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Why yes, my love and I did just get back from seeing the Abengers movie. The short version: sooooooo worth seeing, especially in 3D. The long (spoilery) version: behind the cut.

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Also I owe my journal a post about some RL happenings and also a fanfic post that is being a bitch to write (I'm trying to write about Baal and he doesn't come easily for me.). So I should be writing again soon.
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Every day, I cannot quite get over the fact I can look out my living room window and see the ocean. Than in 2 minutes I can go from my front doorstep to sandy beach. It's unreal. I always grew up with The Beach being an exotic destination, a real treat. Now, I get to live by one every day. If we ever have to move, it won't ever be the same as When We Lived at the Beach.

Speaking of which, got to go kayaking yesterday for the first time of this season. 'Twas glorious. My muscles ache. I aim to get fitter at this whole kayaking thing. I honestly don't know how I managed to shed all that weight I'd put on in the last few years, and I'm soooo proud to be slipping into size 12 jeans again, but my tummy is still a little soft and flabby for my taste. I need my own gloves and seat for my kayak though. My other aim for this summer is to get ridiculously brown and avoid burning as much as possible.

...I left the laundry on the line. Oops.

I am also considering cutting my hair again. It's really long, and thick, and summer is the time I don't want to fuss about with it. I have a style I'd like to try but am not sure how well it will work with my curly hair. It looks gorgeous with straight hair. I'm just... lazy about straightening my hair all the time.

Watched a few movies recently, and I must say...

The Hurt Locker -- SUCKS. Seriously bad. I wanted to shoot all the characters in that, and, just... horribly, horribly sucky.

From Paris With Love -- YES. Funny, action bull-shit. The oddest pairing, not what I would ever have thought of, but very well played. Also... John Travolta gets a Royale With Cheese.

Prince of Persia -- I am unfamiliar with the source material, but I enjoyed it. It was a good fun adventure with cool combinations of action, snark, and mystic stuff. I Not a role I'm used to Gyllenhaal in but he wasn't bad.


Kind of in love with Bruno Mars at the moment. His music is quite catchy and his voice is not unpleasant.

Also, Glee. Cannot believe I got sucked into it but DAMN can they sing.

Brooke Fraser, I like her still. There's Something In the Water indeed.

Mumford sons - little lying man also a favourite at the moment.

Oh, I updated my status on Facebook but I guess I never got around to mentioning it here... on the 19th of November was my 3 year anniversary of getting together with Alan. He told me once that if we made 3 years, he would consider making it legal. So... I am now ENGAGED. I don't have a ring yet because of certain financial hiccups, but it will come. Oh yes, it will come. I'm looking at sapphires.

Looking at a medieval/fantasy style wedding. Possibly in a Jan/Feb time of year. Not 2011, obviously.





Jun. 5th, 2010 01:18 pm
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Maybe Alan and I are weird, because we liked the movie Watchmen.

Also, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Still got to watch Defiance and Crank High Voltage...



Jan. 20th, 2010 09:55 am
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I must have had a very receptive brain last night, because my dreams featured the book I just finished (Second Strike, Mark Abernathy), the movie I just saw (Sherlock Holmes), and meeting Alan's son Chris, along with Tarns and the twins (that 'How did we meet' meme going around fb) which yeah.... oh, and dreaming that Alan's snoring was the sound of the recycling truck going down the steet--woke me up with a fright because we hadn't put the recycling out yet. Of course it was still dark and my fear was all for nothing.

Also for some unknown reason, the cat came into our room calling loudly, which, since I had refilled her food and water bowls, I could not figure out why she wanted our attention. However, we were both tired and managed to not wake up fully at her demands. Just registered that they had been made.

Haven't been online as much lately, for a couple of reasons. One is that I appetite for fanfic has been temporarily sated, and though I know of an archive or two I haven't explored fully yet, I'm in no rush. Second is that I decided to indulge with my Christmas money and bought the Sims 2 and some of the 'stuff' expansions. This was possibly a mistake, because now I have little inactive buttons throughout the game telling me of other expansion packs I may want to indulge in. Fortunately, Alan hasn't complained (he doesn't want to become a Sims widow) but I also make a concerted effort not to play heaps and heaps and never give him the computer.

