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I posted these in a bit of a rush last night, I suppose I ought to add a header for fandom and stuff.

Title: 89. Through the Fire.
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate SG-1 | Sam Carter/Ba'al
Rating: G
Warnings/Notes: No warnings. Just a drabble ficlet written to a prompt over an baalsamgate.tumblr.com.

“Quickly! This way.”

“What? Are you insane?” Sam asked, aghast at her companion.

Ba’al turned to face her. One cheek was smudged with a mix of blood and dirt, his normally impeccable outfit was rumpled and showing signs of hard wear–which was no wonder, given when she found him, he was nearly being cornered by one of the groups of Ori troops unexpectedly encountered on this planet. Why she’d decided to help him, well, it didn’t matter since they were currently trapped between approaching troops and a wildfire.

“Colonel Carter, I assure you, I do not intend us to die here. We cannot return to the town. There is not enough time to repair my ship, which will be crawling with Ori forces. We must get to the gate, which is that way,” he pointed. Ba’al looked surprisingly genuine with his uses of ‘us’ and ‘we’.

“Which is also on fire,” Sam grated out, “and last I checked, not even Goa’uld are fireproof.”

His eyebrow quirked in brief acknowledgement of his species’ many boastful claims and his mouth opened, perhaps to deliver some cutting remark, before they both heard the telltale crunch of boots on the ground some distance behind them. Instinctively, they hunkered down in the hopes of delaying the inevitable.

Ba’al stared at her in earnest. “Colonel Carter–Sam–there is a way. Trust me.”

Sam couldn’t repress her snort of disbelief. “Trust you? Never. But if you’re certain–”

“I am.”

She closed her eyes as she bowed her head. Took a deep breath. Let it out. Opened her eyes and returned to looking at him. “Okay. Let’s do this.”

He pushed himself up from crouching before offering his hand to help her up. The naquadah in her blood had been tingling since moments before she’s realised her proximity to him, but it surged at contact with his hand. Sam went to pull her hand free once she had her balance, but he tightened his grip, seemingly unaware of the effect.

“When I say ‘run’, we must head directly for the gate,” he said, “run and do not stop for anything.”

Sam looked at the path ahead of them, flames licking across the ground and clinging to trees. “We’re not going to die,” she said uncertainly.

“We are not going to die,” he echoed. Sam wished she shared his confidence.

There was a shout behind them. “Run,” Ba’al ordered, and they were off like a shot, headed directly towards the flames.

Their boots pounded on the ground as they sprinted side by side. Sam felt the skin of her face flushing at the heat as they approached the trees engulfed in fire. Then they were surrounded on all sides, the path smoking beneath them, the crackle and pops of the trees overpowering any sounds of pursuit behind them.

Sam felt her eyes stinging and her airways clogging from the smoke, but she gritted her teeth and maintained her pacing next to Ba’al. She nearly gasped when there was an almighty crack and a tree fell across their path several meters ahead.

“Do. Not. Stop!” Ba’al growled.

She would not stop. She could not stop. Gathering themselves, the pair altered their steps in time to leap over the burning log, the flames swirling about their legs, the heat nearly intolerable before they were over, and carrying on down the path. The naquadah in her veins served to help her sense not only the Goa’uld beside her, but her proximity to the Stargate. It was less than 200 yards away.

It became visible at 100 yards. The flames started to die down to be replaced by smouldering stumps, opening out into the clearing where the gate stood, exposed and unguarded. They slowed to a stop at the base of the steps, next to the DHD. A quick once over to check Ba’al, Sam was astonished they’d actually made it, relatively unscathed. A slightly hysterical laugh burst out, before she was overcome by a coughing fit.

“Here,” he pressed a flask into her hands. Sam quickly unscrewed the cap, raising it to her lips, then pausing. She regarded it suspiciously, while trying to suppress the coughs. “It’s mint tea,” he clarified, rolling his eyes.

