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Top Ten Politically Correct Christmas Carols:
1. O Holiday Tree
2. Have Yourself a Merry Little Day of Winter
3. Frosty the Snowperson
4. Chestnuts Roasting on a Safely Contained Continuously Monitored Eco-Friendly Non-toxic Outdoor Fire (for which I do have a permit)
5. Higher Power Rest Ye Merry Gentlepersons
6. Grandma Allegedly Got Run Over By an Unidentified Non-Human Perpetrator
7. Deck the Halls with Boughs of Non-endangered Foliage (If office policy permits)
8. Hark! The Herald Mythical Winged Creature Sings
9. I Saw Mommy Greeting Santa Claus with a Purely Platonic Expression of Inoffensive Mutual Affection
10. I'll Be Home for a Short Period of Time in December
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Um, I don't know if I want to put up a tree this year. Alan and I have no plans to have family over or anything, so why do it? But it's Christmas and we have a black tree and stuff. Well I can figure it out soon enough I guess.

And then, [livejournal.com profile] diea made an fb status update about eggnog. Well, of course she did. Christmas is coming and all that. But it, of course, reminded me of a quote, "Eggnog, then. Noggy eggs. Eggs that are somewhat nogged." -Sirius Black, [livejournal.com profile] shoebox_project Aaaaaand I thought, my god, I haven't checked Shoebox in years... how is my beloved unfinished fanfic, one of the very first pieces I ever read? How is it doing these days?

Well, OMG! Some ruddy bastard hacked it and deleted the whole damn thing! A very important lesson to us all to be very careful about what email addresses we have linked to our accounts and to make sure to keep those email address valid, or get rid of them entirely. But still, all is not lost. Shoebox is preserved in .pdf format and I found the links and all that, but I also wandered over to [livejournal.com profile] cult_sbp (where we can talk about how Shoebox has affected our lives, and affects it still) and I discovered some lovely person was putting together an .epub and .mobi format for those of us with e-readers. How awesome is that? So awesome.

So at Thanksgiving my mum had my step-dad over... I know they're not married anymore but that's the easiest way to describe my relationship to him. He's still my step-dad even if not legally so. Anyway, he's incredibly anti-technology, so he and I haven't kept very close contact since I moved back to New Zealand. But mum had the wonderful idea to get him to sit down and talk with me on Skype at Thanksgiving, so I could ask him myself if he would come to my wedding. It took him a few minutes but he really warmed up to being able to have a face-to-face conversation over the computer. Apparently the request is in that mum show him how to set it up on his computer now lmao.

Also have come up with colours for wedding, would like royal blue, light blue and silver. Along with the medieval/fantasy theme. Rudimentary guest list, now I just need to figure out a venue and also look at possible group rates for accommodation (as big as our house is, we can't house everyone). Also figured instead of a traditional tier cake to go for a flat one with fancy artwork on the icing. There were jokes about using my king and queen lego figurines as the bride and groom to pay homage to my lego obsession...

Alan and I finally got to try out our newly revamped cinemas the other night, to see Immortals 3D. First time I've gone to a 3D movie. Apart from omg the price, altogether was rather cool. We were also going to have dinner at the Wendy's that has just opened up. I don't really remember the menu that well from my time living in the States but another fast food chain for variety, we had hoped to check it out. Of course, everyone else had the same idea and it was crowded and so we got dinner elsewhere and we shall try it out sometime when the novelty has worn off a bit maybe.

Also, our strawberry plants are doing very well with many berries ripening as I type... in fact I had best go water them before I forget.

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So despite feeling rather un-christmasy (but not in a totally bah humbug way), I did get around to putting our tree up, and it became a daily game of fixing the tree skirt because Gratch kept raking it up. We put no presents under the tree, so it became her favourite bed as she is the only Christmas present we could possibly ever want or need.

We also had stockings but I never filled them with goodies. Meh. There were parcels from my mum, which was mostly presents for me but a cushion for Alan that has Reese's Peanutbutter Cups on it because he loves them so. I got a cushion too that folds up to look like a cat. Gratch hasn't really freaked out about it, but she may have been jealous of me cuddling it earlier. Possibly. Or maybe it was the fact I picked her up and held her when she didn't want to be and made her make eye contact with me when she really didn't want to.

Had phone calls from both mum and dad. Dad was more interested to hear about possible wedding plans and any intentions of returning to university. Mum, I think, wanted an excuse to blab and told me a bunch of things. The main thing is she didn't put a tree up this year because her divorce to Gary is finalised next month and she will be moving out. Sadness, because they had been together about as long as she was with my dad, and it hasn't worked out. Again.

We had ham and potato roasties, salad and bread for Christmas lunch, just me, Alan, and Joe. Nice and quiet, was really good. Plus the sun was shining although the wind was annoyingly strong. Still, sunshine on Christmas day, was better than expected. Pancakes for dinner.

