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Feb. 23rd, 2013 09:17 am
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So each week I try to remember to check out the iTunes iBooks store to see what the free book of the week is. I don't always grab them because they are invariably romances, and okay I like the occasional romance but wish they would cover some other genres as well...

Anyway, this week is another romance and there is no way in hell I'm dloading a book where the male lead's name is Ian McFarland.


Apr. 14th, 2012 07:56 pm
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Have only just mastered the art of dloading fics off AO3 as epubs to read through iBooks. Mostly sticking to the long or chaptered completed works which means I can read them all the way through even offline or if AO3 goes down. Very happy with this, as I just finished reading all 9 of Diane Duane's Young Wizard series that I bought as ebooks a few months ago and all iTunes has to offer as ebooks are the old classics. I would look at getting more ebooks but amazon is all kindle, the whitcoulls website is impossible to navigate, and I don't know about buying off Barnes & Noble because it's an American website.
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The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books here.

Copy this. Put an 'x' next to those you have read (watching a movie version doesn't count!) Tag Suggest other book nerds indulge in exposing their nerdiness. Commentary optional.

Sparing your friendspage because I love you )
Grand Total: 22/10099

This? This is because I do not like the classics. Or rather, I have frequently been disappointed by the classics I have been made to read. Also, because my preferred genres are sci-fi, fantasy, horror, action/adventure/thriller, murder mystery, and satire. Thus? Most of my kinds of books, while popular, are not generally the highly-lauded zomg must read books of the century or whatever. *shrugs* But who cares? I read more than six.

Anyhow. Onwards and Upwards.



Aug. 10th, 2009 07:10 pm
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So I was taking a walk today, down by the river, listening to my mp3 player as I do, and I didn't pay too much attention when this maori guy passed me on his bicycle and ended up parking at a bench ahead of me, and saying 'hi' as I walked by. I gave a nod, and carried on. There were plenty of other people using the path, so I didn't feel too unsafe, but I suppose part of me did take note...

Even with my player going, I kept aware of my surroundings, and I approached this part where the path had two splits off the main path. I was planning to take one, but I checked behind me first, and there was the guy on the bike! He went up the other split, and I kept my eye on that path to make sure he didn't see me going up the other one. One can never be too safe.

But!!!!! I was at the top of the path, and glanced back one more time, and there he was! I played it cool, but was glad I could see at least one other person, so I could yell out if anything happened. He came up next to me, and asked a question I didn't hear over my music (loud part of the song) and so I pulled off a headphone to have him repeat the question.

"Excuse me, but do you smoke pot?"

Uh, what? "...No."

I went to put my headphone back on. "Um, are you single?"


"Oh, sorry to bother you, sorry. Have a good evening!" And he turned around and cycled off.

WTF HAMILTON? WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK?! This is about as disturbing as the event about three years ago where, on Wellington St I believe, a man pulled over next to me originally asked for directions, which turned into asking me to coffee, and then turned into asking if I'd like to make a little money, say $100 for a good time, negotiable if I tell my (fictitious) boyfriend...

This placed is more messed up than I ever remembered it.

The other news today is that I finished Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. All I can say is, there are so many balls jokes in there.



Nov. 5th, 2008 02:12 pm
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Just randomly decided to pick up this book from my bookshelf called "As the Story Goes" by Brian Matthews.

It was passed on to me years ago, like, when I was eleven or twelve, from my cousin (Dimitri, I think) who seemed to think I might find it interesting. At the time, I had no interest in anything but sci-fi. I'm pretty sure he also gave me a book on essays by some Russian dude I can't remember and was bored out of my mind with. Put it aside, at anyrate, in the idea I might someday like it.

Reading it now, and, really, I needed to be an adult who's experience adult things before I could truly get and enjoy some of these passages. It's good, though.

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This entry is more for [ profile] diea than anyone else, but hey....

Found Confessor at the library the other day, so I have now read the entire series. YAY! I am well satisfied, despite a bit of extraneous speechifying some characters seemed to be impelled to do. Sometimes I want to yell at the characters, or Terry Goodkind, that, y'know, hey, been reading this series since the beginning, I GET IT with some of this shit you seem intent on repeating way too much. But oh well, that's what skimming is for, yeah?



Oct. 22nd, 2008 01:43 pm
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I suppose I should offer more than a month of silence. I've been retreating from social areas a bit. It's just how I've been feeling, the need to be introverted for a bit...

Alan has got a job back at Mega, working the seasonal department but he's whispering in the right ears that he'd like some advancement before too long. Unfortunately there are little to no good higher-paying jobs out there that he would like better and are interested in having him... but still, working at Mega is better than temp/unemployed.

Kitten has been taken to the vet today to get her first vaccinations and to get spayed. Operation has gone well, but she's probably not gonna be a happy girl.

My Grandpa McFarland has lung and bladder cancer, and starting chemo this week. He's in his eighties and I'm not sure on his chances.

The other day I got 28 Weeks Later and Blades of Glory from the library for $10 ea. Have been buying a few other DVDs (Sliding Doors, Mulan, Babylong 5) and working on changing my wardrobe as I have gone up a pant size and possibly a top size as well... Also my clothes are still mostly from my teenage years and my tastes are changing along with my figure. Jay Jays and Shanton are my favourites, although K-mart I got a hoodie vest on clearance for $3.50 that had been $40...

My store is apparently getting a refurbishment (MUCH needed) and changing from Woolies to Countdown.

Have been playing a computer game called Titan Quest that is fairly enjoyable although I'm going to have to wait ages for the expansion to come down in price I'm sure. I got my game for $20 but last I saw the expansion was $70. I'm a cheapass with my computer games.

Just bought the Zombie Guide for a quick re-cap on my do's and don'tss pending Zombie invasion. I still maintain on keeping my plans fluid becuase I can't be sure where I'll be when it all goes down. But it's good to have the guide to be more mentally prepared than anything, and just mebbe up my chances at making it. With luck and hoping no stupid people try to tag along with me.

Been immersing myself in Stargate fanfic again. Lovin' it.

Alive and well. *smooches f-list*

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So, I really wanted to show this icon to a friend of mine only to discover that I haven't got it archived on my photobucket account, so, I couldn't. But I thought I'd ask if any of you might have it?

It's a sort of crossover of Stargate Atlantis and some Firefly/Serenity dialogue, basically about Atlanis Re: the Wraith and Michael, and Mal's pretty speech about the Alliance shifting back to the idea that they could make people better. It's rather cool, if kinda disturbing, because one doesn't like to think of the good guys being kinda bad guys, and all that.

I thought I'd ask, anyhow. 'Salright if I get nothing.

Side note, obnoxious people should know better than to be obnoxious in a library. Most library patrons get very snotty towards inconsiderate fuckers, and books are handy weapons when it comes down to it.


The Mord-Sith glare is a good one for making them run, too.


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