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Jul. 14th, 2015 06:26 pm
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I know, I never really use this thing anymore since taking up facebook, twitter, and tumblr. And my f-list consists mostly of communities posting fic recs. But, if you're still around, or just dropping in to see what's up...

I turn 30 tomorrow.

Adult things I have done: shacked up with a guy, got a cat together, married said guy, had a beautiful baby together. Money's a little tight atm but otherwise life is good.

Adult things I haven't done: finished uni/got a degree, learned how to drive/got my license, had a paying job in several years. I really ought to work on the license thing and the job thing, and hopefully via the job thing, get some qualifications. It's a work in progress.

Anything else you wanna know about my life, if you're not up to date on things, drop me a comment and/or swap social media details and we can catch up.
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Okay, okay, my darlings...

First of all, while I have not been updating as frequently, and probably not commenting half as much as I ought to be... I AM checking the f-list. But it's shocking how quickly two hours gets eaten up, in between catching up with the f-list (skipping all comics and communities, though, whoops!), and reading the fic being pumped out by said f-list. Which again, not commenting, vair, vair bad of me. *apologises profusely*

So what's up, mmm? Firstly, I have two jobs. One on the weekends at Mitre 10 Mega, which is so much like Home Depot with the orange and the black... and I'm kinda sorta learning where things are now. I still get confused by all the tools available in the hardware section, but so long as I sort of know whereabouts certain things are...

The other is checkouts at the only 24-hour supermarket in town I know of. I like it a lot, as I work afternoon/evening shifts 3-4 days a week. I really hate it when they change it to a day shift now. The only downside is missing NCIS, and having no VCR to record and watch it later. I console myself with the fact that I will eventually own it on DVD to watch whenever I want.

So I moved, recently, into a flat with two guys. It's going well. We get along, and joke around... They tease me in the mornings when I get up and am a bit grumpy, and I tease them about leaving the milk out again. :P It's a good feel we've got at the place.

No. 1 Shoe Warehouse has a sale going on at the moment, buy two pairs and get a third free. So I went for it, and got myself a new pair of boots to replace the ones that have died, some running shoes (black and pink, they match my purse, ha!) 'cause my pair was getting ratty, and then the free pair I got were these red... I don't know how to describe them properly. The soles are like those of a running show, but they're like summer shoes with holes and straps and such... I should find a picture. Heh.

Anyway... that's about it here. No boy in my life, not really in the mood to train a new one, and that's okay. Picked up a couple new series of books I found when browsing the library. It's always nice to branch out of my handful of favourites.

Really, really should make a trip to the movies, see Die Hard 4.0 and the like.


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