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Okay, so, um, Saturday was my best mate [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t's birthday. Her 21st, in fact. Big shindig like thing planned. Ish.

Well, dinner at Valentines where we all dressed v. v. nice and somehow managed not to get pished or spend a hell of a lot on the bar tab. And then Damo, Ange, Anita and I were off out on the town (after Ange and I did some creative changing in the car to clothes more fit for bar crawling).

But, let me start at the beginning.

Early afternoon found me frustrated and swearing, as my attempts at ironing the wrinkles out of my dress appeared to be... nonexistant. Given that it's a dryclean only dress and I had to use the low setting on the iron, I mean, I don't know. I don't know a fucking thing about ironing, but the wrinkles were not fucking off. And then Ange texted me asking if I wanted to come over early, watch some SG-1, and still hang out while she and Damo were off at Zuki's where she was getting all sorts of pampered.

I still hadn't straightened my hair. But okay. Shoved things into a bag, and headed on over. A couple streets away from her place, I looked down and, to my shock, disovered a Samsung mp3 player that, while clearly having been run over at least once (the headphones were crushed) was still intact and working. And whoever it was that lost it has a fairly decent taste in music. Now I just gotta find myself the software, somewhere, somehow...

Watched SG-1. Ange came home in time to just about cry over Daniel dying after pulling a Spock. And then we had a minor Danielgasm at the special features tribute to him. Hee.

Dinner was fine. She got lots of cool gifts, and I was almost (but not quite) tempted to try the baby octopus they had on offer... but they were just a little too disturbing. And Ange wasn't nearly drunk enough for us to trick/dare her into trying one. No matter.

First bar we were at, decided to play some pool, doubles--Me and Anita vs. Ange and Damo, which was mostly us against Damo. Ange had only played pool once before, and, well, she's never really been known for her gaming prowess. But it's not like Anita and I kicked ass. We did win the first game, and then rather spectacularly lost the second game. And owe our final victory to Ange, although the chances of us winning that one seemed a mite better than theirs, any how.

Highlights of the game include:
Ange sinking the white ball plent of times, but the only times she sunk any other ball was the black ball to bring them, and then us, to victory.
Damo being the only one to knock the white ball off the table.
Damo aiming for either two of balls and bouncing the white over both of them straight into the middle pocket.
Not to mention a couple of shots I made that, well, it was a fluke I actually sunk a ball. But still, we had a lot of fun.

Also, while we were playing, we were... approached by a group of guys on a Stag night. They each had a list of things they had to do, and, well, we helped them out a little. Um. I helped them out most. See, the groom needed to acquire a pair of women's panties.

So I sold mine to him for $20.

And then I ended up giving up my pantyhose to one of the other guys, while Ange gave another her stockings.

This may be whiy I oughtn't go out on the town anymore. I do crazy stuff that involves a fair amount of shamelessness, and, usually, a lacking of sobriety. I go and do it stone fucking sober. Go me!

We wandered around a couple other places, but the music was rather shite and I didn't have a real hankering for getting pished. Also, I forgot to think about the fact that straightening my hair and not wearing my glasses makes me not resemble my passport photo so much. Once place I had to give my name and birthdate and have both bouncers look at me vs. my picture. Anyway, we went home about one something in the morning.

Slept late; missed Anita leaving but found $20 she dropped by the door. Um, decided to watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 'til Ange and Damo got up. Not long afer they got up and the movie finished, we went to the Base to look into acquire Season 6 of SG-1. Well, first we had lunch at BK, where I had possibly the best burger I have had in ages. The Ultimate Double Whopper? It's... a proper size burger. With, like, all sorts of tasty ingredients. I was very satisfied.

Anyway, Wharehouse at the Base didn't have Season 6, but the Hilcrest store did, so we went over there and got it, plus a couple of movies, and some meat for dinner, then we went to Ange's mum's. She'd taken most of Ange's presents and the leftover cake home just so we didn't have to worry about them in the car while we were out on the town. Grabbed all that stuff and then went back to their place.

