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20 weeks today. Anatomy scan tomorrow. It's difficult to feel elated about it at all, because the owner of our house has decided to put it on the market.

When the landlady called saying that a real estate agent would be coming by to do a valuation, we got nervous. The owner told the landlady that he wasn't planning to put it on sale, just wanted to know its market worth. I started looking at rentals anyway. Then the owners came by with another real estate agent to do a second valuation a few days ago. And now it's going on the market. :(

We've been living at this place for four years. It's not perfect, but it suits us well. We don't want to move if we don't have to. But there's no guarantee that new owners would purchase this as an investment property, so we are looking more closely at what rentals are out there. The hard part is finding something that will store all our stuff and also accept that we come with a cat.

If we do move, it means Joe & Kayla will also have to find their own place. Of course, they're going to struggle because they don't want flatmates, but they may not have a choice. Joe also thinks they need a minimum 2 bedroom place for "all their stuff" but I think they could fit into a 1 bedroom. Although Kayla could use a place with a 2nd bedroom for her business (she does some massage stuff on the side).

Bloody inconvenient having to look at moving while 5 months pregnant. Also having to work out what of our stuff we can get rid of, so we don't have to shift it all over again. Gah!

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