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Well this is a first. I'm actually online during a twitter outage. Or is it just me?
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I posted these in a bit of a rush last night, I suppose I ought to add a header for fandom and stuff.

Title: 89. Through the Fire.
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate SG-1 | Sam Carter/Ba'al
Rating: G
Warnings/Notes: No warnings. Just a drabble ficlet written to a prompt over an baalsamgate.tumblr.com.

“Quickly! This way.”

“What? Are you insane?” Sam asked, aghast at her companion.

Ba’al turned to face her. One cheek was smudged with a mix of blood and dirt, his normally impeccable outfit was rumpled and showing signs of hard wear–which was no wonder, given when she found him, he was nearly being cornered by one of the groups of Ori troops unexpectedly encountered on this planet. Why she’d decided to help him, well, it didn’t matter since they were currently trapped between approaching troops and a wildfire.

“Colonel Carter, I assure you, I do not intend us to die here. We cannot return to the town. There is not enough time to repair my ship, which will be crawling with Ori forces. We must get to the gate, which is that way,” he pointed. Ba’al looked surprisingly genuine with his uses of ‘us’ and ‘we’.

“Which is also on fire,” Sam grated out, “and last I checked, not even Goa’uld are fireproof.”

His eyebrow quirked in brief acknowledgement of his species’ many boastful claims and his mouth opened, perhaps to deliver some cutting remark, before they both heard the telltale crunch of boots on the ground some distance behind them. Instinctively, they hunkered down in the hopes of delaying the inevitable.

Ba’al stared at her in earnest. “Colonel Carter–Sam–there is a way. Trust me.”

Sam couldn’t repress her snort of disbelief. “Trust you? Never. But if you’re certain–”

“I am.”

She closed her eyes as she bowed her head. Took a deep breath. Let it out. Opened her eyes and returned to looking at him. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

He pushed himself up from crouching before offering his hand to help her up. The naquadah in her blood had been tingling since moments before she’s realised her proximity to him, but it surged at contact with his hand. Sam went to pull her hand free once she had her balance, but he tightened his grip, seemingly unaware of the effect.

“When I say ‘run’, we must head directly for the gate,” he said, “run and do not stop for anything.”

Sam looked at the path ahead of them, flames licking across the ground and clinging to trees. “We’re not going to die,” she said uncertainly.

“We are not going to die,” he echoed. Sam wished she shared his confidence.

There was a shout behind them. “Run,” Ba’al ordered, and they were off like a shot, headed directly towards the flames.

Their boots pounded on the ground as they sprinted side by side. Sam felt the skin of her face flushing at the heat as they approached the trees engulfed in fire. Then they were surrounded on all sides, the path smoking beneath them, the crackle and pops of the trees overpowering any sounds of pursuit behind them.

Sam felt her eyes stinging and her airways clogging from the smoke, but she gritted her teeth and maintained her pacing next to Ba’al. She nearly gasped when there was an almighty crack and a tree fell across their path several meters ahead.

“Do. Not. Stop!” Ba’al growled.

She would not stop. She could not stop. Gathering themselves, the pair altered their steps in time to leap over the burning log, the flames swirling about their legs, the heat nearly intolerable before they were over, and carrying on down the path. The naquadah in her veins served to help her sense not only the Goa’uld beside her, but her proximity to the Stargate. It was less than 200 yards away.

It became visible at 100 yards. The flames started to die down to be replaced by smouldering stumps, opening out into the clearing where the gate stood, exposed and unguarded. They slowed to a stop at the base of the steps, next to the DHD. A quick once over to check Ba’al, Sam was astonished they’d actually made it, relatively unscathed. A slightly hysterical laugh burst out, before she was overcome by a coughing fit.

“Here,” he pressed a flask into her hands. Sam quickly unscrewed the cap, raising it to her lips, then pausing. She regarded it suspiciously, while trying to suppress the coughs. “It’s mint tea,” he clarified, rolling his eyes.

With a twinge of guilt, she quickly took a sip, and another to sooth her parched throat, before returning the flask. He slipped it back into a pocket once he’d had a sip. Refusing to apologise, Sam stepped over to the DHD, and started dialing the address to one of their “in-between” worlds. In seconds, the ring shifted, chevrons locked, and the familiar kawoosh of the wormhole engaging bathed them in rippling blue light.