Oh, actually, there's a third reason. We are borrowing the Farscape dvds from my dad, and have watched two seasons so far. Just two more to go. It's quite odd for me, because I recall seeing a few of the earlier episodes as my step-dad watched the show. But I only caught snippets of later episodes, so I'll be watching and then suddenly recognise a scene or something. Alan had somehow missed ever seeing the show, didn't know anything about it except that Ben Browder and Claudia Black were in it, which is why I kept giggling about them working together on SG-1.

Yesterday was a gorgeous hot day. I may have got a little too much sun. Not badly burned thank goodness. But Alan went up to Peka Peka for ages, did some fishing and sun bathing, and then came back and got me so I could have some sunning. See, I only sunbathe for about half an hour (15 mins each side, no more, else risk burning. In this case the burn came from reading in the hammock earlier in the day and not having any sunscreen handy) before putting on the sun screen, and then either lay in the sun because it's warming, or find something else to do. Also, normally when we go to Peka Peka, there's an on-shore breeze coming off the ocean than can be rather chill, and if we want to sunbathe, we go up into the dunes. But yesterday it was so hot and the breeze was next to nothing, so we could actually lay on the beach and sun ourselves. And then if we got too hot, walk down to the water and cool off for a tick. The water was still a bit cold for swimming in my opinion, but a couple people were doing it.

Coolest thing about going to the beach yesterday? There was a giant squid washed up on the beach. Its body was about four foot long. It looked like a dead alien. :D

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I love our new place, I really do. It's gorgeous here. When the weather cooperates. But it's huge and airy and warm, and just a great place to be in. Also? We can get broadband. Which is simply glorious.

There is one weird little thing, though. For some reason, when Joe or Heaven answer the phone downstairs, it disconnects the broadband. We don't have that problem with the phone up here, but it happens when that one gets used. And when the broadband disconnects, one must turn it off for 30 seconds, then wait two minutes after turning it back on, and restart the computer. Which is a complete pain in the ass.

So I told Joe they'll need to unplug the phone downstairs. I explained why on more than one occasion. However, it is still plugged in down there, they still answer the phone down there, and the broadband gets disconnected again. I know they need the phone. And it's a pain in the ass when they have come all the way upstairs to grab it, because then they never bloody remember to bring the handset back. Then WE get annoyed when the phone rings and they're out and we don't get to bloody answer it in time.

We just can't win.

And normally it's not that bad that we're sharing a house with them. They're relatively self-contained down there and we don't have to deal with them too much. But every now and then, they asked to "borrow" something, and then I have to remined them half a dozen times before it makes its way back. The box of cornflour never did come back, actually... I dread to get around to reorganizing the dvds only to discover how many haven't made it back.

And then, it's like, I hear them do vacuuming, I see clothes on the washline frequently, and yet if I go downstairs their lounge and bedroom is messy and cluttered, and there are dirty dishes in the laundry (which is their kitchenette). And they say they get ants down there? Zomg, dirty dishes and food scraps are the last thing you want to be lying around then. But it makes no sense, the sort of cleanliness mixed with complete lack of organisation.

Alan and I aren't neat freaks per se, but we like to keep our floors clear, and the clutter to a minimum, and clean as necessary. They've got heaps of storage space and the like, and yet they still manage to have things just lying around on the floor and furniture. It just... I have to remind myself that not everyone has my ingrained tidiness. I let mess build up sometimes, but eventually the OCD kicks in and I have to sort that shit out.

