happening over there. Occasionally I get Myspace whores wanting to add me, and for a while I had a stream of sci-fi authors making a bid for my attention. In face, I just got invited to read the blog of some guy that looks like he's trying his hand at sci-fi fiction. The other message I got is someone giving me props for posting a bunch of links to YouTube vids I've enjoyed. I feel so popular. :P

Life is nothing interesting. I'm on a broke streak at the moment. Hopefully this will change soon. Otherwise, I am well, and I hope y'all are doing just fine, too. Or, y'know, if you're not fine, you know you'll be okay, in time. *hugs f-list* I care about you guys, even if I don't always say it.

Be well, or tell me who I gotta nudge/whack to make things better.

xans: Xans (Abby & Gibbs) think you are alone, and turn to find out that you're not. Last night I was half-way through an episode of CSI: NY when my flatmate sleepily stumbled into the living room to ask if anything decent was on. Kinda freaked me, because I'd been under the impression he'd gone out several hours earlier, when, in fact, he'd only gone to bed (had an early morning, what with having to attend an ANZAC parade, and he's not a morning person). Thankfully I didn't embarrass myself by screaming or something when I saw him appear out of the shadows of the hallway, but my heart did jump.

@Longcat> Could a blue screen of death constitute being defenestrated?
Edible> Thrown out of Windo-
Edible> ...
* Edible goes to cry.

That made me laugh. Yet more sheepage:

I've started out with an ocelot. Let's see if you guys change that.

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What Xanthia Means

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A recent [ profile] metaquotes post involving math and gamer geekery, thanks to [ profile] palmer_kun and the like, means I will forever adore this post about a Burning Goat. Hee!

Also, sidenote of weirdness, perhaps as a disappointment on Supernatural not showing on Friday, and also overheatedness (I went to bed in many wrm layers and that probably gave my dreams a twisted turn), but I dreamed about them last night, too. I don't remember much, but in my dream Sam was left facing the ghost things alone, unarmed, because Dean was...doing something with Papa Winchester...but they showed up in the nick of time to help Sam. But Sam wouldn't talk to his dad, just grabbed some stuff out of the trunk and went back to face the ghosty creature and I sorta lost the plot after that. It was just weird watching Sam all angsty but also in charge.

I also dreamed about SGA a wee tiny bit, and, well, my spaceship. Yeah, Valerie. She showed up in my mind some weeks ago, and been prodding me to design her layout, and further discussions with Matt are hammering out technological things. And now I'm figuring out her crew. This is all sorts of fun, but it invaded my dreams, damnit, and that's just crazy-obsessive of my brain.

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Seriously, is there something about Easter and Jesus' Undead Shindig, or what, that brings out End-of-the-World vibes? I mean, firstly, there's Black Sheep coming out, uhh, tomorrow, and don't make me repeat the Multi-Fandom challenge I mentioned in my last post, and, oh, someone on my f-list chose to point out World War Z right about now... And also, May bring us 28 Weeks Later 'cause Lord knows that movie needs a sequel with, like, none of the original characters... Yeah.

Completely unrelated, although the Red Eyes might deceive you, [ profile] pandoras_evil_t posted a handful of pictures from her 21st, including a couple of me (and thus, the only important ones :P) so I figured I'd share. Hopefully she'll get a hold of more and we can sit back and admire them, too. We don't actually have any pictures of being out on the town, just ones from dinner... but hey. It was a grand time. *snerk* Photographic evidence of selling my panties would have been hilarious, now that I think about it.

Lookit! All prettified )

...Andrea makes me look tanned. *laughs*

In a bid for more linkage... I decided to go looking for CSI: NY fanfic that was Danny-centric, but non-shippy. I found a few, before I got overwhelmed and beat a hasty retreat. But there's one I read, about Danny and Flack set between Seasons 2 & 3, called Brothers and Sisters (Everything I Can't Remember). There's a second, third, & fourth part, as well. And man... I try not to cry over fics. Sometimes I can't stop tears welling up and letting one or two loose. *shakes head* This fic had me damn near bawling by the end. I liked it a lot, though.

...and now I'll get back to betaing a fic for [ profile] ashinae.

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1. Grab the nearest book
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(Nearest book to my right) Invitations to Responsibility --Alan Jenkins
I avoid using terms such as "fondling" and "interfering" which can serve to detract from the seriousness of the abuse and the extent of the man's facing up:
It takes a lot of courage to face up to the fact that you sexually abused your stepdaughter. Most men can't face it and cop out pretending that nothing happened.

(Nearest book to my left) We of the Never-Never --Mrs Æneas Gunn
But the home-making instinct is strong in a woman, and the musterers went out west without the missus. The Dandy being back at the Bitter Springs superintending the carting of new posts for the stockyard there, the missus was left in the care of Johnny and Cheon.
"Now we shan't be long," said Johnny, and Cheon, believing him, expressed great admiration for Johnny, and superintended the scrubbing of the walls, while I sat and sewed, yard after yard of over sewing, as never woman sewed before.

