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Jul. 14th, 2015 06:26 pm
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I know, I never really use this thing anymore since taking up facebook, twitter, and tumblr. And my f-list consists mostly of communities posting fic recs. But, if you're still around, or just dropping in to see what's up...

I turn 30 tomorrow.

Adult things I have done: shacked up with a guy, got a cat together, married said guy, had a beautiful baby together. Money's a little tight atm but otherwise life is good.

Adult things I haven't done: finished uni/got a degree, learned how to drive/got my license, had a paying job in several years. I really ought to work on the license thing and the job thing, and hopefully via the job thing, get some qualifications. It's a work in progress.

Anything else you wanna know about my life, if you're not up to date on things, drop me a comment and/or swap social media details and we can catch up.


Jul. 28th, 2009 10:15 pm
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Um, hi.

Anybody still checking this thing? Anyone?!

'Cause, uh... I'm back. Got the 'net, so updates shall be forthcoming from here on in, until I say otherwise.

But I really, really hope somebody, anybody notices I'm here. And now... to look at my friendslist and see what's been happening in all the time I've NOT been able to keep up-to-date.



Oct. 22nd, 2008 01:43 pm
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I suppose I should offer more than a month of silence. I've been retreating from social areas a bit. It's just how I've been feeling, the need to be introverted for a bit...

Alan has got a job back at Mega, working the seasonal department but he's whispering in the right ears that he'd like some advancement before too long. Unfortunately there are little to no good higher-paying jobs out there that he would like better and are interested in having him... but still, working at Mega is better than temp/unemployed.

Kitten has been taken to the vet today to get her first vaccinations and to get spayed. Operation has gone well, but she's probably not gonna be a happy girl.

My Grandpa McFarland has lung and bladder cancer, and starting chemo this week. He's in his eighties and I'm not sure on his chances.

The other day I got 28 Weeks Later and Blades of Glory from the library for $10 ea. Have been buying a few other DVDs (Sliding Doors, Mulan, Babylong 5) and working on changing my wardrobe as I have gone up a pant size and possibly a top size as well... Also my clothes are still mostly from my teenage years and my tastes are changing along with my figure. Jay Jays and Shanton are my favourites, although K-mart I got a hoodie vest on clearance for $3.50 that had been $40...

My store is apparently getting a refurbishment (MUCH needed) and changing from Woolies to Countdown.

Have been playing a computer game called Titan Quest that is fairly enjoyable although I'm going to have to wait ages for the expansion to come down in price I'm sure. I got my game for $20 but last I saw the expansion was $70. I'm a cheapass with my computer games.

Just bought the Zombie Guide for a quick re-cap on my do's and don'tss pending Zombie invasion. I still maintain on keeping my plans fluid becuase I can't be sure where I'll be when it all goes down. But it's good to have the guide to be more mentally prepared than anything, and just mebbe up my chances at making it. With luck and hoping no stupid people try to tag along with me.

Been immersing myself in Stargate fanfic again. Lovin' it.

Alive and well. *smooches f-list*


My bad.

Sep. 18th, 2008 10:24 am
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So I have no excuse for my lack of updating or keeping up with lj. I just haven't.

Alan lost his job. Was made redundant. Now doing temp work for them until he can find something better.

Will get around to posting pictures of Gratch eventually. Love her to death, but the little tart has a bad habit of waking us up at godawful hours in the morning for some love and affection. Not on, mischief. Not. On.

Anywho, meme time. Pick a fandom and I will tell you who I would...

01. bake cupcakes for:
02. trust with the keys to my car:
03. put thumbtacks on their chair:
04. have a crush on:
05. pack up and leave if they moved next door:
06. vote for President / Prime Minister:
07. pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
08. pair up:
09. vote off the island and into the volcano:
10. wheedle into fixing my MP3 player:

Play with me? Please?



Jul. 14th, 2008 09:49 am
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So, for what it's worth, I'm still alive. Barely breathing through my nose though. Sniffles. Hope it doesn't get worse.