Yay, watched the first couple discs... had kinda forgotten how cute in a lost puppy kind of way Corin Nemec/Jonas Quinn can be. Also was amused at the return of McKay, after the poor guy got shipped off to Siberia (although he was being a right royal prick, that time). Still, I love me some SG-1.

And now I'm caught up on my f-list. Yay.


Oh, shit!

Sep. 23rd, 2006 12:51 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] diea I'm sorry! I completely spaced, and here's why:

Thursday, Pat hands me this ticket to the 80's Prom at The Establishment that this radio station was throwing. Anyway, said 80's Prom was last night. So cue rearranging my whole day around getting set up for that.

Not to mention last week I got moved out of my room for a little bit and it was time to move everything back. And get it just the way it was before. Anyway, I kept my online forays to a short spate in the morning, rather than afternoon. :(

Then there was a trip to my brother's. I had a couple reasons to, for instance, we hadn't seen each other since coming back from the wedding about a month ago. Also, I had a bunch of CDs there and it was killing me to get songs stuck in my head and not have the CDs to listen to and get said songs OUT of my head. And then there was the fact I needed to grab a few choice items to create the perfect 80's look.

Anyway, the afternoon was spent doing laundry. And fussing with my CDs to find that perfect order for them. Hence, not online to chat with [livejournal.com profile] diea. (Ooops! I feel so bad that I forgot.) I was very distracted and excited about the 80's Prom though. The German girl Katja was going with me, too. So, sorting out my outfit and making sure I had clean clothes, yada yada yada...

Cooking tea (one of my better meals) and reassuring Katja that she had plenty of time to get ready. I hung out with Glenn for a bit, even fooled around online and sent a link off to [livejournal.com profile] blue_raven that I thought she'd like. About 8:30 and I got around to doing my make-up: oodles of green eye shadow and red lipstick...

So, outfit was: the black and white stripey socks, witch's shoes, short black skirt with studs down the side, white tank top with long sleeved green mesh thingy and little white overtop thingy that goes with the tank top (I'm not very good at explaining, but I have posted pictures of the combo before...not with the mesh, but ultimately, the effect was very 80's-esque). I also had a sideways ponytail held by a green scrunchy, long dangly earrings (not plastic, alas, but still, helped) and my black wool hat. [livejournal.com profile] shiseiji ought to know the one I'm talking about. It was perfect. Plus there was my leather jacket which gave it a sort of Top Gun effect.

So yeah, we got there, got our wee vouchers for one free drink... and holy mother of fuck was there a lot of girls. Like... mostly girls. Very few boys. Even fewer who could have been both cute and single (I was looking for Katja's sake, honest! :P) and likely to notice one girl out of the multitudes. Eh, bien...

The music was good. While many who were there couldn't possibly have been able to remember the 80's, it was still... interesting. Time flew, really, and before I realised, it was midnight. Our Prom Prince was some random guy, no idea who, I mostly remember that our Prom Princess was a man dressed as a woman. :D

About then I asked Katja if we could leave, 'cause my feet were killing me. And of we went, me hobbling more than walking. So, good girl that I am, I was in bed by 1, heh. And woke up with my alarm at 8, refreshed and ready to face a new day.

And later today I'm off to a BBQ at Grant's flat. That shall be interesting, to say the least. Plus, y'know, reasonably assured of sex at some point afterwards. :P And that's all that matters.

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Well, Grant is 33 today. I made him a cake.

And check out this cute evil little pink bunny dancing: her name is Fitz.



Jun. 6th, 2006 10:06 am
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I was at this tres cool 666 party on Saturday night. Much fun was had.

