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I've always considered marriage to be like getting to have your best friend over for a sleepover... Every night.

Well, I've procrastinated liek whoa, but the fact of the matter is, I'm getting married in 9 days. (I become a step-mum to four adults when I do this, and 'grandmother' to nine grandchildren. We gotta come up with a hip grandma-name for me, lol. And not Nana Hana, because ew, I hate the word Nana.) I've been with Alan for five years now. Officially got engaged two years ago. Went through idea after idea of what I wanted, and found I hated the idea of stressing trying to sort out a venue, celebrant, clothes, rings, cake, etc. So anyway. Time flew by, but the date is now set.

We're getting married at a Registry on Monday the 26th of November. Having a family get together to eat & celebrate on Sunday the 25th of November. I have my dress, he has his outfit. No rings, but that's because I think I need a custom job and we both put that off for too long.

I'm not worried about that. The legal stuff is going to be done, the family is going to gather to wish us well. Those, I think, are the important bits.



Jun. 16th, 2011 10:35 pm
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So my oldest cousin and his wife just had another baby. This is their third child, their first girl. Most of me is quite happy for them.

Part of me can't help but pout about the name though. See, they named her Violet Naomi. This cousin is from my father's side of the family. My mother's mother was Naomi Emily Violet and I confess I had been considering Violet as a name for a daughter of mine if/when I have one. So part of me is pouting that I'm kinda robbed of the name, heh.

Kinda silly and selfish, right?


Mar. 14th, 2011 11:31 am
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I have made many friends in the online world, who I will probably never meet. And they are just as special to me as the friends I have made in my daily life. <3<3<3<3

My step-sister is getting married at the end of April. I've been invited, hopefully I will be able to go. If I do I'll be able to see my best friend [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t and my Goddaughter at some point as well, haven't seen them in ages. :(

Summer is fading...


Ma Clamp

Dec. 31st, 2010 10:26 pm
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Today was the funeral for Alan's mother-in-law. She passed away 27/12/10. She had been in the hospital for the last couple months, but had been ill for sometime before that, although no one quite realised it. Back in August her boyfriend Cyril had passed away, and many had thought it was grief/missing him that had brought a change in her, not an illness. But she was 83, so it wasn't entirely unexpected.

She was a lovely old lady, very energetic and quite self-less. She was Al's mum's best friend, Mary is feeling quite lost at the moment. She has never really struck up any friendships with any of the other people at her rest home, and given the turnover rate of rest homes it can be quite hard to strike up a friendship that you have no idea how long will last. She will be coming to stay with us for a week next week, I plan to introduce her to Terry Goodkind so she can figure out just how utterly terrible that show Legend of the Seeker is compared to the source material.

The funeral is the first time I've seen Alan cry. He didn't expect to, I think he thought he had prepared himself for this eventuality but the funeral just kind of hit him hard. His son Jon was one of the pall-bearers and spoke up at the funeral, telling a couple stories about his nana. It really hit home with everyone because many of them had stories of getting chased down by this little old lady at some point. She was little but she was fast and determined.

They had Dianna's ashes sitting on her casket, so even though she passed 10 years ago, she was at her mother's funeral too. When it came time to carry Gladys out, Jon handed Dianna's ashes to Joe and they carried her out... but then they sent Dianna's ashes with her to the crematoriam. The idea was that they would mix some of Gladys's ashes with Diana's, and Diana's ashes with Gladys's, so Jon and Joe could have a piece of the grandmother along with their mother, and their aunts and uncles could have a piece of their sister along with their mother.

The other sweet little miracle though, was that Gladys's newest great-granddaughter was due to be born on the 5th of January. Her son-in-law Jeff got a call about an hour or after she passed that his granddaughter Lilith had been born. One life ended and shortly after another began. Coincidence? I think not.

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My grandmother died back in June of 1996. We called her Grandma Kuia, which is kind of funny since Kuia is the moari word for "grandmother" but it differentiated her from Grandma McFarland. We had Granddad and Grandpa McFarland, so they were easy to diffentiate. Also, Granddad died back in 1980 long before Iain and I were born. But when he was a toddler my brother had a dream where Granddad took him trout fishing, and he told mum about it so since then he has been Granddad. My Australian cousins (mum's sis's kids) call him Koro, which is maori for grandfather.

So when she died he was 84 years old. I was scared of her, because she was old and frail and I was terrified she would have a serious fall or something happen in front of me and I would be unable to help her. I was just shy of my 11th birthday, and she had been in an old people's home for about 6 weeks when she died. She had been living with us in a granny flat, but she was so frail and mum was really exhausted, looking after us kids and working and also looking after her mum. So it had been decided Grandma Kuia would spend a little bit of time in a home, and she just sort of faded away.

