Nov. 26th, 2012

xans: Xans (Jaws nom)
I'm getting married today. I'm getting married today. I'm getting married today!

Had an amazing meal with the family last night, and the restaurant even shouted us dessert & a round of shots. All in all, for all my procrastination and stuff, this has led to a small, stress-free, low-budget event. I'm really happy with the way things have fallen into place.



Nov. 26th, 2012 09:49 pm
xans: I want to believe (X-Files)
Taking on his surname makes my name sound incredibly posh. But I like it, even if I think it is going to take a few days/weeks/forever for it to sink in. I feel incredibly grown-up, despite not having a driver's license or owning a home... I'm married. He's no longer my partner, my fiancé, he's my husband. I'm rather wrapped that its legally done now.

(It's even consummated bwahaha)

And the last of our guests leave tomorrow morning, and we shall have the house back to ourselves, and our poor precious cat will stop fraeaking out about having her home invaded. Our wedding has been very non-traditional, but at the same time so very US, we have been very pleased by how it all went.


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