With a twinge of guilt, she quickly took a sip, and another to sooth her parched throat, before returning the flask. He slipped it back into a pocket once he’d had a sip. Refusing to apologise, Sam stepped over to the DHD, and started dialing the address to one of their “in-between” worlds. In seconds, the ring shifted, chevrons locked, and the familiar kawoosh of the wormhole engaging bathed them in rippling blue light.

Sam turned to face her unlikely ally. Taking a chance, she held out her hand to shake, the closest to a peace offering and apology she would give. “Well, not that it hasn’t been a ball of a time,” she said, smiling at his unimpressed face at a stupid pun, “but I don’t think you want to accompany me from here.”

“Indeed,” Ba’al intoned, as he took her hand, and surprising her, turned and brought it up to press his lips against her knuckles. “Until we meet again, Colonel Carter.”

She swallowed against the surge that coursed through her veins again at his touch, and the fire burning in his eyes as he looked at her. Slowly, Sam pulled back, and made her way to the event horizon. With one glance back to catch him checking out her ass, she made a rude gesture that had him laughing as she stepped through.

Until they met again, indeed.
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Title: 60. Rejection.
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate SG-1 | Sam Carter/Ba'al
Rating: G
Warnings/Notes: No warnings. Just a drabble ficlet written to a prompt over an baalsamgate.tumblr.com.

Eyes narrowed, Ba’al studied the woman before him. Impudent Tau’ri. That she would dare to approach him, to suggest that he--


Sam blinked, surprise and confusion crossing her face. “No? Ba’al, you can’t just--”

“I can and I will,” he interrupted, turning back to his work station, and attempted to resume the work she had interrupted. Ba’al frowned at the screen, still irritated, but struggled to ignore her standing there, staring at him. He sighed and turned to face her again.

Ba’al gestured at the manilla folder in her hands. “Sweetheart, you can tell the IOA where they can stick that proposal,” he said. His face softened as he gazed at her. “I’ll work with you, and no one else on this infernal planet. Those are my terms.”

Sam smiled and ducked her head. “You understand I had to ask,” she said.

He tilted his head in brief acknowledgment. “Your leadership lacks your intelligence.”

She huffed a laugh, then leaned in to give him a lingering kiss. “Well,” Sam said, “I guess I better find a diplomatic way to tell them you’re rejecting their offer.”

“If you must. It’s so much more entertaining when you tell them to go to hell.”

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In this meme, you do the work...

Comment to this post with an offer to write in any fandom that you and I have in common. I will answer with a prompt. Then, you will write me comment-fic, snippets, or whatever comes to mind. Now go post this in your own journal and demand fic of your very own! Make your flistwork! You had a long week and you DESERVE it, dammit!

So, my fandoms are on my infopage if you forget those which we have in common. Go pick one so I can prompt you, and I'll return the favor to anyone who reposts this (but only if you try your hand at writing something for me, too).

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SGA fic living in my head is being a bitch still. Will have to do something about that.

Today I've been told (more than once, although by the same person... she felt it needed repeating) that I look so very cute. I've got my hair in twin buns, and I'm in my fuzzy pale blue off-the-shoulders sweater thing with a white turtleneck underneath, my tight dark blue jeans... yeah, I'm all shades of blue and the like. Apparently the whole outfit thing is just all sorts of innocent cuteness.

I still haven't met up with the boy from Myspace who contacted me, but things are looking like maybe this Thursday or Friday, I very well just might. Should be interesting to say the least. He thinks I'm cute, too. *smirks*

...I don't want to turn 22! I don't know why, but I so don't feel like I'm ready to be 22 yet. Can't I just be 17 still?



Jun. 6th, 2007 11:42 pm
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Whitticker's Dark Mocha chocolate is so very, very nice... but it is entirely possible to overindulge and spend the rest of the day with a stomachache. *pouts* Not cool.

I totally have idea for at least two SGA fics, if only I could get the right words instead of vague [action/dialogue goes here] type thoughts. I need to sleep first, though, I think.

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Go look at my userpics. Ask me anything about any one of them--why I chose it, why that fandom, where the hell did I find it--anything at all.