My other pressies from mum included some new mascara and eye shadow, plus make-up brushes because mine were all old and disintegrated, a couple of tops, some lingerie, and a pair of sketchers because they are probably my favourite brand of shoes ever. They have funky designs and comfy shoes and I loff them.

Being Boxing Day, it's a big shopping day equivalent to the Americans Black Friday following Thanksgiving. So Alan and I went shopping, to get presents for the grandkids (hey, doesn't matter when we get them so long as it's before we see them haha), and also I demanded we get some new sheets for the bed as ours are getting thin and holy, plus new pillows for the spare beds. Horribly domestic, I know. But necessary.

Also got a nice business shirt for him and two new pairs of jeans for me, LEGO (castles!).... but the biggest purchase of the day was a 50" HD plasma television.... it was on special! And our tv is a mere 32" and just... it was on special! Alan is wrapped.

Of course now that we've shelled out for tv I am pointing out with a tad more frequency that I am still wearing my grandmother's opal ring and not the sapphire ring I really, really need to show the world my taken status. Haha. Still the tv is pretty cool. We christened it by watching Angels & Demons which we bought a few weeks back and I had to rescue from Joe's rooms because he watched it half a dozen times.

Was most unimpressed, he's away for a few days with his new gf and was asked to tidy his rooms and clean out the front garden, neither of which has been done. Not only that but his computer was still on; he'd turned the monitor off but there was a full-screen game running. Waste of power for the FAIL. And a good portion of our dvd collection was down there, and I'm sure we're still missing some dvd's and no idea if he took them on his trip or not, without asking us. :( Like I said, not impressed.

Anyway, that's me... hope all is well with my f-list too.



Dec. 15th, 2010 10:05 pm
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The tree is up! We had a note in the mail saying they would be cutting power today to do some linework so I thought I would use the time to put the tree up. The power never got cut off but I put the tree up anyway. It looks nice. I put a couple pictures up on my facebook of our cat snuggling on the tree skirt underneath.

My mum tells me she sent me her wedding dress in one of the parcels she sent me this year. I... don't remember ever getting any dresses from her. I honestly can't remember what her wedding dress looks like anyway, but I would have thought I'd remember that. But she insists she doesn't have it anymore and must have sent it to me. The possibility is that one parcel never arrived...

It came up as I showed her pictures of the dresses I like, and how I want a medieval/fantasy wedding. I told her how I'm pretty much in charge of planning it since it will mostly be "my" day. That's not to say it's not Alan's day and I won't listen to what he wants, but he's pretty easy-going about a lot of it. Not only that but this will be my first ever wedding, he's already been there and done that.

I have a job interview on Friday. Fingers crossed.



Dec. 13th, 2010 10:47 pm
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It's 12 days until Christmas. I have no tree up. No decorations out. No presents bought. I've got... no plans for the day. I don't know why I seem so anti-Christmas this year but I just have no desire to do ANYTHING.



Feb. 23rd, 2010 02:11 pm
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So I just got home from a nice few days away with Alan. He's got like three weeks of leave. The first thing we did was on the Saturday before we left, we went up to Palmerston North for the birthday of Chris and Cathy's granddad. It was nice, although the weather was shite. We also caught up with a good friend of his, Kat, and checked out our old stomping grounds, the Woolworths-turned-Countdown (looking awesome!) and the slightly smaller Mitre 10 Mega. Said hi to a few folks.

Anyway, on the Tuesday, we drove up to Cathy's place in the Taranaki, just outside of a place called Manaia. The mountain decided to be shy, so no photos. We caught up with Cathy, I got to meet her partner Scott, and Cathy's mum Marty came over for dinner. Next day we checked out Opunake, the wee town where Chris and Cathy were teenagers and got into mischief. Looked at a couple stores, had a really nice coffee at the cafe there, before heading off. We decided to drive up to Hamilton by the New Plymouth route.

New Plymouth is one city neither Alan nor I have been to, and I would like to go back there for a longer stay at some stage. There were some interesting shops to check out and a coffee place we were reccommended but did not actually feel like stopping at this time. It was overcast but muggy and just a bit too hot for coffee. Our drive up the coast revealed some rather fine land sheltered between ocean and high hills and cliffs, ideal for cutting off and developing into a zombie-free zone. There were even tunnels ideal for building gates.

Arrived in Hamilton, where we planned to spend three nights and two days. Wandered around town Thursday morning before going over to [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t to visit and see my goddaughter. Sorcha is such a little cutie. Had a nice little visit, managed to score some rum for Alan for his birthday, as well as the gin and instant kiwi as part of my chrissy present. The instant kiwi won me $2. I may have imitated that macca's ad with the ginger when I found that.

Friday the 19th was Alan's birthday. He may have whined a bit that he didn't have cake, so I was going to make one... but first we went shopping at the Base. That took longer than I expected, and by the time we got back, dad was making the cake. So I agreed to do the icing. The evening's plan was to attend this concert and picnic dinner on the Rhodedendrum lawn of the Hamilton Gardens, and that was very entertaining. There was even cake for Alan, complete with icing.