I turn 23 tomorrow. Whee!

Alan and I are up in Hamilton, seeing my family and [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t. It's nice. But I'll be happy to get home, too.

Going shopping later. Trying to see if there's anything I can think of to get my brother for his b-day. He's very hard to shop for.
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Yes, I am still alive and well. Darling and I are still happily in love.

(He has, in fact, made the 3-month mark, which I don't believe any man has before. There's also the fact that we fell in love in the first month or so, which in itself is amazing and wonderful too)

I'm thinking I shall compose an entry of doom concerning the mischief I've been up to over the past few weeks. But that probably won't get posted until next week. Hope y'all don't mind.

Apologies for not commenting lots, even if I do take the effort to check your ljs to see what's been going on. I frequently haven't had the time or inclination, because I don't always have something to say.

<3 I really need to get the internets at home, so I can get chatting on MSN with some of you again. Still working on some snail mail, though.

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Okay, since I have all the time in the world at the moment, I'm going to make an attempt to cover the ups and downs of my life over the past two months. That I haven't really said much about in here.

So, back in June, I'd moved into this temporary women's accommodation place, while I job and flat-hunted. Landed two part time jobs, one at a supermarket as a checkout chick, and one at Mitre 10 mega in the service aquad. One of my coworkers at said Mega was looking for a female flatmate to move in with him and this other guy, and rent was about 90 a week. So I moved in with Ben and Clayton in August sometime.

It was okay, had a lot of fun when Ben was over in Aus and Clayton had this friend Lauren visiting. We went out on the town and stuff, got pissed several times and I discovered red wine makes me nauseous. So boo to that.

Ben came back from Aus, two weeks later than planned, and we fought a lot. His little peculiarities got on my nerves, I felt he was behaving like a child as he tried to treat me and Clayton like errant children in "his" house. And it was revealed that he would be moving back to Australia to be near his estranged wife and their three four kids. (I got to find out from the landlord's wife that Sam had had their fourth in September when he was over there. I lived with him and he didn't fucking tell me that.)

I was quite angry about the shit Ben left behind. He owed me money, which was factored into the price I paid for his fridge. I couldn't afford his washing machine straight away, but I had plans to buy that too. But he'd also left a bunch of other furniture and rubbish for me and Clayton to deal with--Clayton busy with his own plans to go an an OE. And Ben owed him money, too.

Anyway, I ended up with the fridge, washing machine, microwave, and kitchen table along with all my stuff. But I had no flatmates and couldn't afford the rent on my own. Not even til too possible other flatmates could be found. So it was back to the women's accommodation place, and time to start flat-hunting again. On the upside, Nga still lived there so I had at least one friend to get along with to begin with. But the other girl Christy was not bad, either.

Gladys, who used to live there, got to hold on to my bottle of scotch as the place was alcohol free, and it gave me an excuse to visit her (although I got so busy with work that I didn't get much of a chance to).

We had another girl move in, who had lived there before as well, by the name of Bella. And alternative-lifestyler, she and I got along very well given our like of kink. She more than I, but the other girls were quite vanilla compared to us. Still, another fine friend in my life with her.

Flat hunting was hard. My time was consumed between working, sleeping, and making sure I got my chores done... not to mention being social, and any bits of shopping or whatever I needed done, that sometimes, yeah, the flat-hunting got put on the back burner. And that was not a good thing because the house closed down from the 22nd of Dec to the 21st of Jan, and I really didn't want to up and move my shit all over again.

Being expected to cook a meal or two a week was also inconvenient, given my working, not to mention the fact we were rarely all home together at the same time. The rules of the house almost go by the assumption the residents have no lives outside of the house, which just ain't so.