An even bigger challenge: go look at said userpics, pick one, and write a drabble-length piece about it in the comments. It needn't be exactly 100 words. Could be more, could be less, but more than a sentence or two, if you please. If you do this, I will go look at your userpics, and return the favour.

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So, [livejournal.com profile] ana_grrl has posted a Multifandom Challenge: Small and Fuzzy During an Apocalypse . As she says:

It's spring! The sun is shining, the birds are nesting, and I don't have to wear 20 layers to go outside. I love spring. You know what spring makes me think of? Bunnies. And puppies! And the end of the world (nothing like a springtime apocalypse, I always say).

This challenge is about fuzzy (and possibly small) creatures and an end of the world scenario (or a post-apocalyptic one). How you include small fuzzy creatures is up to you! It could be in passing (Daniel mentions a legend involving puppies of the apocalypse?); they could be central to the story (zoonotic infections, anyone?); penguins could take over the world; it could be about Jake, the fuzzy doggy friend of Cylons and humans alike. Funny or grim, whatever strikes your fancy. Go nuts!

All the details are in her journal (follow the link above). Go have a look! Hell, write something and post it! Maybe even pimp it like I am! The challenge lasts until next monday, April 2nd. Not enough time? Bah, even I managed to get inspired. It's just a bit of fun. C'moooonnn.

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For [livejournal.com profile] pandoras_evil_t, she gave me:

Five paragraph long story. Five different dragonriders of Pern, in five different occupations in modern day Earth.

A Dragonriders of Pern AU )
Hope you like it, darlin'. It was kinda hard. Lots of other characters wanted bit parts. And I needed to find a way to bring them all together, throw them in an Earth situation, and yet still retain their character without parroting overmuch. I hope I did okay.

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For [livejournal.com profile] autumn_whispers:

Bones )

So some of these took a shippier turn than expected. But, still, had a bit of fun with this. Hell, I even wrote a Brennan/House one!

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For [livejournal.com profile] simple__man:

Five Ways Wilson Comes Out to House:
Wilson )

Five Ways Brennan Finally Admits She Loves Booth:
Brennan )

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Rec-Go-Round: Rec me one story you've written that you're proud of, any genre, here on my LJ. Then go forth and ask the same in yours.

Be brave.


As for mine? Fandom and non-fandom.
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then you should cease asking scary questions.
Not that any of the questions I was asked over at CoE were scary. Nor should my answers be that squicky. And here goes nothing... )

I was sitting down and writing a fic for [livejournal.com profile] rose_whispers today. At least starting on it. She is doing one of those meme things where she'll write a fic of a given pairing/genre/cliche. Since others seemed to be offereing fics/art in return, I made a tentative offer to try writing something as well. Thus, I thought I'd take a twist on something I once wrote out of boredom between classes a year or two ago. And there I was, writing, when a completely unrelated plot bunny leaped up and bit me on the ass, demanding to be written nownownow. So I wrote it. I worked on it, and I'm mostly happy with it. But I don't want to post it yet. Would kinda like to get someone to do a quick beta of it... *plots*

[Edit:] Oh hell, I went and posted it anyway over at [livejournal.com profile] weasleys_wood. It's all right, I suppose.

I also wanted to rec [livejournal.com profile] weaslebicons... just have a gaz at these:
Thewlis icon I want to fuck Sid that's doable too J/R/S action = yum! For the Snupiners
The coffee ship icons are cool. And of course I had to ask that she make a Percy/Oliver one, just as I'm hoping [livejournal.com profile] grrliz_icons will make a Percy/Oliver icon to the Baskin Robin's flavour icons she's been making. (I recommend checking those out, too, yes!)

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Title: Surprise Snog
Author: [livejournal.com profile] _xanthia
Pairing: Sirius/Remus
Notes: Written as a comment fic for [livejournal.com profile] sheafrotherdon, because I had expected more comment fics than she got (although she got quite a few). Holy shit I wrote a fanfic. Drabblet. Thing.

He's almost biting his nails again. )

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