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Okay, story time. Some people may not be aware, but I first moved in with my husband after we had been together a mere two weeks. This was not because we were madly in love (although he wasn't far away from admitting he was falling in love with me, and not long after I admitted the feeling was mutual). It was because I had some housing issues arise, and while our relationship was new, I trusted that I could stay with him however briefly until I could land on my feet. This also means that in the beginning of our relationship, Alan was initially reluctant to have me help with the bills, cooking, or other chores, not because he didn't think I wasn't capable of contributing, but because he wasn't sure how long our relationship would last. I think it might have been around the five-month mark, when he also told me if we made 3 years he'd look at making it legal, that he sort of figured out that our relationship was pretty damn stable, happy, and there was no need for me to go anywhere.

By then, since we both worked, we were splitting the bills, cooking, and other chores. However, when he got the job that required us to move, I ended up giving up my job, and became a housewife, or, as I call it, a Domestic Goddess. Since he's the one working full-time, it makes sense that I do most of the chores and cooking while he covers the bills. That doesn't mean he doesn't help out around the house, or stopped cooking, but it's largely my domain now, and if I go back to working we'll go back to splitting like we did. Anyway, there's a reason I bring this all up. See, the last few months I've been pretty slack on one of my chores, because it's become such an awful job. Vacuuming.

Our vacuum sucked. Or rather, it DIDN'T suck. Which meant I run it over the same piece of floor ten times & still could see visible dirt. Lord knows how much dirt I wasn't even coming close to picking up. Or cat hair. Or my hair. Bear in mind the rooms in our house are huge, and even if Joe & Kayla are responsible for keeping downstairs clean & tidy, I still have five large rooms & a hallway to vacuum. And I hadn't been doing it regularly since our vacuum was so awful.

But yesterday, Alan was convinced to spend a little more cash than he ever would have on a new vacuum. And maybe it's silly and so horribly domestic of me to be so excited by a new vacuum cleaner, but... IT DOES THE JOB. Alan had a small try of it last night and even he was willing to admit it was worth it to shell out that extra dosh instead of settling for something cheaper that probably wouldn't do the same job as well and I would come to hate as much as the old cleaner. What we bought is a Hoover Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner with Powerhead. I had to empty it after finishing each room because it picked up so much dirt, fur & hair, but the difference in clean is so visible. And I don't feel exhausted because I didn't have to cover the same piece of floor ten times. We'd moved a rug out of our lounge into a spare bedroom because it attracted so much fur & hair and never got clean, and the new cleaner just lifted it all off.

So, whoever does the vacuuming in your household, I really, really recommend spending a goodly sum on a decent vacuum with a powerhead. And make sure you find out where all the filters and everything are and be sure to clean your vacuum out after each time you use it, because it can't do it's job properly if you don't keep maintaining it. At the end of doing the chores you can look around the house, and see how clean it is, and feel that sense of satisfaction of a job well done, of being house-proud because it's genuinely tidy.

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