Anyway, early November, I put in an application for leave at Mega for the last weekend of December. If I did that and didn't pick up extra shifts at Woolies, I could have four days up in Hamilton to see family and friends. But I was told the next weekend it couldn't be approved because no one gets leave in December or January, the busiest time of year. Well, I'd already made my plans and bought my (non-refundable) tickets assuming one little weekend off would not make a difference. So I handed in my resignation to finish on the 16th of December. (My manager said to my darlin that it was a shame since I'm such a good worker, but 1: they didn't even wait for me to leave before scraping my name off my cubby hole, and 2: I got replaced by another girl pretty damn easily, really.)

And my deciding to quit Mega is how I landed my darling. )

This was all happening in the lead-up to Christmas as well, wasn't it? So I'd got mum and dad pestering me for a mailing address and what I want for Christmas (and I'm going, "I don't know where I'm living at Christmas!" and "I don't have any idea what I want, nothing big!"). And of course the customers at (either) work are in a rush, sometimes cranky, and it's a hectic time to be moving and all. Plus I told Dad and Suzy not to get me anything expensive because they bought my bike earlier this year.

Mind you, I came to the startling conclusion that I needn't do my shopping for anyone til Boxing day, because I don't see them til after that. Except for my darling, and I sort of got him two presents. The one before Christmas was some choc body paint and this, um, outfit? (It doesn't hide much) The outfit was for me to wear, 'cause I knew the effect it would have... and that was a good end to my Christmas Eve night. Work was such a bitch on Monday.

Our Christmas day plans were kind of ruined by the weather. The idea had been to hit up the beach and take a stroll before a picnic lunch. So naturally, it rained. Porbably just as well, because my six day work weeks, and adjusting to a schedule of broken sleep (getting up at five to be in town when he starts, then sleeping some more at Bella's since I don't start til afternoon...), I was so tired I took a nap or two, and had an early night. I felt bad because I kind of neglected Alan in favour of playing some Dungeon Siege, but as he told me later, he could tell I needed the mindless game thing to relax, and so he gave me some space even if he would have liked my company (and for me to have been a bit more amourous, but my mind wasn't cooperating).

(lmao I knew this would happen. I haven't signed up for a single extra shift this week, given the being out of town thing, so naturally I got a call from work asking if it would be possible to do a few hours this afternoon/tonight. Georgia said she'd make a note of my unavailability so it doesn't happen again.)

So Boxing day I did my shopping, and spent more money on myself than anyone else. Best I could calculate it was around $400, but then half of that was on the cell phones. I decided it was time I got a new one, just a cheap one, but nice, and then I also bought Alan one because he didn't have a vodafone, just telecom. And if I'm really efficient I'll set up txt2000 and BestMate so it's even cheaper than my current prepay thing.

I also bought a couple sets of lego, which was where I spent around a 100 more of the estimated 400. It cracked Alan up to see me sitting on the floor putting my lego sets together...butt nekkid. And that he felt the chill long before I paid any attention to it because I had my legos. Also, telling me to put my toys away and come eat dinner. It was pretty funny though.

I seem to have done well with my choice of presents for the family though. My step-sisters all got the same type of chocolates, which was easy enough and they were all happy. Savannah quite liked her glow necklaces. Amarah did cuddle with her little stuffed zebra, but Izayah was only slightly interested in his stuffed frog. Suzy does like her scarf and Il Divo cd (that I copied before giving to her) and I got Dad this drill bit set he asked for, plus the Spaceballs dvd (copied that one too).

My presents were quite nice too. From Mum I got the usual mix of clothes and itty bits (vair cute) and $50, from Dad and Suzy I got a set of pjs, the Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz dvds, and lollies. I got a diary from Carla. Oh, and Alan got me one of those stone dragon ornaments, one that's perching on an arch of stain glass.

I suppose... I should go have shower, get dressed, and do more than read the backlog of my f-list. I have read a bit here and there... maybe I'll make an effort to comment later, but for now... shower, clothes, food, coffee.

Still breathing.

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*Gasp* I am alive.

Very much so.