Sam turned to face her unlikely ally. Taking a chance, she held out her hand to shake, the closest to a peace offering and apology she would give. “Well, not that it hasn’t been a ball of a time,” she said, smiling at his unimpressed face at a stupid pun, “but I don’t think you want to accompany me from here.”

“Indeed,” Ba’al intoned, as he took her hand, and surprising her, turned and brought it up to press his lips against her knuckles. “Until we meet again, Colonel Carter.”

She swallowed against the surge that coursed through her veins again at his touch, and the fire burning in his eyes as he looked at her. Slowly, Sam pulled back, and made her way to the event horizon. With one glance back to catch him checking out her ass, she made a rude gesture that had him laughing as she stepped through.

Until they met again, indeed.
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Title: 60. Rejection.
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate SG-1 | Sam Carter/Ba'al
Rating: G
Warnings/Notes: No warnings. Just a drabble ficlet written to a prompt over an baalsamgate.tumblr.com.

Eyes narrowed, Ba’al studied the woman before him. Impudent Tau’ri. That she would dare to approach him, to suggest that he--


Sam blinked, surprise and confusion crossing her face. “No? Ba’al, you can’t just--”

“I can and I will,” he interrupted, turning back to his work station, and attempted to resume the work she had interrupted. Ba’al frowned at the screen, still irritated, but struggled to ignore her standing there, staring at him. He sighed and turned to face her again.

Ba’al gestured at the manilla folder in her hands. “Sweetheart, you can tell the IOA where they can stick that proposal,” he said. His face softened as he gazed at her. “I’ll work with you, and no one else on this infernal planet. Those are my terms.”

Sam smiled and ducked her head. “You understand I had to ask,” she said.

He tilted his head in brief acknowledgment. “Your leadership lacks your intelligence.”

She huffed a laugh, then leaned in to give him a lingering kiss. “Well,” Sam said, “I guess I better find a diplomatic way to tell them you’re rejecting their offer.”

“If you must. It’s so much more entertaining when you tell them to go to hell.”


Hi hi hi

Jul. 14th, 2015 06:26 pm
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I know, I never really use this thing anymore since taking up facebook, twitter, and tumblr. And my f-list consists mostly of communities posting fic recs. But, if you're still around, or just dropping in to see what's up...

I turn 30 tomorrow.

Adult things I have done: shacked up with a guy, got a cat together, married said guy, had a beautiful baby together. Money's a little tight atm but otherwise life is good.

Adult things I haven't done: finished uni/got a degree, learned how to drive/got my license, had a paying job in several years. I really ought to work on the license thing and the job thing, and hopefully via the job thing, get some qualifications. It's a work in progress.

Anything else you wanna know about my life, if you're not up to date on things, drop me a comment and/or swap social media details and we can catch up.


Apr. 21st, 2015 03:54 pm
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A Sam/Baal fic not sure I've read.

Why yes, I'm still alive. I haven't updated here in ages except for a couple private for reference posts. Making this one public because what the hell.


Feb. 10th, 2014 06:42 pm
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I set up a tumblr hxans.tumblr.com who knows how that will go
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20 weeks today. Anatomy scan tomorrow. It's difficult to feel elated about it at all, because the owner of our house has decided to put it on the market.

When the landlady called saying that a real estate agent would be coming by to do a valuation, we got nervous. The owner told the landlady that he wasn't planning to put it on sale, just wanted to know its market worth. I started looking at rentals anyway. Then the owners came by with another real estate agent to do a second valuation a few days ago. And now it's going on the market. :(

We've been living at this place for four years. It's not perfect, but it suits us well. We don't want to move if we don't have to. But there's no guarantee that new owners would purchase this as an investment property, so we are looking more closely at what rentals are out there. The hard part is finding something that will store all our stuff and also accept that we come with a cat.

If we do move, it means Joe & Kayla will also have to find their own place. Of course, they're going to struggle because they don't want flatmates, but they may not have a choice. Joe also thinks they need a minimum 2 bedroom place for "all their stuff" but I think they could fit into a 1 bedroom. Although Kayla could use a place with a 2nd bedroom for her business (she does some massage stuff on the side).

