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So I put in my prompts for this year's Porn Battle. (http://oxoniensis.livejournal.com/538500.html) I'm also hoping to try and write for more than one prompt.

I feel bad I haven't got around to finishing my Sam/Baal Las Vegas piece, but I'll get there eventually. Because I do want to see it written at some point. Sort of like I might try to get to my other bunnies lying around...

-Sam/Baal, on his spaceship set sometime during the 5th season
-exploring the possibility of Lantash jumping into Sam in The Summit/Last Stand (and living)
-Sam/Baal/Vala, because, um, they're pretty
-Sam/Baal, AU of The Road Not Taken where she needs his help to get back to her universe

I just need to work on actually writing down the words instead of sitting there with the pen & paper or at the computer desk and staring into space thinking up scenarios.

We had a big earthquake a couple days ago, a 6.2 out of Eketahuna. It was a bit scary, I think because small quakes are short and this shaking was going on for several seconds. I crouched down next to my desk just as the worst part hit, things fell of shelves and there was an almighty SMASH from the kitchen. We lost one beer glass and an ornament of Alan's got broken but it can be fixed. Everything else just needed to be set back in place. (And the adrenaline meant if I hadn't felt baby before, I definitely felt it after, haha.) Life goes on.
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Eq Rpt: MAG 7.0, MM6, FD 230, LOC 60 km S of Opunake, TIME 10:36 PM, 03/07/2012

So the first big quake I ever felt was the 6.8 Nisqually Valley quake in Washington back in 2001. That was middle-of-the-day get-under-your-desks material. As the time I was a teenager so it was more exciting than scary.


Well I'm kinda glad I'd just finished peeing. I heard it coming, and there was just something about the sound that said, "Brace, this one's gonna be good..." Most earthquakes, I barely get out of my seat, but this one I'm kinda glad I stood in the doorway for, because the house rocked. And rolled. And books fell off shelves and I heard my china cats fall off their shelf (they survived).

It went on for quite some time. Of course, once the shakes died down it was straight on to Facebook and Twitter to find out who else felt it, and get the news from geonet about magnitude and location. *shudder*

I'm okay, we're okay, everyone felt it all over just about.
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So all this hoo-hah about earthquakes in New Zealand and then Japan goes and makes ours look like a walk in the park. Although, according to my brother who lives in Japan, international media is sensationalising it something awful. He lives somewhere in the south of Japan, I can never remember where it is, anyway he didn't even feel it, apparently.

Of course mum still worried like hell until she heard from him, since it's not unknown for him to take roadtrips.

My long-time online friend who also lives in Japan also nowhere near there, so all good.



Feb. 23rd, 2011 12:50 pm
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Having some major issues with lj atm, not sure what is up with that.

Anyway I was obliviously playing Sims 2 when Alan came home to tell me the news needed come on right the fuck now, there's been another earthquake in Christchurch. Six months ago, they were hit by a 7.1 in the wee hours of the morning and that time of day meant despite damage to buildings and roads, there were no casualties. It's also when we learned about the term "liquefaction" where the movement of the earth causes moisture in the ground to rise and cause flooding of a silty mud.

There had been many aftershocks over the last six months including a rather large one on Boxing Day which interrupted shopping (our boxing day is a lot like Americans black friday after thanksgiving) in Christchurch. But again, not casualties.

This earthquake was a 6.3, smaller in magnitude than the Nisqually earthquake I experienced 10 years ago, but only 5 kms deep. The damage to structures this time was even worse. Many historical buildings gone, houses on the edges of cliffs in peril and houses at the base of cliffs smashed. In the Central Business Disctrict of Christchurch so many buildings collapsed. It happened at 12:50 p.m. on a workday week, so people were out and about doing their business.

We have at least 75 confirmed deaths so far and 300 odd missing. It's a national state of emergency. My heart goes out the those on Christchurch and to the families of those who lost anyone. The Prime Minister said it's a dark day for New Zealand and it is.

Alan and I of course had to check in with many of our online friends and with some of my American family members, who have no idea where we are in comparison to the quake. We also wanted to make sure anyone we knew in the area was okay, some family friends and a couple people we play Kingdoms of Camelot with. At most I know everyone's checked in but one of my friends who is from Christchurch but lives in Aus said she has two MIAs atm. Fingers crossed.

Damage from the quake can be viewed on youtube or any NZ news website, and I'm sure there's half a dozen different links out there where donations can be made.

Kia Kaha, Canterbury.


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