Being in Dad's office, I've books to my left, books to my right, and books behind me, as well. I sorta had a grand choice, so I went for the first I spotted either side of me that had the prerequisite 123 pages or so. And, hell, I thought it was interesting, if rather random.

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No, I don't know what I'm doing.

Yet another fic-list of DOOM for Ange )



Jan. 19th, 2007 05:48 pm
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Okay, so, totally not going to get to sleep in anytime soon. Amarah wakes too early and she's not quiet. And once Savannah's up, well, damn, she sure as hell doesn't know how to be quiet and can't stop stomping around like gravity don't work. Amarah's been a little fussybritches, running hot and cold as to whether she'll let me pick her up or not. Maybe she resents somewhat that I'm often the one to put her down for sleep. *snerk*

Savannah, though, damn she needs to stop eating. Every five minutes it seems, she's got something else to eat and offering it to Amarah. And usually it's sugar stuff. Which, y'know, we really don't need to hype up the two-year old, and, while Savannah's a skinny little thing, she needs to quit with all the food. We have mealtimes for a reason. Little brat keeps talking back to us, too. And that is just not on.

Speaking of food...totally craving fish'n'chips liek whoa. Dunno if I'm gonna get some, though...

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Nov. 30th, 2006 10:50 pm
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Augh! As if I don't have enough issues with hayfever, our darling cat Pearl had to have a sudden attack of cuddly cuteness of doom...and now I'm fucking covered in cat fur that insists on rising up to tickle my nose as if it weren't already being fucked with. Gah. I mean, I love that cat, she's an absolute darling, and it was probably just a thank-you for the fish I shared with her at dinner, but still. Not impressed.

Dinner, being Thursday night, was supposed to be cooked by me. But, well, Dad and I got held up at work--Jack and Caleb had gone up to Auckland to get more tree stands, and they got held up with a flat tire on their way back. So we were around 'til about 7 since Alice wouldn't really be able to handle any customers come to pick trees today. But she nicely shouted us the $$ to buy fish'n'chips for dinner, since otherwise it would have been very late before dinner got cooked. I did, in fact, cook a quiche, which I haven't done since I was, like, twelve... and we'll eat it for dinner tomorrow.

Last Tuesday I spent the night at Ange's. It was fun. We had dinner, and pigged out on junk food, and watched Stargate. 'Cause I'm le geek. And then yesterday she kindly shouted me and Jas'n frappacino whatsits at McCafe and we sat and talked. And we helped her spend more money on food. I went home for a while,a nd then came back in the evening to share dessert and watch some Star Trek Borg episodes and Shaun of the Dead. And then she kicked me and Jas'n out so she could go and have (loud) sex with Damian. *snerk*

I took the Seduction Quiz, but before I could post my results the computer died on me. Again. Fucker. Gah. So now I'm retaking it to get the proper result again. I was very amused with it.

I need to get laid.

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Seems every time I prepare a meal that's not, like, meat pies or something, I get compliments. I think possibly it's because 1) I only cook one night a week, 2) Dad and Suzy both like not having the cook for once, 3) it's their way of encouraging me to cook more often. Mebbe. As it is, I've managed not to screw up any meals yet. Even the kinda sorta more-fancy-than-my-usual meals I make.

I've also been verboten from having big lunches ever again because then I'm just not properly hungry come dinnertime. And I get full sooner. Heh. My bad.

Need to stop staying up online 'til the wee hours of the morning reading porn. Although... it was really good porn. Like, totally avoided using those horrible euphemisms and wasn't really sappy and they were perfectly in character while also being completely wasted. *laughs* Er. Yes. I enjoyed reading all that fic. But I shouldn't keep myself up so late.

See Ange on Sunday. And Tuesday. Pretty sure I'm working this weekend, but not during the week... yet.

Whee! A proper entry that is not a meme or... wait, no, I have a quiz result thingy to post, too. Hee. Nicked from [ profile] macjinx:


You look for balance and harmony, anxious, devoted. Often rash and impatient.

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What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?
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Waiting to catch up with [ profile] diea, hopefully. Eh, bien.

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Dad's getting married August 12. Yarr. I'll be in Hamilton for about four days around then. And I have to wait 'til then to get my birthday presents from him, same as I gotta wait for mine from [ profile] pandoras_evil_t. I just hope I won't be given a late birthday party plus ceremonial 21st Speeches that make me wanna roll my eyes and possibly hit someone. No speeches for my birthday, bitches.

Just four more days 'til that!

Also, I took this quiz:
You Should Date A Swede!

You're a romantic, albeit an understated and practical one.
It's more about a steady partnership for you, not unrestrained falling
Your Swede will give you the unwavering love you crave
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Am amused, and my first thought was of Sven from the Georgia Nicolson books. But somehow I doubt Rosie would be willing to hand him over, since he's a capital snogger and such. Hee.

Enjoying the nice weather while it lasts. Pretty sun. Yeah, that's all I got for now.