Bloody inconvenient having to look at moving while 5 months pregnant. Also having to work out what of our stuff we can get rid of, so we don't have to shift it all over again. Gah!
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So I put in my prompts for this year's Porn Battle. (http://oxoniensis.livejournal.com/538500.html) I'm also hoping to try and write for more than one prompt.

I feel bad I haven't got around to finishing my Sam/Baal Las Vegas piece, but I'll get there eventually. Because I do want to see it written at some point. Sort of like I might try to get to my other bunnies lying around...

-Sam/Baal, on his spaceship set sometime during the 5th season
-exploring the possibility of Lantash jumping into Sam in The Summit/Last Stand (and living)
-Sam/Baal/Vala, because, um, they're pretty
-Sam/Baal, AU of The Road Not Taken where she needs his help to get back to her universe

I just need to work on actually writing down the words instead of sitting there with the pen & paper or at the computer desk and staring into space thinking up scenarios.

We had a big earthquake a couple days ago, a 6.2 out of Eketahuna. It was a bit scary, I think because small quakes are short and this shaking was going on for several seconds. I crouched down next to my desk just as the worst part hit, things fell of shelves and there was an almighty SMASH from the kitchen. We lost one beer glass and an ornament of Alan's got broken but it can be fixed. Everything else just needed to be set back in place. (And the adrenaline meant if I hadn't felt baby before, I definitely felt it after, haha.) Life goes on.
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I probably should have used a cut on that last entry but I post so infrequently these days that, fuck it, you can read my novella of an entry or just keep on scrolling the fuck down. :)
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So, Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra are in the country. I ummed and ahhed about buying a ticket to the Wellington show, but it ended up sold out and they couldn't move to a bigger venue. I posted to twitter regarding my conundrum: I wanted to go, but I wanted someone to share the experience with. As far as I knew, I didn't have any friends who were AFP fans that lived close by. Hubs also wouldn't be keen to go out on a work night, not that he was overstruck by her music when I played a couple songs for him.

Anyway, come last weekend and Amanda is tweeting about how she's in the country and trying to get over her jetlag, and she was thinking a ninja gig, only with all the offers of places to visit, maybe she would do a sort of ninja parade instead. Well. I couldn't miss this. So I didn't.

And I remembered one of my childhood friends (his mother used to babysit my brother & I after school but we've kept touch over the years) was now living in Wellington, and had recently been raving about Neil Gaiman's "Ocean at the End of the Lane." If he's a Gaiman fan, I wondered, is he possibly an AFP fan like me? Sent him a message via FB, and it turned out his friend had been hanging out with Amanda and he was thinking of going to the ninja parade. Sweet, I have someone to meet up with.

So I put together my bag of things, double checked my camera batteries were charged, and Alan took me in. It was fun walking towards the painted piano outside this cafe, to see the colourful group already gathering in anticipation. All up I think 1-200 odd people showed up. There was a cheer as Amanda arrived. She is rather gorgeous.

She opened with this very simple song on the ukelele, "I love her cigarettes" that we all pretty much learned by the end of the parade if not the end of the first rendition. The next song she sang on her uke, I can't remember what it was (something Dresden Dolls? I am a bad fan), only that she stopped mid-song to observe someone sitting in the front row who'd arrived dressed up as a ninja. She was amused as fuck about that, before carrying on. Then she played a couple songs on the piano, one being "The Killing Type" and then "Coin Operated Boy" and during that song she broke the piano (oops).

Then it was time to move on to the next destination (Wellington Library, Young Adult Section) while she spoke to the cafe owner and apologised about the piano. At the library she struggled to think of songs that were library appropriate and thematic... I don't think I can remember the first song, but I do remember her playing "Map of Tasmania" and everyone self-censoring the swear word. And we sang her ukelele cover of Radiohead's "Creep", that was fun.

