WTF, boys

Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:49 pm
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Alan came home with scorched almonds and 5L can of Heineken as a Christmas bonus from work.

So, anyone who has me on facebook probably saw my status update about getting pelted by an egg while out walking earlier today. Normally, wearing a summery dress and straightening my hair and getting all prettified to counter my stupid female body being not pregnant (not that I want to be pregnant just yet tyvm), normally that would get boys driving by to maybe honk their horns at me. And once, solicited as a prostitute. (Umm, careful of the comments on that one) This is the first time I've had eggs thrown at me.

Boys suck.

When I told Alan he growled. And ask if I got their license plate so he could hunt them down. <3 him.

I came home to find the computer had crashed, restarted it to find that I was under attack in my game, Kingdoms of Camelot. Bloody vultures hitting the moment I appeared offline I think.

Of course, all that pales in comparison to the fact that Christchurch got hit be three earthquakes today. Ffs Mother Nature, would you just quit it down there already?!

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So despite the fact that I can't actively check my journal, or my f-list (I just have to go look at each journal individually) and for whatever reason, I am no longer receiving email notifications for replies to any comments I leave (vair annoying when I often forget to check for a reply), well, I can still update this thing, when I remember to.

Not that there's much to say. I'm kinda depressed about moving again, and also slightly stressed about finding another place. Ah well.

I know I mentioned there was this new boy, Aaron, who, y'know, there were things and all, but I've decided that it's not actually working out. I just have to tell HIM that. But yeah, it's not. I can't bring myself to get interested in developing things... I haven't got laid since that rather unsatisfying one night stand in June. And I haven't WANTED to get laid.

And well...

We went and saw Resident Evil: Extinction the other week, which I loved, but there was this one little thing that just made me go "ooooh" 'cause I was NOT expecting it. And so the boy rubs my leg and whispers all tenderly, "Are you alright, babe?" That just... plust the fact he felt taking me to see Superbad was the "wrong" kind of movie to take a girl to and... it's like he makes me out to be some sort of delicate, innocent, precious flower.

I may be a girl, but I don't want to be treated like a girl... put on a pedestal and worshipped. No. I don't like that at all. So piss on that.

Anyway, hope you're all doing well, since I haven't been around to chat let alone remember to check each and every journal every time I'm on here. See ya 'round, darlings.


Holy hell

Oct. 16th, 2007 12:06 pm
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So... my flatmate Benild has moved out. Other flatmat says he's moving out, too, 'cause he's leaving for Aus on the 27th. *sigh* While we've got someone lined up for Ben's room, I don't know if we've got someone for Clayton's room... and covering the rent between two people sucks. If we can't land something quickly, I may have to move out again as well.

On the upside, I now have a fridge, toaster, and (dodgy) microwave. Plans to buy Ben's washing machine as well... maybe.

Also, I have the coolest cousin ever. Dimitri came to visit on Friday. We went out, had drinks and dinner, more drinks and pool, and lots of catching up. It was a lot of fun, especially given that the last time I saw him was 12 years ago.

He spoiled me, too. Six Toblerone bars, dark chocolate... mmm. And a pearl necklace. *snicker* And then he sneakily left some cash on my bedside table for me to find later to go towards new ID, or helping me move (if I do move). Tres awesome, no?

And Saturday night I went and saw Superbad with Aaron, which was funnier than expected.

Crazily agreed to work three and a half hours at Woolies after an eight hour shift at Mega on Sunday. Was v. tired yesterday. Felt better by buying a dragon bowl thing at the comic book store. Got the feeling the store owner there didn't quite know what to make of a girl browsing his store. Drooled over the Sandman, Lucifer, and Hellblazer comics.

Bought more stuff for parcel for mum and Gary. Joy.

Anyway, keeping this kinda short. Hope y'all are doing fine, and if you're not, well... here's hoping it gets better.

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In a bout of cleverness, I went and lost my ID in town somewhere, not this past weekend, but the one before that. So not only do I need to replace my US Passport (it's expired, fucking hell) but now I gotta do something about the NZ one, too. Goddamnit.

I popped the back tire of my bike, haven't taken the time to see if it's a simple fix or not, but that's another thing not in my favour.