I didn't cry when she died. I was relieved for her, because it meant she would no longer be frail and old. And she was with Granddad again. Mum had her cremated, and for a while the ashes were stored in a cupboard in the granny flat. Every time my brother and I walked past that cupboard we felt obligated to say hello to her. We were scared of what would happen if we didn't. Eventually mum got permission from the council in Napier, Grandma's home town, to have her ashes buried in the old cemetary behind the headstone of one of our ancestors. When Alan and I went there a couple years ago I took him to there and at first I couldn't find the headstone but eventually we did. I can't remember if I said hi to her that time.

So when Grandma Kuia died, she left some money for my cousins, brother and I. It was put into a trust for each of us that we could not access until we were 25. Not a huge amount of money, but enough to go on a nice trip, or maybe put towards a car or house or something. Well... as the youngest, I turned 25 just last July. I've been sitting on the check for the last 3 months, sort of trying to decide what to spend part of it on. And today... I spent.

First of all I bought some new shoes. My boots, sandals, and walking shoes all need replacing, but the boots can wait until winter. The sandals and walking shoes got replaced today. As did my beach feet, the new pair funnily enough match my wetsuit and kayak, lol. I got some pretty gothy black pants, Thai size XL (12). I am so very, very glad that somehow in the last year I have managed to lose a significant amount of weight. I was up to 14s and pushing it, now I am back to 12 and very comfortable with that.

However the big spend of the day was that I bought a new computer box. Remember my old one crapped out? The Display Driver stopped working. And we called in geeks-on-wheels and the guy charged us $400 and didn't fix the problem. So it was running, only kind of, in safe mode. Now I have a new comp and it's pretty and shiny and new. :)

I know mum wants me to spend part of that inheritance on a trip to the States, we shall see how that goes. I think we still need to wait a bit because Alan needs to save up some cash, too. But a trip to the States would be cool.

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Everything behind the cuts before "Christmas Week" was written about two weeks ago, before we came to see everybody.

Ramblings about Gratch )
The House )
Hosting Dinner )
Pre-Christmas Mayhem )
Christmas Week )
New Years Week )
General loot acquired over the last two weeks... (given and bought)

-beachfeet shoes for beach walking
-some gorgeous madden girl high heels unlike anything I own, 'cause they're pretty
-tye dye dress, summery top, ruby necklace, bras, and I forget what other little goodies from mum... oh, she bought a nice aoteroa t-shirt when we were in taupo
-corsety top
-four t-shirts with amusing pictures
-red dress figurine neclace holder from Alan
-towel and body butter from Denise
-oily skin treatment creme from Laura and Savannah
-smelly toiletry stuff from Rachel
-various dvds... Band of Brothers, season ten of SG-1 and the two movies, By Any Means (another miniseries with Charley Boorman), Short Circuit, Run Lola Run, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
-the fairy jewellery box
-two lego sets, one of dwarf and orcs, the other star wars, from Alan...

...and that's where I forget what else there is. Eh, well. It's been a very up and down kind of year. And a stressful last month. Can't wait for home and some peace.

ETA: Okay, how could I forget the gin? [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t gave me gin. Yay!

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Yet another story out of my cousin John recently, same old style, but not the usual subject...

Yesterday we were celebrating Thanksgiving with a family from our church. I don’t recall how the topic came up, but somehow I found myself talking about my childhood, specifically the story you’re about to read. Thinking about it was so fun I decided to write this story. No, this is not my typical story about my zany adventures at work; this is a story about being a juvenile delinquent.

So there I was…

…Sitting in my sixth grade science class listening to Mr. Brannon, my teacher, wax eloquently about the structure of atoms. This was my first foray into nuclear science, and I was fascinated. I sat transfixed as he described the way protons, neutrons, and electrons interact with each other and bond to form atoms. Right then and there I decided to be a nuclear physicist. Of course, that didn’t last once I learned my brain doesn’t wrap itself around differential equations and other types of math that doesn’t even involve numbers, but that’s not the point of the story.

It got even better when Mr. Brannon explained the process of electrolysis, where electrical current is run through water to break apart the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. He demonstrated it by running current through a beaker full of water, and we could all see the tiny gas bubbles forming on the electrodes.

I said to myself, “Self,” (that’s what I call myself), “We have an easy, cheap way of obtaining two pure, highly flammable gasses. Now what can we do with that?”