My friend missed the opening location because he was tied up with work but he came along to the library and through text messages we met up at the end of that before the group moved on to Te Papa. We ended up walking roughly along side Amanda for a good portion of the walk (I tried not to stumble into her when the pathway narrowed and dropped my pace so I didn't walk on her heels and breathe down her neck like a creeper). She was talking to a girl that later on we found out was semi-kinda-sorta-related to her (it was a convoluted brother's wife's cousin's sister-in-law kind of thing I don't recall the exact path it took haha).

Oh, yeah, remember how I double checked my camera batteries? And Alan even asked if I packed spares "Spares? I don't need spares! They're fine!" Hahahahahahahahahaha. My camera lied. By carefully turning on and off I was able to land a few snap shots, but it didn't like bad light or zooming and so several shots didn't turn out and by the end of the evening the fucker wouldn't stay on long enough to take a shot. So. About four shots turned out well and that was it. And I didn't get a photo with her like I wanted. (I didn't think to switch my SIM card into hubs old cellphone that has the camera in it either, stupid me.)

Anyway, at Te Papa she sang another song I can't remember what it was called, the one about Britney, herself & Madonna (there's a theme here. I think I forgot the name of at least one song at each venue) before singing the New Zealand Song. She told us of its conception, and apologised that it was rather crappy for being hastily written, and she struggled to remember the lyrics lol. Then our assignment to take 7 minutes--one minute to find an object, five minutes to draw it, one minute to return--and then we all went outside and lined up so she could record them all. I'm no artist, but I drew the hooked beak from a giant squid and happened to be standing next to a guy who drew a squid but I doubt it was apparent to anyone but me wtf it was.

I was also standing next to this red head girl, and her face was very familiar to me. I was pretty sure I recognised her from working at my local supermarket. I didn't ask her that right away though, I waited until the end of the night before I left, so if I was wrong I had a quick exit lol. Turns out she did used to work there but not anymore. So I wasn't crazy, heh.

After Te Papa we moved on to Cuba Street and this bookstore. The original intent had been to do something similar to what she did in Portland with everyone quietly picking out books and her signing them, but there were way more than us, ONE shopkeeper and the bookkeeping was manual. Some people bought books, but my friend and I chose not to. She sang the cigarette song again, and, "Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass" and possibly one other? She wrapped it up with the signing of the books that people bought. At the point my friend left to go meet some other friends and I was on my own again. I tried not to feel to awkward but I did feel a bit weird. I also wanted to get a hug from Amanda and was trying to work out an opportune moment to get that hug without interrupting the flow of things. (spoiler: I did get a hug eventually. It was only slightly awkward)

We moved up the street to this art gallery place called Laundry on Cuba? Where we all sort of gathered on the street and clogged the footpath, while Amanda sat at a piano out front of the place. It was rather dark, as the place was between streetlights although they did put lamps on the piano and such. There was also a pair of flamingo ornaments which made me think of the whole Neil-Flamingo thing from a few months back. And Amanda played, on a piano that was so very out of tune, again at least one song I don't recall before she chose to sing "Hallelujah" which was perfect and we all joined in, because who the fuck doesn't sing along to "Hallelujah".

We also got the tale about how she got arrested in Amsterdam for drinking beer on the street when performing like she was, and, y'know, drinking in a public street is illegal here too (we suggested she try bribing our cops with a sip of they tried arresting her here). The rest of her band showed up at that point, so she introduced them and they posed for some photos... I seriously wish my camera had been working then because there was a hilarious moment when Thor & Jherek were holding her up to sit on Chad's shoulders, and Chad briefly turned around so he faced her crotch. Primo shot right there, lol.

Then it was time to move on to our FINAL DESTINATION (why did no one make jokes about how we were all gonna die?), a place called the Garret Street Collective. Most people headed off straight away but a few lingered for photo ops with the whole band and such. We ended up in this third floor 'L'-shaped room and it was rather cosy, people were picking places and pouring drinks and the like. I secured a place next to the wall at the corner of the 'L' where I had an eye on the door but could see the rest of the room. At one moment when I had my back to the door I felt someone sort of bump into me, turned, and there was Amanda. (This isn't when I got my hug.) She looked at the crowd in the room, looked at me, and said, "Wow," before someone was tugging her elbow to introduce her to this guy called Hans.