And moneywise, well... even taking into account the money Ben owes me, I'm still paying some more money to buy his fridge off him. He's moving out, and it was easier to buy it then and there, than faff about sorting a new one or renting or whatever. But he's also taking his bond back, so I'm going to have to shell out money for a new bond, and, well.. Clayton looks to be moving out soon too, if he can. So I gotta find me not one, but two new flatmates.

In the last two weeks, I've had texts from three guys who I've been with in the past, but haven't seen/spoken to in a while for whatever reasons. And they mostly had nice things to say to me. Is there something in the air...?

Met up with a coworker from Woolies on Saturday night, it being a birthday bash thingy she was having, where I was introduced to a bunch of people I didn't know, but two of the turned out to be the aunt and uncle of a girl I work with at Mitre 10 Mega. I was the youngest there, but I got along well with them, and, well, the guy closest my age was nice, interested, and at one point bought me a rose before turning around and saying that it didn't compare to my beauty. *smirks* I didn't sleep with him.


Oh, a parcel arrived for me on Friday from mum, with some very nice clothes, including a Harley Davidson t-shirt that I wore on Saturday night, along with my skirt with studs down the sides. Hee.

And that's... about it, for now. I'm caught between happy about good stuff, and worrying about money stuff... and when I'll be able to afford that computer *le sigh* At least I picked up a shift on Labour day, which pays time and a half and should help things just a 'lil bit. Plus, well, yeah, got my cousin Dimitri coming visiting this Friday, and it will be nice to see him again.


ETA: There must be something about me right now, 'cause even the bartender at Uno's was generous enough to serve me Jack and Coke that was more JD than coke. (They don't bother to ID me there, which means I've either been there often enought they recognise me and know I'm old enough, or I've hit that stage where I look old enough... *shrugs*)
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Strange dreams in which Regulus Black had a non-goofy version of Scooby Doo as his sidekick. Sirius Black looked like my flatmate's cute young chef friend Jesse, while James, Remus, and Peter just looked like something my mind cobbled together from book descriptions. And Sirius had buried 'treasure' in the front yard of Grimmauld Place... said treasure being some plants that didn't wither and die after being buried. And that's only half of it.

Was woken up this morning about four times by phones. The first time, I'm not even sure when exactly it was, because I was too sleepy to even focus on the clock. We don't have an answering machine or anything, so it just rang and rang and rang, because I was too tired to get up, and my flatmate was dead to the world. Second time the phone rang, for not nearly as long, was five something, and I found out later Clayton woke for that one, but both of us were too damned tired to get up and answer.

Then, again, around seven, I was woken by my cellphone vibrating from a text I'd received when it was off from Clayton's mate Thaddeus, because Clayt had left his cell at his place. I'd tried calling Clayton's phone last night when he'd realised he couldn't find it, and given the lack of ringing at home, figured he'd left it at Thaddeus's. And then I got another text around 8:30 from Jono (the Myspace guy I had a one night stand with) asking if I was ever down his way. I still haven't answered.

Last week, the weather was simply divine, and the weekend was wonderful... went out on the town Saturday night, danced for hours in Unos with it's wonderful techno beats; finally bailed after this guy was practically sexin' me up on the dancefloor, and I couldn't tell if he was good-looking or not, and I had work in the morning. Both my jobs have been going well. We also had this guy, Levi Vaoga, in our store for the weekend, so a shitload of customers, and, likes, some cool demonstrations... some very, very psyched kids, too.

My cousin Dimitri is visiting NZ shortly, and I may get to hang out with him. Just not sure if it will be here or if I'll need to take time off and travel down to Wellington. But it will be cool to see him again. We haven't met up in years... his parents, and brother Martin with wife and child were here in NZ in January/February of last year. Anyway, Dimitri's one of my favourite cousins, and he sorta introduced my brother and I to Terry Pratchet (although he was a bit beyond me at the time, I was only 10 or 11). Also, were he not my cousin, I'd be way more interested in the fact he could touch the tip of his nose with the tip of his tongue. *snicker*

And... my flatmate Ben should be back from Aus sometime today.