Imagine, if you will, the metaphorical light bulb over my head pulsating with sheer delight when I came up with the idea. I rushed home after school and went right into the garage, not even bothering to drop my backpack in the house. I got a five-gallon bucket, filled it with water, and brought it back into the garage. In hindsight twenty years later, I think maybe doing this in the garage wasn’t a good idea, but that’s neither here nor there.

Once I had a bucket of water, I stole some wire coat hangers from in the house and cut the straight bottoms off them. That way I had two straight wires about a foot long each. I set those aside. I dug out dad’s car battery charger and set it up next to the bucket, then put the wires into the alligator clips. I stuck the alligator clips into the water and made sure they didn’t touch – I wanted the current going through the water, not completing a circuit between the electrodes. My next step was to put a garbage bag over the bucket and tape it off with masking tape (I didn’t use the ol’ standby of duct tape because I didn’t want the bag to tear when I tore it off). Finally, I plugged in the battery charger.

Being merely twelve years old, I had the patience of a twelve year-old. I could barely contain myself waiting for the bag to fill up, which took almost a week if memory serves me. It felt like it took all year, though, and at times I wondered if I was going to be married and moved away before I had a garbage bag of 2/3 hydrogen and 1/3 oxygen.

In the meantime, however, I got a two-foot length of cannon fuse from a friend, James. You see, hobby shops at the time regularly sold cannon fuse. It wasn’t hard to come by, wasn’t controlled, and apparently no one assumed twelve year-olds buying cannon fuse were up to anything dangerous (don’t let your twelve year-olds read this, but it still holds true today. Just go to the black powder section of Sportsman’s Warehouse).

Ok, the longest week of my life (up until then) was over, and the bag was full of flammable gas. I couldn’t stop myself from giggling as I carefully pealed the masking tape off, then quickly closed the bag so as not to lose any of the precious material inside. I inserted the fuse so about twenty inches or so was sticking out the bottom, then taped the bag shut.

Essentially, I had just created a garbage bag-sized balloon that was lighter than air (due to being 2/3 hydrogen) and had a fuse for a handle. HOW AWESOME!!!

I hadn’t bothered to tell any of my friends about my little “science experiment,” for fear their sixth grade mouths would run and tell someone. I took my experiment outside by myself into the alley behind our garage, lit the fuse, and let go.

It was a beautiful thing to watch that brown garbage bag float higher and higher, anxiously awaiting the impending earth-shattering kaboom. I had planned for my own safety very well, however, by making the fuse so long – I didn’t want to be anywhere near that thing when it exploded. In the two minutes or so it took the fuse to burn down, the balloon floated so high I couldn’t even see it anymore. “Darn,” I said to myself, thinking it would be too far away to enjoy the benefits of my labor.

BOOOOOOMMM!!!! Came the report. I couldn’t actually see the bag anymore, but a big orange and blue ball of flame was all the evidence I needed to know where it was – er, had been. I doubt any fragments of the bag survived, and even if they did I never found them. About three seconds later, I think, I actually felt the shockwave push against my head and chest, and car alarms started going off throughout the neighborhood (those were a new thing in those days).

I was so giddy I actually started jumping up and down, laughing hysterically in a way that strangely reminds me of my two year-old son today. Every time he gets excited and starts laughing like that, I think of how grey my hair is going to be in about ten years.



Dec. 3rd, 2008 01:39 pm
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Your rainbow is intensely shaded violet, green, and red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

Missed out on the house we really wanted.
Hopefully get another...

It's unreal I finish at work next week.

Which reminds me, get Georgia's details for a reference just in case. Transfer is a bit iffy atm.

Sleep is eluding me Wednesday mornings. Sucky. PMS is sucky and needs to hurry up and piss off.

I'm hoping to surprise mum by staying up in Hams for the entire visit. She's gonna cry no matter what.

Life is life.


ETA: Been reading Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels, and his sex scenes always crack me up. Oh, fandom, how you've ruined me for old fashioned smut.


Nov. 17th, 2008 09:21 am
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Mylie Cyrus' "I Can't Wait To See You Again" is a sucky, sucky song to wake up and realise you've been dreaming about it. And are still singing it in your head. Bugger that.

Mind you, Alan having a nightmare about a tsunami where he almost gets washed away, and at least one of his boys is injured... way worse. Poor darling.

My down-on-the-knees begging got me the time off work at the end of December, yay! That gives me from Christmas Day to just after New Years up in Hamilton with my mum and step-dad. And all the rest of the family and [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t.

Still sleepy. Damn.



Nov. 5th, 2008 02:12 pm
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Just randomly decided to pick up this book from my bookshelf called "As the Story Goes" by Brian Matthews.