Anyhow... I am pretty happy here, things are mostly just fine... Gratch is happy as a lark, even if she did get into a fight couple weeks ago that got her a wee absess (I kept on it and thankfully didn't have to go to the vets to clean it up). Went to a fun family bbq up at Chris and Tarn's on Friday, where Jon finally got to meet his sister Cathy, and many funny photos were taken (and promptly posted on facebook, of course). And then Saturday night was the Christmas do for Alan's work, and DAMN that was a fine meal. More good times, but left me bloody exhausted by Sunday.

We also got around to acquiring and rewatching Transformers 2, Star Trek, and finally seeing a rather interesting yet slightly different movie called Inkheart.

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The Tiger

Tiger! Tiger! Burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder, and what art,
Could twist the sinews of thy heart?
And when thy heart began to beat,
What dread hand? and what dread feet?

What the hammer? what the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
What the anvil? what dread grasp?
Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears,
And watered heaven with their tears,
Did He smile His work to see?
Did He who made the Lamb, make thee?

Tiger! Tiger! Burning bight
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye,
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

-William Blake

So I reorganised our DVDs again, in the purpose of ascertaining just which ones are copies or need replacing... disovered three are missing: Antz, King Arthur, and Babylon A.D. which I will ask Joe and Heaven about when they get back. I know I asked him to bring in all the DVDs from the sleepout but they may have missed some. Or Heaven may have leant them to her mum. Or we never did get Antz back from Chris and Tarns but I thought we did. Possible Heaven borrowed it for her little sister.

She keeps forgetting to bring back my Wild Bean thermal coffee mug, too. And I forget how many times I've asked about it. Really annoying, that. I don't like to nag.

My cat has been super smoochy today, I don't know why. Cute, except when I'm trying to do shit. Then she's just in the way.

People in this house seem to have an aversion to putting their trash in the rubbish bin. Gets super frustrating finding miscellaneous crap lying around that can be thrown out or recycled. I dread to think of the state of the sleepout (again). Alan just laughs when I give him a look for dropping his rubbish on the floor next to his side of the bed. Because he knows it gets on my nerves and before long I'll tidy it up. But, damnit... I'm not a neat freak, but I still dislike mess because people are too lazy to get up and throw their rubbish away.

And now of course Alan wants the computer since he just got home. I said no because I only just got on not that long ago. As he says, I've had all day to have my play on the computer, but that doesn't mean I've spent all day on the computer. So I sort of resent being asked to hop off when I haven't really done all that much on here yet. I can't wait for him to get his own box again and then we don't have to fight to share time on the one computer.

Anyway, best check my f-list and keep this short so he does get some time on here since he really wants it.


la ti dah

Sep. 20th, 2009 01:06 pm
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Am about to bake another banana cake. Mmmm....

My grandchildren :P Isabella and Danielle are at the standing up stage, almost walking without assistance. And just so cute.

Love, love, love my man. For putting up with me when I am moody and not sleeping well and just generally blah. And hating my body for its oh-so-terrible timing on the arrival of this month's period.

It's a beautiful sunny day. This makes me happy anyway.

Saw some movies I quite enjoyed... The Spirit, and Mall Cop, and I can't remember if I said we watched Fast and the Furious Four... plus renting out Underworld: Rise of the Lycans again so we could watch it properly.

Anyway... baking time.



Sep. 2nd, 2009 07:43 pm
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Hmmm... approaching time to revamp my icons again, methinks. I can imagine how fun that will be on dial-up. I still swear it's got slower than it ever used to be. All the priority given to broadband and all that.

Funny how I went looking for Lorne-centric fic and got sucked in my John/Cam. Flyboy fic is my new crack.

Anyhow, Joe and Heaven left on Tuesday for.... Hastings I believe. Something about ice skating maybe? Left us kid-free for about five days I think. So... "The Whore" has come out to play. Good times have been had.

We rented a couple of movies last night, being a rent one get another free deal, so we got The Tale of Despereaux, and Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. I enjoyed Tale of Despereaux, but unfortunately Rise of the Lycans skipped out on us and wouldn't work properly, so we've got credit on file for at least one free movie to make up for the free movie that didn't work this time.

Roast Lamb for dinner tonight. Mmmm...