My dad and Suzy found this ginger kitten outside their house just after Christmas, that they brought in. Suzy named him Sherlock, and she's his human. She doesn't understand this, but I've told her she gets no say in the matter. She's his favourite, and that's how it's going to be. I'm glad they have the kitten, as all their pets are getting on in years, and the puppy my step-sister Carla gave them last year died of a congenital thing after only a couple of weeks. Anyway, their new kitten is a bundle of mischief. But so cute.

Oh, and Alan was driving over to the Warehouse near where my dad lives, listening to the Rock, and he happened to be following the Rock van at the time. It gets announced tha the first person to the rock van outside would win a free Hell's pizza, so hey! He hopped on over and won us a free pizza. Unfortunately it was only from one of two hell's pizzas in Hams, so we grabbed it that evening even though we already had dinner sorted. It meant we had leftovers, hee.

Saturday we headed up to the Coromandal. Dad gave us directions to take this country route, but he got me confused after the third or fourth left-turn/right-turn, so we went the sign-posted way, and caught ourselves a hitch-hiker. He was this young South African guy heading to Paeroa to interview an old woman there (I forget her name) who had been charged for growing cannibis (she took it for her arthritis) with all these miscellaneous charges of gang-related stuff and all that. He was doing a doco about it but his ride had to cancel and so he was hitching. We were nice. :D

Anyway, should we ever win lotto, I think we'll be settling down in the Coromandel; it's really gorgeous up there, and the prices are not that bad. It's more expensive here where we live! But we got to the motor camp, had a look at the options available to stay in, and settled on these cabin/caraven hybrids, that were kitted with everything but toilets and hot water, and were only $65 a night. We were going to stay one night, and then decided to stay for two. And then Alan promptly went fishing, while I got a bit of sunbathing in.

I'd gone to grab the camera, and by the time I got back to Alan on the rocks, he'd caught his first snapper. It was only a little one, just barely legal (possibly) that was a fine addition to our dinner of fish and chips. Then Alan went for an evening fish, where I got some lovely sunset photos, and he caught another snapper, again small, but still legal. I don't know how we managed it, but we did wake before dawn and so he was able to get in a morning fish. One was too small and he had to throw back, but the other was fine.

We took a drive into Whitianga, where shops were amazingly open on a Sunday, and bought a couple things, checked out the local Mitre 10, and got some supplies from New World. Like beer. :D So in the afternoon I got some more sunbathing, he had rotton luck at fishing, before we went for another drive and explore... He tried for another evening fish, but nothing wanted to get caught, and they didn't in the morning, either.

Finally yesterday was the drive home, and it was a long drive home. Not only because of (extremely) slow drivers, and (frequent) roadworks, but because we did a bit of a tiki-tour without the aid of maps to show us the quickest route. I saw more of back country roads than I expected to, and learned I ought to be more assertive in my opinions, because the route I thought was more direct was the more direct, but he was leery of following a gravel road. No matter, it just meant we had a long day of him driving.

Coming home kinda sucked, because Joe and Heaven had been making use of the entire house, and that's fucked with my OCD. Things in the kitchen weren't where they were supposed to go, and they'd helped themselves to more than just the perishables we'd said they could use... I apologised to Alan because I kinda started bitching inside of five minutes, and it didn't help that I was tired (and thus, cranky) and that Joe wanted to fill us in on all the things that had been happening while we were gone and hear all about our trip right then and there. I think I told him a couple times we just wanted to relax and unwind a bit, if that wasn't too much trouble.

As it is, Gratch has formed a new bad habit. It started just before we left, but she has taken to curling up and sleeping on the dining table in the kitchen. I have taught her from an early age that kitchen benchtops and tables (be it dining, outdoor, or coffee) are off-limits to kitty. Now I'm going to have to fight her on it all over again.

Anyway, I posted some pictures from the holiday on my facebook, for those who are interested (and if you're interested but don't have me added on fb, feel free to make the request). So yeah. That's life.

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Hi, 2010. Hope you're gonna be nice. This year, I would like...

...a new job.
...to make a serious dent in my debts.
...to lose some weight.
...to get my tattoo finally.
...Joe and Heaven to find jobs and move out.

That's a start, anyhow.

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So we dropped Joe off at Heaven's grandmother's today. They are leaving on the ferry tomorrow for the South Island. Heaven's grandma is moving to Aussie soon and just giving her stuff away. Heaven's been getting first dibs on the stuff, like the tv, computer, lounge suite, dining suite, and (very hopefully for us) a pair of sea kayaks. We got a bit of a thank-you/acknowledgement from Joe regarding the help we've given him and Heaven, and that was really nice to hear.

Anyway, Heaven's grandma lives over in Eastborne so we ended up stopping in Petone to do a bit of window shopping. And it's such a fine day, I was out and about in my school-girl skirt, tank top, and a vest. So, there I was looking into a shop, and this old man walking past me muttered, "Very sexy." And I laughed. Told Alan what he said, and he laughed. And it's kept me laughing throughout the day. Only an old man would be cheeky enough to actually say that. I KNOW other guys were checking me out, but it was the old man who had the guts to say something. So funny though.

