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Realising I haven't posted an entry since March. I should do something about that.

So, my birthday was last Monday, I turned 28. There was cake, and a couple parcels of goodies from my mum, couple of cards & plenty of happy birthdays on FB and such. A good day. Unfortunately, it's fallen during a whole week of mood swings, acne breakouts, tender boobies... basically, some of the worst and longest lasting PMS I've encountered since my teen years. Normally if I get moodiness it's a day or two and then my period hits. So far, no period, just lots of ups and downs and unexpected tears. Even had a few cross words with hubs because apparently as he was pushing some of my buttons in my crankiness I was pushing some of his right back.

And it wasn't helped but us being guilt-tripped into hosting his mother at a t time we didn't really want to. She'd been to stay recently but there were Reasons. It would have been tolerable if it was one or two nights but we were looking at an extended stay of possibly two weeks. He was able to pull a half day on Wednesday though and take her home a bit earlier. I like my Mother in Law but she wants to chatter and then looks through the brochures and comes up with a new list every day of things she'd like us to go pick up from the shops from her. Plus cooking meals at an earlier time and making sure it's something she can eat... all of it was just an extra bit of hassle at a time where my hormones are already fucking with me something fierce.

Plus it's winter and cold and fuck that shit.

I haven't been writing the fanfic like I intended to earlier this year, which is very slack of me. Still stuck on making the words and stories in my head form something coherent outside for the world to see. But I have made a few new fandom friends on twitter so I am feeling a bit accomplished for peeking out of my shell just a bit.

Have been to see several of the new movies at the theatres over the last few months, like Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness, ones that I thought would look excellent in 3D. The exception to that though was going to the Chick Flick night a week or so ago, where for $25 I got a movie ticket, glass of wine, ice cream, chocolate, and a bag of goodies (pamphlets and vouchers mostly) from local businesses. I went with my step-son Joe's girlfriend Kayla, and the movie we saw was The Heat. Incredibly hilarious I was very glad that all the good reviews I heard were not over hyping it.

WTF, boys

Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:49 pm
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Alan came home with scorched almonds and 5L can of Heineken as a Christmas bonus from work.

So, anyone who has me on facebook probably saw my status update about getting pelted by an egg while out walking earlier today. Normally, wearing a summery dress and straightening my hair and getting all prettified to counter my stupid female body being not pregnant (not that I want to be pregnant just yet tyvm), normally that would get boys driving by to maybe honk their horns at me. And once, solicited as a prostitute. (Umm, careful of the comments on that one) This is the first time I've had eggs thrown at me.

Boys suck.

When I told Alan he growled. And ask if I got their license plate so he could hunt them down. <3 him.

I came home to find the computer had crashed, restarted it to find that I was under attack in my game, Kingdoms of Camelot. Bloody vultures hitting the moment I appeared offline I think.

Of course, all that pales in comparison to the fact that Christchurch got hit be three earthquakes today. Ffs Mother Nature, would you just quit it down there already?!



Oct. 27th, 2011 09:45 am
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Ugh, I hate my body so much right now. Also, the weather sucks. BRING ON SUMMER, DAMMIT!

Instead, let me share the coolest drunk driving ad NZ has brought out so far: "Bro, Monique thinks you're dumb."

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Everything behind the cuts before "Christmas Week" was written about two weeks ago, before we came to see everybody.

Ramblings about Gratch )
The House )
Hosting Dinner )
Pre-Christmas Mayhem )
Christmas Week )
New Years Week )
General loot acquired over the last two weeks... (given and bought)

-beachfeet shoes for beach walking
-some gorgeous madden girl high heels unlike anything I own, 'cause they're pretty
-tye dye dress, summery top, ruby necklace, bras, and I forget what other little goodies from mum... oh, she bought a nice aoteroa t-shirt when we were in taupo
-corsety top
-four t-shirts with amusing pictures
-red dress figurine neclace holder from Alan
-towel and body butter from Denise
-oily skin treatment creme from Laura and Savannah
-smelly toiletry stuff from Rachel
-various dvds... Band of Brothers, season ten of SG-1 and the two movies, By Any Means (another miniseries with Charley Boorman), Short Circuit, Run Lola Run, Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny
-the fairy jewellery box
-two lego sets, one of dwarf and orcs, the other star wars, from Alan...