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Jim Beam Rye and coke makes me happy. And I don't mean just the 'heading towards tipsy' happy, I mean happy, because it's a fine tasting drink. And I like that. And I like that my dad gave it to me for my birthday. But what makes me happier? Sharing* a glass with my darling man as we watch the movie Gran Torino. That was a movie we saw trailers for, but did not go to the movies to see. I'm still really glad we own it now. It's just a wonderful movie. It's funny and bittersweet and real.

*I first typed that out as 'sharking' which is a whole new typo-word I've not come across before. But part of me wonders how the definition would go for such a word. Hunting sharks? Pretending to be a shark? Chasing wo/menfolk in a predatory yet lusty manner?

Got three whole hours on Sacred 2 today, without it crashing, although I swear it came close two or three times. Not to mention three hours on that game, for all I didn't seem to actually do a lot, was, well, quite enough thank-you.

I didn't straighten my hair like I planned to, or do the load of laundry. Both of those can be done tomorrow, though. In the morning. Because tomorrow afternoon Alan and I are visiting the Southward Car Museum. That shall be fun.

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We had a flat inspection on Tuesday that I missed, and Alan was giving me a recap...

Darlin says: Cathy laughed at the LEGO MESS on the floor
Who else, but moi? says: *snicker*
Who else, but moi? says: I meant to clean it up
Darlin says: I was hoping she would tell you off but turns out she used to love it when she was younger
Who else, but moi? says: ahahahahahaha
Who else, but moi? says: WIN
Darlin says: yea seems that way
Darlin says: but leaving the floor messy before an inspection will get you spanked
Who else, but moi? says: ...really?
Darlin says: really!!!! I opened the door and thought "hell no! I aint picking THAT up

Spent the day at Andrea's looking at my goddaughter and watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Wrong Man. It was nice.



Jul. 31st, 2009 10:09 am
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I cannot believe this. Death at a Funeral. An American remake of the British movie by the same title that was only made two years ago. It's an utterly hilarious movie, I well reccommend it to anyone, but.... I just can't believe they're doing a remake of it, and so soon, either. Normally America remakes foreign films that aren't in English already, like Shall we Dance, which works brilliantly as a Japanese movie, but I'm not so sure about the English version... but what really makes me happy is that when I make this complaint to Alan, he knows what I mean because he's actually seen the Japanese version. I gotta thank my good friend Rhi for introducing me to that one...

But, anyway, my complaint is that the English Death at a Funeral was funny and fantastic, and it's way too soon to go and make an American version in the hopes that that appeals to a larger audience.

I've been having a bit of fun on imdb today, anyway. Cracked up because The Terminal was on tv here recently, and I caught the tail end of it with Alan and Joe... well, there's this chick in it that I thought I recognised, and asked, "Isn't that Uhura from the latest Star Trek movie?" And it is and that is hilarious because in The Terminal she plays an immigration officer who also is a Trekkie. She's also Anamaria from the first Pirates movie, which I didn't know.

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...when you remember a movie you saw years and years ago, but by remember it means you remember a vague plot without knowing the title or the actors who were in it? How do you look THAT up on imdb? How do you describe the plot or summary in such a way that a title (or year) might jump out at you?

'Cause I was having one of those moments.

Well... I actually had to do a bit of googling that led to some wiki-ing, and then I was able to imdb it. I know it was made in the eighties. I know that it had a few central main characters, one being an old couple, and there was a mostly mute boxer. He was kinda simple from head injuries, or something. And there were these little ufo type creatures that fixed things for scrap metal. But what was it called?

So I googled "movie ufos fix things for scrap metal" and saw a wiki page of "List of Robots in fiction" that led to a title *batteries not included (1987) which is precisely the movie I was looking for. I seriously need to find that movie again, and watch it.

...who else remembers this movie?