It was passed on to me years ago, like, when I was eleven or twelve, from my cousin (Dimitri, I think) who seemed to think I might find it interesting. At the time, I had no interest in anything but sci-fi. I'm pretty sure he also gave me a book on essays by some Russian dude I can't remember and was bored out of my mind with. Put it aside, at anyrate, in the idea I might someday like it.

Reading it now, and, really, I needed to be an adult who's experience adult things before I could truly get and enjoy some of these passages. It's good, though.

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So on Monday at work, I had this guy ask for some smokes. I go grab them, and, because he looked awfully young, asked for ID. So when I scanned the smokes at it came up with the age-check, I typed in the birthdate, and then got this big red thing saying SALE PROHIBITED. Went, "wtf, did I type it in wrong?" tried again, no, I got the date right, his 18th birthday is NEXT Monday. I point this out to him. He tries to tell me that no, they put the date wrong on the driver's license, it's meant to be the 11th of Oct, not the 10th of Nov. But no, our driver's licenses always put DDMMYY, not MMDDYY. If they got it wrong, he should have sent it back. Whatever the case, I wasn't selling him the ciggarettes. I even had the supervisor and one other operator check. Na, no sale. Come back next week, you dumbass.

Anyway, finished work on Monday and Alan says, "Guess where I got to go tonight?" And he shows me this hospital pass. "Alan Carlton, Maternity Ward" took my brain a couple of seconds... "OH! Tarns is having the babies!" Tarns, fiancee of Alan's son Chris, went into labour on Monday night. Poor darling, they weren't born until 8:00 P.M. Tuesday, 4 November. Twin girls, Danielle and Isabella. They were actually due around the 19th of November. They're staying in the neonatal ward for a wee bit as one of the babies was having some breathing problems.

So, Alan to these girls will be forever known as "Granddad". *huffs* That makes me "Grandma" at 23. :( I guess it's bearable, but thank goodness they didn't ask me to be "Nana" because I would have to beat it out of them.

Fingers crossed that work gives me leave to see my mama...

Alan has an exciting new job prospect, more about it later...

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You know... give me a dream about being a jedi running around in a storm trooper's gear killing imperial troops and I'm happy. Gimme a hispanic/asian looking side-kick and, yeah, weird, but okay, still running around killing bad guys. Gimme Uma Thurman as a superhot princess to rescue ('cept she doesn't need much rescuing) and things are better. Put me in a house and find fucking scorpions in the bedrooms?

Wake me up in a sweat 'cause they're bloody scary. Thank you brain. Thank you so much.

Yay, I now have Death Proof.

Also, Bones is now on Sunday nights, so I can actually watch it, if I remember, which I didn't, when NCIS was on at that time.

Darling may be moving up in the world. May be moving further south, if all goes well.

Why work doesn't just, I dunno, change my hours on Monday from 2-10 instead of from 3-10? Beyond me. If we move, it won't matter anyhow.

Alan thinks I'd be more than capable to do the work to achieve the qualifications in retail that he's just completed. Reassuring. I should be a superviser, it would me work so much easier. Probably longer hours and the push to let work take over my life, though.

Ummm... Mum and Gary are coming to New Zealand for Christmas. I seriously wish I could get more time off work to spend with them, but NO LEAVE AVAILABLE they tell me and like I'm gonna find someone to cover those shifts? Wish I had a doctor friend to fake me a sick note, but that would be unethical. Eh, well.

I forgot one of my Aussie cousins lives in Rotorua now. I'm so out of touch with reality sometimes. My other cousin in Rotorua is pregnant. Christ (Alan's eldest) and Tarns are expecting the twins to arrive on the 19th, but like babies know that sort of thing. He just proposed to her on their anniversary, too. He was a real romantic about it, too.



Oct. 30th, 2008 10:58 am
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My brother--!

OhdeargodWHY? )

There goes Japan.



Oct. 22nd, 2008 01:43 pm
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I suppose I should offer more than a month of silence. I've been retreating from social areas a bit. It's just how I've been feeling, the need to be introverted for a bit...

Alan has got a job back at Mega, working the seasonal department but he's whispering in the right ears that he'd like some advancement before too long. Unfortunately there are little to no good higher-paying jobs out there that he would like better and are interested in having him... but still, working at Mega is better than temp/unemployed.

Kitten has been taken to the vet today to get her first vaccinations and to get spayed. Operation has gone well, but she's probably not gonna be a happy girl.

My Grandpa McFarland has lung and bladder cancer, and starting chemo this week. He's in his eighties and I'm not sure on his chances.