Just recently had all my spare time eaten up by a social (and sexual) life. Perhaps will give a proper rundown at another time. If I'm feeling generous.

Shoot me an email at hanamcf @ hotmail.com or hvmcfarland @ hotmail.com if you really desperately must update me on the goss in your life, 'cause I haven't been checking up on ljland for some time.

Gtg read my crack from [livejournal.com profile] ashinae and [livejournal.com profile] linden_jay now...

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Okay, okay, my darlings...

First of all, while I have not been updating as frequently, and probably not commenting half as much as I ought to be... I AM checking the f-list. But it's shocking how quickly two hours gets eaten up, in between catching up with the f-list (skipping all comics and communities, though, whoops!), and reading the fic being pumped out by said f-list. Which again, not commenting, vair, vair bad of me. *apologises profusely*

So what's up, mmm? Firstly, I have two jobs. One on the weekends at Mitre 10 Mega, which is so much like Home Depot with the orange and the black... and I'm kinda sorta learning where things are now. I still get confused by all the tools available in the hardware section, but so long as I sort of know whereabouts certain things are...

The other is checkouts at the only 24-hour supermarket in town I know of. I like it a lot, as I work afternoon/evening shifts 3-4 days a week. I really hate it when they change it to a day shift now. The only downside is missing NCIS, and having no VCR to record and watch it later. I console myself with the fact that I will eventually own it on DVD to watch whenever I want.

So I moved, recently, into a flat with two guys. It's going well. We get along, and joke around... They tease me in the mornings when I get up and am a bit grumpy, and I tease them about leaving the milk out again. :P It's a good feel we've got at the place.

No. 1 Shoe Warehouse has a sale going on at the moment, buy two pairs and get a third free. So I went for it, and got myself a new pair of boots to replace the ones that have died, some running shoes (black and pink, they match my purse, ha!) 'cause my pair was getting ratty, and then the free pair I got were these red... I don't know how to describe them properly. The soles are like those of a running show, but they're like summer shoes with holes and straps and such... I should find a picture. Heh.

Anyway... that's about it here. No boy in my life, not really in the mood to train a new one, and that's okay. Picked up a couple new series of books I found when browsing the library. It's always nice to branch out of my handful of favourites.

Really, really should make a trip to the movies, see Die Hard 4.0 and the like.

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Yo. Been working. Moving soon, to a nice little place that I'll share with two guys. I'm not gonna be the woman of the household, though, uh-uh.

[livejournal.com profile] ashinae and [livejournal.com profile] linden_jay keep feeding me their crossover fic as my new crack. I sorta can't wait for it to pass the rest of the beta process-stuff, and all that, to be shared with greater fandom, and see the awesomeness spread.

Doing my best to fight off a cold. I so don't need to get sick right now. Or ever, really.

*yawn* Seven hours of sleep may not have been enough, apparently.

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I realised I haven't updated in a bit. Am fine. Back in Wellington. It was rainy and shit on Monday, but it's been nicer since then. I spent two or more hours straigtening my hair today. Argggh. It works, though. I s'pose. I will get fast at this.


Well now

Mar. 2nd, 2006 11:16 am
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Still alive; rather busy. I'll play catch up later. Miss talking to you guys though.

Great thing about staying at a backpacker's lodge: lots of foreign boys. *laughs*

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Leave me voicemail in the comments.

Go here first if you're confused as to wtf I'm on.

Please? Just for laughs?

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I'm still around... busy. Telling my family about you guys a lot. I got mum to get me a pair of red flares and they rock. ("This is your LAST Christmas present!" "Yes, mum. *snigger*") I need to hem them though. Wish I had a Gryffindor tie to act as a belt for said pants, because it would amuse me.

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Still here. Still alive. More later.

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gods I hate not being able to check everyday... and that when I do I have to remember to go around the firewall... I should totally break into Rhi's and use her computer.
So forgive my silence, and lack of responses. I'm here, just, a bit cut off.
And I still gotta do that WoT thing.


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