And then we came home and it was fine enough to go nude sunbathing up at Peka Peka. That was rather nice. I like being able to do that.

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In case any of you missed the link from [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes, THIS is a rather beautiful tale. Beautifully written, as well. Read it now. NOW I TELL YOU. :)

Baked some goodies. The peppermint choc chip biscuits could have been better, but are still pretty nommmy. The banana loaves have turned out beautifully. Cannot decide if one or both shall go in the freezer, to wait until after the other Christmas goodies are made and eaten. See, I have plans to bake shortbread biscuits and gingerbread men-soon as Alan gets me some cookie cutters. Also, Alan wants me to make a mocha truffle cheesecake for Christmas. I was also going to have Joe make a pavlova, but then I forgot he was going to be away for Christmas with Heaven. I suppose I could try my hand at it for the very first time.

Christmas parcel from my mum arrived. And that was a wee drama as she accidentally put the wrong address on it. But they were able to find me in the phone directory to get the correct address. So YAY! Must resist opening. Must resist opening. It's so tempting though.

So, yeah, that's it for now. Gotta watch the clock a wee bit, I want to cook some corned beef for dinner, and not fuck it up like last time by putting it on too late. Should be okay this time though.

Slightly sunburned from yesterday, ow. My bad.

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So I've never had a problem with it before, but twice in two days I've gone to hit up my f-list and been hit with the Security Tool virus/malware trying to get me to dload it. And it's only happened when I've gone to look at my f-list. :(

Gonna have a bit of a holiday from Heaven and Joe... she's gone up to Aucks for the Greenday concert and to see her dad. And when she gets back she's staying at her grandma's until the 23rd, when Alan is dropping Joe off there and they're off to the South Island until the 2nd. I imagine Joe is going to be hanging around upstairs a lot in the meantime... he tends to get bored if she's not around and wants to socialise with his dad. And usually Alan is trying to wind down for the day/week and just wants quiet time.

But anyway, even though they're gone for Christmas, Chris, Tarns, Jess, Jaylen (sp?) & Kaylee (Chris' twins that are visiting from Aus), Dani & Bella are coming down for Christmas. Lochy and Jasmine are going to be at their dad's. So not all seven of the grandbabies thank goodness. Jon said he might come over to see us, but then again he and his Jess may just have a quiet day together.

And then my dad is coming down on New Years, not quite sure if my brother is coming down at the same time or slightly differently, but they're both leaving on the 4th, so I will get to see my brother for a couple of days there... He's coming to visit from Japan from today til the 8th of Jan, his first visit back in 2 1/2 years. I wasn't sure I'd get to see him since we weren't getting up to Hamilton this year, but instead he and dad are coming my way, yay! (See, people need to come visit me more often, because otherwise I get all resentful when they ask if/when I'm going to come visit.)

As if that was our only time hosting, Alan's mum wants to come and visit for a couple of days during there somewhere. We were going to have her sometime between Christmas and New Years, and then Dad sprung his and Iain's holiday plans on us, and so she's going to have to wait just a little bit longer. I wonder how she's going to handle our couches--she's fairly short (not as short as Alan's mum-by-law Ma Clamp, but still short) and they're quite high... without shoes on my feet are about a centimetre off the floor if I'm sitting upright. But they are cushy as all hell. I suppose there's always the divan bed, if she can handle no back support. Hell, just maybe we'll borrow one of Joe's chairs from his lounge suite.

Anyhow... feeling quite upbeat and productive. I shaved my legs (sooo hairy which is wrong in these sunny warm times) as I chose to wear a dress today and yeah... no one wants to see that. (Alan looked up the 3 month weather projection, and fucking La Niña is gonna make it a shitty summer. :( Not happy.) But I also did the last three nights dishes, two loads of laundry, and compiled the shopping list with extra baking stuff for Christmas treats.

Last night we gave Gratch a flea bath. Not only is she shedding like crazy with summer starting, but she was really dirty, AND she had fleas. Of course, the big reason she's so dirty is that she thinks the planter boxes on the balcony with extra potting mix are her new litter boxes. The one with the capsicum plants got completely tore up. But anyway, bathed her, with made her cry, but washed off a lot of dirt and hair, and hopefully killed some fleas. We'll also be getting her another collar.

Life is good...

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Yeah, went and uploaded some new icons. Needed the revamp. Have decided I really do rather adore my layout and colour scheme, have done so for over three years now, I believe.

It is a likely possibility I will be in Vancouver, BC in July next year. And that means a trip down to WA to see mum and Gary and show off Seattle to Alan.

This means I really, really need job to save up dosh and everything. And this is also remembering I still want a sea kayak by this summer. Because, yeah, I live by the beach!

Um, if you're curious, go have a look at the [livejournal.com profile] sg1_five_things latests posts after they're unscreened on September 14. I decided to write for a couple.

Banana choc chip muffins and Banana Cake are still made of win.