ETA: Oh, yes, allow me to take this moment and pimp [ profile] ashinae & [ profile] linden_jay's most awesomest of awesome crossover AUs ever. It's Firefly 'verse with Heroes characters, and just a whole damn lot of joy. They're only just now giving the general public a wee teaser to whet your appetite. Go, read, become addicted, and beg for more. 'Cause it's so very, very cool.


Sep. 19th, 2007 01:10 pm
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So what sort of crazy shit have you been up to lately, Hana? Oh, you know... booze, sex, etc... Actually, no sex. No sex since... June? Although not for lack of trying, at least, recently. Heh.

Anyway, one flatmate, Ben, went off to Aussie for two weeks that's now become for a month, and so help me god, if he stays any longer, I'mma be even more pissed. 'Cause, see, when he left he didn't leave his share of the rent, so Clayton and I had to cover it, and now we've got to cover another payment... I mean, that's a lot of money he owes us and I'm not entirely sure how he expects to pay us back, especially when he has no job that I'm aware of. Very slightly upset about this, am going to have to give him a stern talking to when he returns.

Other flatmate, Clayton, had a girl come over from Aussie to visit him. She's English originally. Her name's Lauren, but she looks like Keira Knightly. Was really cool to hang out with, and gave me someone to get drunk with on a handful of occasions, along with Clayton's sister Nelly and Nel's mates. Anyway, that's how I've discovered red wine is bad for me, and went back to the bourbon. And we went out on the town a few times.

Was pretty awesome last Thursday, in my brand new desert camo pants (from the Warehouse of all places, zomg)... everyone loved my pants. They fit me so well as well as being very striking. It was amusing as hell to run into a couple of the upper management guys from Mitre 10, and one of them just gave me this complete look up-and-down in my outfit.... I think it forced a sort of re-evaluation of his initial opinion of me, to see me out of uniform and work. Made me giggle, anyhow.

And then last Saturday, in a state of booze-bliss, Lauren and I snogged in one the many bars we visited, to the entertainment of some male onlookers. We'd completely forgotten anyone might be looking in our direction. But still, funny that we made some men happy with a little kiss.

Work has been all right, with its ups and downs and brainless moments. And the weather has been improving, methinks. It's warmer, anyhow. Most of the time. I could have done without the rain on Friday and Saturday, since I had straightened my hair for the first time in weeks. Thankfully didn't get it wet, but there'd been enough moisture in the air to make it start curling, so Saturday night before hitting up town, straightened it some more.

Oh, yes, efforts to get laid. Thursday night I was introduced to the chef that Clayton works with at Lombardi's (a cafe/restaurant v. close to home). Young guy, only 18, but quite good looking. Unfortunately, either I'm too old for him, or my attempts at getting friendly weren't obvious enough, or something, but yeah... all I wanted was a one night stand, or something, but I guess he's just not keen. Ah well, I can still admire the pretty, when I see him.

<3 And that's my update, for now. I've been checking up on my f-list, although sadly neglecting to comment. Sorry. :(



Sep. 8th, 2007 09:33 pm
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Yeah, not really an update beyond, well, in the last week I've drank too much booze, and worked a lot, and done some shopping. Rarr.

In other news, a meme, now with picspam!

(1) List 10 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions [and or hold close and feed and build shrines for and pet and do their hair...uh].
(2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust [and adulation] for them - 10-1, 1 is the hottest [and most adored evar :3].
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos for said people.

Better save your f-list from the sexy, mmm? )

Yeah, I know. Oh, did I mention I saw Die Hard 4 once, and the Bourne Ultimatum twice? *nods* I did. Can I also marry Julia Stiles, please?

xans: Xans (Naked vs. Nekkid) headphones will cost me $40 recharchable batteries will cost me $30 mp3 player will cost me $200
...forgot to check out vodafone cellphones. Damnit.

When three sales guys ask me if I'm all right there, as I check out mp3 players, all withing one or two minutes of each other... is it just good sales service, or is it boys hoping to help/impress the pretty girl looking at tech?

And did I take pity on guy #3 because he was cute? Oh no, not me...



Jun. 20th, 2007 01:02 pm
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Your Score: Greatsword

You preferred a weapon with 50% power over speed and 41% range over melee.

You use a Greatsword.