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You know... give me a dream about being a jedi running around in a storm trooper's gear killing imperial troops and I'm happy. Gimme a hispanic/asian looking side-kick and, yeah, weird, but okay, still running around killing bad guys. Gimme Uma Thurman as a superhot princess to rescue ('cept she doesn't need much rescuing) and things are better. Put me in a house and find fucking scorpions in the bedrooms?

Wake me up in a sweat 'cause they're bloody scary. Thank you brain. Thank you so much.

Yay, I now have Death Proof.

Also, Bones is now on Sunday nights, so I can actually watch it, if I remember, which I didn't, when NCIS was on at that time.

Darling may be moving up in the world. May be moving further south, if all goes well.

Why work doesn't just, I dunno, change my hours on Monday from 2-10 instead of from 3-10? Beyond me. If we move, it won't matter anyhow.

Alan thinks I'd be more than capable to do the work to achieve the qualifications in retail that he's just completed. Reassuring. I should be a superviser, it would me work so much easier. Probably longer hours and the push to let work take over my life, though.

Ummm... Mum and Gary are coming to New Zealand for Christmas. I seriously wish I could get more time off work to spend with them, but NO LEAVE AVAILABLE they tell me and like I'm gonna find someone to cover those shifts? Wish I had a doctor friend to fake me a sick note, but that would be unethical. Eh, well.

I forgot one of my Aussie cousins lives in Rotorua now. I'm so out of touch with reality sometimes. My other cousin in Rotorua is pregnant. Christ (Alan's eldest) and Tarns are expecting the twins to arrive on the 19th, but like babies know that sort of thing. He just proposed to her on their anniversary, too. He was a real romantic about it, too.



Oct. 22nd, 2008 01:43 pm
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I suppose I should offer more than a month of silence. I've been retreating from social areas a bit. It's just how I've been feeling, the need to be introverted for a bit...

Alan has got a job back at Mega, working the seasonal department but he's whispering in the right ears that he'd like some advancement before too long. Unfortunately there are little to no good higher-paying jobs out there that he would like better and are interested in having him... but still, working at Mega is better than temp/unemployed.

Kitten has been taken to the vet today to get her first vaccinations and to get spayed. Operation has gone well, but she's probably not gonna be a happy girl.

My Grandpa McFarland has lung and bladder cancer, and starting chemo this week. He's in his eighties and I'm not sure on his chances.

The other day I got 28 Weeks Later and Blades of Glory from the library for $10 ea. Have been buying a few other DVDs (Sliding Doors, Mulan, Babylong 5) and working on changing my wardrobe as I have gone up a pant size and possibly a top size as well... Also my clothes are still mostly from my teenage years and my tastes are changing along with my figure. Jay Jays and Shanton are my favourites, although K-mart I got a hoodie vest on clearance for $3.50 that had been $40...

My store is apparently getting a refurbishment (MUCH needed) and changing from Woolies to Countdown.

Have been playing a computer game called Titan Quest that is fairly enjoyable although I'm going to have to wait ages for the expansion to come down in price I'm sure. I got my game for $20 but last I saw the expansion was $70. I'm a cheapass with my computer games.

Just bought the Zombie Guide for a quick re-cap on my do's and don'tss pending Zombie invasion. I still maintain on keeping my plans fluid becuase I can't be sure where I'll be when it all goes down. But it's good to have the guide to be more mentally prepared than anything, and just mebbe up my chances at making it. With luck and hoping no stupid people try to tag along with me.

Been immersing myself in Stargate fanfic again. Lovin' it.

Alive and well. *smooches f-list*


Good times

Jul. 22nd, 2008 09:53 am
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Thank you, thank you... :D

I had a wonderful birthday. Shopping with my darlin', then dinner at Gengy's with Ange and my darlin'. Gengy's is a mongolian place where you can choose the ingredients of your dinner and they cook it for you. And pancakes for dessert. It was very nice, and a lovely evening, really.

Ange got me Love Actually on dvd, as well as some chocolate covered coffee beans and jandal (flip-flops to you american buggers :P) shaped erasers. Alan bought me the Stargate movie and first season of SG-1 on dvd. My collection begins. Dad and Suzy gave me dark chocolate M&Ms and a CD, "The Pit and the Pendulum."