Joe and Heaven being back is made of fail.

Alan wants the computer, so I better stop all this now. I'll be happy when he gets his own box again.

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Everything behind the cuts before "Christmas Week" was written about two weeks ago, before we came to see everybody.

Ramblings about Gratch )
The House )
Hosting Dinner )
Pre-Christmas Mayhem )
Christmas Week )
New Years Week )
General loot acquired over the last two weeks... (given and bought)

-beachfeet shoes for beach walking
-some gorgeous madden girl high heels unlike anything I own, 'cause they're pretty
-tye dye dress, summery top, ruby necklace, bras, and I forget what other little goodies from mum... oh, she bought a nice aoteroa t-shirt when we were in taupo
-corsety top
-four t-shirts with amusing pictures
-red dress figurine neclace holder from Alan
-towel and body butter from Denise
-oily skin treatment creme from Laura and Savannah
-smelly toiletry stuff from Rachel
-various dvds... Band of Brothers, season ten of SG-1 and the two movies, By Any Means (another miniseries with Charley Boorman), Short Circuit, Run Lola Run, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
-the fairy jewellery box
-two lego sets, one of dwarf and orcs, the other star wars, from Alan...

...and that's where I forget what else there is. Eh, well. It's been a very up and down kind of year. And a stressful last month. Can't wait for home and some peace.

ETA: Okay, how could I forget the gin? [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t gave me gin. Yay!



Dec. 8th, 2008 11:52 am
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It's becoming more real as we went to Paraparaumu on Friday to look at places. We've settled on one that is about two blocks from the beach and is $330 p/w but also gotta remember to get power sorted and then phoneline+broadband is in around the $100 p/m range so maybe hang on that until Alan is getting paid. His first salary (monthly) doesn't come until the beginning of January so my savings are going to get us through the month of December before we work out a repayment plan that doesn't leave us flat ass broke to meet costs. Also, need to know if my job/transfer is secure or I gotta hype up my CV yet again.

Will post new address and other contact details for those interested at some stage, because everyone will want to visit and hang out in our sleepout. Which reminds me, [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t I don't mind paying the train fare for you to come visit for a week as a b-day pressy or some such, if you can scrape up some spending money and we hit up Welly and other touristy attractions. We can work out details when I'm up in Hamilton.

Gratch is not happy about the boxes, although she thinks they are a wonderfuly set of stepping blocks. She is addicted to achieving high perches. Thankfully she's only got stuck once. But she also tries to attack the bubble wrap because she likes the popping noises. Will not adore us for shutting her up on moving day and then caging her to travel down. But the new place has a cat door so she can be an inside/outside cat... until we go up to Hams and she's in a cattery.

Having to stop myself from buying dvds, particularly ones on special at the Warehouse or Whitcoulls. Having to keep myself from spending much, period, especially 'til after we move.

Anywho... have I mentioned enough that packing sucks?

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Yet another story out of my cousin John recently, same old style, but not the usual subject...

Yesterday we were celebrating Thanksgiving with a family from our church. I don’t recall how the topic came up, but somehow I found myself talking about my childhood, specifically the story you’re about to read. Thinking about it was so fun I decided to write this story. No, this is not my typical story about my zany adventures at work; this is a story about being a juvenile delinquent.

So there I was…

…Sitting in my sixth grade science class listening to Mr. Brannon, my teacher, wax eloquently about the structure of atoms. This was my first foray into nuclear science, and I was fascinated. I sat transfixed as he described the way protons, neutrons, and electrons interact with each other and bond to form atoms. Right then and there I decided to be a nuclear physicist. Of course, that didn’t last once I learned my brain doesn’t wrap itself around differential equations and other types of math that doesn’t even involve numbers, but that’s not the point of the story.

It got even better when Mr. Brannon explained the process of electrolysis, where electrical current is run through water to break apart the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. He demonstrated it by running current through a beaker full of water, and we could all see the tiny gas bubbles forming on the electrodes.

I said to myself, “Self,” (that’s what I call myself), “We have an easy, cheap way of obtaining two pure, highly flammable gasses. Now what can we do with that?”

Imagine, if you will, the metaphorical light bulb over my head pulsating with sheer delight when I came up with the idea. I rushed home after school and went right into the garage, not even bothering to drop my backpack in the house. I got a five-gallon bucket, filled it with water, and brought it back into the garage. In hindsight twenty years later, I think maybe doing this in the garage wasn’t a good idea, but that’s neither here nor there.

Once I had a bucket of water, I stole some wire coat hangers from in the house and cut the straight bottoms off them. That way I had two straight wires about a foot long each. I set those aside. I dug out dad’s car battery charger and set it up next to the bucket, then put the wires into the alligator clips. I stuck the alligator clips into the water and made sure they didn’t touch – I wanted the current going through the water, not completing a circuit between the electrodes. My next step was to put a garbage bag over the bucket and tape it off with masking tape (I didn’t use the ol’ standby of duct tape because I didn’t want the bag to tear when I tore it off). Finally, I plugged in the battery charger.