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Who says you need to go out on the town to have a good time? Oh. My gods. Last night was such a crack up. I was on the computers chatting to Matt and playing Hexic until about ten. I was tired, so I thought I'd go back to the hall. I didn't really expect I'd go to bed and get to sleep--who could sleep when people were bound be loud and everywhere for the next several hours in their inebriated state? So no. I came back to the hall, and joined the people sitting out on the porch. I think at that time it was only Annalise, Victoria, and Liz.
Texting conversations with Liz's ex ensued. For one thing, Liz was texting Anthony. But Annalise was also, anonymously, texting him and giving him hell. We decided to fuck with him a little bit. Liz pretended to have no idea who was harassing Anthony. Annalise was pretending she must have got a wrong number but was going to be rude 'cause he was being rude. But then he decided to be all nice to Annalise so she hit on him just to see how he'd react. It didn't get too out of hand or anything, but it was amusing.
Then we were joined by Sarah G, Donald, Lisita, and Lisita's friend Sarah Gray. Sarah and Lisita were both v. v. drunk. At one point Lisita sat on my feet because she didn't see them resting on the chair. And she sat on Annalise's foot once. She'd keep knocking her chair off the deck and onto the grass when she went to sit down. It's so funny because Lisita gets quite defensive when she's drunk. Always ready to get into a fight if someone says something she takes offense to.
Annalise taught Donald a version of "up a tree" he'd never heard before... "Donald and Sarah up a tree, doing what they shouldn't be." 'Cause.... well, I'm not quite sure what's going on, if anything, with Sarah G and Donald. Maybe it's nothing. And maybe there's something to what Annalise and Victoria seem to be hinting at.
Gods, we talked about so many things. I just ended up laughing so much. Or I chased after Liz. At one point, she went out front of the hall, and she ended up showing off to these guys from Wally D, well, not just her nipple piercing. Oh no, she unded her belt, pulled down her pants, and let them see her clit and labia piercings. *shakes head* And I thought I was shameless. Her only complaint was the fact she hadn't shaved in a while 'cause she hadn't been getting laid, so there was quite the pube growth going on. Lisita's friend also helped me when Liz wanted to throw up, and then she got distracted by eating. *shakes head*
Liz was almost falling asleep on the floor... she was lying down in the door to the common room. I had her in giggles when I came over and started tickling her exposed belly. Then, Sarah Gray tried to help me lift Liz to her feet and possibly get her to bed--and then we nearly tripped over Sarah G who lay down on the floor of the entrance hall right behind us. Liz tried to tickle her. Victoria got pictures on her phone.
And then, for whatever reason, Sarah G handed out two cans of whipped cream. One was vanilla, the other chocolate. *dies* And thus ensued a huge cream fight. She has no idea how, when, or where, but somewhere in there Sarah G got hit on the head quite hard. Remember this. Anyway, I got cream all over my face and on my sweater. I ended up having a bit of a battle with Sarah G which involved putting cream in our hand and then smushing it all over the other person's face. She chased me around with the can of chocolate cream trying to get me back. It was about that time I decided it was time to just retreat totally, and clean up. The sweater went into the laundry box, and I decided to do a bit of late night washing.
Annalise was all tired, so she ended up getting a bit stroppy. She was the first to go to bed so she wouldn't snap and be a total party pooper. It was kind of funny 'cause she got so irritable but knew she couldn't reason with the drunks. Thus, she went to bed.
I was cleaning up, but Sarah G, Liz, and Lisita all were so covered they needed showers to get clean. *laughs* Three drunk girls using the three showers. Two of them musically inclined. Ensue singing, joined by Sarah G, that was really, really fucked up. And then they were just talking. But Sarah G couldn't remember my name. It made me laugh so hard. She suddenly got it into her head that I hit her in the head with cream, which is why she had the bruise. But, my name eluded her. I became "the American girl" (as I've always dreaded. Gah!). Lisita was confused and asked what American girl. "She lives by the kitchen!" was the reply.
I couldn't let that down, so I wrote on the whiteboard, "Sarah G- I am not American! no love, Hana. P.S. I only lived there for 5 years!" Of course there were other things written on the board. Like, "What do you think of cock?" --one of Annalise's txts to Anthony. And Lisita wrote, "I don't drunk." whatever the hell THAT was supposed to mean.
Five of us ended up going over the Bindaloe--OMG could we smell the weed in the corridor between their hall and the dinint hall--and going around on the balcony to their common room. Thankfully James was in there (probably stoned out of his mind as he watched Hellboy)(sidenote: [livejournal.com profile] abe_kroenen is love) and he let us in through a window so we could nick back the PS2. Then we trekked all the way back the way we came (instead of going into the hallway and out the door, oh no). Set up the PS2, put in Love Actually... and then just about everyone went to bed. Sarah Gray and I stayed up to watch Love Actually though. *dies* Love, love, love that movie, and those men!
Kate and Kirsti went to the school uniform party. I love how we can depend on at least one guy from Wally D to end up at a dance wearing a dress. At the ball it was Chunky. This time it was Brad. Kate had brought her whip and had it taken off her because it was a 'weapon.' Apparently some girls scolded the pair of them for what they were wearing--or rather, not wearing. Neither had skirts or pants on. Kate made Kirsti moon us because she has such a fine ass. (she does, really.)
Finally the movie ended, and I went to bed at four in the morning. *grins* Only got seven hours of sleep 'cause Victoria was in the kitchen regalling Sarah G about all the shenanigans in a loud voice at about eleven. So I got up, and gave her hell, and Lisita hell. 'Specially 'bout the fact Lisita had told us that if we told anyone what she did, she'd kill us. They amuse me so, so much.
We're supposed to, pretty much all of us, go out on Saturday night. Ought to be a blast.