I also bought myself Chocolat, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and a warm fuzzy zip-up hoodie from Jay Jays that was all of $20. Had a great time hanging out with Ange. Laughed as Alan just about tried to sneak dad and suzy's long-haired chiuaua Truffles home in his jacket. He was leery that Truffles would be like most little dogs, snappy and yappy, but Truffles is just a little cuddle slut. Mind you, I was all set to steal the cats, I swear. I miss Yoda and Pearl lots.

When I got home from visiting la familia in Hams, there was a parcel of goodies from my mum to go through, as well... clothes, of course, several bits of lingerie and a couple nice tops. Some really nice leather Mary Janes that are working out well as work shoes. They haven't cut up my ankles yet. :D Wild Cherry Pepsi and Vanilla Pepsi lip gloss. A really weird cow ornament, crab earrings, and a pretty celtic keychain... Penguin bookmark, wallet... lots of goodies, really.

It was a lovely time off with my darling. Adore him to bits, do I mention that enough? 'Cause I do.

Did a bit of shopping for presents for my mum and step-dad and brother. Dad and Suzy will take them in their suitcases to the States, hand them over to my brother who's visiting from Japan, and he'll keep his book while passing on the presents for my mum and step-dad. There's also a little wee gift for [livejournal.com profile] shiseiji: A NZ shot glass for her collection. :D

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And I had to do it alone, because Alan was still in bed. Nekkid. And everyone looks a bit freaked out if a nekkid man is chasing sheep. Boy sheep. They'd been munching in the paddock next to our place but the gate between the paddock and our lawn was open. So I chased them out. And later we went into town to see The Zohan.

But then... here's a meme:

You know how sometimes people on your friend's list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when are they working THERE? Since when are they dating HIM/HER? since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you *should* already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy mine below, erase my answers putting yours in their place then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration! One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out :)

1. First Name: Hana. And get it right. It's not pronounced the same as "Hannah." It's more gentle than that. Prettier. If you can go "ah" everything will be okay.

2. Age: 22, zomg, but I turn 23 next month. Like... the 15th of next month, so, yeah. 1 month to go.

3. Location: We tiny little 2-bdrm farmhouse between Palmy and Pahiatua. But I work and make attempts at studying in Palmy.

4. Occupation: Part-time checkout chick, part-time uni sucker, and that's about it.

5. Partner: Alan, my darling yummy man. Who I never expected to fall for, but have found myself madly happily in love with. Adore him, and living with him. It never did bother me to realise the age difference except right back at the very beginning, when I thought, "Damn, he's gonna think I'm too young for him."

6. Kids: I have none. He has four and two of them are older than me! Okay, technically Joe is also older than me--he turns 23 on Wednesday. But, uh... we won't talk about that.

7. Brothers/Sisters: One brother. Three step-sisters. Other step-siblings on Gary's side, but haven't really had a thing to do with them.

8. Pets: No pets, as of yet.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
- Alan
- Work
- Uni
- Computer Game
- Upcoming birthday

10. Parents: Mum, who's a kiwi, married to my step-dad (an American) and living in the States. Dad, who's an American, married to my step-mum (an Australian) and living in NZ.

11. Who are some of your closest friends?: [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t, [livejournal.com profile] diea, Alan, Matt, and Ngamiri. [livejournal.com profile] thesimpleman, sometimes, too. :P

My darling has fun teasing me over my rage at getting words wrong. Disorientated verses disorented. Perverse verses perverted. "Extra-sensual perception" rather than extra-sensory. How to pronounce 'tortilla'. It irks me to get it wrong.

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So, I really wanted to show this icon to a friend of mine only to discover that I haven't got it archived on my photobucket account, so, I couldn't. But I thought I'd ask if any of you might have it?