Being merely twelve years old, I had the patience of a twelve year-old. I could barely contain myself waiting for the bag to fill up, which took almost a week if memory serves me. It felt like it took all year, though, and at times I wondered if I was going to be married and moved away before I had a garbage bag of 2/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen.

In the meantime, however, I got a two-foot length of cannon fuse from a friend, James. You see, hobby shops at the time regularly sold cannon fuse. It wasn’t hard to come by, wasn’t controlled, and apparently no one assumed twelve year-olds buying cannon fuse were up to anything dangerous (don’t let your twelve year-olds read this, but it still holds true today. Just go to the black powder section of Sportsman’s Warehouse).

Ok, the longest week of my life (up until then) was over, and the bag was full of flammable gas. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling as I carefully pealed the masking tape off, then quickly closed the bag so as not to lose any of the precious material inside. I inserted the fuse so about twenty inches or so was sticking out the bottom, then taped the bag shut.

Essentially, I had just created a garbage bag-sized balloon that was lighter than air (due to being 2/3 hydrogen) and had a fuse for a handle. HOW AWESOME!!!

I hadn’t bothered to tell any of my friends about my little “science experiment,” for fear their sixth grade mouths would run and tell someone. I took my experiment outside by myself into the alley behind our garage, lit the fuse, and let go.

It was a beautiful thing to watch that brown garbage bag float higher and higher, anxiously awaiting the impending earth-shattering kaboom. I had planned for my own safety very well, however, by making the fuse so long – I didn’t want to be anywhere near that thing when it exploded. In the two minutes or so it took the fuse to burn down, the balloon floated so high I couldn’t even see it anymore. “Darn,” I said to myself, thinking it would be too far away to enjoy the benefits of my labor.

BOOOOOOMMM!!!! Came the report. I couldn’t actually see the bag anymore, but a big orange and blue ball of flame was all the evidence I needed to know where it was – er, had been. I doubt any fragments of the bag survived, and even if they did I never found them. About three seconds later, I think, I actually felt the shockwave push against my head and chest, and car alarms started going off throughout the neighborhood (those were a new thing in those days).

I was so giddy I actually started jumping up and down, laughing hysterically in a way that strangely reminds me of my two year-old son today. Every time he gets excited and starts laughing like that, I think of how grey my hair is going to be in about ten years.



Nov. 17th, 2008 09:21 am
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Mylie Cyrus' "I Can't Wait To See You Again" is a sucky, sucky song to wake up and realise you've been dreaming about it. And are still singing it in your head. Bugger that.

Mind you, Alan having a nightmare about a tsunami where he almost gets washed away, and at least one of his boys is injured... way worse. Poor darling.

My down-on-the-knees begging got me the time off work at the end of December, yay! That gives me from Christmas Day to just after New Years up in Hamilton with my mum and step-dad. And all the rest of the family and [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t.

Still sleepy. Damn.

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You know... give me a dream about being a jedi running around in a storm trooper's gear killing imperial troops and I'm happy. Gimme a hispanic/asian looking side-kick and, yeah, weird, but okay, still running around killing bad guys. Gimme Uma Thurman as a superhot princess to rescue ('cept she doesn't need much rescuing) and things are better. Put me in a house and find fucking scorpions in the bedrooms?

Wake me up in a sweat 'cause they're bloody scary. Thank you brain. Thank you so much.

Yay, I now have Death Proof.

Also, Bones is now on Sunday nights, so I can actually watch it, if I remember, which I didn't, when NCIS was on at that time.

Darling may be moving up in the world. May be moving further south, if all goes well.

Why work doesn't just, I dunno, change my hours on Monday from 2-10 instead of from 3-10? Beyond me. If we move, it won't matter anyhow.

Alan thinks I'd be more than capable to do the work to achieve the qualifications in retail that he's just completed. Reassuring. I should be a superviser, it would me work so much easier. Probably longer hours and the push to let work take over my life, though.

Ummm... Mum and Gary are coming to New Zealand for Christmas. I seriously wish I could get more time off work to spend with them, but NO LEAVE AVAILABLE they tell me and like I'm gonna find someone to cover those shifts? Wish I had a doctor friend to fake me a sick note, but that would be unethical. Eh, well.

I forgot one of my Aussie cousins lives in Rotorua now. I'm so out of touch with reality sometimes. My other cousin in Rotorua is pregnant. Christ (Alan's eldest) and Tarns are expecting the twins to arrive on the 19th, but like babies know that sort of thing. He just proposed to her on their anniversary, too. He was a real romantic about it, too.


Busy buzzy

Dec. 31st, 2007 10:03 am
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Well, I'm back in Palmy now, and was able to catch a couple hours in Bella's bed (after a hefty make-out session with my darlin). I did sleep on the bus down, but of course I kept being woken up... plus the driver was speeding a lot, I think to make up for the delays loading and unloading, and that made the ride bumpier. At least I had two seats all to myself, though.