Oct. 20th, 2005 07:12 pm
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Quizspam )

Ha, my dreams last night confused the hell outta me. I don't know if it's just me, but it's seemed really warm at night and stuff. For once. I don't even have my little heater on. The wall heater, yes, but still. My windows were all open most of the day yesterday and before that 'cause it was so lovely and sunny outside. Plus my room gets stuffy in the afternoon sun. Didn't have that option today though. A bunch of clouds swept in and it's been raining off and on all day. But it's like... not depressing me.
Still want to hurt Liz's ex for being a twat. And every time I think about her ex troubles, I think about Peter and get mad all over again. Blegh.
But I went into town with Liz and Anj, though I didn't do any shopping myself. Liz got a Hendrix CD, and then we had an early sort of meal (mmm, buttered chicken), and then when we went outside so Liz could have a smoke, she borrowed this guy's guitar and played a couple songs. After that we had a look in this one chocolate shop, another music store, before heading off to Pak'n'Save. Anj decided to leave her grocery shopping 'til after her church thing, but she did get the things for Little Sarah and Primrose, which Liz and I took back with us.
Of course I wasn't hungry for dinner then, still full on the buttered chicken and all that. But I grabbed a plate anyway in case I get hungry later.
It was nice going into town. I haven't gone into town with anyone here since Came left. Wait... maybe once with Shan. But, eh, not really done that. When I go, I usually go alone. It was quite nice to go with other people. And talk about this and that. Plus it was funny as hell on the busride back and such 'cause the chocolate cake Liz had set her off into a hyper mood.
There's some School Uniform party tonight. It's kinda sucky for me, since KSS never had a uniform. My HGHS stuff from eons ago found itself a nice home long, long ago. Although... I could probably make a somewhat convincing naughty girl-ish one out of my black knee high socks, black pleated skirt, and white blouse. But I don't really feel like going. It's not the nicest weather to be going out in. I haven't even been out on the town in two or three weeks.
I wonder if Adrian will decide to randomly txt me again. Don't know why he bothers.

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On crying )

Last night was the Resident's Ball. Was rather looking forward to it, along with every other girl in the hall. I mean, I had a dress already, and hell, I managed to score a date! And it was going to be great. It was amusing as hell, sitting around watching the girls get ready. Kate and Kirsti did the hair styling for most the girls. And Victoria was doing make-up for people. And the girls were being girly and vastly amusing a moi. It took maybe ten minutes for me to get ready.
Mostly I had a good night. But I could have kicked Adrian if only I'd been more angry. I felt so mellow and unaffected, but still hurt. And had a fun time despite it.
We all headed down to the bus stop--I hadn't heard from Adrian so I figured I would see him there at the v. least--to catch the first bus at 7. And we get to the Awapuni Raceway, and get through with all the coat checks, pictures, bathroom runs, and have drinks and our chairs set up for a good view to watch the rugby. Yes, the first 80 minutes most everyone was sitting or standing around focused on the TV for the game. Which, yay, the All Blacks won.
But I got ditched by Adrian. Something about how he found out a couple days ago that he got into the navy and would be leaving in a few weeks. Because, y'know, it's impossible to just have a good time together until then or something. And he just wanted to have a few drinks with his mates. I couldn't even find it in myself to get angry. Had a moment of weakness when he left me to my own devices and a bout of involuntary tears decided to have fun. Gah. Took a bit, but once I got past the worst of it I went off to find the girls again and have a good night with them.
And I did have a good time anyway. Even went into town for a couple of hours with Shan at about 12:30ish. These girls in the line to Highflyers bought me a rose from this lady selling them after they heard how I got ditched. And Shan bought me one as well. So I've got two roses in a mug of water in my room. They're a bit beat up, having been in my possession as I danced in Highflyers and in this other place where Shan's friends had been. One of those friends, Shan and I went off to Subway, missed the 2:30 bus, and ended up catching a taxi home... just barely beating Annalise, Victoria, Kate and Sarah coming back from town as well.