Do the words Zweihander or Flamberge mean anything to you? You prefer a Greatsword, a massive, heavy blade frequently strong enough to cut down the rides of mounted warriors. Though slow, the impressive length and heft of a greatsword makes it capable even of breaking through armor. Your enemies will run from the deadly arcs of your blade as you bear down on them.

Link: The What's Your Signature Weapon Test written by inurashii on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Okay, funny thing. Last night, I had a sex dream, which was a threesome of me with a guy and another girl. Slightly weirded me out, because, hello, girls aren't really my thing. Also, she was blonde, and I don't generally find blonde girls attractive at all. So why would I get in a threesome with one? *shrugs* I wasn't thinking much about it, but then, I was straightening my hair when I got a text...

And it looks like I might be finally meeting this guy from Myspace tonight. What's more, he asked me if I'd ever been with a chick, and would I be open to a threesome with a chick? I had to see a picture of this girl, because if she was blonde, I was gonna laugh so hard. Well, he sent me a picture, and she is. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing as soon as I saw her picture. How funny to dream of being in a threesome and then get asked to partcipate in one not more'n a few hours later!

And on that note, at least she's hot for a blonde...

Anyway, life goes on.

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SGA fic living in my head is being a bitch still. Will have to do something about that.

Today I've been told (more than once, although by the same person... she felt it needed repeating) that I look so very cute. I've got my hair in twin buns, and I'm in my fuzzy pale blue off-the-shoulders sweater thing with a white turtleneck underneath, my tight dark blue jeans... yeah, I'm all shades of blue and the like. Apparently the whole outfit thing is just all sorts of innocent cuteness.

I still haven't met up with the boy from Myspace who contacted me, but things are looking like maybe this Thursday or Friday, I very well just might. Should be interesting to say the least. He thinks I'm cute, too. *smirks*

...I don't want to turn 22! I don't know why, but I so don't feel like I'm ready to be 22 yet. Can't I just be 17 still?

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Imagine if Sam Winchestor and Peter Petrelli decided to play a game of "Who's brother is cooler?"

Or see where some bright fan took it )

Or we could just enjoy that Milo is pretty... )

Or the hotness that is Sylar...
Evil Is Sexy (and he knows it) )


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From [ profile] blue_raven: Oooh, okay. Interests: 'Brotherly hug my arse', 'fox terriers', 'Piglet' and for icons, 'Seabecks Hicks', 'Drunk guys', 'Rock on Dean'.

Brotherly hug my arse - In the third Harry Potter book, during that explosive scene in the Shrieking Shack, the text reads that when Remus realised Sirius was innocent, he "embraced him like a brother." It's sort of a shipper's denial about that, because I will always imagine they were together.

Fox terriers - My mum and her cousin both had foxies, and they were just adorable. Incredibly smart. Fly's nickname was Houdini, because he was notoriuos for finding ways out of the yard to wander off and explore. They have absolutely no road sense, and love to try choking themselves on the leash when taken for a walk, but they're awesome dogs. They're little, and clever, and cute:

Piglet - Everyone has their favourite Whinnie the Pooh character, right? Most people, it seems, like Tigger or Eeyore, although I'm sure there are others who adore some other character. An ex- of mine liked Kanga and Roo. For me, it's Piglet. He's the one that doesn't get the limelight very often. He's quiet, and shy, and smart, and the best of friends for Pooh. So I like him.

- Last place I lived in the States was this tiny little place called Seabeck, on the Olympic Peninsula, just outside of the town Silverdale. Anyway, when I went through my entries to tag them all, I found an old conversation I'd transcribed that I still remember, and still giggle about. So when I got in an icon making mood, I had to throw in the best part.

- This is another icon made from rereading old entries. It's a sort of motto I should try to live by, given some of the not so grand times I've had with drunk guys. It's not like any of it ever led to bad sex, exactly, but things could have been better, if they weren't drunk. Or I was more drunk, or something.

- Dean/Metallicar is my OTP. *snickers* Or possibly Sam/Dean/Metallicar, but anyway. I like this icon because, well, I adore Dean (and how much he loves the car) and rocking out to whatever music... And everyone's got those "Rock on!" moments, yeah?