The other day I got 28 Weeks Later and Blades of Glory from the library for $10 ea. Have been buying a few other DVDs (Sliding Doors, Mulan, Babylong 5) and working on changing my wardrobe as I have gone up a pant size and possibly a top size as well... Also my clothes are still mostly from my teenage years and my tastes are changing along with my figure. Jay Jays and Shanton are my favourites, although K-mart I got a hoodie vest on clearance for $3.50 that had been $40...

My store is apparently getting a refurbishment (MUCH needed) and changing from Woolies to Countdown.

Have been playing a computer game called Titan Quest that is fairly enjoyable although I'm going to have to wait ages for the expansion to come down in price I'm sure. I got my game for $20 but last I saw the expansion was $70. I'm a cheapass with my computer games.

Just bought the Zombie Guide for a quick re-cap on my do's and don'tss pending Zombie invasion. I still maintain on keeping my plans fluid becuase I can't be sure where I'll be when it all goes down. But it's good to have the guide to be more mentally prepared than anything, and just mebbe up my chances at making it. With luck and hoping no stupid people try to tag along with me.

Been immersing myself in Stargate fanfic again. Lovin' it.

Alive and well. *smooches f-list*

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The only thing I hate worse than a cough is cough medicine. I am, therefore, rather proud of the fact that I have a nearly empty bottle of cough medicine on the bathroom vanity. Because it means I have been taking my medicine. Swallowing, even. Not just holding it in my mouth and gagging/vomitting it back up when the taste overwhelms me. But cough medicine and lemsip do not, in fact, seem to be fighting off this cough I've picked up. It hasn't gotten worse. But neither is it getting better and pissing the bloody fuck off.

In other news, I'm going to be a grandma.

*snickers* Okay, yeah, I know Joe's already got one kid, and I found out Chris has a set of twins living in Aus that he never sees... but now Chris's girlfriend Tarns is preggers (they were trying for baby). And Alan's way of telling me was to walk up and say, "Congratulations, grandma."


Anyway. Life is life, atm.

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Strange dreams in which Regulus Black had a non-goofy version of Scooby Doo as his sidekick. Sirius Black looked like my flatmate's cute young chef friend Jesse, while James, Remus, and Peter just looked like something my mind cobbled together from book descriptions. And Sirius had buried 'treasure' in the front yard of Grimmauld Place... said treasure being some plants that didn't wither and die after being buried. And that's only half of it.

Was woken up this morning about four times by phones. The first time, I'm not even sure when exactly it was, because I was too sleepy to even focus on the clock. We don't have an answering machine or anything, so it just rang and rang and rang, because I was too tired to get up, and my flatmate was dead to the world. Second time the phone rang, for not nearly as long, was five something, and I found out later Clayton woke for that one, but both of us were too damned tired to get up and answer.

Then, again, around seven, I was woken by my cellphone vibrating from a text I'd received when it was off from Clayton's mate Thaddeus, because Clayt had left his cell at his place. I'd tried calling Clayton's phone last night when he'd realised he couldn't find it, and given the lack of ringing at home, figured he'd left it at Thaddeus's. And then I got another text around 8:30 from Jono (the Myspace guy I had a one night stand with) asking if I was ever down his way. I still haven't answered.

Last week, the weather was simply divine, and the weekend was wonderful... went out on the town Saturday night, danced for hours in Unos with it's wonderful techno beats; finally bailed after this guy was practically sexin' me up on the dancefloor, and I couldn't tell if he was good-looking or not, and I had work in the morning. Both my jobs have been going well. We also had this guy, Levi Vaoga, in our store for the weekend, so a shitload of customers, and, likes, some cool demonstrations... some very, very psyched kids, too.

My cousin Dimitri is visiting NZ shortly, and I may get to hang out with him. Just not sure if it will be here or if I'll need to take time off and travel down to Wellington. But it will be cool to see him again. We haven't met up in years... his parents, and brother Martin with wife and child were here in NZ in January/February of last year. Anyway, Dimitri's one of my favourite cousins, and he sorta introduced my brother and I to Terry Pratchet (although he was a bit beyond me at the time, I was only 10 or 11). Also, were he not my cousin, I'd be way more interested in the fact he could touch the tip of his nose with the tip of his tongue. *snicker*

And... my flatmate Ben should be back from Aus sometime today.


ETA: Oh, yes, allow me to take this moment and pimp [livejournal.com profile] ashinae & [livejournal.com profile] linden_jay's most awesomest of awesome crossover AUs ever. It's Firefly 'verse with Heroes characters, and just a whole damn lot of joy. They're only just now giving the general public a wee teaser to whet your appetite. Go, read, become addicted, and beg for more. 'Cause it's so very, very cool.

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