And now, on to more interesting memes!

The Rules
First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use.

01. Linden Rathan
02. Min
03. Kahlan Amnell
04. Legolas Greenleaf
05. Azirphale
06. Regulus Black
07. Karigan G'ladheon
08. Robinton
09. Selendrile
10. Muggles
11. Marius
12. Aubery

(I love how I managed to not repeat a single fandom)

And you click this once you have your twelve )

I've been so tired today. I was talking to mum and I kept making typos or missing words entirely. I was thinking complete sentences, but they weren't being typed as such. She's sent me a parcel (containing pretty lingerie, yay!) that will arrive soon hopefully.
In a discussion in [livejournal.com profile] support_hp about finding people reminding you of a particular character, and I mentioned this: "There's also this Asian kid, who has spiky black hair and glasses, that gives me James vibes. The only thing I hate is one time I was sitting next to him in the computer lab, and he continuously jiggled his leg, and the sound of his pants rubbing was really annoying." which gave [livejournal.com profile] simple__man this bunny: "There's a fic in that, the annoyance of James' pants rubbing driving Remus to DISTRACTION in the library..."
And now I want to write it.

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Possibly watching Dude, Where's My Car with Adrian could be construed as a date, although I never heard from him after that. Cunt that he is, he spilled Victoria's drink all over her the other night. So he's on the shit-list for that and flaking out on me. I'm not that upset, but it was a trifle annoying since he did it in just the same manner as Peter, in that small amount of time.


I went out on Saturday night with Sarah G, Victoria, Annalise, and Lisita. Annalise kindly paid for the taxi. I made my return by bying people rounds. Even better, when I ordered from Liesa the Lesbian, she undercharged me. A $50 bar tab goes a long way when I'm being spoiled by her.
The cool thing was, Scarfies was having a foam party. Sure, that meant we all got pretty soaked, but it was so fun! I didn't get as wet, because I had the honour of protecting Annalise's ciggies in my pocket, and Sarah's ID and $$$$ as well. And sure, at one point in a clash of covering Sarah in foam, she shoved foam at my face and I accidentally inhaled. Ensue two or three minutes of choking, with Victoria laughing and going ew because I had spit hanging from my mout that looked rather like I just chucked on the dance floor. But still lots of fun.
Oh, and when we first walked in, who did we see leaning against the bar? Yeah, that's right. Adrian. So when we were walking past, Victoria and I both smacked him upside the head none too gently. Wish I could have seen his expression, but we were doing the 'oh so cool' ignoring thing. And we didn't so much as glance at him after that. Y'know, him being in disgrace and all. We were too distracted being happy downing our drinks and playing in the foam, anyway. Although I did find out later that he thought it was Annalise and Victoria who smacked him, rather than me and Vic. Bwahaha. I was forgiven.
But finally, as I came back to the dance floor with Victoria--the pair of us carrying another round of drinks--we ran into Adrian. He grabbed me, asked if he could "talk to me" and I went along with it. First thing I did as soon as I knew I wouldn't have to repeat myself over the music was accuse him of flaking out on me. By his story, I talked about Peter too much, and he thought I was on the rebound. I'm pretty sure I made an effort not to talk about him. But okay. So he'd backed off. Well I can understand that, so I forgave him. Shocking, I know.
He was decent, too, and upon learning how he spilled Victoria's drink all over her the other night, bought her a drink. And I rather lost track of the girls after that. I ended up buying one last drink (ordering through Liesa, naturally, and thus it was a triple rather than a double) and I ended up giving her the rest of my tab. I hadn't spent it all but the boys wanted to go to the Fitz, I wanted to stay with Adrian, and Liesa had been spoiling me so she deserved to spend the rest.
We went to the Fitz, then, where we played pool, and I sucked majorly. The two guys playing us took pity on me 'cause I'm a girl, though, and kept giving me extra tries when I screwed up my shots. I must have been more drunk than I realised to suck so badly, but then finally my "skillz" struck and I managed to sink two in a row. We still lost both our games rather miserably.
And somewhere in there he asked me to the Resident's Ball with him, which is next Saturday. Thankfully, I have my dress for Dad and Suzie's wedding, although I don't have the right shoes. Ought to get on to that. But I hadn't even thought of going the the ball, but since I got asked... well. Why not?
I love being able to tell people that when I went back to Adrian's with him, we started out watching a movie, but didn't watch a lot of the movie, leaving them to their own conclusions of what happened. Mixed reactions of laughter, congrats, and "I don't want to know"s ensue. But it's hard to wipe the smug look off my face.