Mmm, anyway, despite my efforts (ha!) I've been totally drawn into the McShep pairing and reading far more fic than I thought I would. It's kind of like my weakness for Daniel/Jack. It's like... I don't ship them, certainly not what I'd want as a canon pairing, but I keep reading fics where they're together anyway, because they're just so believable in the fic. I'm weird, I know. And I'm still going to read all sorts of fic. Heh.

Has anyone ever been surprised with sex? Like, you weren't expecting to get laid and weren't even feeling that desirable, but whoever has the job of satisfying those needs jumped you anyway? (Or at least tried to, and you figured what the hell anyway, despite the not knowing it was gonna happen.) Yeah. Also, this guy makes me feel like I weigh next to nothing when he picks me up and carries me to the bed.

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A Body Thing )

So, didn't meet that guy. Thought about it, planned on it, and then decided not to when he mentioned being tired. Decided it can wait for some other time. I don't want to be with someone who's gonna fall asleep on me.

Seems my week for encounters on Myspace. Normally I don't have anything happening over there. Occasionally I get Myspace whores wanting to add me, and for a while I had a stream of sci-fi authors making a bid for my attention. In face, I just got invited to read the blog of some guy that looks like he's trying his hand at sci-fi fiction. The other message I got is someone giving me props for posting a bunch of links to YouTube vids I've enjoyed. I feel so popular. :P

Life is nothing interesting. I'm on a broke streak at the moment. Hopefully this will change soon. Otherwise, I am well, and I hope y'all are doing just fine, too. Or, y'know, if you're not fine, you know you'll be okay, in time. *hugs f-list* I care about you guys, even if I don't always say it.

Be well, or tell me who I gotta nudge/whack to make things better.

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Hey there...

Im going to be in Palmy wednesday and thursday nights if you wanted to meet up at some stage...

Just let me know


*laughs* I've been expecting this message, or something like it, for several days now.

See, I got a message sometime last week, or maybe even the week before, over on Myspace from this guy. And more than one message mentioned the fact that he would be up my way at some point in the near future. I checked out his profile--okay, not much there, but nothing that's ultimately creepy or, y'know, about to send me off screaming in the other direction. So I've been responding, asking questions, getting to know him a little.

Seems nice enough. I'm leery-ish about an actual meeting. Figure there will be much mentioning of it happening, if I do decide to take that route. Given that the whole two people I've ever met in real life that I first met online have been women, hell, given that most the people I know online are women... well, I've always been a bit wary about menfolk over the internet, to begin with. It's not paranoia when there really are predators out there.

Still, I just about laughed out loud when I read that message. Totally expected it. Have no idea if I want to meet him, but then, what's the harm in one little meeting? At the very least I can find out straight away if I really want to continue contact with the guy. We'll see.


L m a o

Apr. 4th, 2007 05:37 pm
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Reading [ profile] thesimpleman's answers to a 100 question (or is it 99, since #44 is missing) survey. And cracking up at some of the answers. Possibly way too amused over this one:

83. Thought about running away?
I Did that once as a kid. I took my legos.

I have my priorities, dammit.

Oh, Judah. If I ever run away, I will take my legos and think of you. :D

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There was this billboard for Waikato draft, the one by the Wharehouse in Hilcrest, and it was really strange when I took a moment to actually read it. One side says: "Honking the horn," and in smaller text, "Our courting." It took me a little thinking to get it, but, sadly, it is true. I go for walks often, and, particularly when I'm dressed nice, but even when I'm not, there is many a time when I get honked at by some passing car. Because our boys don't seem to have ever seen women before, or something.

Anyway, I just got emailed this in a fwd from my mum:

*snicker* Good beer, that.

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Yesterday driving through town Laura and I spotted this rather fancy-able guy crossing the road... he had a meat pie and that in his hand, and we didn't think of it 'till after we'd gone past him that it would have been fun to ask in a flirty kind of tone, "Can I have a bite of your pie?"

Ahh, he was studly.