Hans was quickly downing a drink to stir up some liquid courage, because by all accounts he's a rather shy fellow. (He looked so prim and proper, with his letterman's jacket and hair parted to the side and everything) His friends really wanted him to perform for Amanda though, so they went over to the mic where the people who lived/worked there introduced things and Hans got to play the uke first. So this supposedly shy guy bellowed out this rousing song-tale about some dreadful black-hearted guy. I didn't know the song but a lot of the others did and there was much stamping and shouting as it was sung. Then it was Amanda's turn to play again.

Again I can't remember the song but she was slightly thrown off by the fact the piano keys had at some point been splashed with paint, so there were white keys and black keys that were in fact red, and there was no rhyme (ha!) or reason to it. She also broke it at some point. (So that's two broken pianos, one out of tune piano.) They wound up pulling off a couple panels and such so she could get at the innards and fix thing, and she performed the rest of the song with an exposed piano.

Someone requested something from Theatre is Evil, so it was either Bed Song or Trout Heart Replica and we settled on Trout Heart. She also gave the full unabridged tale of its conception, and about how Neil wrote a poem about that event, and that their other friend Jen was supposed to create something related to the trout thing, but she is a "bad artist" because she hasn't done so yet. (We are supposed to tease her about this.)

They had a set of drums and a bass, so she played a couple sets with the people there, "Blister in the Sun" and something else I've forgotten, but there was a mosh pit involved. And then we got "Ukelele Anthem" which was great, although slightly disconcerting for me, used to listening to it alone, to have people laughing at the lyrics. The room went quiet and then there was this very polite, "One more!" And so Amanda played the cigarette one last time and we sang along (because we'd all learned it by now).

At this point it sort of broke down to a sort of meet-and-greet style thing, so I made my way through the crowd the queue up with the others wanting hugs, kisses, photos, autographs etc. I wound up lending my vivid to a couple girls wanting their bags signed (I had thought about bringing my Theatre is Evil booklet/CD case to be signed but I'm not really worried about collecting autographs--apart from my Sam Neill one anyway). And then there was a small cluster of us in one of those party circles with Amanda having a wee chat.

She was, y'know, amazed/impressed at all of us that had stuck with her since quarter to 4, as it was after 8 at this point. I was all, "I'm a housewife, I got plenty of free time." "Kids?" she asked me. "Nah, nah, and my husband's kids are all grown up." "Same." At this point I was sort of conscious I wasn't the only person in the group, or room, who wanted her attention so I asked for a hug then. (It was slightly awkward to me to jump to hugs after 30s of conversation but it probably didn't even phase her.) She leaned in, and I leaned in... I'm not generally a huggy person with anyone beyond my husband (I'm sort of obliged to hug mum, dad, & BFF but I'm still not v. huggy with them), but that was a wonderful hug to have anyway. I said "Thank you, this has been fun," and then the others in the little circle were getting their hugs and whatnot, so I slowly backed out so people behind me could get a moment of her time too.

After having a wee chat with the red-head I mentioned before, I didn't stick around long after that. I knew I needed to walk down to the train station, and would take an hour on the train to get home. I had said to Alan that I didn't know what time I'd be home and he'd probably be on his own for dinner but I also knew he'd be wondering where I was at. I couldn't text him because he uses his cellphone so infrequently that his SIM card had actually expired.


Conclusion, if you ever get the chance to attend an Amanda Palmer ninja gig (or better yet, ninja parade)... DO IT. :D
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Realising I haven't posted an entry since March. I should do something about that.

So, my birthday was last Monday, I turned 28. There was cake, and a couple parcels of goodies from my mum, couple of cards & plenty of happy birthdays on FB and such. A good day. Unfortunately, it's fallen during a whole week of mood swings, acne breakouts, tender boobies... basically, some of the worst and longest lasting PMS I've encountered since my teen years. Normally if I get moodiness it's a day or two and then my period hits. So far, no period, just lots of ups and downs and unexpected tears. Even had a few cross words with hubs because apparently as he was pushing some of my buttons in my crankiness I was pushing some of his right back.