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El baile “Prom”

El sabado pasada fue el baile Prom. Me despierté mas temprano pero no fue necesario. Me peiné mi pelo en dos moños. A las dos mi mamá regresó de las tiendas y me dio dos cintas rojas para mi pelo. Me maquillé y luego me vistío mi vestido de etiqueta. Mi vestido es negro, rojo, y oro. Es oriental y muy bonita. Iba a ser la chica mas única al baile.
Después de la película mi amiga y yo miramos, fuimos a un restaurante se llama “Down East.” A su casa, ayudé Alicia con su vestido. Su falda es negra y el top es negro con topos blancos. Los padres de Alicia nos tomaron fotos antes de salir.
Estaba lloviendo cuando Ali y yo llegamos a Trident salón de baile. Había muchos jovenes muy guapos saludaban y hablaban con amigos. Mi amigo Tyler llevó un traje blanco mientras mi amigo Jake llevó un traje negro con un chaleco verde. Mis amigas llevaron vestidos de muchos colores diferentes. Jess llevó un vestido rojo, Hen llevó azul, Ash llevó naranja, y Desi llevó azul oscuro. La moda de los vestidos fue diferente, pero ¡no vestido comparó con mi vestido! Todos les gustó mi vestido mucho.
Mi grupo de amigos empezó bailar primero y luego los otros bailaron también. El “DJ” tocó musíca rap y no me gusta la musíca rap. Yo traté de bailar pero la musíca fue muy malo. Yo hablaba con un amigo de Ash cuando su grupo decidío salir. A los once, Ali y yo salimos también.
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What I told a girl feeling sorry for herself )