Was so good to see him this morning. Would have been nice if he could have been picking me up to take me straight home, but, oh well. We can wait a little longer. He can call me anytime he likes now. :D

Going to be interesting working until closing again. People are going to be super pissed they can't get their last minute booze from the supermarket. I wonder how many drunks we'll get? I fair few I should imagine. That's gonna suck.

Working 'til closing again tomorrow night. Weird to think of the place closing, 'cause, really, we could be a 24/7 operation, but they'd probably struggle for people willing to work those public holiday times unless they offered more than time and a half and day in lieu. I still don't understand closing New Year's night, though. Mind you, I don't understand the day after New Year's being a public holiday. Ah well, who'm I to question when it's going to fatten my paycheck?

James Blunt stuck in my head.

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Okay, since I have all the time in the world at the moment, I'm going to make an attempt to cover the ups and downs of my life over the past two months. That I haven't really said much about in here.

So, back in June, I'd moved into this temporary women's accommodation place, while I job and flat-hunted. Landed two part time jobs, one at a supermarket as a checkout chick, and one at Mitre 10 mega in the service aquad. One of my coworkers at said Mega was looking for a female flatmate to move in with him and this other guy, and rent was about 90 a week. So I moved in with Ben and Clayton in August sometime.

It was okay, had a lot of fun when Ben was over in Aus and Clayton had this friend Lauren visiting. We went out on the town and stuff, got pissed several times and I discovered red wine makes me nauseous. So boo to that.

Ben came back from Aus, two weeks later than planned, and we fought a lot. His little peculiarities got on my nerves, I felt he was behaving like a child as he tried to treat me and Clayton like errant children in "his" house. And it was revealed that he would be moving back to Australia to be near his estranged wife and their three four kids. (I got to find out from the landlord's wife that Sam had had their fourth in September when he was over there. I lived with him and he didn't fucking tell me that.)

I was quite angry about the shit Ben left behind. He owed me money, which was factored into the price I paid for his fridge. I couldn't afford his washing machine straight away, but I had plans to buy that too. But he'd also left a bunch of other furniture and rubbish for me and Clayton to deal with--Clayton busy with his own plans to go an an OE. And Ben owed him money, too.

Anyway, I ended up with the fridge, washing machine, microwave, and kitchen table along with all my stuff. But I had no flatmates and couldn't afford the rent on my own. Not even til too possible other flatmates could be found. So it was back to the women's accommodation place, and time to start flat-hunting again. On the upside, Nga still lived there so I had at least one friend to get along with to begin with. But the other girl Christy was not bad, either.

Gladys, who used to live there, got to hold on to my bottle of scotch as the place was alcohol free, and it gave me an excuse to visit her (although I got so busy with work that I didn't get much of a chance to).

We had another girl move in, who had lived there before as well, by the name of Bella. And alternative-lifestyler, she and I got along very well given our like of kink. She more than I, but the other girls were quite vanilla compared to us. Still, another fine friend in my life with her.

Flat hunting was hard. My time was consumed between working, sleeping, and making sure I got my chores done... not to mention being social, and any bits of shopping or whatever I needed done, that sometimes, yeah, the flat-hunting got put on the back burner. And that was not a good thing because the house closed down from the 22nd of Dec to the 21st of Jan, and I really didn't want to up and move my shit all over again.

Being expected to cook a meal or two a week was also inconvenient, given my working, not to mention the fact we were rarely all home together at the same time. The rules of the house almost go by the assumption the residents have no lives outside of the house, which just ain't so.

Anyway, early November, I put in an application for leave at Mega for the last weekend of December. If I did that and didn't pick up extra shifts at Woolies, I could have four days up in Hamilton to see family and friends. But I was told the next weekend it couldn't be approved because no one gets leave in December or January, the busiest time of year. Well, I'd already made my plans and bought my (non-refundable) tickets assuming one little weekend off would not make a difference. So I handed in my resignation to finish on the 16th of December. (My manager said to my darlin that it was a shame since I'm such a good worker, but 1: they didn't even wait for me to leave before scraping my name off my cubby hole, and 2: I got replaced by another girl pretty damn easily, really.)

And my deciding to quit Mega is how I landed my darling. )

This was all happening in the lead-up to Christmas as well, wasn't it? So I'd got mum and dad pestering me for a mailing address and what I want for Christmas (and I'm going, "I don't know where I'm living at Christmas!" and "I don't have any idea what I want, nothing big!"). And of course the customers at (either) work are in a rush, sometimes cranky, and it's a hectic time to be moving and all. Plus I told Dad and Suzy not to get me anything expensive because they bought my bike earlier this year.

Mind you, I came to the startling conclusion that I needn't do my shopping for anyone til Boxing day, because I don't see them til after that. Except for my darling, and I sort of got him two presents. The one before Christmas was some choc body paint and this, um, outfit? (It doesn't hide much) The outfit was for me to wear, 'cause I knew the effect it would have... and that was a good end to my Christmas Eve night. Work was such a bitch on Monday.