And it wasn't helped but us being guilt-tripped into hosting his mother at a t time we didn't really want to. She'd been to stay recently but there were Reasons. It would have been tolerable if it was one or two nights but we were looking at an extended stay of possibly two weeks. He was able to pull a half day on Wednesday though and take her home a bit earlier. I like my Mother in Law but she wants to chatter and then looks through the brochures and comes up with a new list every day of things she'd like us to go pick up from the shops from her. Plus cooking meals at an earlier time and making sure it's something she can eat... all of it was just an extra bit of hassle at a time where my hormones are already fucking with me something fierce.

Plus it's winter and cold and fuck that shit.

I haven't been writing the fanfic like I intended to earlier this year, which is very slack of me. Still stuck on making the words and stories in my head form something coherent outside for the world to see. But I have made a few new fandom friends on twitter so I am feeling a bit accomplished for peeking out of my shell just a bit.

Have been to see several of the new movies at the theatres over the last few months, like Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness, ones that I thought would look excellent in 3D. The exception to that though was going to the Chick Flick night a week or so ago, where for $25 I got a movie ticket, glass of wine, ice cream, chocolate, and a bag of goodies (pamphlets and vouchers mostly) from local businesses. I went with my step-son Joe's girlfriend Kayla, and the movie we saw was The Heat. Incredibly hilarious I was very glad that all the good reviews I heard were not over hyping it.
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Okay, story time. Some people may not be aware, but I first moved in with my husband after we had been together a mere two weeks. This was not because we were madly in love (although he wasn't far away from admitting he was falling in love with me, and not long after I admitted the feeling was mutual). It was because I had some housing issues arise, and while our relationship was new, I trusted that I could stay with him however briefly until I could land on my feet. This also means that in the beginning of our relationship, Alan was initially reluctant to have me help with the bills, cooking, or other chores, not because he didn't think I wasn't capable of contributing, but because he wasn't sure how long our relationship would last. I think it might have been around the five-month mark, when he also told me if we made 3 years he'd look at making it legal, that he sort of figured out that our relationship was pretty damn stable, happy, and there was no need for me to go anywhere.

By then, since we both worked, we were splitting the bills, cooking, and other chores. However, when he got the job that required us to move, I ended up giving up my job, and became a housewife, or, as I call it, a Domestic Goddess. Since he's the one working full-time, it makes sense that I do most of the chores and cooking while he covers the bills. That doesn't mean he doesn't help out around the house, or stopped cooking, but it's largely my domain now, and if I go back to working we'll go back to splitting like we did. Anyway, there's a reason I bring this all up. See, the last few months I've been pretty slack on one of my chores, because it's become such an awful job. Vacuuming.

Our vacuum sucked. Or rather, it DIDN'T suck. Which meant I run it over the same piece of floor ten times & still could see visible dirt. Lord knows how much dirt I wasn't even coming close to picking up. Or cat hair. Or my hair. Bear in mind the rooms in our house are huge, and even if Joe & Kayla are responsible for keeping downstairs clean & tidy, I still have five large rooms & a hallway to vacuum. And I hadn't been doing it regularly since our vacuum was so awful.

But yesterday, Alan was convinced to spend a little more cash than he ever would have on a new vacuum. And maybe it's silly and so horribly domestic of me to be so excited by a new vacuum cleaner, but... IT DOES THE JOB. Alan had a small try of it last night and even he was willing to admit it was worth it to shell out that extra dosh instead of settling for something cheaper that probably wouldn't do the same job as well and I would come to hate as much as the old cleaner. What we bought is a Hoover Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with Powerhead. I had to empty it after finishing each room because it picked up so much dirt, fur & hair, but the difference in clean is so visible. And I don't feel exhausted because I didn't have to cover the same piece of floor ten times. We'd moved a rug out of our lounge into a spare bedroom because it attracted so much fur & hair and never got clean, and the new cleaner just lifted it all off.

So, whoever does the vacuuming in your household, I really, really recommend spending a goodly sum on a decent vacuum with a powerhead. And make sure you find out where all the filters and everything are and be sure to clean your vacuum out after each time you use it, because it can't do it's job properly if you don't keep maintaining it. At the end of doing the chores you can look around the house, and see how clean it is, and feel that sense of satisfaction of a job well done, of being house-proud because it's genuinely tidy.