Boy am I tired or am I sick. No, seriously. I'm both. I may have got close to ten hours of sleep but I wish I could have got more. And then I think I may have got something from one of the girls... Ali and Hen were both sick at least.
Well, when I got up, I fussed with my hair and put it into twin buns, and eventally painted my names a dark pinkish red. But I didn't really get started until about two.
That's when I began putting on make up. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. I ended up with all the normal stuff, you know, foundation, powder, blush, etc, before working on my eyes. For my eyes I used a little bit of brown eye-liner, and then I put sparkly silver-white eye shadow between my eyebrows and the tops of my eyelids. Then I shadowed the eyelids in a dark grey-blue. It turned out to look very good, and even kind of Asian. Oh, and then I applied bright red lipstick.
Somewhere in all that, mum came home and handed me two long red ribbons like I'd asked her to get. I tied them on the buns and got into the dress and stuff. I'd had the idea to have red ribbons, but hadn't said anything until my friend Bethany also suggested it. In my mind I sort of had the image that it would kind of like Chun-Li from Street Fighter. (Although I couldn't remember her name... it took someone at Prom to remember it)
Yeah, I looked like this )
Well, Alicia showed up at about twenty to three and we went off to the theatres. Ah, Troy. Troy, Troy, Troy. It wasn't nearly as gory as I thought it might be, nor was the nudity really revealing. And sure, my memory of the Iliad is such that I only remembered the bare bones of the story. I just kind of waited for Achilles to die, because I remembered that much. Oh, but it was great when he gave this little speech on the gods envying humans their mortality, because it was sooo... gee, I wonder if Brad Pitt's ever played other roles where he was the immortal one envying the humans? :P Yeah, there was the sad part where Achilles is dying which just happened to be a moment that Ali, with her cold, sniffled. So I made fun of her by patting her shoulder like I was saying, "There, there." Of course, when the movie was over, she asked me what else Odysseus was in and at first I misunderstood her. Then I realized she was talking about the actor, Sean Bean, rather than the character. When I said Boromir, she was like, "Of course! I kept wondering why I got a Lord of the Rings vibe from him.."
We then went to this little Teriyaki place, Down East, for dinner. I got halibut and fries while she got chicken teriyaki. And dinner was nice. She started to get a little absent minded, though, where she went to leave without paying (thus confusing me because we'd only left the tip on the table), and then she'd forgotten her camera at the table. I was able to be her memory, asking if she'd grabbed it. It would have sucked if she'd left it behind.
We went back to her place, where her parents were home from seeing... um, what's that movie... the one with Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan. It's like, Rules of Attraction... I think. Anyway, that's what they saw. So we went upstairs so she could get ready. Her dress does ~not~ like me. It kept catching things in the zipper on her little top.
The whole TWO pictures off my digital cam )
Of course before we left her parents had to take a bunch of pictures (I already went through that before I left home to see Troy with Ali.). And then Ali and I made her mom feel short as I took a picture of Ali with her 'rents. After that, we went back to my place to pick up the corsages.
Apparently my parents took last night as an opportunity to eat out for once, and hadn't known if I had my keys or not. Still, I had them and used them to put the cheap digital camera and my glasses back inside (I'd had them just for watching the movie. They were ~very~ out of place with my outfit). Then we grabbed the boxes with the corsages and were on our way to the Base. I had my school ID, and not knowing if that was valid enough had wisely brought my passport as backup. Thankfully, I neither needed it, nor lost it.
And then it was Prom )



May. 14th, 2004 06:51 pm
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I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by
[livejournal.com profile] peacefulchaos !

*snickers* Was thinking I might accidentally get medusa. Find this to be MUCH more interesting!

Tomorrow is Prom. And going to see Troy as well. *grins* Going to have a lot of fun. Will kill anyone who tries to spoil my fun.
BIZ! I love Gratch. But Richard wore the red coat. Is that bad? It's supposed to be bad isn't it? I don't like that...
I also don't like the multitudes of caterpillars about. I can sit outside and just hear them falling to the ground. Their little silk nests in the trees where they mass together are disgusting. The amount of dead caterpillars on the ground is disgusting. The fact I can't sit outside without fear of one of them dropping on my is annoying.
My mother said she'd be a little bit late home tonight. It's nearly seven. She gets off work at five. Little bit late? I think not.
Hmmm... I think I'll just go ice that cake.



May. 13th, 2004 08:31 pm
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I think Taz is going to be Court Jester.

This makes me mad. It ought to be Hen.

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My Prom dress kicks ass.

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This is for [livejournal.com profile] pillu even if she never seems to update/read/comment.
zurt> When the moon hits your eye like a big piece of pie that's amor'e......... When you're hit by a jug in a South Auckland pub....... that's a mao'ri

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:_xanthia
Your haiku:as nice as all last
week had been it wasn't it was
because i couldn't tell
Created by Grahame

D&D is fun. I'm probably going Prom dress shopping this weekend. Prom is May 15. That means it's a month away. I have 15 more days 'til I can't buy tickets. And I wish I could persuade mum she wants to go into Rave with me and buy me a couple of shirts, skirts, and pair of pants. And an orange belt.
I need so many kick ass non-preppy clothes before I go back to New Zealand. I don't want to be to them what Alexa Wayman is to us because I'm so desperate to be different. Gods, they are going to hate me! And I'm going to tell them to sit and spin.