Our Christmas day plans were kind of ruined by the weather. The idea had been to hit up the beach and take a stroll before a picnic lunch. So naturally, it rained. Porbably just as well, because my six day work weeks, and adjusting to a schedule of broken sleep (getting up at five to be in town when he starts, then sleeping some more at Bella's since I don't start til afternoon...), I was so tired I took a nap or two, and had an early night. I felt bad because I kind of neglected Alan in favour of playing some Dungeon Siege, but as he told me later, he could tell I needed the mindless game thing to relax, and so he gave me some space even if he would have liked my company (and for me to have been a bit more amourous, but my mind wasn't cooperating).

(lmao I knew this would happen. I haven't signed up for a single extra shift this week, given the being out of town thing, so naturally I got a call from work asking if it would be possible to do a few hours this afternoon/tonight. Georgia said she'd make a note of my unavailability so it doesn't happen again.)

So Boxing day I did my shopping, and spent more money on myself than anyone else. Best I could calculate it was around $400, but then half of that was on the cell phones. I decided it was time I got a new one, just a cheap one, but nice, and then I also bought Alan one because he didn't have a vodafone, just telecom. And if I'm really efficient I'll set up txt2000 and BestMate so it's even cheaper than my current prepay thing.

I also bought a couple sets of lego, which was where I spent around a 100 more of the estimated 400. It cracked Alan up to see me sitting on the floor putting my lego sets together...butt nekkid. And that he felt the chill long before I paid any attention to it because I had my legos. Also, telling me to put my toys away and come eat dinner. It was pretty funny though.

I seem to have done well with my choice of presents for the family though. My step-sisters all got the same type of chocolates, which was easy enough and they were all happy. Savannah quite liked her glow necklaces. Amarah did cuddle with her little stuffed zebra, but Izayah was only slightly interested in his stuffed frog. Suzy does like her scarf and Il Divo cd (that I copied before giving to her) and I got Dad this drill bit set he asked for, plus the Spaceballs dvd (copied that one too).

My presents were quite nice too. From Mum I got the usual mix of clothes and itty bits (vair cute) and $50, from Dad and Suzy I got a set of pjs, the Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz dvds, and lollies. I got a diary from Carla. Oh, and Alan got me one of those stone dragon ornaments, one that's perching on an arch of stain glass.

I suppose... I should go have shower, get dressed, and do more than read the backlog of my f-list. I have read a bit here and there... maybe I'll make an effort to comment later, but for now... shower, clothes, food, coffee.

Still breathing.

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...to think you are alone, and turn to find out that you're not. Last night I was half-way through an episode of CSI: NY when my flatmate sleepily stumbled into the living room to ask if anything decent was on. Kinda freaked me, because I'd been under the impression he'd gone out several hours earlier, when, in fact, he'd only gone to bed (had an early morning, what with having to attend an ANZAC parade, and he's not a morning person). Thankfully I didn't embarrass myself by screaming or something when I saw him appear out of the shadows of the hallway, but my heart did jump.

@Longcat> Could a blue screen of death constitute being defenestrated?
Edible> Thrown out of Windo-
Edible> ...
* Edible goes to cry.

That made me laugh. Yet more sheepage:

I've started out with an ocelot. Let's see if you guys change that.

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A few things, in no particular order:

1.) The menstrual cycle is a curse: you curse it if it comes, and your curse it if it doesn't. Currently cursing it for coming, although I'm also grateful that everything is in working order, and I haven't gone and got myself knocked up. That would lead to all sorts of unpleasant business we don't need.

2.) He says I have a sexy tummy. It makes me laugh. But then I love it when he runs his hands across my belly and along my lower back. Tickling--or trying to--is so not on, however.

3.) I possibly drink too much coffee.

4.) I ate a tuna sandwich yesterday, and it didn't kill me. I still don't really like tuna, though. I'd say it's on the same level of distaste as mushrooms, but not as much as beetroot or eggplant/aubergine. Or absolute loathing like for sheep's kindeys.

5.) Danny Messer/Carmine Giovinazzo is all sorts of pretty:
See what I mean? )

6.) I have a mini moro bar sitting next to me, and I am too full to eat it. Le shock, horror!

7.) I've been really comment happy lately, having something to say, or sometimes not having something to say, but commenting anyway, particularly because of...

8.) [livejournal.com profile] nest_of_spiders, a new comm pimped to me by [livejournal.com profile] such_heights. They post prompts daily for the month of April. "The community is open to all characters and pairings (slash, het, gen) from the First War/Marauders' Era of Harry Potter (approximately 1970-1981)." The reponse to prompts has been simply amazing, and I've felt inclined to leave comments as I've yet to be inspired to write fic myself.

9.) I'm much too prideful for the teensy little bit of help I gave [livejournal.com profile] ashinae on her Nathan/Peter fic, Nothing So Complicated. It's all sorts of wrongness, but I still love it. Hee.

10.) Have a Happy Easter everyone! (Whether you celebrate it or not. Hope your weekend is grand, anyhow.)


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