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So, just because Life has got in the way... haven't been online in several days. Came back to an inbox with more unread messages than I've had in a long time. Felt bad, 'cause a few of them really need replying to. Anyway, after half-way perusing f-list, I give you this (somewhat belated):
You went trick or treating as Snarf.
JerryFalwell gave you ARubySlipper.
Destiny gave you CursedAztecGold.
Dream gave you TheHolyGrail.
SherlockHolmes gave you AnApple.
You had a memorable time until BethMarch locked you in the attic.

What's Your Trick-or-Treat Haul?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

One of the emails from my mum included a rather lovely halloween picture:
V. nice Eye Candy )

But there were also a couple other Eye Candy oriented pics...
That you may enjoy )

Other than that... PMSed, stressed, fucking tired, and... yeah. Kinda sucky, actually.

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It is a beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous day out there. Sososososos v. nice. So why'm I here? Why am I not out basking in the sunlight, dressed as I am? (knee high socks, schoolgirl pleated skirt, purply-pink tube top, y'know, skank that I am) Well, I'm here to inform [ profile] shiseiji that the parcel arrived Monday, I didn't find out 'til Tuesday, and didn't get to pick it up until today, Thursday. But zomg zomg. Sugar rush already. Aaaaand yeah. Love, much love. :D

Anyway, you know when you're talking about something, and your mouth just takes over and says something you didn't mean to say? And I don't mean, you suddenly offer a blunt opinion that upsets someone, but like, you mess up your words or have a case of spoonerisms. Happened the other day, Friday, I was at Grant's and somehow it came up that, slim as we both were, my wide hips were good at taking up a lot of the space. (I may not have [ profile] shiseiji's gigantic birthing hips, but they're wide enough, that's for sure) Well, Grant went to say, "Wide hips" but it came out "Wild hips." Funny enough on its own...

It just gave me this hilarious visual of a bunch of bare hips grazing on a plain. They'd just be plodding along in their herds, 'til someone came along to rustle some up or something... then there'd be panic, and these stampeding wild hips... it was a funny visual, anywho.

Yesterday I was all geared up not to see Grant, 'cause he'd sent a text saying he was tired and planned to sleep. But then, my cellphone was on its charger so I didn't get the next text saying he couldn't sleep, he was going into town, and did I want to come over for pizza later? Instead he found me in the library, and we wandered around for a wee bit, enjoying the lovely, lovely sunshine. Then we went up and passed the time for a while, until it was time to make the pizza.

It was kind of a gourmet style pizza. Aside from the necessary tomato paste and cheese, there was onions, salami, capsicum, olives, feta cheese, anchovies (I discovered they're not all that bad, but I wouldn't wanna overdo 'em), and these things, these other things that I can't remember what they're called, but they're supposed to be good and I think I plain did not notice them. But it was a v. nice pizza that we ate while watching the news.

We actually watched a lot of tv, spent the most amount of time in the living room we ever have, watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the Simpsons, Scrubs, SVU, and Green Wing. All in all, good stuff.

Oh, oh, it was so funny; Grant and I stopped by where I'm staying so I could grab a couple things (some CDs for him to listen to, I meant to grab my phone off the charger and forgot, and my jacket so I wouldn't freeze when I walked home), and as I was heading back downstairs Glenn came out from the back room.

I smiled--no, I think I rather smirked--at him, so he asked, rather paranoid, "What?" and I laughed.

"What have you been up to?" he demanded.

"It's not what I've been up to," I replied, "but more what I'm about to get up to!"

He swore and I walked out under a tirade of, "Oi, no one said you could leave. Where are you going? Get back in here!"

(Don't worry, he wasn't serious, just jealous at the mere suggestion someone's getting laid when he is not)

Besides, that was more than enough revenge for the stunt he pulled yesterday morning. Back on Tuesday, I very generously cooked him dinner (what the hey, I'll play domestic goddess when I've got so much bourbon from him) and we also watched the DVD of Wes Craven's "Cursed" with Christina Ricci and Josh Jackson. While utterly predictable, it was fucking hilarious. Anyway, afer the movie I pleaded sleepiness and went to bed. I didn't have a hangover yesterday or anything--I've only had one or two ever thanks to Absolut Vodka--I just had a hard time waking up, and I was in a sort of not-ready-to-face-the-world-grunt-my-answers mood. I'd be better once I'd had my coffee and breakfast.