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When the bombs fall and the world is coming to an end, we will find you riding the damn bomb down to the ground. If that doesn't say enough about you, your attitude, or your state of mind, nothing will.

This test taken @ TheAeroZone.com, where you can take more tests than any human should. :D

I am quite evil. Muhahahahahaha
This test taken @ theaerozone.com, where there is way too many other tests & things to keep you occupied, really.

I fixed my halter top today. I want to wear it at Tolo next Saturday. My only wish is that I had some cute sort of mesh jacket so I could show it off without getting scolded for showing so much skin. Who knows--I ~might~ be able to get away with it. I don't want to take the chance if I don't have to, though. Still keep forgetting to ask Ali about borrowing her fishnet stockings...
The only other thing I did today was finish reading The Source of Magic, that's by Piers Anthony. Am thinking about rereading the Last Dragonlord books by Joanne Bertin (when Rhi hands 'em back) or maybe even rereading Interview With a Vampire. All that talk about the vamps from Celien's makin' me sentimental! 'Sides, I haven't read Interview in about four years, while I've read some of them two or three times. I think it's just Rice taking Louis' voice... it's a hard one to reread within a short amount of time. Yes, a year or two counts as a short amount of time.

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Hate stitches.
I cleaned my room after school today. I moved my bed. I threw away a ton of photos. And some papers. I cleared out my stuff for Goodwill. It took two black trash bags. I organized a bunch of my other papers, photos, and games. I moved my rocking chair and put stuff on the top of my dresser in a better way.
My room looks so big when it's clean.
I have a test in physics tomorrow, and while I still need to write up notes, I'm feeling pretty confident. I actually did all the review and paid attention in class when we went over the problems so I realized where I'd screwed up.
It was kind of funny when Jake asked me about corsages and Tolo. Kira thought we were going together. Nope, ~I'm~ not his date. He asked me, but I said I didn't want a date. I don't want a date to Prom either. (unless, miraculously, I find a great boy--not bloody likely) There's something about going solo (and meeting up with friends) that's really quite fun.
Of course I've still got some preparation to do, like fixing up my halter top. It's a little... broken. A little fun with the sewing machine ought to fix it up like new though. (I'm going to look like such a hooker for Tolo)
My step-dad thinks I cannot possibly be related to my mother. Just because of the Goodwill bags. I was also getting rid of this "itty bitty bits" cabinet, but mum's claiming it instead and getting rid of some little shelf thing she has for her itty bitty bits. I was surprised she remembered how I came to possessing such a cabinet (which I had absolutely no use for).
Awk... feel bad for one of my friends in Kent. She has a bad time of picking boys. I think I may have to do some mass castration, but I haven't decided yet. Sometimes she gets on my nerves with her lack of wisdom.



Nov. 13th, 2003 06:16 pm
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"Whatever you do, don't give up. Because all you can do once
you've given up is bitch. I've known some great bitchers in
my time. With some it's a passion, with others an art." -Molly Ivins

Homecoming pictures arrived today. I was scared that mine didn't turn out well. It did. The group picture looks awesome, too. I found it amusing how I was the odd one out... my arms were covered, my smile more of a smirk, and the fan... But we all look gorgeous. I had to make a list of who was getting what wallets so that I didn't agree to too many.
So I got a lot of comments after posting in Paris... it was amusing to say the least. Certainly glad to know I'm remembered. I'm thinking I just may have to make an update about things that have been going on in my life.
Other than that, life has been taken up in school, or playing computer games. Lame little moi. *patiently kills mouse*
I hope a new computer comes after the new house. But then, there's plans for a new TV and actual DVD player as well... who knows? I do know that the old TV will be in my room, for when I have girls over for movie nights.
And that's something I'll finally be able to do without crowding out my step-dad. That's what has stopped me from having them over before.
I have a conference with my mum and sixth period teacher at 6:30 in the morning next Friday. I am sooooo going to be buying a latter from the expresso stand. I'll actually have the time to drink it, then! *thinks about coffee* Mmmm.


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