It's a sort of crossover of Stargate Atlantis and some Firefly/Serenity dialogue, basically about Atlanis Re: the Wraith and Michael, and Mal's pretty speech about the Alliance shifting back to the idea that they could make people better. It's rather cool, if kinda disturbing, because one doesn't like to think of the good guys being kinda bad guys, and all that.

I thought I'd ask, anyhow. 'Salright if I get nothing.

Side note, obnoxious people should know better than to be obnoxious in a library. Most library patrons get very snotty towards inconsiderate fuckers, and books are handy weapons when it comes down to it.


The Mord-Sith glare is a good one for making them run, too.

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have not had time to make post of DOOM. Have been too busy using time off to play Dungeon Siege 2 or watch Alan playing Dungeon Siege 2 and telling him where to go because he ALWAYS gets lost. I only sometimes get geographically embarrassed. I also pick up and ditch characters as quick as it takes to achieve a quest specific to that character... although one of my parties now consists entirely of female characters, including the scorpion. "Does this armor make my butt look big?" "Fuck off, Taar." Taar is such a goddamned greenie.

Fear I may be coming down with cough. This sucks, as I hate cough medicine. Alan was coughing too, so may have to get something so we don't make each other worse. He says Vicks cough medicine is good. So long as it's not that cherry red stuff that makes me gag...

Almost lost my USB disk at the library the other day, but someone found it and turned it in, so I got back. Yay.

Need to take time to read Heroes season 2 transcripts to get my canon knowledge up-to-date. Then I can offer better feedback on certain things. *nods* Also tempting to watch some Firefly again. What I really should watch is Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's Long Way Down, since I've had that for over a month and not done so. I can play with legos when I do it.

I have lego dwarfs. And orcs. And troll/ogre creatures. This, including my kings and knights and samurai and witches, wizards, star wars people, space people, divers, and paridisa folks... half tempting to get the Indiana Jones set with him and his dad. :D

*coughing fit*

Hell with this. See ya 'round.



Feb. 4th, 2008 11:26 am
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What an interesting weekend we had... Friday and Saturday being our weekend.

On Friday we came into town to meet up with Alan's sons Chris and Joe (my first time meeting Joe). I also bought this celtic triquetra necklace at Lotz of Potz... see if I can find a picture online of sort of what it looks like. ETA: Something like this only pointing down. And we had coffee at cafe cuba after chatting with the boys. Thought about seeing Sweeney Todd, but missed the afternoon screening and didn't want to wait until night. Had things that needed doing at home, like the dishes. And when he was preparing dinner, I was sitting on the floor sorting out my CDs while listening to Josh Groban (the CD is slightly fucked though. Maybe there were too many scratches on the one we copied, but the sound is off on some of the tracks... but plenty of it is just fine and his is a beautiful voice.)

Anyway, we were doing the dishes when Alan got a text from his youngest, Jon, asking if he could come see him. Jon's had to go to hospital since he had been having these nosebleeds that wouldn't stop, and he was falling over from blood loss. They've cauterized about seven veins in his nose, but they think the one that is not stopping is up too high in the nose. Have to cut in from the side and such. But the poor boy is confined to the bed, alone in Wellington hospital, his gf unable to visit (she having just had a minor op on her ovaries), and yeah... he wanted to see his dad.

Oh, I should mention that Chris had his boyracer car stolen, with his gf's computer and his cellphone in it as well. We were going to borrow Tarns' comp to attach Alan's computer as a slave and back up some files before reformatting it since his XP's gone caput. And Joe is staying with them at the moment because he just broke up with his gf. As I said to Alan, about all we need now is a text from Kathy saying, "Dad, I'm pregnant and I've broken up with Scott."

So Saturday we didn't go to the gypsy fair, buy my computer from Harvey Norman (more about that), and see Sweeney Todd. We went to Wellington, visited Jon, didn't see my friend Glenn (had hoped to), bought my computer from Harvey Norman (hang on, I'll detail that in a bit), visited Alan's brother Steve in Greytown and got his dragons back... it was an eventful day, and we did rather enjoy our weekend. And now I have my computer.