Yeah, no.

Feb. 23rd, 2013 09:17 am
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So each week I try to remember to check out the iTunes iBooks store to see what the free book of the week is. I don't always grab them because they are invariably romances, and okay I like the occasional romance but wish they would cover some other genres as well...

Anyway, this week is another romance and there is no way in hell I'm dloading a book where the male lead's name is Ian McFarland. Just...no.


Jan. 13th, 2013 01:51 pm
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Naturally, when I read over twitter that Neil Gaiman's beloved white German Shepherd, Cabal, had passed, my heart went out to him. I have been reading Neil's blog over the years and I can remember the entries of his discovery and eventual adoption of Cabal. So of course I had to read his blog entry about Cabal's death (here) & follow it up with Amanda Palmer's blog (here). And one comment in particular on her blog stood out to me, that is just so, so true:

TheWOL • an hour ago

They come into your life, and take it over, quietly, while you're not paying attention, and fill it full of the most amazing things, which you only discover in bits and pieces and moments and hours, and never realize just how full of wonderfulness your life is until one day they have to leave you. All of a sudden, your life is this huge empty airplane hanger that's full of darkness and echoes. But pay attention, because on their way into forever, they've whispered to the world to send you another one, not to take their place, because that's not possible. But another one will find you, because you need them, and they need you.
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So, I finally got around to setting up an account on AO3. Several reasons for doing this, including cross-posting fanfic that had originally been posted on lj or my ff.net account (hey, once upon a time ff.net was the best multi-fandom archive available). Another reason is that I'm sort of hoping that having an account will inspire me to actually get back into writing fanfic. I never really wrote long pieces or anything, but I've lost track of a lot of the fandom circles... I'm not on tumblr and lj is becoming a dried out husk, and although I have a dreamwidth, it seems, idk, like I have an audience of none. So, if I want people to actually read my stuff, I need to step out of my little shadowed corner.


The idea is to get back into writing instead of just living in my head and daydreaming the hell out of things. Not a NY resolution by any means, just, something I'd like to do.


Nov. 26th, 2012 09:49 pm
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Taking on his surname makes my name sound incredibly posh. But I like it, even if I think it is going to take a few days/weeks/forever for it to sink in. I feel incredibly grown-up, despite not having a driver's license or owning a home... I'm married. He's no longer my partner, my fiancé, he's my husband. I'm rather wrapped that its legally done now.

(It's even consummated bwahaha)

And the last of our guests leave tomorrow morning, and we shall have the house back to ourselves, and our poor precious cat will stop fraeaking out about having her home invaded. Our wedding has been very non-traditional, but at the same time so very US, we have been very pleased by how it all went.

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I'm getting married today. I'm getting married today. I'm getting married today!

Had an amazing meal with the family last night, and the restaurant even shouted us dessert & a round of shots. All in all, for all my procrastination and stuff, this has led to a small, stress-free, low-budget event. I'm really happy with the way things have fallen into place.



Nov. 23rd, 2012 06:40 pm
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...the trouble with being a grown-up is that licking the whipped cream off beaters becomes a far more innuendo laden act. Especially if I look my darling in the eye as I do it.
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I've always considered marriage to be like getting to have your best friend over for a sleepover... Every night.

Well, I've procrastinated liek whoa, but the fact of the matter is, I'm getting married in 9 days. (I become a step-mum to four adults when I do this, and 'grandmother' to nine grandchildren. We gotta come up with a hip grandma-name for me, lol. And not Nana Hana, because ew, I hate the word Nana.) I've been with Alan for five years now. Officially got engaged two years ago. Went through idea after idea of what I wanted, and found I hated the idea of stressing trying to sort out a venue, celebrant, clothes, rings, cake, etc. So anyway. Time flew by, but the date is now set.

We're getting married at a Registry on Monday the 26th of November. Having a family get together to eat & celebrate on Sunday the 25th of November. I have my dress, he has his outfit. No rings, but that's because I think I need a custom job and we both put that off for too long.

I'm not worried about that. The legal stuff is going to be done, the family is going to gather to wish us well. Those, I think, are the important bits.


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