Well he and the Other Grant apparently got up when the birds did or some shit 'cause they were already up when I stumbled down. I was making my coffee when they walked into the kitchen. "You look like shit!" Glenn told me not unkindly. "I'm not awake yet," I responded. He walked past me, and the next thing I know, I'm flinching back 'cause I looked over in time to see him banging to pots right next to my head.

"Fuck!" was all I could say while they laughed at me. Bastards.

Oh, rather amusing email from my cousin John. He's a cop in Colorado, and I get the occasional narrative from him about some interesting event or another. he's a cool cousin.

Subject: Stroker Ace )



Sep. 29th, 2006 03:50 pm
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Hanya says: I can't remember the list
[ profile] shiseiji says: heheheeh
Hanya says: hope you didn't include anything naughty... wait, am I still getting candy dicks?!
[ profile] shiseiji says: yup
Hanya says: have you tried any?
[ profile] shiseiji says: uh huh I got some mint ones. They were pretty good
[ profile] shiseiji says: you have the cinnimon ones
Hanya says: ahaha
Hanya says: that should be an interesting one to explain to Grant
[ profile] shiseiji says: lol
[ profile] shiseiji says: just.. don't show him. all you have to do is eat one, ask if he wants a piece of candy and dump it in his hand
Hanya says: lmao
Hanya says: "Hey, try this. Open wide, sweetie!"
[ profile] shiseiji says: lol
[ profile] shiseiji says: I did that to a guy with the mint ones.. he raised his eyebrow at it and then ate it. he was the only guy that would too
Hanya says: what guy? When was this?
[ profile] shiseiji says: hehe. A friend of mine in Kent
Hanya says: did you show them to my mum?
[ profile] shiseiji says: uh.. I don't think so.
Hanya says: I can't remember if I told her about them
Hanya says: did you ever grow your boyfriend from the "grow your own boyfriend" thing she got you?
[ profile] shiseiji says: *nods* and then I shrunk him and then I just put his lower half in the water so he had a big... Yeah.
Hanya says: lmao
Hanya says: you minx

Speaking of minxes... so there's this German girl Katja I've made friends with. And she's been slowly frustratied as a customer she had a crush on stopped showing up at the store around the time she planned to just give him her number and see what happened. She suspected he liked her too, but didn't know for certain and then he wasn't around anymore!
Until, one day, he was. And she took the bull by the horns, gave him her number, and then stressed about it for the rest of the day. BUT he did call her and set up a date for last Sunday, and they spent the entire afternoon together. Turns out he totally digged her, and stopped coming around because he was afraid of making a fool of himself. He was totally psyched when she gave him her number. And they have a lot in common.
So anyway, last night I ran into her on my way back from grocery shopping--she was on her way to meet him for dinner. I wished her good luck, and thought nothing more of it, except that I'd certainly ask her about it next time I saw her.
Then, I was distracted in the evening, because Glenn wanted me to make him pancakes for breakfast before he left for Whakatane or somewhere. At like, 6:30 in the morning. But then he kept chaning his mind about when he was going to leave, so I figured, ehh, may as well not bother then. Sound asleep, when, at quarter to three, the fire alarm goes off. No, no fire, but rather this one room the temperature was so high it set the alarms off. The people staying in that room seemed to think their room was still cold, but according to Glenn it was really quite hot, and I mean, it was only 12 degrees (C) outside last night, anyhow. Nowhere near freezing.
Obviously I wasn't awake and paying attention properly, because it wasn't until I got up for breakfast and saw Katja in the kitchen that I realised I hadn't seen her standing outside with the rest of us. I asked if she slept through the fire alarm or something, and well, it was something... She didn't come home from her date until this morning! I jokingly called her a minx, but good on her, I say.

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And congrats to [ profile] pandoras_evil_t and [ profile] the_chief_80 for finally landing a place of their own! Now if only Angie's body will stop causing havoc by random acts of illness often imitating pregnancy symptoms and causing undue misery... not to mention anyone and everyone asking, "Could you be pregnant?" despite her being on BC and any other precautions they take...


Edit: Couldn't resist the trick-or-treat meme, even if there's still a month to go... (I was wrong, [ profile] murkeye; you did give me candy.)
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