For now, it's name is Orlando. It was the first name to come to mind, but I may change it if someone can suggest something better. My other option is Mr. Burns. My account name is Bitchcakes.

Anyway, this is the info from the catalogue, for the curious:

HP Pavilion M9070A Media Centre PC with 19” Wide LCD
• Intel® Pentium® Dual Core 1.8GHz • 1GB RAM • 320GB HDD
• Dual Layer LightScribe DVD±RW SuperMultiDrive
• nVidia GeForce 8400M GS 256MB Graphics with HDMI output
• 15-in-1 card reader • Built-in wireless • Built-in TV Tuner & Remote
• Windows® Vista™ Home Premium.

All that for NZD$1798 (down about $400), plus we got speakers worth about $70 or $80 for $30, and then there was the 2GB flash drive they were selling for $26 that had been about $60. So all up I spent $1854 to get my baby. Lord, but I had that moment of nervousness of having it say DECLINED on my purchase, even though I knew I had to have close to twice that in my account.

And the Vista thing isn't too much of a problem, except that my darling gave me the Dungeon Siege game, and it's incompatible with Vista. We have no internet at home at the moment, so I can't just hop on and dl a patch so I can play it. Mostly the problem with having Vista at the moment is that it's not very good without an internet connection. ~le sigh~ We need to speak to the landlord, see about the kind of internet they have-if it's just dial-up or it is possible to get broadband out where we live, but it'll suck to just have dial-up. It's a little annoying that not only can they not sell me an XP disc, but that Vista comes pre-loaded onto the computer, so I don't even have a disc for that. Should I have a problem and need to reformat, I'd have to go out and buy a disc. That's just not cool.

Anyway, mostly I'm happy with my shiny new computer. It is a thing of dark beauty. That being said, it shows my priorities are straight when five minutes after getting home, I'm not on the computer loading some other game, but stripping the clothes off my darling for a bit of lovin'. And that he's letting me, instead of heading back out the the car to grab his tobacco and rolling a ciggy first. We're so in love with being in love with each other.

xans: Xans (Jayne's Big Gun)
I'm being good and staying out of trouble, honestly... I mean, I only bought a t-shirt with Rainbow Brite on it that says "Made in the 80s" and wore it while out in town with my darling... *cackles* He is most unimpressed. Then I bribed him with a couple funny t-shirts, and bought dinner and a movie, but he still gives me shit about it! All fun and games, though, eh?

The other t-shirts I got was a picture skull and crossbones made of lego, and one that says, "My people will call your people to tell you to @#$% *&%". It was kinda fun to do that, then going to see Meet the Spartans. Like I said, (I think) next on the agenda is Sweeney Todd. 'Cause that also looks cool.

Last night our store closed at about 10pm so we could put in the new checkout systems. Man were folks upset that the 24/7 store was not open. Good lord were they pissy. But, I mean, seriously, why be so upset at a minor inconvenince? We gotta update the equipment sometime, and we can't exactly serve customers when the entire system is shutdown! And the new system has got to be better than tills that are nineteen years old.

So after cashing up, I got to do things like take damaged goods to the back of the store, and then spend and hour reorganising the dvds into some semblance of order (it will all be fucked up in two days time, but it makes today possibly easier). I would hve ahd to clear the checkouts of all the stuff, but that was done when I was on my 15.

Oh, and naturally the crimson floodgates had to open during that last hour or so, so there was cramping to make my night that much uncomfortable. Getting to sleep was a bitch, even with the painkillers. And my sleep was all screwy. Normally I'm out of it until 11 or 12 on a Wednesday, but not this morning... awake before the alarm at 7:30, and not interested in even a wee sleep after getting into town. Eh, bien. Perhaps my body knows what it's doing, but I doubt it.

Anyway, be well, and all that jazz. About to check the f-list as best I can soon as I hit the 'update' button. If you're lucky, I'll even drop a comment. Because comments are love.


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