...and that's where I forget what else there is. Eh, well. It's been a very up and down kind of year. And a stressful last month. Can't wait for home and some peace.

ETA: Okay, how could I forget the gin? [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t gave me gin. Yay!



Dec. 3rd, 2008 01:39 pm
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Your rainbow is intensely shaded violet, green, and red.


What is says about you: You are a passionate person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality.

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Missed out on the house we really wanted.
Hopefully get another...

It's unreal I finish at work next week.

Which reminds me, get Georgia's details for a reference just in case. Transfer is a bit iffy atm.

Sleep is eluding me Wednesday mornings. Sucky. PMS is sucky and needs to hurry up and piss off.

I'm hoping to surprise mum by staying up in Hams for the entire visit. She's gonna cry no matter what.

Life is life.


ETA: Been reading Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels, and his sex scenes always crack me up. Oh, fandom, how you've ruined me for old fashioned smut.
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So, the good news is... HE GOT THE JOB! Yay! My darling is now to be manager of the blue store down in Paremata. Of course, this means packing and moving, but... hey. We gotta.

I will have to speak to my manager, try to arrange a transfer to a store down there, preferably starting in the new year. Georgia will not be happy I can't work 'til the end of the year, but even though Alan's official start date is around New Year's, they'd like him to work with the old manager some before that guy finishes. Fair enough. But if I can work out something regarding my outstanding leave so I don't have to start until after New Year's... That will allow me the time off to shimmy up to Hamilton and see mum for even more time than expected. Kitten may have to go into cattery for a time.

Speaking of kitten, damn property listings that say "no pets." I always feel like an ass sending an email saying, "We've got one cat, spayed and house-trained, are you sure that's not okay?" But I also want a nice house and not all the "pets ok" ones are necessarily fantastic.

Spent this morning in the car, not sleeping soundly like I should have to make up for finishing at midnight and being woken by the alarm at seven, but instead I was curled up in a ball crying my heart out. For no apparent reason. Best guess? PMS. It's the only explanation that fits.

Was at the library the other day picking up some Clive Cussler books (hey, I liked the movie Sahara, so give 'em a try, right?) in the hopes for some pleasant light reading. Dirk Pitt cracks me up because he is SUCH a manwhore. Always saving damsels in distress, too. It's very formulaic but entertaining so long as I don't try to get deep with it. It's not deep material. Anyway, while I was there, this row of corkboards caught my attention as I recognized some of the comicwork as that of Jitterati. My old fwb Grant draws them. Reminded me I haven't been keeping up with them at all. Oops.

Anywho... that's life, at the moment. Flat hunting.

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I think I forgot to mention...

Shopping at Pak'n'Save the other night, stocking up on femme supplies, grabbing a six pack of lurvely Schweppes soda with a twist of lime and kiwifruit (they were 98c, I shoulda grabbed two. Heh), and a couple packets of squiggles biscuits... standing in the checkout lane and suddenly realising I must look the walking stereotype of a PMSer, with my pads and chocolate.

I had to giggle.

Season one finale of SPN last night. Just as I predicted, felt more upset about the Metallicar than my boys, although I love my boys and hate to see them hurt. I'm so lying. I kinda liked it when that demon was punching Sammy, and then Dean was a super sexy after he shot it. No idea how long we'll have to wait until we are gifted with the next season. Le sigh.


ETA: (emphasis mine)

[livejournal.com profile] javajunkie13, fanon petpeeves:
I can't stand when Sam is jealous of the car. I wish I was joking, but I've read a number of stories (and then hit the back button very quickly) where he said something to the effect of "Maybe if you cared about me as much as your car!" In general I don't like it when the car is spoken badly of in stories, even if Sam doesn't make out with her like Dean does, he still loves her.

And characterizations where Dean is stupid and can't do anything on his own (hi, the boy hunted for four years all by his lonesome and didn't lose any limbs, he knows how to do his job and do it well) and Sam is omgsosmart! Just no. Or wincest where Sam wants flowers and anniversary dinners. Very much no. They're boys first of all, but most of all they're brothers and even more importantly they're Winchester brothers. They don't do heart shaped chocolates and candle-light dinners, they super glue M&M's to tables and fuck against grimy bathroom walls.

She goes on to write commentporn...

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