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How evil are you?


I've been listening to my Bright Eyes CD that [ profile] cameinlast gave me ages upon ages ago. For some reason, it sends me to sleep like no other CD I own. Honestly, I push 'play' and listen to it as I lie in bed and...zonk. I'm out for the night. I never remember the CD finishing, or taking my headphones off, but come morning when my alarm goes off, there's my discman up by the pillow, headphones NOT entangled around my body...and I swear it's only this CD it happens with! Any other CD and I'll usually wake up two or three times while it's still playing, if I do fall asleep before it finishes. Or, I'll wake up after it's ended with the headphones still on and remember to remove them. And wake up in the morning somewhat tangled in them if I forget to move the player off the bed or something. Not so when I listen to Bright Eyes, for some strange, unfathomable reason.

I've only been listening to the CD the last few days or so, after ages of not listening to it... I kept getting Perfect Sonnet stuck in my head so I just HAD to listen to the whole damn CD. Anyway, first night I listened to it and it sent me into blissful sleep, I went and dreamt about Biz, Crispy, Shannan, and Tyler... *snerk*

Today the weather is fucking brilliant. Well, okay, it's sunny so of course I'm happy. The last two days have been cold, rainy, and windy. Damn miserable and near felt like I was freezing all the time. So today... today is great. It's Friday, the weather is nice, whee! And all that jazz.

Also teasing [ profile] shiseiji a wee bit. ;)

Mum and Gary got a new kitten a while ago. See, when they sold up the house and moved back across the sound to...I think Arlington now...they had to find Marbles a new home with a nice lady 'cause they were living in an apartment where they couldn't have her. Sam and The Princess, sadly, disappeared long before the house was sold and mum believes the coyotes got 'em. Pity. Anyway, parents bought a new house, they like it a lot, and mum scored a new kitten. When a fence is built I belief the plan to acquire a couple of dogs (a pug and a german shorthead pointer-GSP for short).

Any of my friends who have been to [ profile] shiseiji's will have met and been attacked by Hummer. Well, the kitten Thumper formerly known as Smudge has a personality akin to Hummer's (for those who don't know Hummer, think of Puss 'n Boots from Shrek 2). She likes to thunder down the hallway at excessive speeds and attack feet and ankles like whoa. Sounds adorable.

I've requested of Iain to get me a free ticket to the second Pirates movie for my birthday. And to burn me a CD of the Beatles music. Or to get me booze like [ profile] pandoras_evil_t says she has. Hee.


Edit: Okay, caught an episode of Prison Break on Wednesday, first time I'd seen it... and seriously? Pretty.
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It's so fucking cold at night. Even though most of me is wrapped up nice and warm in bed, I always end up with a cold face because I gotta breathe, y'know? Well this morning after breakfast I was getting ready to brush my teeth when I looked in the mirror and saw some 'food' on my bottom lip. I go to wipe it off, only it doesn't disappear. Closer inspection and I realise... it's not food. It's dried blood. It's so fucking cold at night that my lips bloody cracked and bled!

And as I was making my way to the library today, it started to rain, but then the rain started to hurt... fucking hail! It's cold. *shivers*


Edit to add:

Find your Celestial Choir
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Bus drivers here are mean. It's wet and cold and rainy and I'm flustered because they're fucking glaring at me when all I want is a little rid down to town and apparently can't even name my destination right. Mean sons of bitches.

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Введите текст на латинице

And then I had to go and do these bloody quizzes )

I desperately wish I had a digital camera. The Bucket Fountain has been... transplasticized. It's, um, covered in this stuff. Looks really weird. Hence, I wish I could show it to y'all. At first I thought it was some weird act of vandalism, but then there were these signs explaining it was covered in this stuff that would slowly break apart and be gone by Sunday.
*yawn* Was up later that normal for a Wednesday night. We watched two hours of Dalziel and Pascoe, before watching CSI: NY and Bones, which we'd taped. Speaking of Bones, it happened to be the first episode [ profile] diea caught, I belive. With the TV interview and she mentions she's not going to have kids. I love that show, I really do.

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"The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary."
- James D. Nicoll

"English is the result of Norman men-at-arms attempting to pick up Saxon barmaids and is no more legitimate than any of the other results."
- H. Beam Piper

'Cause I love that first quote, and that second one's pretty amusing, too. I wish I'd known them well enough to quote a couple weeks ago... Conor, Milan, Aston and I were going to play darts, and Aston said something, I think, that I corrected. And he started questioning why someone not from the country which invented the language could say how something is supposed to be said. And somewhere in there I said that English is a bastard language anyway... would have been nice if I'd had those quotes to back me up. Eh, bien.
Also, saw this icon in [ profile] userpicks:


And a quiz result. Pretty pictures...

What type of Fae are you?

I'm in fae mood at the moment really...

And my hand is freezing. Damnit.

Might be going to see Brokeback Mountain with the lady I'm staying with. Maybe.


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